Chapter 581: The ups and downs of her heart

Looking at Gu Yu and the others, who were grinning hideously, Black Shark was filled with despair.

He had thought that he would be the winner of this war.

The script was to destroy the Sea King’s mutt Chamber of Commerce first and then take away all the ice Fire stones. After that, in the investigation of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, he would draw a clear line and say that he had nothing to do with it after the escort handover.

Even if they were investigated, the merchant ships would still sink in the quilong sea.

In addition, there were no witnesses, so he could clear his name no matter what.

However, he didn’t expect that not only would he not get the materials he wanted, but he would also lose his life. He had completely miscalculated.

The first was the strength of the Sea King.

The Sea King’s strength was stronger than his, which was something he had not expected. However, the biggest variable was the arrival of the players.

Their participation had tied down the shark bite fleet he led, and they were unable to support him, let alone Rob the merchant ships.

Especially the descendant of the sea Overlord. His existence made the Sharks afraid to come out of the water, and they couldn’t use their biggest means when fighting the Sea King.

At this moment, his heart was filled with despair. He knew that he was finished.

However, what made him even more desperate was yet to come.

Gu Yu took out the cheapest HP potion from the medium and stuffed it into his mouth.

As the medicinal liquid flowed down his throat, Black Shark immediately felt a warm current circulating within his body before dissipating.

At this moment, Black Shark was a little dumbfounded. He did not understand why Gu Yu wanted to save him.

However, he quickly understood.

He saw Gu Yu clench his fist and punch him in the chest.

This punch was neither heavy nor light, but Black Shark was a little dumbfounded.

Before he could understand what was going on, Gu Yu suddenly threw him to Liu Chan who was standing beside him.

Liu Chan, just like the old saying, poured a bottle of the most honest potion into his mouth and hit him on the head.

Then, it was followed by ye Xue ‘er, Chen Ziyu, Wu Guoyi, Lu Zhan, and the others …

Everyone gave him the same thing.

As for the reason, it was naturally to cause damage and split the experience points and soul coins after death.

After the twenty-odd people took turns to attack, the last seven raised their staves and smacked them heavily on his head.

After the beating, the seven of them turned to Gu Yu and the rest and said,”

“What do we do next?”

“Continue to spread the word. Divide it among as many people as you can. Today, everyone has contributed, and we’re the only ones taking the soul coins and experience points. It’s immoral!”

Black Shark was stunned when he heard this. Although he did not understand why they were doing this, he understood one thing. The transmission had not ended yet.

Hence, Gu Yu brought Black Shark back to the mythological ship and had the Guild members take turns to loot the monsters.

One for you, one for me, and the next one.

During this period, whenever Black Shark was found to be in a critical state of “near death,” the players would pour a bottle of the cheapest HP potion into his mouth to ensure that he would not die.

After the players from the myth had touched him, Black Shark was sent to the next warship.

The intense battle was still ongoing, but Black shark’s transmission did not stop.

At this moment, the black Shark had become an experience and soul Coin Monster, and everyone had a share.

At this moment, Black Shark even felt like dying.

It was fine if he was killed directly.

Now, everyone was giving him a shot, healing his injuries, and passing it on to the next person. What a F * cking devil!

During this time, the Sea King was also secretly paying attention to the players, wondering how they would deal with the black Shark.

When he saw this scene, he was dumbfounded.

At this moment, he suddenly felt some sympathy for Black Shark. No matter what, he was the president of the war Chamber of Commerce, but now, he had fallen into the hands of the evil player clan.

Look, are they even human?!

It would be better to die in his own hands.

After observing for a while, the Sea King was too lazy to pay any more attention to them. It immediately turned around and pounced toward the shark bite fleet, starting to break them down one by one.

Relying on the “wheel of death” that mu Zhiguang had left behind, although these warships were extremely tough, they were still able to break through their defenses. Although it was a little troublesome, without the black Sharks, these warships were just lambs waiting to be slaughtered. They were completely unable to resist the Sea King’s attack.

At that moment, Vice President shark bite, who was hiding in the flagship, was pale.

Facing such a situation, he didn’t dare to go out at all. There were already three layers of inner and outer layers surrounding him several times, making it even more difficult to break out.

As for abandoning the warship and escaping, that was even more impossible.

He only had the combat power of the late stage of the ghost king. If he were to go out and face the Sea King that could kill the black Shark, he would not have the power to fight at all.

At this moment, he gritted his teeth and said,”

“Inform all the fleets to charge together. Otherwise, we’ll be dead!”

As soon as the Vice President of Black Shark finished speaking, the Mainship began to blow its flute. Then, all the black Shark warships gathered and rushed toward the encirclement.

Even though they were like trapped beasts, the destructive power of the shark fleet was still shocking.

Relying on the power of the high-level warship, it crushed the players and mutt’s warships along the way and rushed out of the encirclement.

However, the players and the sea King would not let them go.

The players ‘warships, in particular, charged forward fearlessly without any fear of being damaged, just to stop the shark fleet from breaking through, even if it was just for a few seconds.

Compared to the mutt fleet, which dodged decisively to prevent their ships from being destroyed and then used the devices on the ships to stop them, the players ‘actions were much more vicious.

The Sea King, who saw this scene, was extremely emotional. It felt that it was really exciting to fight against the player forces.

There was no need to worry too much. The players were the ones who charged the most, and the ones who sacrificed the most were also the players.

Compared to the mutt fleet he led, this battle was like an assistant.

It could be said that the existence of the player clans had reduced the losses of their mutt fleet to the lowest.

In fact, what the Sea King didn’t know was that …

The main reason why the players did this was not only because they were not afraid of death, but also for their own benefits.

Every time the players saw the mutt fleet or the Sea King killing the enemy, they would feel a heartache.

It was simply unbearable that the Sea King and his subordinates had cut up such a good leek.

What a huge waste this was!

After all, when the Sea King and his subordinates killed their enemies, the players would not get any soul coins or experience points.

Now, in order to be one step ahead, how could he not be ruthless!

At the end of the day, the players were trying to put an end to waste.

It doesn’t matter if you die, but we must be the ones to cut the leeks.

However, in the eyes of the Sea King and its subordinates, the fierceness of the players became a fierce and courageous act.

Look at how crazy they were. Their ships were destroyed, but they still swung their hammers and pounced on the shark bite fleet. They were simply lunatics.

This action made the members of the mutt fleet’s scalps tingle. Once again, they felt that the player clans were a force they could not afford to offend.

After all, this force would even kill their own people when they went crazy!


With the players ‘help, the shark bite fleet was unable to break through the encirclement and was taken down by the sea King one by one.

The battle lasted for half a day before it finally ended.

The shark bite fleet was also destroyed, all the members killed and all the warships sunk.

To be more precise, there was still one person alive, and that was their guild leader, Black Shark.

After all, the player base was huge, and until now, they had not completed the “quest” of killing monsters per player. Thus, until the end of the war, Black Shark was still being talked about. They were all mixing up their damage points and waiting to split the “treasure.”

Looking at the wreckage of the warship floating on the sea, the sea King’s face showed a smile.

Although the battle against the black Shark fleet had ended, there was a more important matter to attend to.

It was time to perform.


At this moment, the sea merchants on the merchant ship were still nervously hiding in the cabin, carefully observing the outside world.

The shark bite fleet’s arrival had given them quite a fright.

As members of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, they naturally knew the difference in strength between the major war Chamber of Commerce.

Even though the shark bite war merchant guild wasn’t the strongest, they were still stronger than the mout war merchant guild.

Therefore, when the shark fleet came to Rob the merchant ships, they were really frightened and felt that something big was going to happen.

Later on, when the Sea King fought with him and heard that Black Shark wanted to pull the Sea King into his group to share the resources, they were so scared that their faces turned pale.

But fortunately, the Sea King chose to resist.

The arrival of the reinforcements gave them hope.

Now that the black Shark fleet had been destroyed, it was as if they had taken a roller coaster ride in their hearts.

Now that the crisis was over, they immediately stepped out of the cabin to thank the Sea King.

But at this moment, they heard the Sea King’s roar,”

“What are you guys doing!”

“What am I doing? of course I’m robbing you!”

At this moment, the sea merchants were dumbfounded.

The moment they walked out of the cabin, they saw the Sea King spit out blood and fall into the sea.

Obviously, the roller coaster ride was not over yet.

Another dive came.

The sea merchants were completely dumbfounded.

Therefore, they quickly hid in the cabin.

In the outside world, the players and the ocean King’s forces began to show off their acting skills.

The battle broke out again. At the same time, a large number of player fleets attacked the merchant ships.

The mutt fleet tried their best to stop them, destroying several of the player warships. However, the number of player warships was too large, and they could not stop all of them.

Very quickly, the five merchant ships were surrounded by the player warships.

Countless spell techniques attacked, and several battleships crashed into the merchant ships at the same time, giving the merchants inside a great shock.

At this moment, the players began to dismantle the ship.

They bombarded the merchant ships with collisions, attack devices, and spells.

It was chaotic outside again, but this time, the Sea King seemed to be powerless. At the same time, the mutt warships could no longer stop the attacks of the player forces.

Soon, the merchant ships were destroyed, and these sea merchants decisively chose to jump off the ship.

Seeing this, the players also jumped into the water.

However, they weren’t going to chase after these sea merchants. Instead, they were going after the boxes of Ice Fire stones that had fallen into the sea.

These Ice Fire rocks were what they wanted. The lives of sea merchants were worthless to the players.

However, the sea merchants did not feel that way. They thought that the players were going to kill them and hurriedly swam to the bottom of the sea.

Just as the merchants thought that they were really going to die Here.

The figure of the Sea King suddenly emerged from the bottom of the water. With a wave of his hand, he set off a huge wave, which swept up the sea merchants who were still swimming madly and took them to the sky, stirring up a huge water column on the water surface.

At the same time, the players who noticed this scene decisively focused their fire on the Sea King that was soaring into the sky.

When the flying sea King saw this, it mobilized its spiritual power to attack its internal organs, but it still coughed out a mouthful of blood.

However, in the eyes of the sea merchants, the Sea King was seriously injured in order to protect them.

In order to match this performance, several figures immediately flew out of the player’s warship and chased after the Sea King.

The Sea King flew further and further away.

The noisy sea gradually became quiet.

“Brother, stop shouting. It’s so noisy. Our boss has gone far away!”

“Brother over there, get up. Don’t lie down. I’m sure that arrow didn’t hit you!”

“Brother, stop sleeping. Let’s clean up the mess and go back!”

“Did that hit hurt you? Why aren’t you saying anything? F * ck, I didn’t really kill him, did I?”


At this moment, the two groups of people who had been shouting and killing just now became particularly harmonious. They helped each other up and began to rest.

At this moment, the sun was setting on the sea level, and the sky was filled with the evening glow.

After the two groups of people exchanged pleasantries, they sat on the pile of warship wreckage floating on the surface of the sea and began to chat and laugh while looking at the sunset.

They even shared the delicacies, cigarettes, and local wine that they brought with them …

The tense atmosphere just now disappeared for a moment.