Chapter 593: I’ve never been lonely

Outer space, Wandering Star.

Looking at the human warriors who had regained their fighting strength and broken free from the chains, donghuang’s incarnation was shocked beyond words.

After the war of the Three Realms, in order to prevent the human race from rising up in the outer realms, the main body chose to leave the Three Realms and continue the pursuit in the outer realms.

During this period of time, the main body first killed Ren zu ‘Kong Yi’, after making sure that his soul had dispersed, he targeted Ren zu Zhu Shan, who was also on the run, and captured him and his clansmen.

However, the main body did not kill Zhu Shan directly.

Because he could not find any traces of the last Ren zu,’Shaohao’, he set up a trap to lure Shaohao to find him.

It was also at that time that he had left a clone here to set up an ambush and set up a sealing enchantment. His goal was to kill all the ancient human warriors who had fled to the outer realm.

However, what the clone was waiting for was not Ren zu Shaohao, but Ren zu Kong Yi, who he thought was already dead.

What surprised him even more was that the more than one hundred ancient human warriors, who were used as bait and locked on the stone pillars, had broken free of their seals and regained their unparalleled combat strength.

Back then, he had personally seen these human warriors on the verge of death. Their bodies were torn apart by the Black Crows, and their souls were on the verge of collapse under the baptism of bad weather …

How did he do it?

He subconsciously turned his head to look at Kong Yi, who was waving his battle axe. Even though he had lost his head, he was still full of fighting spirit. Then, he looked at Zhu Shan, who was leading the charge. His body was so broken that it seemed like it would collapse.

Finally, he looked at the players who were blocked behind the barrier.

Donghuang’s incarnation’s expression gradually became determined. He reached out and began to control the “light shadow” formed by the will bead to fight with Zhu Shan and the others.

The human race could not be left alive!

At this moment, he was going to break through this line of defense and kill the future of these humans!

Under the direct control of donghuang’s incarnation, the power of the hundreds of light shadows formed by the prayer beads was comparable to that of a celestial Lord. They formed a Starlight formation, like the sharpest spear, and charged towards the Warriors who were supposed to be rotting.

At this moment, hundreds of battle Spears were pointed at the light shadows that filled the sky. His face was neither happy nor sad, and his messy long hair danced in the wind. However, his eyes revealed endless battle intent.

They formed an unshakeable line of defense, protecting the human race’s descendants behind them, and even more so, protecting the future and hope of the human race.

When the light shadow approached, Zhu Shan roared,”


“Roar!” The hundred men roared in unison. They lowered their bodies and brandished their battle Spears at the same time. Their fierce fighting spirit soared into the sky.

In the face of death, they were not afraid. Instead, they felt gratified and excited.

This was because they had seen the future of the human race and countless juniors with great potential. They had no more regrets.

And now, what they had to do was to protect the future, to preserve this cluster of sparks that could set the Prairie on fire in the future.

They would never take a step back. This was their promise to the countless human juniors behind them.

Just as Zhu Shan had said, they were soldiers, and dying in battle was the fate of soldiers!

At this moment, no matter how bright the Starlight was, the defense line made of their flesh and blood remained unmoved.

Donghuang’s incarnation’s face turned extremely dark when he saw this.

At this moment, three of the Rosary beads were broken, and the remaining six were blocking Kong Yi’s escape. Only this one was left that could be controlled, but it was still unable to break through the defense line of the ancient warriors and kill the future of the human race.

The human race, a powerful force of the past in his eyes, had displayed their tenacious combat strength at this moment, making him feel extremely troubled. This was also beyond his expectations.

After thinking for a while, he decisively took out another will bead that was sealing Kong Yi, turned into a light and shadow, and rushed towards the players.

The pressure suddenly decreased, and the battle axe in the hands of the headless Kong Yi increased in power, constantly bombarding the barrier formed by the Rosary beads.

At this moment, donghuang’s incarnation could no longer sit still. He finally stood up and personally flew towards Kong Yi.

The barrier’s power was activated at this moment, and it surged into the body of donghuang’s incarnation. He formed a seal with one hand and the Thunder seal was formed. Dark clouds surged in the sky, accompanied by a loud sound. A thick bolt of lightning fell from the sky and struck Kong Yi’s body.

Blood splattered and flowed down his body, but Kong Yi did not stop swinging his battle axe.

Protecting the human race was a mission that had been branded into his soul. It had been so in the past, and it had not changed in the slightest even now.

“BOOM!” The flaming battle-ax seemed to be roaring, and the barrier formed by the sense beads was shaking violently.

Seeing this scene, donghuang’s incarnation formed another hand seal. Countless bolts of lightning struck down, bombarding Kong Yi’s body.

In truth, he had never doubted Kong Yi’s strength.

Back then, even when human Emperor had disappeared, the eight Ren zu had worked together to severely injure another Celestial Emperor,’Grand Supreme’.

In truth, what shocked him the most was Kong Yi’s tenacity.

This had been the case ever since the battle of the Three Realms. He dragged his heavily injured body and led his clansmen to the outer realms, refusing to surrender even if he died. Even more so when he was being hunted down by his main body. He had never compromised, and even if the road ahead was bumpy, he had never thought of giving up.

However, just when he thought that Kong Yi was a thing of the past, he actually came back.

He was as tenacious as ever, unwilling to compromise as always, and had a strong will.

The tribulations had not smoothed out his edges and corners. He was still Kong Yi. Even if the battle power he possessed now was not as strong as before, his spirit had not changed in the slightest.

Under the bombardment of the lightning, Kong Yi’s body trembled and blood flowed down like sweat. The power of the attack on the sealed boundary was getting weaker and weaker.

Seeing this, donghuang Taiyi revealed a smile on his face once again.

No matter how strong you were, you were still exhausted.

At this moment, he suddenly turned his head and looked into the distance, in front of the players ‘area.

Flames, the flames that covered the sky, dyed Half the Sky red, and stung the eyes.

At this moment, the bodies of those ancient human warriors were burning. Their flesh was being eaten up bit by bit in the fire, revealing their blue souls.

Facing the glowing battle formation created by the two rosary beads, these ancient human warriors decisively abandoned their physical bodies and burned their souls …

When the flames faded, what appeared in the sky above the battlefield were young figures.

The way he held the spear in high spirits reminded him of the era when the human race was at its peak.

“Old friends, I’ll bid you farewell here. May the human race prosper forever!” Zhu Shan, who was leading the group, turned around and looked at his comrades.

After giving up their bodies, these old friends became very young in Zhu Shan’s eyes. Their appearance was exactly the same as in his memory when they were young, as if they had once been.

It was an era that he couldn’t go back to, and it was also the golden age of the human race that he had been dreaming of.

At that time, they represented the new generation and future of the human race.

But now, the future was behind them, and they were just a group of older generation that was about to decay. The only thing he could do was to burn the last of his strength and protect them until the end of his life.

“Roar!” Hundreds of battle Spears were raised and stomped down, smashing into the air and creating ripples.

The price of burning one’s soul was to disappear forever. However, none of them regretted it. Instead, they smiled.

When the battle of light shadows came, the ancient human warriors under their Blue Soul bodies also rose into the sky and met them.

In the battle, Zhu Shan’s soul body, which was the first to bear the brunt, was penetrated by the light shadow again and again, becoming thinner. However, he still rushed to the front.

Because he was Ren zu.

It was not a name, but a mission and heavy burden.

When the Starlight gathered and his soul was completely torn apart, Zhu Shan shouted his last cry in the world,”

“A human undying!”

“Roar!” Over a hundred ancient warriors shouted in unison, sending off this Ren zu respectfully.

The race’s pioneer had passed away, and they had returned to the battle.

This scene deeply shocked the players, and also shocked Lu Wu, who was behind the scenes.

Back then, darknorth had done the same. For his sake, he had chosen to fight against the heavens and help him escape the crisis of the divine seal. Later, the great emperor of East Peak had done the same. He had chosen to accept his mistake and had paid the power of a law for it …

At this moment, these ancient human warriors were doing the same. Even if they had to burn their souls, they would still protect the descendants of the human race.

Along the way, Lu Wu realized that although he was carrying a heavy burden on his shoulders, there were many “strangers” who used their lives as light to illuminate his path.

It turned out that he was not alone on this road. It seemed that he had no one to rely on except for Bei Li. In fact, he had not noticed those followers hidden in the dark. They had always been there …

However, at every critical moment, there would always be someone walking out from the darkness and choosing to use their life to accompany them …


Donghuang’s incarnation was stunned when he saw how the ancient human warriors chose to burn their souls and fight in such a way.

At that moment, Kong Yi’s body, which was still sealed, began to burn.

Just like those ancient human warriors, he chose to burn his soul in exchange for the last bit of energy.

Although he had lost his head, Kong Yi still remembered what he had said before.

He said to the ancient warriors,”

“I’ll take you home!”

Now, he had gone back on his word and did not do what he had said.

The ancient warriors that were dying one after another caused Kong Yi to feel extremely pained.

However, he did not choose to give up.

He used to be a player, so he knew that the future of the players was the future of the human race. As long as they were still alive, the golden age of the human race would come.

That was why he could not go back on his word this time. In order to protect the players, he chose to burn himself like the ancient warriors.

His blood was boiling in the flames, and his body was nibbled by the flames bit by bit. A Blue Soul body then appeared.

The flames on the battle-axe turned blue at this moment. As Kong Yi waved it, it burst out with a dazzling blue light.


A crack appeared on the crystal formed by the Rosary and spread in all directions.

At this moment, the seal barrier that had endured countless slashes was finally unable to bear the burden.

The donghuang incarnation looked on in disbelief as Kong Yi, who had lost his physical body, broke through the barrier and attacked.

The world in front of him was instantly covered in blue flames …

Donghuang’s incarnation was struggling violently, but the headless body was still holding on to him tightly. With a roar, blue flames shot up into the sky.

The violent explosion shook the earth. At this moment, the external barrier lost control and suddenly shattered. Lu Wu, who was behind the scenes, also sensed the existence of all the players.

He silently kept all the players, as well as the souls of the players who had died in the battle against the Black Raven Army, into the divine artifact. Then, he turned to look at the center of the explosion.

At this moment, a figure crawled up from the deep pit, trembling. He looked extremely miserable.

He turned around and looked at the devastation around him, but a smile still appeared on his face.

Since Kong Yi and the ancient warriors were dead, it was time to kill the human juniors. Even though the process was extremely difficult, he still won in the end.

However, when he raised his head, he found a figure floating above his head, staring at him coldly.

He was very familiar with the aura that this person was giving off, and he couldn’t help but shiver.

“Human Emperor!” The incarnation of donghuang involuntarily cried out.

This was a completely unfamiliar and young figure that he had never seen before. However, the aura that he exuded was actually that of a renhuang.

Fear emerged from the bottom of his heart. Although he was only the incarnation of East Emperor Taiyi and not his true body, he had his own feelings and emotions. They felt fear from the bottom of their hearts towards the human Emperor, who had once stood at the peak of the Three Realms.