Chapter 604: The illusionary fish clan’s worries

Initially, she was full of confidence, but now, she was trembling with fear. It was a huge blow to her heart.

First, he met a heavily injured God, and then he met his ancestor, who he thought had been dead for many years. At this moment, he had no intention of staying to continue investigating.

However, just as he was about to leave, he encountered an extremely frightening scene.

The man standing on the city gate had vaporized thousands of players with just one punch. The most terrifying thing was that he did not even sense any energy fluctuations from this punch, and it did not even damage the ground or the flowers.

This kind of absolute control over power was something that oats had never seen before.

At this moment, the man standing at the city gate suddenly turned to look at him, and Yanmai was instantly frightened.

In an instant, numerous tragic ways of dying appeared in his mind. In his mind, the plot was already arranged.

However, Liu Chan, who was standing at the city gate, only smiled at him and did not do anything “extreme”.

At this moment, fear filled oats ‘heart, not knowing if he had been discovered or not.

Thinking of this, he gritted his teeth and mustered his courage to walk towards the city gate.

Fortunately, the “strong man” on the city gate did not stop him from leaving the city. He just watched him quietly, which made Yan Mai’s scalp numb.

Out of the city, oats continued to walk quickly, and when he realized that there was no movement behind him, he could not help but turn back to look, only to find that the man on the city gate was still smiling at him.

Seeing this, the oats hastened their pace, and after a moment, they ran wildly, and finally flew up …

Even after leaving the underworld, his heart was still thumping. The confidence he had when he first arrived was completely gone, and he even felt a sense of relief after surviving a disaster.

The fish were scared to death!

At first, he had been very curious about where this player family had gotten the courage to provoke the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Now, he understood that this player family really had the confidence.

If they did not mobilize the forces of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce in the central Sea area, oats felt that the netherworld branch in the devouring Sea area would not be able to do anything to the player clans. If they fought head-on, they would lose without a doubt!

At this moment, he only wanted to return to the clan as soon as possible and report this matter to the clan leader and elders. He didn’t want to report the information he had obtained directly to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

After all, if the player clans really wanted to start a war with the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, it would be extremely unwise to choose a side in advance. They might become cannon fodder.

Speeding through the air, when they arrived at the colored glass sea, oats jumped into the water. His body twisted and turned into his original murloc form, and he quickly swam to the bottom of the sea.


After Yanmai left, the thousands of players who had been turned into black mist by a single punch in front of the gates of hell came online one after another.

At this moment, they could not help but laugh.

There was a commotion on the voice channel.

“Boss Liu, you’ve forced us to act, but you’re not going to give us lunch boxes and chicken legs?”

“Boss Liu, I heard that you’ve severely injured the evil god. You’re awesome, hahaha!”

“It’s not just an evil god. He killed eight God-level powerhouses. Boss Liu’s divine power is unparalleled and invincible. Where’s the lunch box?”

“I shivered as I broke the family rules. I reached out for my lunch box (pitiful.jpg)”


At this moment, the players were all acting like drama queens, making a ruckus in the voice channel.

Looking down, a smile appeared on Liu Chan’s face.

In reality, the original plot was like what Crayon Shinchan had said. He would let oats enter the city, then let him investigate as he pleased, give him a surprise, and finally close the door and give him despair.

To be honest, Liu Chan didn’t think much of a ghost king.

This was underworld city, but it was no longer the underworld of the past. The strength of the players here was also different from the past.

It was impossible for him to enter and leave as he pleased like in the past.

However, the suggestion of the spy, the Sea King, made them change their strategy.

Although they weren’t afraid of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce at all, the pressure would undoubtedly be huge if they started a war with it. The players ‘focus was still on defeating the undead race in the senluo region, so they would try to delay as long as possible.

According to the sea King, they had to let the scouts from the netherworld Chamber of Commerce realize that the player families were extremely powerful and bring back fake news.

After that, the script expert “Yin Xiaoqi” made a move and arranged the plot development for the players.

As a result, there was this moment of Liu Chan showing off.

Although it was an act, Liu Chan still wanted to say that it was F * cking awesome!

As expected, posturing made one happy.

As for the chicken drumstick box meal, the Guild was about to run out of soul coins to develop.

That’s why they’re all blocked, I can’t see them!


Five days later, in the devouring Sea area, on the illusionary fish Coral Island.

The oats that had not rested for five days of high-speed travel finally arrived at the clan’s land.

His figure emerged from the water and stepped onto the coral reef, walking toward the island.

Seeing his appearance, the children of the illusionary fish clan who were playing on the coral reef all showed a respectful look. They no longer made any noise and instead stood in a row and bowed to him.

The rules in the illusion fish clan were strict and the hierarchy was clear. In the face of the potential next clan leader, these children did not dare to show any neglect and immediately showed their respect.

Seeing this, oats turned around and smiled, then quickly walked toward the center of the island.

At the center of the Coral Island was a bottomless eye of the ocean. When the oats arrived, they jumped into it and dived into the depths of the eye.

While diving, oats encountered several waves of illusionary fish clan patrolling soldiers.

However, when it came to the oats, they would bow respectfully and not stop them at all.

After diving for about 3000 meters, a Palace made of five-colored coral appeared in front of oats. This was also his destination.

When they arrived in front of the coral Palace, Yan Mai’s expression froze. He looked at the three soldiers at the door and said,”

“Inform the clan leader and all the elders that I have something important to report. I’m calling for an emergency meeting!”

When the three illusionary fish clan soldiers heard this, they hurriedly nodded and scattered to convey the orders from oats.

At the same time, the oats stepped into the coral Palace.

The interior of the palace was luxuriously decorated, with countless underwater treasures shining with five-colored lights scattered around. However, in this era’s oats’s eyes, compared to the players ‘majestic Hades city, this small palace was simply a chicken’s nest. It could not be compared at all.

While they were waiting, the clan elders and clan leader rushed over, their expressions extremely serious.

Oats, who had gone to investigate the background of the players ‘clans, did not go to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Instead, he returned to the clan. No matter how one looked at it, something did not seem right.

Soon, the upper echelons of the illusion fish clan gathered together. Apart from oats, there were a total of ten people. They were the elders of the nine branches of the illusion fish clan and the ruler of the clan, the ‘clan head’.

After everyone had arrived, the clan leader, whose body was covered in black fish scales, said impatiently,”

“Tell me, what’s going on? why did you inform us to come? did something happen?”

Yan mai nodded and said,”

“Clan leader, guess what I saw when I went to the players ‘main city?”

“I’m guessing you’re an old ancestor. Hurry up and tell me what happened!” The hot-tempered clan leader immediately rebuked angrily.

If it wasn’t for the fact that oats was the heir he personally selected, he might have slapped him in the face. Keeping people guessing was the most annoying thing!

“Clan leader, you’re right. I saw the ancestor in the players ‘main city!”

Upon hearing this, all the elders present were stunned. The clan leader rolled up his sleeves and was ready to beat him up.

The corpse of the ancestor’s illusionary thorn is still buried under the altar of the ancestral worship Hall, and you still F * cking saw it? do I look like someone who can take a joke? I have to beat him up!

“Patriarch, sit down and let me finish!” Seeing that the clan leader was about to use force on him, oats quickly waved his hand and said.

“Little brat, you’re going to be the clan leader soon. I think you’re getting more and more out of hand. You even dare to joke about your ancestor. I’m going to beat you to death!”

Seeing this, the clan elders who were sitting down quickly stepped forward and stopped the clan leader who was about to pounce over. They persuaded him to let oats finish speaking.

At this moment, oatmeal was also sweating profusely. After all, he would not believe it if he did not see it with his own eyes.

“Hurry up and say it. What are you waiting for? you really want to get beaten up!” At this moment, a clan elder glared at the oats.

Oats nodded hurriedly, then told him in detail what he had seen and heard in the glass sea for several days, and finally, when he transformed into a human and infiltrated the players ‘main cities.

At this moment, everyone present was dumbfounded.

If they did not know oats very well, they would definitely think that oats were either crazy or stupid.

It was the slaughter of a God, and it was the ancestor’s …

Listening to oats’s description, they could already imagine the tension and danger at that time.

After half an hour, oats finished explaining the whole process, and then said with a serious face,”

“Right now, our illusionary fish clan is in great danger. If we choose a side in advance, we might face the danger of being exterminated!”

Upon hearing this, the faces of the illusionary fish clan chief and the elders gradually became solemn.

“Are you sure you saw a God, the Empress of the netherworld sea kingdom?” At this moment, the clan leader could not help but ask for confirmation.

“I’m sure that the one I saw is definitely a God on the yin God List. The divine seal on his forehead can’t be fake. I even have difficulty breathing in front of him!”

“As for whether the woman I saw was the Empress of the netherworld ocean Kingdom, I can’t guarantee it. But she looks exactly the same as the woman in the portrait in the ancestral worship Hall. And she told me that The Phantom thorn of our ancestor used to follow her!”

When the clan chief heard this, she nodded.

“It’s not impossible to identify her. Back then, our illusionary fish clan was also a part of the dark sea kingdom, but after the death of the Empress, the clan was separated. After our ancestor, the illusionary thorn, died, he left behind a soul binding Pearl. This token was originally created by the dark sea Empress to prevent her subordinates from betraying her. It is a soul tool used to control her subordinates. Through this Pearl, we can determine whether the person you saw was the dark sea Empress or a fake!”

“Let’s go, follow me to the ancestral worship Hall!” With that, the illusionary fish clan chief stood up from the coral chair and walked out of the palace.

Seeing this, oats and the clan elders immediately stood up and followed.

After following the clan leader deeper into the ocean eye, they arrived at the illusion fish clan’s ancestral worship Hall.

After entering the ancestral worship Hall, they saw spirit tablets floating in the water. Under each spirit tablet was a Whirlpool, and each of them had an ancestor of the illusion fish clan buried within.

At this moment, the clan leader knelt down and kowtowed nine times to the spirit tablet in the center with the oats and the clan elder. After that, he stood up and stepped into the vortex with his clan members.

This vortex led straight to the ground. After everyone stepped into it, countless blue light spots appeared in their vision.

If one looked closely, one would find that these blue dots of light were actually emitted by small worms that were wriggling in the water.

“Be careful, don’t touch The Guardian Sea Spirit bugs!”

The illusionary fish clan chief was very cautious about these insects. He took out a fish bone and waved it forward. Immediately, the surrounding insects scattered and didn’t dare to approach.

As they advanced, the group came to an altar made of Jade.

There were countless patterns on it, and the portrait in the center was exactly what the ancestor,”illusionary thorn,” looked like when he was alive. Other than that, there were two weapons on the altar, a broken piece of armor and many small items.

These items were all used by the illusionary fish clan’s ancestor, illusionary thorn, when he was still alive. After his death, they were left here as funerary objects.

This was also the first time that oats had come to the grave of their ancestor, and his expression became very respectful.

Although it wasn’t the ancestor’s illusionary thorn who had created the current glory of the illusionary fish clan. However, it was this ancestor who had led the first batch of illusion fish clan members on the road to becoming stronger, which was why the illusion fish clan had achieved what they had now. He was always a pioneer respected by the descendants of the illusion fish clan.

The reverence for their ancestors was also the reason why the illusionary fish clan could always be United and grow into a top force in the devouring Sea area.

Led by the clan leader, oats and the others knelt down and recited the ancestral hymn, expressing their respect for this ancestor.

A moment later, the illusionary fish clan chief stood up and looked at a bead among the artifacts placed on the altar.

This Pearl was the soul Vessel that the netherworld Sea Empress used to control her subordinates. It was also the key to determining whether the woman Yan mai was seeing was the Empress.

The illusionary fish clan chief walked to the altar and took down the bead on the altar, holding it in her hand.

With the infusion of spiritual power, two dim soul threads appeared in the blood bead.

One represented the ancestor’s illusionary thorn, while the other represented the netherworld Sea Empress, who controlled the ancestor’s life and death.

When the spiritual Qi filled the entire soul Pearl, one of the soul strings was still extremely dim, but the soul string that represented the Empress became extremely bright.

At this moment, the illusionary fish clan chief was extremely shocked.

The netherworld Sea Empress had left behind many legends in the nearby seas. Her brutality, her cold-blooded nature, and her rapid rise to power were all legends that future generations would relish.

However, the final ending of the netherworld Sea Empress, whether it was in historical records or stories passed down by word of mouth, always ended with her death. At this moment, the soul thread that represented the great Empress was still shimmering with light. He was sure that the netherworld Sea Empress was still alive and well.

At this point, how could he not believe what oats had said?

Obviously, the players not only had Masters who could kill gods but also the Empress who created the netherworld sea kingdom!

At this moment, the clan leader of illusionary thorn’s expression became extremely grave.

At this moment, he felt that since the players were hiding so many secrets, they must be plotting something.

If they stood on the side of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce at this time, just like what oats had said, it might bring a disaster to their race.

“Patriarch, is this true or false?” Seeing this, oakhead, who was standing by the side, could not help but ask.

Upon hearing this, illusionary thorn tribe’s chief took a deep breath.”

“The netherworld Sea Empress is indeed not dead. Therefore, the person you saw is basically the Empress!”

Hearing these words, even though they had mentally prepared themselves, oats and the clan elders were still greatly shocked.

When they were young, they had all heard the legendary story of the woman in the portrait of the ancestral worship Hall, which was the story of the Empress. This included the few white-haired clan elders present.

Even when the elders taught the disobedient and mischievous children in the clan, they would say,”

“If you don’t listen to me, the Empress will capture you and eat you!”

These words were the childhood trauma of many of the illusion fish clan’s older generation.

Even though he understood that this was just a way his elders used to scare him, his impression of the Empress became very deep.

Therefore, when they heard that the Empress was still alive, they all felt as if an ancient demon had awakened.

His heart couldn’t help but tremble.