Chapter 608: 18 forms of little north li

Outer space, broken Jade Star.

This city, which had stood for a long time, welcomed its “glorious” moment.

Explosions, yells, and wild laughter filled the air.

The destruction was still ongoing, and the players ‘feelings at this moment could only be described in one word: Cool!

Every time a building was destroyed, the notification of ‘destruction value +N’ would appear in their minds, as well as the corresponding battle merits obtained, which gave the players endless motivation.

The players were happy, but a certain person was extremely unhappy.

They followed Lu Wu’s script. He, who had cultivated the emperor’s mirror, had appeared and killed everyone. He had established the image of a God of War in the players ‘hearts as an Iron Man. He stood proudly in the sky with his hands behind his back while the players exclaimed,”this NPC is awesome.”

However, reality was so cruel that Lu Wu couldn’t breathe.

After he appeared, not only did he not kill a single person, but he was also beaten up so badly that he couldn’t even get up!

Looking at Xuan mo, who used his mystical ways to kick Lu Wu from time to time, Lu Wu gritted his teeth in hatred.

It was so F * cking embarrassing. So many people were watching!

Lu Wu, who was unwilling to give up, immediately wanted to get up again. At this time, Xuan Mo’s figure suddenly appeared in front of him and once again kicked him in the face, pushing his head into the ground.

What followed was the immortal art. Countless spiritual swords came and pierced Lu Wu back and forth cruelly.

Lu Wu was speechless.

Even though all of Lu Wu’s injuries would recover in less than a second.

But it really hurts. The players have a pain blocking system, but I didn’t build one for myself!

In fact, Lu Wu’s previous confidence came from the many cross-realm battles he had seen, such as ao Jian, youzi and Mo, and even Luo Xiu, who was a demigod, could kill the talisman treasure of the gods in heaven.

But why did it not work on him?

He had cultivated the strongest human Emperor’s mirror. According to the plot in the novel, wouldn’t he be able to fight across realms as easily as eating and drinking?

Why couldn’t she beat him?

In fact, Bei Li had already told him before Lu Wu led the players across the border. Combat skills required a long period of practice, and they could only be improved through repeated battles. Therefore, one had to be mentally prepared for the first battle …

His words came true on the spot.

Lu Wu rolled in the air without any skill and waved his fists randomly, looking like a noob on the battlefield.

Other than being able to resist a little when he was being beaten and shouting a little louder, there was nothing special about him.

Lu Wu, who was unwilling to give up, jumped up from the ground with a loud cry, waved his fists and rushed to Xuan mo.

Seeing Lu Wu rushing over, Xuan Mo’s heart was filled with shock.

In fact, in his opinion, Lu Wu’s fighting style was simply too straightforward. Not only did he not have any hidden moves, but he was also full of flaws. He was completely like a sandbag.

However, that was also the most terrifying part. He was really a F * cking sandbag.

He was completely unkillable!

At first, Xuan mo thought that this person’s physique was special and he could resist. As long as he continued to attack, his body would not be able to take it. But gradually, he didn’t think so.

Looking at Lu Wu who was still charging at him, Xuan mo felt a little tired. However, he still lifted his foot and kicked Lu Wu back to the ground.

“You won’t die from exhaustion, awoo!” Lu Wu, who fell to the ground, stood up angrily again and threw himself at Xuan mo.

Seeing this scene, Xuan Mo’s face turned extremely ugly. After dodging Lu Wu’s attack, he grabbed Lu Wu’s neck and swooped down with him. He pressed Lu Wu’s head to the ground and pulled out a ditch that was thousands of meters long.

[It’s really rubbing on the ground]

Some of the players who were observing the new NPC saw this scene and gritted their teeth, subconsciously feeling pain for Lu Wu.

In the voice channel:

“That NPC is so pitiful. Are we really not going to help him?”

“Emmm … Although I don’t want to admit it, this NPC is so embarrassing. He’s a disgrace to us, the calamity grade!”

“What’s going on with the officials? why did they send such a weak NPC? Increase the difficulty?”

“What do you guys know? this NPC was probably sent to take a beating, which means he’s just here to attract firepower. This is it!”

“That’s right, so let’s continue to destroy it. Don’t worry about him. Didn’t you see how badly he was beaten up? he’s still alive and kicking, so it shouldn’t be a big problem!”


Lu Wu, who was eavesdropping on the players ‘conversation on the voice channel, was full of question marks at this moment.

Is this the reason why you’re not helping?

Can’t you see how miserable I am?

Lu Wu was so angry that he started to struggle and was ready to teach Xuan mo a lesson.

He did a carp flip on the spot! Plop! Plop!

However, Xuan mo was unmoved. He grabbed his neck and continued to plow the ground …

After some struggle, Lu Wu gave up.

It was too difficult for me!

At this time, Xuan mo suddenly stopped and kicked Lu Wu’s face again. His body rose into the air, and then he turned his eyes to the city that was still being destroyed by the players.

At this moment, he was so anxious that he didn’t want to waste any more time on Lu Wu. He immediately turned around and was ready to rush to the group of players.

When Lu Wu saw this, he jumped up and pounced on Xuan mo.

Although I’m indeed quite weak, you want to bully my children? no way!

Xuan Mo’s body trembled and a golden light appeared on his body, shaking Lu Wu’s arms away. Then, he kicked Lu Wu out again.

“Owwuuu!” At this moment, Lu Wu had already given up on his face, and he didn’t want to show off anymore. At this moment, he just wanted to tire this bastard to death.

He grabbed Xuan mo without any attitude.

“Get lost!”

The angry Xuan mo grabbed Lu Wu and hit him on the head.

Lu Wu was in a lot of pain, but he felt that he could still bear it. He refused to let go and was determined to tire this bastard to death.

Looking at Lu Wu who couldn’t be killed, Xuan Mo’s mind exploded.

His fists turned into golden light and fell like rain, constantly hitting Lu Wu’s body.

Lu Wu actually wanted to be strong and hang in there, but in the end, he still let out a scream.

The players were speechless.

At this moment, they only wanted to say that this NPC was so embarrassing!

Compared to Yi, who could continue fighting even without a head in the previous cross-border war, the players could not help but cover their faces when they looked at this guy who was clearly very meaty and had not even broken his skin but was still screaming.

Why did the stupid official team send such an embarrassing thing!


Under the brutal attack at light speed, Lu Wu’s head also turned into a Phantom, swaying back and forth.

It was really painful!

However, no matter how fast Xuan Mo’s punches were, he couldn’t keep up with Lu Wu’s “khorium ore health recovery”.

Other than the pain, it was useless to Lu Wu.

Feeling that the speed of Xuan Mo’s punch was getting slower and slower, Lu Wu felt that the opportunity to counterattack might be coming.

At this moment, his expression gradually became ferocious.

At this time, Xuan mo suddenly stopped his attack and smashed Lu Wu into the ground with a heavy punch. Then, he put his hands down and after a roar, a huge shock wave of immortal spell fell.


The ground trembled violently, and a bottomless pit appeared below.

Lu Wu, who had been smashed deep into the ground, had given up struggling and climbed into the pit silently.

After this fight, he was basically buried in the ground, so he would get used to it, Lu Wu comforted himself.

Xuan mo, who was gasping for breath, turned his head to look at the city that was being destroyed. He was ready to go and help.

“Ah-ha!” At this time, Lu Wu jumped out of the deep pit and pounced on him again and again with an arrogant face.

Xuan mo pulled a long face. He felt that his mentality was about to collapse, but he could only face it passively.

At this moment, Lu Wu only had one thought in his mind. You can destroy my body, but you can’t destroy my iron-like spirit.

Although I can’t beat you, I can exhaust you to death!

Lu Xun once said that no matter what method it was, as long as it could defeat the opponent, it was a good method, even if it was embarrassing …

In the face of Lu Wu, who was hammered into the ground time and time again and then recovered to full health and status again and again, with a “Aha!”, Xuan Mo’s expression became numb.

Although his methods were extremely cruel, his opponent could not be injured at all, let alone killed.

At this moment, the city was still being destroyed on a large scale, and his heart was bleeding.

The spiritual Qi in his body was getting weaker and weaker under such intense consumption while his opponent was still full of energy. Xuan mo didn’t know how to continue fighting.

“Little north 18 forms, strangle!”

Looking at Xuan mo who was getting slower and slower, Lu Wu finally seized the opportunity and suddenly pounced on him. He moved behind Xuan mo skillfully and grabbed his neck.

In the past, Lu Wu already felt that little Bei Li’s move was extremely destructive. Now that he had used it, Lu Wu could only describe it as fragrant.

Looking at Xuan mo, who was not even as strong as him, Lu Wu sentenced him to death.

“Roar!” At this moment, Xuan Mo’s eyes were bloodshot as he struggled with all his might.

“Roar your Grandpa!” Lu Wu immediately hit the back of Xuan Mo’s head with a headhammer.

This move was also a headhammer strike that he had learned from little Bei Li.

“Let go!”

“Bang!” Lu Wu hit the back of Xuan Mo’s head again.

“Release …”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” Lu Wu shook his head continuously and used his head as a hammer. He used the method of exchanging injury for injury to deal a double blow on Xuan Mo’s physical and spiritual level.


The players watching from below were dumbfounded.

“This NPC is cruel malevolence. It looks like he’s going to win …”

“It’s the way children fight. My brother fought like this yesterday. I saw it with my own eyes!”

“(Covers face) this is too awesome. After enduring an hour of violent beating, he can actually counterattack. This NPC’s health must be huge!”

The players who saw this scene could not help but laugh. Although they were on the battlefield, they could not help but laugh.


In the face of Lu Wu’s hammer that was like a piledriver, Xuan mo was dizzy and his heart was filled with grief and anger.


“Eat my hammer!” Lu Wu clamored as he swung his head again.

At this moment, a golden light suddenly appeared on Xuan Mo’s body. He released all the spiritual power that he had just recovered and sent Lu Wu flying. Then, he turned around and threw a punch at Lu Wu. The punch that was transformed from spiritual energy brought Lu Wu to the ground.


With a loud noise, Lu Wu returned to the deep underground where he couldn’t see his fingers.

However, Lu Wu was calm and began to climb the pit skillfully.

This guy won’t be able to struggle for long, I’m going to win!

However, when he climbed out of the deep pit, he realized that Xuan mo, who was in the sky, was surrounded by close to 100 people.

They were the cheaters from the various major servers. They had finally made their move.

“Brother, have a cigarette. You’ve worked hard, don’t go and embarrass yourself!” At this moment, a voice sounded from the side.

Lu Wu turned his head and found that it was Gou ‘Zi. At this moment, he reached out his paw and handed a cigarette to him.

He took the cigarette in shock and lit it up with the help of the young paparazzo.

Lu Wu looked at the sky and then at the dog who was sitting on the side with a relaxed expression. He subconsciously took a puff of his cigarette and his mood suddenly became extremely complicated.

This was clearly not a good act!