Chapter 590: You and I are both human!

While the decomposer trial was in full swing and the players were fighting for first place.

The Alchemist trial was a different scene.

The alchemist’s trial was different from that of a decomposer. The materials they had were all different elements, and the mission was to use the random elements on hand to synthesize an item.

It was also divided into many stages, and each stage was based on the quality of the synthesized items.

At this moment, many players in the alchemy trial space were dumbfounded as they looked at the leaderboard in the upper right corner.

[1st place: Kong Yi 31241 points]

[Second place: ye Yimeng, 324 points]

[3rd place: Qi pipi, 297 points]


In a short half an hour, Kong Yi had an absolute advantage, leading the second place by 100 times.

When the players participating in The Alchemist trial saw the ranking on the upper right corner, they were dumbfounded.

At this moment, they were filled with doubts. If it wasn’t for the fact that conquests had no cheats, they would have suspected that this player called “Kong Yi” had used a cheat to farm points.

After all, this was too unscientific.

The players were clear that every profession in the war required deep research. There was a large amount of professional knowledge in it, and it would take a lot of time to master it.

For example, the first batch of players had already discovered that there was no end to the knowledge of alchemists. There was too much knowledge to learn, and it had already been perfected into a system. In a few days, no matter how talented one was, it was impossible to master everything.

Hence, this player called Kong Yi only used ten days to learn and was already so familiar with alchemy. This was truly unbelievable.

Looking at the points that were still rising, a large number of players participating in the alchemy trial took a blow.

The gap between people was vividly displayed at this moment. It was really cruel.

At this moment, countless players were spamming the trial channel.

“Brother Kong Yi, no matter how many died, give me one too. The kind that will increase my points rapidly after it’s opened (funny)!”

“I suspect that the first place used the memory bread, and I used the Man in Black Series memory eraser, click (flash)”

“Brother, you’re too much. You’re already in first place, and you’re still spamming? are you trying to piss us off? that’s enough (madly slamming the table)”

“I’ve failed to fuse a level-one Spirit mine three times. When I looked up, the first place already had more than 30000 points. Did I miss out on something?”(black man with a question mark face.jpg)

“Verification complete. We’re not playing the same game. I’m autistic. I’m autistic!”

“Brother, you were probably an Alchemist in your previous life. I’m sure of it. That’s amazing. We’re here to take the exam, and you’re here to gain points (funny).”


While the trial channel was filled with noise, Kong Yi’s expression was extremely serious.

His gloved hands continued to move, and the elements in front of him continued to merge under his control, turning into new materials.

He was now at stage 18, and the mystical materials in each stage were 100% perfect, so he got double the points.

The combination of elements might be difficult for other players, but for Kong Yi, it was as simple as eating and drinking.

Furthermore, he had personally participated in many of the basic construction of Elemental Fusion, which was naturally very simple for him.

At this moment, the mystical materials for stage 19 had appeared.

There were a total of 8689 elements to be combined into an item. The requirement was that each element must be added to the materials used for the fusion. There was no specific requirement on the amount of each element used.

Seeing this, Kong Yi’s eyes swept over the elemental crystals. After about five minutes of silence, his hands began to move again.

All kinds of elemental crystals turned into mist under his control and fused with each other.

After about 10 minutes of fusion, the item gradually took shape.

As more and more elements were added, the outline of the item became clearer and clearer.

It was a horn-shaped object with many runes engraved on it. The moment it completely condensed, an ancient and simple aura hit one’s face.

Seeing this item, Kong Yi’s face revealed a hint of nostalgia.

“Congratulations, you have successfully completed this challenge. You have been rewarded with 30000 points!”

All the alchemy trial participants were dumbfounded as Kong Yi, who was ranked first, suddenly gained 30000 points.

At this moment, many players were cursing and swearing. Their mental state had collapsed. It was really F * cking cruel. They had directly encountered a cheater.

Comparing people could really drive people to their deaths!

However, Kong Yi was not paying attention to the trial channel at all. Instead, he reached out and took the horn that had formed.

[Human token (Kong Yi)]:

[Item details: the human clan’s communication token invented by Emperor Xiaoye in ancient times. It is used to transmit messages between people. The messages transmitted through this item can cross space barriers and be stored in the internal space of the other party’s human token.] Each token had its own unique pattern to distinguish the identity of the sender!

[Fire rune holder: Kong Yi (Ren zu)]

Looking at this item, Kong Yi’s face revealed a look of reminiscence.

Although everything in the trial space was simulated, and Kong Yi only held an attitude of trying it out, he didn’t think that he would really be able to fuse his own token.

He subconsciously opened the space (mailbox) in the token.

At this moment, a blurry image was suddenly imprinted in his mind.

Seeing this, Kong Yi’s expression changed.

He quickly exited the human token space and began to check the source of the message.

“Feng Ren token, Ren zu Zhu Shan!”

After checking the lines, Kong Yi immediately confirmed the identity of the other party.

This was just a simulated space. Kong Yi never thought that the token simulated here would actually receive a message from who knows how many years ago.

(PS: everything in the trial space is created by soul energy, but all simulated items will eventually be restored as soul energy and returned to Lu Wu, so it can’t be brought out!)

He immediately immersed himself in the ‘human token’ again and began to carefully examine the blurry picture.

In the image, yellow sand filled the sky, and countless human warriors were chained to stone pillars. Giant black birds soared in the sky, occasionally landing and pecking at the bound human warriors, tearing off their flesh and devouring them.

Kong Yi could not help but clench his fists as he heard the black bird’s ear-piercing screech. His eyes were filled with anger.

At the end of the image, a starry sky map appeared.

This was a set of coordinates, a distress signal, it was from Ren zu ‘Zhu Shan’.

As for the time, Kong Yi had no way to guess.

At this moment, Kong Yi’s heart was filled with anxiety.

This was Zhu Shan’s explanation to him. It could be seen that the situation was very dangerous, but he didn’t have any ability to save him now.

He didn’t even have the ability to tear open space and head to the outer realm, let alone rescue them.

After watching it a few times, Kong Yi suddenly raised his head and looked at the top of the trial space, which was covered by a white light, and said,”

“I need your help!”

After waiting for a long time, there was no reply from the White haze!

“Help our clansmen.” At this moment, Kong Yi’s expression was pleading.

As Ren zu, how could he not care about the suffering of his clansmen? He didn’t have any power now, but he knew that the person behind the scenes definitely had a way.

Since he was able to create such a divine weapon, Kong Yi believed that he could do it!

However, there was still no reply as he waited.

At this moment, Kong Yi’s face was filled with desolation,”

“I don’t know who you are, but I do know that you are a member of the human race. You’ve shed blood and sacrificed your life. Even if you had to leave your homeland for the outer realms, you’d never betray your clansmen. Now that they’re suffering, are you not willing to help?”

Still, no one replied to Kong Yi.

Looking at the images of his clansmen being torn apart by the giant black bird, Kong Yi’s heart was filled with rage.

He didn’t know why the person behind the scenes was unwilling to come forward and talk to him.

For the sake of the future, he could understand why she chose to endure and hide.

However, the feeling of helplessness made him very uncomfortable. The anger in his heart was burning, but he had no way to vent it.

While waiting, time passed by little by little.

At this moment, the class trial ended and the game prompt sounded, announcing the results of the first and second place …

However, Kong Yi was not in the mood to listen, he seemed to be in a daze.

This news should have come within eight years of his reincarnation. He couldn’t be sure exactly which year it was, but it meant that there was still hope for his clansmen to be saved.

He believed that no matter how big the crisis was,’Zhu Shan’ would be able to hold on for eight years.

However, he couldn’t help at all because he was too weak …

At this moment, a server-wide announcement was made across all five servers.

[Server-wide announcement: temporary task, the cross-border expedition is about to begin. All players of all major servers, please get ready and buy items and consumables in advance. After crossing the border, you will not be able to buy items from the merchant shop!]

[Server announcement: the direction of this cross-border expedition is in the 223.523 region of the outer realm, Wanderer!]

[Server-wide announcement: players, please get ready. The cross-server expedition will begin in an hour, please get ready!]

At this moment, the players were extremely surprised, not knowing why there was a sudden expedition mission.

However, at the mention of the expedition, they thought of the hot-blooded and high rewards, and they became excited.

Many players told each other, and a large number of players who had not come online began to rush home, using all kinds of reasons to take leave just to catch up with this epic cross-world expedition.

It had been half a year, and the expedition was here again. The horn of war had been blown, so how could they not be excited?

At this time, in the artifact space, little Bei Li, who had already built the portal, turned and nodded at Lu Wu.

A smile appeared on Lu Wu’s face and he nodded.

He had heard everything that Kong Yi had said to him and had also checked the distress message from the outer realm.

After that, he asked Bei Li to build the portal. Although he had spent nearly 100 million soul coins, it was all worth it for Lu Wu.

Since he had cultivated the human Emperor’s mirror and promised Bei Li to shoulder the burden of the human tribe with him, how could he sit by and do nothing when his people were suffering? this was his response to Kong Yi.

There was no need to say anything. Actions were the best proof.

At the same time, a game notification popped up in front of Kong Yi, who was stunned.

[Game prompt: do you wish to lead this expedition? if you are sure to lead this expedition, you will hide your name and all information about the player. You will appear as an NPC!]

After a short silence, Kong Yi spat out two words,”

“I’m willing!”

Following that, Kong Yi’s figure disappeared from his original spot and reappeared in a vast white space. Countless Blue Soul power began to pour into his body.

As Kong Yi’s soul was incomparably huge, the large amount of soul power pouring in did not have much of an effect on him.

As he felt his power increase, Kong Yi was shocked.

The ability to instantly increase his strength was beyond his knowledge. At this moment, he was full of curiosity about the person behind the scenes. He really wanted to know who he was!

But as the energy in his body continued to rise and solidify, Kong Yi suddenly became excited.

The long-lost power made him roar to the sky. His originally child-like body grew bit by bit at this moment, turning into a bare-chested, strong young man.

Even though he didn’t have the ability to travel through space like before, he still felt intoxicated.

At this moment, he looked up at the sky and murmured,”

“Thank you!”

After a short silence, a voice came from the sky,”

“You and I are both human!”