Chapter 584: No matter how miserable my life is, I will never give up!

She was brought home by her father. At the dinner table, her father had a serious face and kept lecturing her.

At this moment, Kong Yi obediently ate his rice and didn’t dare to talk back.

If he were to say something like “I am Ren zu, you are the ancestor, how dare you lecture me”, it would not have any effect on acting cool, but his father’s slap would definitely land on his face.

Thus, even though he knew that he was Ren zu, Kong Yi still had to hide.

He had been hiding for eight years, and Kong Yi felt that he might have to hide for the rest of his life.

There was no hope in the Dharma ending age.

After finishing his meal, something that gave Kong Yi a headache came.

His father came to his room, pulled a stool over, and sat down to supervise him as he did his homework.

At this moment, Kong Yi’s heart was filled with grief and indignation.

However, a wise man knew better than to fight when the odds were against him. He obediently unzipped his bag and took out his homework book. Then, he took out a pencil and started to do his homework silently.

Reincarnation starts from elementary school!

To Kong Yi, these eight years were a huge tragedy.

Things like cheating after reincarnating, paying back the hatred of the past in this life, and so on. They were all fake, ridiculously fake. Only novels would write such things!

He couldn’t escape the daily three-hour homework.

Kong Yi’s face was bitter. He could only bury his head and write. Although this wasn’t difficult for him, there were still some problems that he couldn’t understand. He even felt that it was incredible.

For example, some Chinese reading comprehension questions.

From the descriptions of nature and characters in the text, he had to write out the inner thoughts of the characters at that time, as well as the inner meaning and why there was such a meaning.

‘I miss you my ass, meaning your ass, it’s none of my business!’

However, he couldn’t solve the question, and what he received was his father’s death stare, which he wanted to “beat”.

He could only lower his head and continue to think, making up a “why”.

The three hours of homework time was spent in torment. When his father revealed a relieved smile, Kong Yi knew that he was finally free today. At the same time, he felt a little sad and angry, because these days seemed to have no end.

He had been in primary school for six years!

This year, he was still in the first grade. It was said that he would have more homework for the next year!

Thinking about it this way, Kong Yi felt a little depressed, and he felt that everything before his eyes was dark.

After turning off the lights and saying goodnight to his father, Kong Yi lay on the bed and tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep.

Finally, he stood up and went to the window, looking at the full moon and falling into deep thought.

At this moment, his face revealed a vicissitude that did not match his age.

Time flew by. He didn’t know where the clan members who had gone with him to the outer realm were now and how they were doing …

Perhaps they were also working hard for the future of the human race, waiting for the day when they would return and declare war on the heavenly realm!

I can only rely on you guys. I’m considered a cripple in this life. The start of the hell difficulty …

His thoughts were scattered. As he thought about it, the war of the Three Realms appeared in Kong Yi’s mind again. He clenched his fists as his emotions fluctuated, and hatred appeared in his eyes again.

“I don’t believe there’s no chance!”

He hadn’t given up in the past eight years, and he still wouldn’t give up now!

Kong Yi’s fighting spirit was reignited, and he began to think about what could help him in his training during this Dharma ending age.

As he was thinking, Kong Yi’s eyes suddenly lit up!


Although it was the Dharma ending age, there were still some mystical materials. Although the quality would not be too high, they would definitely contain the essence of spiritual Qi.

When he thought of this, Kong Yi’s eyes burned with fighting spirit.


The next morning, after breakfast, Kong Yi, who was supposed to go to school, looked at his father carefully and said,”

“Dad, can we discuss something?”

When father Kong, who was reading the newspaper, heard this, he asked in surprise,”

“What’s wrong?”

“Can you give me some money?”

In response to his son’s request, father Kong glanced at him and said,”

“What do you want the money for?”

“I’m going to the Chinese medicine shop to buy some herbs. ” Kong Yi said carefully.

In fact, he couldn’t hide this even if he wanted to. After all, it was the age of technology now. His father could see and check all his expenses on his mobile phone.

This was similar to the anti-addiction system in games 300 years ago. Parents could control their children’s game time.

As long as he spent money and had a record of human faces, his father would definitely know.

Upon hearing what Kong Yi said, father Kong was shocked,”

“Buy medicine? Why are you buying medicine?”

“I have an important position.” Kong Yi said with a guilty conscience.

At this moment, father Kong felt that Kong Yi’s skin was itchy again. He still wanted to put him in an important position? was it as heavy as my palm?

Looking at his father’s angry face, Kong Yi whispered,”I’m not buying anymore.” Then, he carried his bag and walked out of the door.

However, Kong Yi did not give up.

On the way to school, Kong Yi gritted his teeth and decided to skip school.

As for what he was going to do, he was going to the pharmacy to see if there were any mystical materials.

Although the consequences of doing so were very serious, and a beating was necessary, he would not be satisfied if he did not try.

As for where the pharmacy was, although he didn’t know, he had a phone.

He took out his ‘touchscreen learning phone’ from his bag and started looking for a herb store.

After finding the target,”primary school student Kong Yi” began his truant journey.

After spending half a day following the directions on the map on his phone, Kong Yi arrived at the entrance of a pharmacy.

After thinking for a while, Kong Yi stepped into it, and the mixed medicinal fragrance immediately assailed his nose.

At this moment, there was only an old man with reading glasses in the herb store. There were no other customers.

Kong Yi’s arrival attracted the old man’s attention. He looked up and saw a primary school student carrying a bag standing at the door. The old man couldn’t help but be stunned.

“Little friend, what are you doing here?” The old man asked with a smile.

“I’m just looking around, don’t worry about me!” Kong Yi replied with a serious expression.

Soon after, he began to stroll around the store, taking some medicinal herbs from the lattice from time to time and putting them in front of his nose to sniff.

At this moment, the old man was dumbfounded.

What’s wrong with primary school students these days?

Especially when he looked at this action, he frowned after sniffing it, as if he was trying to distinguish the strength of the medicine by smell. He also shook his head and sighed from time to time. He was really good at acting.

After staring at the scene for a while, the old man sighed and stepped forward to stop Kong Yi. He squatted down and said,”

“Little kid, you’re carrying your bag because you’re going to school right? What are you doing here?”

Hearing these words, Kong Yi had an idea in his panic,”

“I’m buying medicine for my father!”

“Oh? If your father needs any medicinal herbs, just tell me directly!” The old man said with a smile.

“No need, I’ll find it myself!” As he spoke, Kong Yi broke free from the old man’s hand and began to check the herbs again.

Seeing this, the old man shook his head helplessly and could only let him be.

After walking around carefully, Kong Yi was disappointed because there were no mystical materials here. They were all the most common herbs, which were useless to him.

The disappointed Kong Yi hurriedly left under the surprised gaze of the old man.

But Kong Yi didn’t give up. He went to another herb store on the map and continued to look for mystical materials.

He went to four herb stores in a row. The sky was dark, but Kong Yi still didn’t find the mystical material he wanted.

The New Hope seemed to have been destroyed again.

At the same time, his father found him through his phone’s GPS and took him home.

What was supposed to come had come.

This round of beating was extremely heavy, but it was all on the meaty ass, so much so that Kong Yi almost cried.

I, the great Ren zu, thought of the past …

Even though a real man does not boast about his past achievements, Kong Yi still missed those glorious days.

At the peak of the human race, there were three human sovereigns. At that time, who dared to treat him like this? even if the heavenly Emperor humiliated him like this, he would still go to the heaven realm and make a scene. After all, he had the support of the human sovereigns.

However, the one who hit him was his father in this life, so he couldn’t bear a grudge!

What made Kong Yi feel the most miserable was that even if his biological father hit him, he would still say that it was for his own good!

The double destruction of the heart and the body,”killing the heart” was nothing more than this.

If this continued, Kong Yi felt that he was going to be depressed and he wouldn’t be able to live.

After a round of beating, father Kong, who was still not satisfied, began to educate Kong Yi on his thoughts.

After a few more hours of torture, Kong Yi, who felt like he was on the verge of death, returned to his room.

He got on the bed and curled up under the blanket. He felt weak, pitiful, aggrieved … So miserable!

He had tried all the methods, but none of them worked. It seemed that this was the end of his life, and his grand ambitions were just dreams that could be broken with a single poke.

“Wu, Wu, Wu~” Kong Yi hugged the blanket and sobbed. He felt that he was really too miserable.

This was the first time he had shed tears of such desolation since returning to the Three Realms.


The next day, Kong Yi gave up looking for mystical materials and went to school.

Although he had not given up on cultivation and revenge, he could only wait until he grew up to realize his many thoughts.

Therefore, he had to hide for another ten years or so, until the day he became independent.

But now, he still had to go to school and cultivate himself!

However, the days of studying with a group of little kids made Kong Yi feel like he was a retard.

He seemed even more out of place.

Listening to the chatter and childish words, Kong Yi’s face was always expressionless. He was unable to blend in, and he didn’t want to.

Such an environment was torture for Kong Yi.

He finally made it to school and returned home, but his biological father brought him a surprise.

He bought him a super learning machine.

The Black Sea gaming capsule with war online installed.

Father Kong had no choice but to buy the expensive gaming chamber.

He had heard from his colleagues that this thing was extremely helpful for children to improve their grades, but it was expensive, so he had not bought it.

But in the face of his ignorant, incompetent, and whimsical son, father Kong gritted his teeth and bought one.

This time, after dinner, after father Kong supervised Kong Yi to finish his homework, he took out the instruction manual and began to teach Kong Yi how to use the machine.

Kong Yi was listening absent-mindedly but he was unable to resist.

It was often said that a father’s love was like a mountain. At this moment, Kong Yi completely agreed, because this mountain was about to crush him.

You see, now you’re thinking of ways to torture yourself.

But under his father’s strict gaze, Kong Yi obediently entered the gaming capsule. He was filled with grief and anger as he prepared to experience this so-called “super learning machine.”

However, the moment the game screen appeared, Kong Yi was dumbfounded.

It was because he saw a familiar scene. Wasn’t the netherworld the place where his gaze passed by?

At this moment, the confused Kong Yi quickly started to explore. He quickly created his character and entered the game.

After entering the game, his figure slowly appeared in underworld city.

His powerful soul made him instantly aware that the surroundings and the world were filled with abundant spiritual Qi.

At this moment, Kong Yi’s eyes were filled with tears.

He took a deep breath of the air that was filled with spiritual energy. He knew that the opportunity he had been looking for had finally arrived.

It was impossible to cultivate in the mortal world during the Dharma ending age, but it was possible here, because this was the netherworld, not the game world.

This was something that Kong Yi could be sure of!

Just as Kong Yi’s body was trembling with excitement, the game notification suddenly appeared.

[Game prompt: it has been detected that your age has not reached the game’s standard. The anti-addiction system has been activated. Please use 300 random questions in the elementary school first grade’s question library to obtain two hours of game time. After two hours, you will continue to enter the question mode!]

The game prompt appeared, causing Kong Yi to be stunned.

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