Chapter 583: Chapter 583 Ren zu Kong Yi

The appearance of the two life professions, decomposer and Alchemist, brought a short period of peace to the area near Beiqi.

This was because the evil forces in their eyes had turned into obedient babies during this period of time. They were all holed up in hell, trying their best to learn new knowledge.

Everyone had an opportunity, and whether or not they could grasp it depended on the individual.

However, if he didn’t put in the effort, he wouldn’t be able to get this rare opportunity.

It had been half a year since the trade profession was last released, so the players cherished it very much and wanted to take the chance to change their profession.

The learning atmosphere in the underworld was extremely intense.

Seeing that the players were so diligent, Lu Wu was extremely pleased.

There was another benefit to the emergence of new life professions, and that was the circulation of soul coins in the players ‘hands.

The decomposer’s practice equipment could only be bought from the auction house or the mall. The alchemist’s practice elemental materials could only be bought from the auction house.

The processing fee generated in each transaction allowed Lu Wu to recover a large number of soul coins.

Apart from using these soul coins for the players ‘construction, the increase in their own strength was once again put on the agenda.

No. 1, who had been collecting the pages of the emperor’s mirror, returned with eight pages.

This would be another huge expense.

However, Lu Wu was not worried about the expenses at all.

Now that the five servers were producing soul coins at the same time, the output of soul coins was increasing every day, and with the soul coins in stock, it was completely enough to cope.

The previous investment of soul coins had now begun to generate a high income of soul coins every day.

Lu Wu felt that he was really smart for being so far-sighted in the past.


Dragon Kingdom, mingxiao city.

In the gloomy sky, dark clouds were hanging low, and it was drizzling.

At this moment, on the field of mingxiao primary school.

A little boy was carrying a school bag in the rain. He looked up at the sky, his eyes full of “vicissitudes.”

“Kong Yi, let’s go home together!” At this time, a little girl with two ponytails walked over from the distance and waved to the little boy with a smile.

When Kong Yi heard this, he rolled his eyes and turned to look at the little girl.”

“You can go back by yourself. Don’t worry about me, I have something to do now!”

When the little girl heard this, she seemed a little unhappy. She immediately walked to Kong Yi’s side and said with her hands on her waist,”

“Kong Yi, what’s wrong with you? don’t always pretend to be mature. You’re just an elementary school student. Please recognize your identity. You’re still 10 years away from becoming an adult!”

“None of your business!” Kong Yi looked up at the sky again.

“What’s wrong with you? why do you always look so sad?” The little girl did not give up.

“Please, please go back quickly. Really, don’t bother about me!” Kong Yi turned his head to look at the little girl with a helpless expression.

Children were so annoying!

When the girl heard this, her face was filled with anger. She stomped her feet and turned to run. She swung her twin ponytails and disappeared from Kong Yi’s sight.

Seeing the little girl leave, Kong Yi once again looked up at the sky, the vicissitudes of life appearing in his eyes once more.

I’m back!

I’m back!

To be exact, he had been back for eight years.

Looking up at the sky, the vicissitudes in Kong Yi’s eyes gradually turned into anger, and he clenched his fists.

But in the end, the anger in his eyes turned into frustration and desolation.

Who would have thought that an ordinary-looking boy like him had followed human Emperor at his peak, and was one of the eight human ancestors under human Emperor?

During the golden age of the human race, Kong Yi’s name was praised by countless people.

Although he had not reached the level of a human Emperor, he was equally noble.

However, the human race’s defeat was something he had never expected. First, the first human Emperor, tu mie, who was in the outer realm, had mysteriously disappeared. Then, the spiritual Qi passage from the netherworld to the human world was sealed.

Thus, the war of the Three Realms erupted.

From the beginning of the war with the netherworld to the discovery of the misunderstanding and turning to the war with the heavenly realm, the two sources of spiritual energy in the human realm had been cut off.

It could be said that the heavenly realm wanted to kill the future of the human realm.

However, under the leadership of human Emperor Xiao Ye and human Emperor di Hong, the human army was still invincible. The heaven realm was forced to retreat again and again. Victory was in sight.

But at that time, an accident happened again.

Human Emperor Xiao Ye and human Emperor Hong had also mysteriously disappeared like tu mie.

In the war against heaven realm, they could only rely on the eight of them to hold on.

Although the eight of them had worked together and severely injured the Grand Supreme immortal Emperor in the final battle, without the existence of the human Sovereign, their defeat was certain.

Even if he heavily injured an immortal Emperor, he still couldn’t turn the tide of the battle, because there were three immortal emperors.

In the final battle,’Ren zu’ lost five people, and Kong Yi was one of the three remaining Ren zu.

In order to prevent being hunted down by the heaven realm, the heavily injured Kong Xian, like the other two Ren zu, chose to lead a portion of her people to the outer realms.

With this departure, the sea had changed into fields.

As she wandered the outer realms, Kong Xian was constantly thinking about returning to the Three Realms and taking revenge on the heavenly realm.

However, even though they had left the Three Realms, the forces of the heaven realm did not let them go.

During the battle of the Three Realms, East Emperor Taiyi had severely injured him and left a ‘thought seal’ on him.

This mark was constantly tormenting Kong Yi and could not be removed. Even in the outer realm, he was still hunted down by donghuang Taiyi many times.

In order not to drag down his clansmen who had followed him to the outer region, Kong Yi chose to leave his clansmen.

He had been to many strange and grotesque worlds while wandering the outer realms alone. He had also tried countless ways to get rid of the ‘thought seal’ left behind by the East Emperor Taiyi, but none of them had succeeded.

During the days of fleeing, Kong Yi gradually grew tired of it.

If this continued, he knew that he would not be able to escape death. Thus, he thought of returning to the Three Realms.

For this, he had planned for a long time. He set up a trap in an outer realm that was lacking in spiritual energy, making the eastern Emperor Taiyi mistakenly think that he was dead and that his soul had been destroyed.

In reality, after his death, his soul secretly returned to the Three Realms and entered the six paths of reincarnation.

After reincarnation, he managed to retain his memories and return to the mortal realm with his powerful soul.

The excited Kong Yi wanted to lie low and wait for his strength to grow before taking revenge on the heaven realm.

However, he had forgotten one thing. The spiritual Qi in the human world had long been exhausted, and it was extremely difficult to cultivate.

At that time, Kong Yi’s heart felt like it had been splashed with cold water.

It was bone-piercingly cold!

It wasn’t like in novels, where the Almighty reincarnated and used hacks to travel in the city.

He didn’t show inhuman talent since he was young, nor did he have all kinds of beautiful women throwing themselves at him.

There were also no daily scenes of posturing and face slapping.

After reincarnating, his life was extremely dull and he had nothing to look forward to.

Just as the little girl had said, he was just an elementary school student. Stop pretending to be mature!

Even in an era where spiritual energy was scarce, Kong Yi had once thought of cultivating.

However, the spiritual energy in the Dharma ending age was so scarce that even the human race’s cultivation methods, which he thought were very “useless”, could not support cultivation. (PS: Lu Wu’s cultivation of the human Emperor’s mirror was supported by Burning Soul coins, not absorbing the spiritual energy of the human world)

As for those unrated cultivation techniques, he didn’t even have the thought to cultivate them.

Because in Kong Yi’s eyes, what was the use of those unranked cultivation techniques, even if they were cultivated to the peak?

You can slap my face for the sake of being pretentious in the city?

He was Ren zu, the foreror and leader of the human race. He only had one purpose in returning, and that was to take revenge on the heaven realm.

How could one’s vision be so low that one cultivated just to show off and slap people’s faces?

In Kong Yi’s eyes, it was useless to cultivate a technique that had no hope of taking revenge on the heaven realm.

Therefore, he gave up on cultivation in the end and became an ordinary primary school student with extreme unwillingness.

At this moment, the overcast sky was just like Kong Yi’s heart, filled with suppression. Occasionally, muffled Thunder would be produced as the unwillingness in his heart surged, and he was eager to vent it.

There was no hope for revenge, and life was dull. The future of the human race was bleak in Kong Yi’s eyes.

Although humans were developing their technology and thought that they were the masters of the world, in reality, there was always a group of people who controlled their fate.

There were gods in the sky, but they would not give the human race hope. They would only bring fear at night.

Because they would not allow the human race to grow.

When he reached a bottleneck, heavenly punishment would definitely descend!

At this moment, the human race was like livestock in captivity. In the beast pen, they thought that they were the king and that this was their territory. However, they had never thought that their lives were already in the hands of others.

It was sad, lamentable, and hateful!

Even though Kong Yi was full of passion and wanted to lead the human race back to glory, he still felt helpless in the face of such an Age of Chaos.

It had been eight years. These eight years had been extremely painful because he hadn’t completed any of the plans he had made when he was escaping from the outer realm. Every day had been passing by, and he was extremely dispirited.

There was no greater sorrow than a dead heart.

Although he had not given up yet, he could not find any hope …

“Kong Yi, What time is it? are you still going home for dinner?”

At this time, a roar interrupted Kong Yi’s thoughts. He turned his head and saw a man with a serious expression walking towards him.

Seeing this person, the vicissitudes in Kong Yi’s eyes faded and fear appeared.

At this time, the man quickly came to Kong Yi’s side, picked him up, and slapped his butt a few times.

Facing the man’s merciless iron hand, Kong Yi grimaced in pain.

F ** K, I’m Ren zu, Ren zu!

But at this moment, even being Ren zu did not work.

This was because this man was his biological father in this life, and he was a strict father. He believed that a filial son would be born under a stick, and he would learn bad things sooner or later.

Therefore, he was very strict with Kong Yi and even developed a “filial son with excellent character and learning” plan.

As such, he had signed Kong Yi up for many classes that focused on his interests and hobbies. He wanted Kong Yi to develop in all aspects and become a talent.

However, how could the ambitious Kong Yi be in the mood to care about his bullsh * t academic results? his mind was completely not on this.

This caused this strict father to often feel that his son was ignorant and incompetent. Every day, he would pretend to be profound and would be so angry that he would spank his butt from time to time.

Thinking back to when he was Ren zu, and now he was reduced to a primary school student, Kong Yi’s heart suffered a huge blow and destruction.

The Dharma ending age was really F * cking miserable!