Chapter 600: The nemesis descends

The event officially started, setting off a wave of revelry belonging to the players in the northern divergent land.

During this period of time, there were groups of players everywhere who were trying to catch the moon Rabbit. The herb-grinding rabbit was so scared that it simply hid in the sewers of hell, not daring to come out no matter what.

It was because the outside world was too scary!

The current players were like the gorillas that would transform on the night of the full moon on the neighboring mountain. Every time there was a full moon, their brains would short-circuit and they would want to cause great destruction …

The trembling rabbit hugged itself, feeling wronged and scared. It could only hide in the sewer and wait for the lovely Ye Shiwen to save it.

It was too difficult to be a rabbit!


Two hours after the start of the Mid-Autumn Festival event, some players had already caught the moon rabbits needed for the event and received their rewards.

Since each player could only complete the “Chang ‘e rabbit hunt” event once, these players did not have the intention to go out and look for Yue tu again. Therefore, they turned their attention to the second event, the ‘competition under the moon’, which was also open all day.

Most of the players had never experienced an individual competition that was synchronized with the entire server, so they were undoubtedly curious. Moreover, the attributes of this server-wide competition would be adjusted to an absolute balance. As long as his skills passed the test, there was still a high chance of him getting a reward.

Therefore, this group of players opened the event panel and began to randomly match opponents across the server, looking forward to their own performance.

As more and more players caught the moon Rabbit and completed the “Chang ‘e’s search for the rabbit” quest, the “martial arts contest under the moon” event gradually entered its most popular stage.

Matches on all servers began, and the rankings of the winning games on the major servers began to be fiercely contested.


At this moment, in underworld city, Yuan Fang was eating mooncakes made by players. He happily clicked on the ‘match’ button for the competition under the moon.

Everyone else took the competition seriously, but it didn’t matter to Yuan Fang whether he took it seriously or not.

Whether he could win or not, he never looked at himself, but at his opponent.

The stronger the opponent’s competitive spirit, the higher his chances of victory. If the opponent had no intention of defeating him, then it would basically end in a draw.

In other words, he wanted to be passive in the individual competition because he didn’t have the ability to take the initiative.

As a player with almost 1000 draws and only 1 win, Yuan Fang felt that every time he participated in a competition, he was just going through the motions and chatting with the opponent players for half an hour …

Due to the generous rewards for winning this event, Yuan Fang couldn’t help but participate.

Even though he didn’t have much hope of winning.

However, he would definitely not lose. If there were no accidents, it would still be a draw.

While he was waiting, the game prompt appeared.

[Game prompt: successfully matched with an opponent. The opponent is a Beiqi player: [Nie Feng, 24 losses in a row, 0 wins!]

Seeing that they were about to enter the individual arena, Yuan Fang quickly stuffed the mooncake in his hand into his mouth and made his preparations.

As the countdown continued, the surrounding environment gradually became blurry. When it became clear again, Yuan Fang found himself at the top of a mountain.

The wind whistled in his ears. He turned around and saw a deep abyss below him. There was a bright moon above his head. He was surrounded by a martial arts field, filled with all kinds of weapons.

As usual, Yuan Fang sat down and waited for the competition to officially begin. Then, he started to talk about life with his opponent.

He wasn’t familiar with nie Feng because nie Feng was basically always out with Hu He and rarely returned to the underworld.

Although he knew that this person was a member of the wall-hanging group, Yuan Fang did not have a specific understanding of his ability.

In Yuan Fang’s opinion, none of his opponents could do anything to him!

Not to mention that his opponent had lost 24 times in a row, which meant that he was probably a hack that mainly used lifestyle classes, so he couldn’t do anything to him.


However, when he found out that his opponent was the square-shaped nie Feng, he was also stunned.

At first, he was a little nervous. In terms of combat skills, he was really bad. In addition to the limitations of the arena, his winning rate was frighteningly low. To be precise, he had not won even once.

This was because he needed a large amount of time to concoct potions every time the match started. However, who would give him such time? when facing him, all his opponents would rush up and attack him, directly kicking him out of the match.

Therefore, after losing 24 matches in a row, nie Feng had given up on his own personal arena.

Because he knew that it was not suitable for a head-on battle!

However, there were rewards for this event. Nie Feng was naturally unwilling to give up on the reward, so he decided to try again.

However, he didn’t expect that the first opponent he was matched with was an extremely different kind of cheater, the Round Square.

From the initial nervousness to this moment, nie Feng had become extremely calm.

He was sure to win!

Other people were afraid of the square because they couldn’t break the upper limit of the Square’s defense and would be injured instead. Hitting the square was like hitting a Hedgehog, and they would always be the one in pain.

However, if nie Feng claimed to be second in terms of attack power, who would dare to claim to be first?

The hell explosion a year ago was a good example. At that time, he had just become an Alchemist (bomber) not long ago, but he had already killed a ghost emperor. Now that he was more familiar with it, as long as he was given time, he could blow up anything!

Looking at the square, nie Feng’s expression gradually became ferocious, and his heart began to swell.

I’ve finally met an opponent who can restrain me. It looks like I’m going to win once!

As the wall disappeared, the game prompt for the competition to begin appeared.

At this moment, Yuan Fang casually sat on the ground and waved at nie Feng,”

“Let’s sit down and talk?”

“I won’t chat! Just wait for your death!”

As he spoke, nie Feng took out an alchemy furnace and started to operate it.

Yuan Fang was stunned when he saw this.

As he didn’t go to the forum much and was a player who came later, he didn’t know about nie Feng’s past deeds. Therefore, when he saw nie Feng refining potions, he was a little dumbfounded.

“Benefactor, what are you doing?” Yuan Fang could not help but ask curiously.

“Give me 20 minutes and I’ll kill you!” Nie Feng said without any hesitation.

From nie Feng’s point of view, so what if he had exposed his thoughts? could Yuan Fang do anything to him?

The ” 1″ damage was not a threat at all.

He just had to calmly refine the medicine and it would be over!

“Poison? If it’s poison, then my counterattack can still hurt you. I advise you to give up. A draw is the best result. ” Yuan Fang couldn’t help but try to persuade him.

“No, you’ll know later. Be quiet!” After saying that, nie Feng no longer paid any attention to Yuan Fang and continued to make the “special nuclear bomb.”

It was rare for him to win. At this moment, nie Feng was a little excited. He had been looking forward to this day for too long.

The curious Yuan Fang walked to nie Feng’s side and began to watch him refine the medicine.

As time passed, the medicine furnace began to shake unsteadily.

At this moment, players began to enter the viewing gallery to watch the match.

Many players came with the mentality of learning or watching the battle between the cheaters.

However, when they saw the two sides of the competition standing together, staring at the medicine refining furnace with a serious expression, the onlooking players could not help but cover their faces.

Although they were all members of Beiqi, couldn’t they just compete properly? they had already started to fake the match.

I’m going to report this dog to the officials!

However, when they saw that Yuan Fang’s opponent was nie Feng, their expressions changed.

The explosion of underworld had left a shadow in the hearts of many players. Now that they saw nie Feng refining potions, they knew that this competition would not be simple.

Looking at Yuan Fang, who was still watching innocently from the side, the spectating players could not help but cover their faces again.

He felt that this baldie’s first failure was about to come.

Although explosive man’s “casting time” was extremely long, its power was unimaginable.

Back then, before everyone had even passed the trial of the ghost Governor, explosive man had already killed a ghost emperor. Who could withstand such damage?

The surrounding players all knew that the square circle’s defense was invincible, and it was simply an invincible meat shield covered with thorns.

However, there was a saying that everything had its weakness.

Nie Feng might be considered a weakling when he fought other players, but to Yuan Fang, he was definitely a powerful nemesis.

What a naive little monk. He didn’t even know that he was dying and was watching so seriously. Tsk, tsk …

Under the players ‘pitiful gazes, Yuan Fang was still chattering away with nie Feng.

Nie Feng, on the other hand, ignored him impatiently and continued to make his ‘specially-made nuclear bomb’.

Time passed by bit by bit, and soon 20 minutes had passed. During this time, neither of them had suffered any damage. It was like a fake match.

“Benefactor, have you finished refining your elixir?” Yuan Fang asked curiously.

When nie Feng heard this, he suddenly raised his head and looked at Yuan Fang with a serious expression,”

“What is the most beautiful firework you have ever seen?”

Yuan Fang was a little stunned, not understanding what nie Feng meant.

“I can guarantee that this will be the most shocking thing you’ve ever seen. Come, come closer!” Nie Feng pointed at the trembling medicine refining furnace and said.

When Yuan Fang heard this, he took a step closer curiously.

Immediately after, a crack appeared on the shaking medicine refining furnace. Through the crack, one could see the black flames burning fiercely inside …

The piercing black light invaded Yuan Fang’s vision at this moment, causing him to take a step back.

After a short silence, the medicine refining furnace finally exploded. A mushroom cloud rose into the sky following the loud noise. The entire arena was shrouded in black light, and everything inside was destroyed in an instant.

The huge black light lasted for a full minute before it slowly dissipated. At this time, nie Feng was standing inside with a smile on his face.

Due to the protective mechanism of the personal arena, the players ‘own abilities would not cause any damage to themselves. Therefore, no matter how close they were, nie Feng was not injured at all.

On the contrary, there was not even a strand of hair left on the Round Square.

It was completely evaporated by the overbearing black light.

At this moment, many of the players who followed Yuan Fang to watch the competition couldn’t help but applaud. At the same time, they revealed gloating smiles on their faces.

There was no such thing as true invincibility, it was just that he had not met his nemesis.

Explosive man had once again proven that he was the player with the highest damage output in the entire server!


At this moment, the dumbfounded Yuan Fang left the arena and appeared in underworld.

He opened the activity panel and was dumbfounded when he saw the personal information on the upper right corner.

“Personal arena information: Yuan Fang, 1 win, 987 draw, 1 loss”

At this moment, Yuan Fang didn’t even know what was happening.

At the last moment, he only felt that his vision was blocked by a piercing black light, and then he came out …

Thinking of this, he opened the combat information bar, wanting to review the situation.

[Combat information: suffered from dark attribute explosion, received 529313 points of damage, calculation … Damage exceeded defense limit, received 514252 points of actual damage, died!]

Looking at the combat information bar, Yuan Fang was dumbfounded.

500,000 … More than 500000 damage!

Yuan Fang was completely dumbfounded!