Chapter 602: An impeccable disguise

Beiqi, lapis lazuli Coast.

The Mid-Autumn Festival was over, and the players ‘lives were back on track.

Explorers, navigators, bricklayer players, life profession players, and so on … Every player had a different path in the game and continued their Wonderful Life in the ‘other world’.

On this day, in the shallow waters of Beiqi’s colored glaze Sea area, a head slowly emerged from the bottom of the water.

He looked around, first checking the warships and ships docked at the sea, then looking at the players passing by on the shore. After some thought, he began to swim towards the shore.

As he approached the shore, his figure emerged from the water bit by bit. The scales on his body reflected a dazzling light under the sun, and his body shrank and changed little by little. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a human figure, and he looked no different from the players.

Even if one looked closely, one would not be able to see any flaws.

Looking at his reflection on the water, Yan mai grinned, looking very satisfied.

In fact, he had been lurking and observing this Sea area for a few days. His purpose here was to help the netherworld’s devouring Sea area branch investigate the background of the player families.

The reason was simple.

Recently, an extremely important batch of resources had been hijacked after being transported to the quilong Sea area. The higher-ups of the devouring branch of the netherworld were furious and sent a large number of people to investigate the matter.

However, the result was obvious.

According to the descriptions of the merchants on the merchant ship, the shark bite Chamber of Commerce had been blinded by greed. However, another power had appeared afterward, causing the plundering that the shark bite Chamber of Commerce had been confident in to go to waste. Even their President, Black Shark, had died in the battle.

The netherworld devouring branch did not completely believe this. Instead, they carefully investigated the area where the Naval battle had broken out.

However, it turned out that the merchants on the merchant ships were not lying.

The warship wreckage at the bottom of the sea was proof of that. At the same time, there were many warships from the mutt fleet. It was enough to show the tragic naval battle at that time.

The higher-ups of the yellow spring devouring Sea area branch were surprised by the betrayal of the shark bite Chamber of Commerce, but they were also extremely angry.

The dignity of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce was not to be challenged.

Although the shark bite Chamber of Commerce had been destroyed in this battle, there was still a “thief” who had not received the punishment he deserved.

After that, in a high-level meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, someone proposed to annihilate the “player families” with thunderous measures, and many people agreed to it. However, at this moment, someone stood up and suggested that they first investigate the player families before making a decision.

To this end, he expressed his opinion and convinced everyone in the meeting.

Firstly, the players ‘idea of robbing merchant ships was fundamentally different from shark bite merchant guild’ s.

The shark bite Chamber of Commerce had done it in secret and was prepared to erase all clues. They had never thought of making an enemy of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce because he didn’t dare to. He also knew that the netherworld Chamber of Commerce was so powerful that he couldn’t compete with it!

However, the player clans were very strange. They were basically robbing in the open, as if they were not worried about being discovered by the netherworld Chamber of Commerce!

It could no longer be described as arrogant.

And most importantly, this was not the first time!

The player clans had done the same thing before and had successfully overthrew the war Chamber of Commerce’s smoke Dragon.

Therefore, in his opinion, there might be some unspeakable conspiracy behind the repeated provocations!

In order to convince everyone present, the man also took out a recent investigation report.

From this, he learned that the player clans were not forces in the sea. Their main forces were rooted on land, and they had only recently joined the sea competition. Although netherworld Chamber of Commerce was very powerful in the sea area, its control on land was very limited.

Therefore, it was best to investigate before killing the player family!

His reasoning convinced everyone present. After listening to his analysis, the upper echelons of the Chamber of Commerce also felt that the player families were indeed as strange as he had said.

It had been a long time since a force dared to challenge the netherworld Chamber of Commerce in the open, so they subconsciously thought that the player family must have had someone to rely on to be so fearless.

This was because the forces that had dared to challenge the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s ruling position in the past were all like this. They were either extremely powerful or had the support of other superpowers. However, none of them succeeded in the end, and the dynasty of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce was still stable.

After making the decision, the Huangqu Chamber of Commerce found a very famous bounty team in the devouring Sea area, the ‘illusion fish clan,’ and gave them a batch of materials as a reward to secretly investigate the background of the player families.

Since this was a Commission from the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, the illusionary fish clan attached great importance to it.

The netherworld Chamber of Commerce had never interfered in the power struggle of the major sea areas, but had focused all its attention on the power struggle in the central Sea area. However, the netherworld Chamber of Commerce controlled all the trade in the sea area, and its strength was unquestionable.

Therefore, the illusionary fish clan didn’t dare to be negligent and immediately sent the most promising person in the clan,’oats’, to investigate this matter.


After a few days of observation, oats had already confirmed the players ‘appearance and characteristics, and was finally ready to take action.

After the transformation was successful, the oats arrived at the colored glass Coast, and then strode toward the Beiqi region.

His current goal was to head to the player clan’s central City, which was underworld.

Basically, one could tell the exact background of a force by looking at the main city in the center of the force. This was something that oats was very experienced in.

Just as he had expected, with the help of his race talent ‘transmogrification’, he met many players on his way to the colored glass Coast, but no one noticed anything different about him.

They brushed past each other. From the slight nervousness at the beginning, oats quickly relaxed.

At this moment, oats appeared to be very proud.

Relying on his race’s innate talent, he had easily completed his previous infiltration missions without being discovered until the end. He felt that it would be the same this time without any problems!

Thus, with a happy mood, oats walked in the direction of hell.

As for the location of underworld, there was no need to ask for directions. With so many players coming from that direction, it was easy to tell.

As he encountered more and more players, oats was certain that his disguise was already impeccable.

Moreover, he did not need to steal anything from the main city of the player clan, nor did he need to get in touch with the higher-ups of the player clan. He only needed to go around the main city and roughly assess the strength of the player clan.

With this layer of disguise, the difficulty of this mission was too easy for him.

However, he quickly changed his mind.

That was because he did not expect the players to have a BUG-like ability: Analysis.

Although players would not use this ability on other players unless there were special circumstances, there were always exceptions.

There was a group of players who liked to check other players ‘equipment information, record some things, and then make strategy guides and post them on the forum.

Meanwhile, on his way to hell, oats just happened to meet a player who was collecting data on the way.

When he saw the oats, the player’s expression gradually became interesting.

However, when he found out that oats ‘strength had reached the peak of the spirit King realm, he did not make a move. Instead, he took a few screenshots and posted them on the forum to gain some popularity first!


At that moment, a player’s post on the forum attracted the attention of many people.

[I met a ‘player’ on the way here just now. I subconsciously opened an analysis to see the information, and guess what I found in the end (funny)]

[Op: caught the little hunter with broken teeth.]

Content: (1000 words omitted)

(Attached image x3)

[Oats (Spirit King pinnacle)]:

[Character details: member of the ‘fantasy fish bounty group’, a top force in the devouring Sea area. A strong contender for the next clan leader of the fantasy fish clan.] He had mastered his race’s innate ability,’illusionary transformation’, and had completed several missions that the outside world thought were impossible to complete. He was known as the most promising successor of the illusionary fish clan’s new generation!

[Character Status: Normal]


Seeing this post, the players on the forum immediately started discussing.

The players were not afraid of the arrival of such an invader. Instead, they were excited.

Suikua Taro: “come, come, come. It’s time to open the bet. Place your bets on this person’s purpose of coming. Place your bets on those who are here to sightsee: 1:10, it’s time to make money, hurry up and place your bet with soul coins (funny)

[The strongest Sidney: should I give him a surprise? I am in the city, how about I go out now and give him a backstab?(funny)]

[Assassin’s Creed: upstairs, please take a team of assassins and sneak over. Then, jump out together and scare him to death (funny)]

Peppa the wild boar: “hurry up and make arrangements for him. This kid has bad intentions. He’s definitely here to cause trouble!!!”

Crayon Shinchan: “it’s meaningless to kill him directly. Let him enter the city.” [Since he’s an illusion, there’s no doubt that he’s a spy. So, let him enter the city and close the door, letting him struggle inside. When he thinks that he has obtained the information he wants and has completed his mission, we’ll surround him, give him a surprise, give him despair, and deal him a mental blow (funny).]

A big wolfdog replied Crayon Shinchan: Shameless, he was too shameless!

Crayon Shinchan replied to a big Wolfhound: He laughed and touched the dog’s head.”We’re talking about family business, what are you doing here? have you forgotten what race you are after being so familiar with the family?” (The Sea King’s taunt.jpg)

The two tigers: “this is interesting. Quick, let him enter the city. I want to see what this kid is up to..jpg”


As the players discussed among themselves, more and more players learned that a spy was approaching underworld city.

At that moment, the players were discussing how to give the spy a “big surprise.”

At this moment, oats, who was still heading towards hell, had no idea that before he even reached his destination, the players had already made arrangements for him.

As they walked, oats suddenly felt that something was wrong.

This was because many players passing by would secretly glance at him, and then an inexplicable smile would appear on their faces.

Oats were certainly not the custom or characteristic of the players.

This was because the players he had met on the way were not like this. Many of them did not even look at him.

At this moment, he felt a little strange.

Oats did not think that he had been exposed.

Because until now, he had not communicated with any players. From the outside, he looked like a normal player. He was full of confidence in his ability to disguise himself.

Even a late-stage ghost emperor could not see through his disguise, let alone the players!

However, what oats did not know was that …

This group of players who “passed by” had rushed over from hell purely out of curiosity.

It was just to take a closer look at him, and her attitude was like looking at a monkey.