Chapter 603: The terrifying truth

On the way to Hades city …

The players ‘original’ prank ‘plan was suddenly changed.

The reason was that the players near the quilong sea had sent a message that the Sea King had found them and told them a piece of news.

The Sea King had become a spy for the players in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

In the Sea King’s description …

A force was about to arrive at Beiqi, and their goal was to investigate the background of the player families and then inform the netherworld Chamber of Commerce of the situation.

At the same time, the Sea King gave the players a solution.

It was because killing this man was completely irrelevant to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, the most important thing was to intimidate this person and make him think that the player clan was extremely powerful so that he could bring back the fake news.

The netherworld Chamber of Commerce would not dare to make trouble for a short time!

After all, the netherworld Chamber of Commerce in the devouring Sea area was only a branch. Besides the high-level members, the war Chamber of Commerce was the most powerful one. Therefore, if they encountered a particularly powerful force, they could only ask for help from the central Sea area and would never dare to take the initiative to attack.

However, what the Sea King did not know was that the oats had already reached the underworld.

However, by relying on the ultra-long-distance real-time communication function, the players in the Quilon Sea area instantly transmitted the information provided by the sea King to the players in underworld.

At that moment, the players who had been prepared to kill the oat decided to change their strategy and play something else.


After a three-hour journey, as they neared Hades city, oats noticed that the environment around them had changed greatly.

Osmanthus trees were planted along the way, and the fragrance of the osmanthus flowers assailed his nose.

He raised his head and looked into the distance. A tall and majestic city stood in the distance.

It was rare to see a city of this scale above the sea. Moreover, in the netherworld, which was frequently at war, it was normal for cities to be occupied or plundered. Basically, no forces would spend a lot of energy to build a city.

With a preconceived mentality, oats felt that the players ‘families should have a very strong foundation.

As they neared the gates of Hades city, oats stopped and began to observe the players entering the city.

He had to be careful about this. If the players had to go through an inspection or provide something when entering the city, he could easily expose himself if he didn’t investigate in advance.

After making sure that the players did not need to go through any procedures to enter the city, oats gathered his courage and walked towards the gates of underworld city.

When he arrived at the city gate, he looked around and followed a few players who were walking into the city with a calm expression.

What he didn’t know was that the players in front of him had already started chatting on the voice channel.

“Is it that idiot at the back? You’re pretty good at acting!”

“If not for the analysis, I really wouldn’t have been able to discover him. His disguise is indeed impressive!”

“Hahaha, I’m looking forward to his performance. The bait has been hooked!”

“He’s a ghost king after all. Everyone, don’t laugh so arrogantly. Give him some face, hahaha!”


Following the players into the city, Yan mai was instantly shocked by the prosperity in front of her.

He had never seen such a bustling city in his life.

The Jade-paved road was filled with people. The buildings on both sides were gorgeous. In the distance, there was a fountain and neon lights …

All of this left oats in disbelief.

He had never seen a country built on an island as prosperous as this.

Even though Hades city was built on land, oats found it somewhat inconceivable.

Could it be that this city had never experienced war before?

If it was not for long-term development, oats would not believe that the city could develop to such a state.

Just as he was feeling puzzled, he suddenly heard two people whispering in front of him.

He immediately took two steps forward and eavesdropped.

“By the way, it seems like President Liu killed a God yesterday. He’s now in the East Square of the city. Shall we go and take a look?”

“Alright, let’s go take a look. Speaking of which, this is the eighth time President Liu has slain a God. He’s really amazing. I wonder when we can reach such a level of strength.”


Looking at the two players who were gradually walking away, wheat was dumbfounded.

God-slaying? And the eighth time?

Do you think you’re killing a chicken?

At this moment, oats’s face was full of shock. Obviously, they couldn’t accept the arrogant words of the two players in front of them.

God-level powerhouses were almost invincible even in the sea.

Even the spirits of the sea were mostly at the demigod level. Once they broke through, they would leave the sea and head to the central sea.

In other words, other than the central Sea area of the yellow spring, the deity-level powerhouses were almost invincible in all the major sea areas!

Hearing these words, oats felt as if he had received a critical blow.

He did not believe in the heresy and immediately followed behind the two players as they walked towards the underworld’s East Square.

Although the prosperity along the way had shocked oats, he was more interested to know if the two players were telling the truth about slaying gods. Or rather, the God in their mouths was just a name and not a real God!

But very quickly, he would know if it was true or not.

Following these two players to the city’s Southern square, the evil God’s mountain-like body entered their sights.

At this moment, the evil god was covered in wounds and looked extremely weak. He laid on the ground, motionless.

Seeing this scene, oats was completely dumbfounded.

Previously, he had still been guessing whether the God was real or not, but the moment he saw the evil god, his doubts disappeared.

At this moment, the vast aura that the evil god was exuding and the divine seal that was flashing on his forehead all proved that he was a God on the yin God List!

This was a F * cking God!

At this moment, oats felt that the players were not only rich and powerful, but they were also so strong that it was suffocating.

In fact, he had never underestimated the player clans. The reason was simple.

This was because this was a mission sent by the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. If it was a weak force, it would have been destroyed a long time ago. There was no need for him to investigate the details.

But he didn’t expect that there would be a powerhouse who could kill a God among the players.

Although the netherworld Chamber of Commerce also had such experts, they only existed in the central Sea area and not in the major sea areas outside.

This was also the first time he had seen a God-level powerhouse in a severely injured state.

Even though he was standing right in front of it, the vast aura he exuded made oats tremble uncontrollably. It was as if a sea of blood had appeared in front of him, and he had turned into a floating duckweed, swaying in the blood waves, as if he would be crushed by the huge waves at any time.

At the same time, she felt uneasy and scared.

At this moment, he had a guess.

The player families had such powerful forces, and now they dared to provoke the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Did that mean that they had the idea of overthrowing the netherworld Chamber of Commerce and replacing it?

At this moment, he came to investigate with the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s side. If he was discovered, the consequences would be extremely terrible.

To survive in the middle of the two great forces, the outcome was to be completely crushed, and even the entire race would be annihilated!

The more he thought about it, the more afraid he became. Taking a deep breath, Yan mai turned around and walked toward the city gate.

He could not stay here any longer.

Before he came, he had thought it would be a good job, but he didn’t expect it to be a hot potato. Seeing such a terrifying “truth” with his own eyes, Yan mai was extremely nervous.

If he got his race involved in the war, the consequences would be unimaginable. He had to inform the clan leader first.

If the battle between the player clans and the netherworld Chamber of Commerce really broke out, he only hoped that the illusion fish clan would take a neutral stand and hide far away. They couldn’t get involved, and they couldn’t be misunderstood as standing on the side of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

If the players ‘families were weak, that would be fine. However, it had been proven that not only were the players’ families not weak, but they were terrifyingly strong. How could he just watch as the illusion fish clan was destroyed because of this?

He had to return as soon as possible!

On the way back, he suddenly stopped.

Not far away, a person walked by. This person was holding a pot of wine in each hand. He took two sips with each step …

Oats had never seen this person before, but he was extremely familiar with his appearance.

It was a portrait that was hung in the clan’s ancestral worship Hall all year round. Every day, he would kowtow under the guidance of the clan elders, so how could he not be familiar with it?

At this moment, the first thought in oats ‘mind was:

“It’s fake, it’s definitely fake. He’s long dead. He just looks like her. Don’t be afraid!”

At this time, hai Yue, who was shopping, suddenly turned her head and looked at the oats. She was so scared that she shivered.

“Illusionary fish clan!”

Hearing the lady in front of him call out his background, oats was almost scared to tears. He had disguised himself so well, how did she see through it with a single look?

Thinking of this, he quickly turned his head to look around. Fortunately, no players noticed him.

At this moment, hai Yue took two steps forward. She looked at him with her drunken eyes and said,

“Is your clan leader,’illusionary thorn’, still alive?”

This sentence once again shocked the oats. Could it be that his guess was true?

Illusion thorn was the ancestor of their illusionary fish clan, and he had been dead for countless years. As for what he knew about this ancestor, he had only heard about him from the clan elders when they were talking about the clan’s history.

Back then, the illusionary thorn of the patriarch had followed the woman in the portrait in the ancestral worship Hall!

“Could it be that this lady is really the ‘Empress’, the Overlord of the dark sea kingdom?” an absurd possibility appeared in oats ‘mind.

In oats’s opinion, the legendary “Empress” had already died for who knew how many years. Her corpse might have already rotted away, so how could she still be alive?

“And you are?” Asked the flustered Yanmai in a low voice.

“Your ancestor’s illusionary thorn once followed me!”

His words were shocking. Even though he was mentally prepared, after hearing those words, oats still froze.

“Since you’re the descendant of an acquaintance, leave quickly and don’t expose your identity!”

“Why are you here?” Oats could not help but ask.

“Hurry up and leave. I can’t save you if you’re discovered. Even your race will be implicated!” Hai Yue glared at him.

Yan mai was flustered. She quickly nodded and walked out of the city.

At this moment, oats had no intention of continuing the investigation. He only wanted to return to the tribe as soon as possible and inform them of the news. If possible, he might as well evacuate the entire tribe from the devouring Sea area to avoid being affected.

However, when he reached the city gate, he stopped again.

At this moment, an armored man was standing on the city gate. Outside the city gate, thousands of players were kneeling.

“Breaking the clan rules, die!”

As the man shouted angrily, he threw a punch downward.

In oats ‘eyes, this punch was weak and powerless, with no killing power at all.

However, he didn’t think so very quickly.

The thousands of players below didn’t even have the time to scream before they were scattered into black mist and dissipated with the wind.

It was as if it had never existed!

Seeing this, oats was dumbfounded.

At this time, Liu Chan, who was standing above, blocked the voice channel that was constantly spamming “President Liu, give me lunch box and chicken leg” and turned to look at the oats.

Seeing Liu Zhe looking at him, oats was really on the verge of tears.

This place was too scary, it scared the fish to death!

I’m still young, I don’t want to die!