Chapter 601: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

As the event went on, the players of Beiqi were having a lot of fun.

At around 3 p.m., The third Mid-Autumn Festival event,”koi fish Gifts”, was also launched.

At this moment, some of the players were still trying to catch the moon rabbits, and some of them were still engaged in the ‘martial arts contest under the moon’. However, most of the players were looking for rivers and lakes to fish.

There was a chance that they would catch koi fish that would give them mooncakes during this fishing event, and the players were full of anticipation.

The top players on the forums also appeared at this moment and analyzed the event, coming up with several ways for the players to maximize their benefits.

For example, forming a team.

Since the mooncakes obtained from the ‘koi fish Gifts’ event could be given to friends and they would receive 5 luck points, forming a party would maximize the benefits.

For example, if three players gave each other their mooncakes, each of them would receive 5 luck points, but the number of mooncakes in their hands would not decrease.

And the more people in a team, the easier it was to distribute.

After all, even if you could catch a koi, it didn’t mean that your teammates could catch one as well.

As a result, a large number of players began to call for parties to fish for koi in the event channel, and the festive atmosphere of the event was high.

However, there was also a portion of players who only had a bunch of fancy operations in their heads.

It was impossible for him to move normally!

He had to do something, and be happy.

This group of players not only stunned Lu Wu, but also many other players.

For example, there was an elemental mage who did not even use a fishing rod. He went to the lakeside to cast lightning spells, and electric fish …

Another example was that a player bought explosives made by explosive man at the auction house and went to the river to blow up fish …

There were so many different operations. This group of players did not follow the normal operations at all, and their minds were only filled with trouble! Causing trouble! Causing trouble!

Although this group of players had good ideas, they all ended up in terrible States.

There were only a few lakes and rivers in Beiqi. These players were stirring up the wind and rain in the water, but they were affecting the players who were fishing on the shore.

By doing this, the koi fish in the water would be frightened and would not bite the bait again.

As such, the indignant players would drag these players to the shore and cruelly smash their heads.

Who asked you to F * cking cause trouble again!

In fact, there were quite a few players who played dirty. This group of players had the idea of getting rich quickly. They felt that fishing steadily was too slow, and playing dirty was the foundation of getting rich!

By doing so, he might be able to make a fortune.

As a result, the fishing party and the manipulation party gradually opposed each other and were divided into two parties.

While fishing, catching rabbits, and competing, there would occasionally be a group fight. Beiqi was a lively scene.

Time passed by quickly. At around eighto’ clock in the evening, most of the players had returned to underworld city, with the exception of a few players who were still looking for Yue tu despite searching for her for an entire day.

The last event,’flowers bloom to a full moon’, began at this moment.

[Game prompt: the final event of this Mid-Autumn Festival has begun. Players, please pay attention to the riddle that appears on the moon!]

As the game notification sounded, all the players looked up at the Golden full moon hanging in the sky, waiting in silence.

The players were already familiar with the rules of the final event.

While waiting, the first three lines of the question appeared on the moon.

[Lin Yulu, the grass is soft, spring comes and summer goes as usual, poetic (type one word)]

[The rain hits the wind, the pine Edge without a child looks at each other, wuwuwuwuwu (one color)]

[Hundreds of miles of corpses, mountains collapsing and the earth being destroyed, 10000 years of silence before coming back to life (name of Beiqi)]


As the riddle appeared on the moon, a translucent answer panel appeared before the players.

Most of the players were dumbfounded about the answer to the riddle. They decisively chose to open the event channel and began to call for backup.

Regarding this, Lu Wu didn’t stop her. The purpose of the event was to have fun, so it was normal to find answers.

However, there were only 10 million people who could win each round of questions. Whether or not they could get a reward depended on their hand speed.

However, even the answers given by others in the event channel might not be correct. The players would always have different answers, which gave most of the players who wanted to’ copy the answers ‘through the event channel a headache. They were very conflicted about which answer to choose.

There were also some players who chose to write the answer to whoever they saw first. It didn’t matter since they couldn’t understand it anyway!

Other people rely on guessing riddles, but noobs like us are different. We rely purely on gambling!

What the players didn’t expect was that after they filled in the answer and chose to submit, a lantern slowly appeared in front of them.

The three answers they had filled in were printed on it, and it slowly floated to the full moon.

When it rose high into the sky, the lantern with the correct answer would turn into beautiful fireworks and disperse.

At that moment, the magnificent fireworks were just like the joy in the players ‘hearts, materializing.

With such a festive atmosphere, the players once again sent a wave of ” 666″ on the event’s public screen.

Time passed very quickly as he answered the riddles and admired the moon.

During this time, they took out the mooncakes that they had obtained from the ‘koi fish gift’ event and shared them with each other. The atmosphere was harmonious, and their faces were filled with happiness that came from the bottom of their hearts.

The fast pace of reality made many people feel great pressure, and they no longer paid much attention to the festival.

But here, they could enjoy the rare joy of the festival and indulge in it.

When twelveo’ clock struck, the Mid-Autumn Festival event came to an end with an announcement to the entire region.

Every time this happened, the players would always think that it would be great if the day could grow longer. They hadn’t had enough fun yet!

At this moment, the players suddenly realized that the full moon had once again shed thousands of rays of soft light, which converged into a bridge that led directly to the central square of hell.

“I’m very grateful for the help of the descendants of Beiqi. If you don’t mind, I’d like to dance for you.”

Hearing this, the players burst into a commotion.

They all said that they didn’t mind, but they didn’t expect there to be an Easter egg after the event.

At this moment, Chang ‘e’s figure slowly rose into the air, and she descended upon the bridge formed by moonlight. A ethereal song that was as ethereal as water flowed from her mouth.

His long sleeves followed him as he moved further and further away, as if he was bidding farewell to the players.

At this moment, many players were dumbfounded.

When the moonlight bridge completely disappeared and Chang ‘e melded into the full moon, the players were still frozen in place, unable to move.

At this moment, it was unknown who started it first, but the public screen was once again filled with “conquering the world’s number one.”

As for why the players said “the world’s number one”…

This was the reason!

The game experience was more like a different and exciting life. There were joy and sorrow, and many more shocks, which moved them and made them hot-blooded.

This was also the case for the so-called dog official website. They had never treated the game as a commercial product to earn money, but instead, they were always thinking for them.

Apart from being stingy, it was simply a perfect dog official.


Seeing the players having so much fun, Lu Wu, who was behind the scenes, couldn’t help but laugh.

He had spent a lot of money on today’s event, and the soul coins in his inventory were all used up.

After some thought, he felt that it was time for a round of in-game purchases … The Wheel of Fortune.

(PS: let’s talk about the answers to the three riddles. The answer to the first question is “clear,” the answer to the second question is “frost,” and the answer to the third question is “Boneyard”)

Once again, I wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Be happy!