Chapter 610: Chapter 610-all must die!

Along with nie Feng’s shout, the medicine refining furnace, which had turned into a black light ball, fell from the sky and collided with the City Ground.

In an instant, black light swept out, and everyone could not help but close their eyes. The world was covered in black at this moment.

After a brief silence, the sky fell and the earth cracked. A roaring Hurricane swept out from the point of explosion, destroying everything in its path.

It was as if doomsday had arrived, and everything in the city had turned into dust as the world collapsed.

This terrifying power made Xuan mo feel a strong threat. He roared and tried to break free, but his body was firmly locked in place by Lu Wu and he couldn’t move at all.

In an instant, the black light attacked and enveloped the two of them.

Xuan mo, who no longer had any spiritual power in his body to defend himself, roared unwillingly. Then, his voice was drowned out by a loud sound. His body started to disintegrate under the black light.

The players who had run far away felt as if Thunder had exploded in their ears at this moment. The earth shook and the mountains shook. The piercing black light burned their eyes, and they could not help but close their eyes.

The commotion lasted for more than 10 minutes. When the black light receded, the players were shocked to find that a mushroom cloud had risen over the city in the distance, and a deep pit larger than the one in hell had appeared below.

The players who saw this were completely stunned.

Even though everyone knew that explosive man was responsible for Hell’s explosion, it was a different story to witness it with their own eyes.

The shock of seeing the mushroom cloud rising up at such a close distance was indescribable.

This was because the destructive power was simply too terrifying. Logically speaking, it was not something that players at this stage of the game could achieve.

However, explosive man ignored the difference in levels and realms. Relying on his profession, he actually surpassed the combat players in terms of damage output …

At this moment, the players couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if this bomb exploded in hell, in Hidden Dragon City, or in Burning Sky City.

The players trembled at the thought, and they even had the urge to kill the cancer ahead of time.

Fortunately, such a destructive bomb was not easy to create.

The bomb in front of him had been successfully made with a large number of mystical materials provided by the players.

It could be said that the key issue of using this move was not whether it was difficult to make bombs, but whether there were soul coins to support the bomb making.

This was because the players had gathered a large number of mystical materials and spent money to create this bomb.

Of course, other than nie Feng, the other players wouldn’t be able to do this even if they had money.

At that moment, the players had a new understanding of catastrophes.


Just as the players were discussing this on the voice channel, Lu Wu couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

In order to let Xuan mo take this attack head on, his strangle was considered a success.

However, the violent dark energy that followed began to tear and destroy his body. Relying on the “health lock hack,” Lu Wu’s body collapsed and reassembled more than ten times in this explosion.

That feeling was extremely refreshing and it was an ‘endless aftertaste’.

He was holding a grudge on the spot +N!

At this time, Lu Wu, who was already full of blood, stood up from the deep pit.

When the smoke and dust dispersed, he looked up and found that his surroundings were already in ruins. Not to mention the buildings, the entire city had been destroyed in such an explosion.

Such destructive power, even Lu Wu was shocked.

As expected of my future subordinate, pride +1.

At this time, the players had also entered the deep pit one after another, heading toward the center of the explosion.

The players were worried that the new NPC would die on the spot in the explosion.

But when they pushed away the flying dust and saw Lu Wu, who was unscathed, they couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

“This must be fake, how can he be so meaty? The demigod has already evaporated, and he’s still completely fine?”

“Unbelievable. Could it be that the stupid official developers gave this NPC a cheat?”

“Fortunately, I’m still alive. I really don’t want to see my own people die again!”

” 666, as expected of a meat shield that can tire a demigod to death. Awesome (dragged out~)!”


Hearing the players ‘words on the voice channel, Lu Wu was speechless.

What do you mean by ‘as expected of a meat shield that can tire a demigod to death’? I’m your F * cking father behind the scenes. How infuriating!

Silently bearing grudges, not making it public …

At this moment, the battle had finally come to an end. Lu Wu naturally had no need to stay any longer. He turned into black mist on the spot and dissipated.

At the same time, a game prompt sounded in the players ‘minds.

[Game prompt: this cross-border Battle has ended. The assisting NPCs have returned. Beginning data calculation!]

[Game prompt: for this cross-border Battle, the rankings of the major servers are as follows: ]

[1st place: North divergent’s great domain]

[2nd place: great domain of hell]

[3rd place: Blue Void territory]

[4th place: demon Phoenix great region]

[Fifth place: profound wind great domain]


The player ranking is as follows:

[1st place: nie Feng 645272 Battle Points]

[Second place: Hu He, 9728 Battle Points]

[3rd place: ao Jian 8766 Battle Points]

[Fourth place: Tesla 7628 Battle Points]

[5th place: Eric 7542 Battle Points]

[6th Place: 7th place, 6742 Battle Points]


As the system notification appeared, the players ‘battle achievement data panel appeared.

Although they were mentally prepared, the players were still stunned when they saw nie Feng’s battle achievements.

It turned out to be so easy to get rich in one wave!

Even though nie Feng had already been turned into black mist by the explosion, the players still felt that he had made a huge profit.

After all, how much money could a life be compared to battle merits? If they could, they wanted to exchange their lives for it!

Countless players were filled with envy and jealousy.

At this moment, the game prompt sounded again.

[Game prompt: discovered resource point for this inter-world War. Coordinates XXX.XXX, players, please go and collect it!]

[Game prompt: return countdown: 60 minutes!]

At first, the players thought that the battle was over and they were about to return to their regions.

However, they did not expect that there would be a resource point. They were overjoyed and ran towards the coordinates on the map.

Soon, they came to the central area of the city before it was destroyed, and a bottomless pit appeared below.

According to the coordinates, the players knew that the resource point was here, but no one took the lead to enter. Instead, they looked at each other with extreme vigilance.

The game prompt would not lie, which meant that there must be resources stored inside, and they would belong to whoever got them.

But the problem was that it would belong to whoever got it!

The first thought that came to the minds of the players from the various servers was that even if they did not get it, it had to be their server that got it.

The reason was simple. The competition between the major servers was getting more and more intense. If the other servers gained a lot of resources, it would be extremely disadvantageous for the server they were in.

Especially the players from the mid-server, they only had one thought in their mind.

As a father, I have to be one for the rest of my life. How can I just give up halfway? so, we’re definitely going to get this batch of resources!

And so, the players who had just been working together against the enemy turned hostile on the spot.

“Pay attention! There’s a bastard assassin in the middle server who sneaked in with stealth. Kill him (a certain player from the hell server)!”

“F * ck, the people from the hell suit made the first move. (A certain Chinese server player)”

“Everyone, follow me and attack the Chinese server first. We’ll get the most benefits by killing the Chinese server (a certain European player).”

“Brothers from the Asian server, follow me to the European server. We’ll be able to get more benefits if we destroy the two strongest servers!”

“We’re not from the game … We’re not from the game, so let’s just fight whoever we see. I’ll get the least resources anyway (the commander of the weakest server)”


When they first walked into the sinkhole, the players from the various servers got along very well. They chatted with each other and smiled.

But in the blink of an eye, a civil war broke out.

At this moment, all the players ‘thoughts were very simple. Other than the players from their own server, everyone else had to die! They all had to die!

In such a chaotic battle, even if some players were lucky enough to make it into the pit, they could not avoid a fierce battle.

As they fought inside the passage, it was even more chaotic outside. Toward the end, the flustered players began to drink potions from the mall and continued to fight.

In the end, many players even gave up on the idea of moving supplies. They just wanted to kill the enemy players cruelly. Or he could rub his head on the ground and tell him who the real father was!

In the chaotic battle, the most arrogant ones were the non-server players.

While the players from the other four servers kept each other in check, the non-server players were fearless.

‘I’m the weakest anyway, and I’ll get the least resources whoever wins. I’ll F * cking beat them all up. I don’t care who you are, I’ll beat anyone up!’

While they were shouting in the voice channel, they began to attack the sky, the earth, and the air …


Every time there was a civil war, the party that benefited the most would always silently pay attention to their dog official.

Time passed by slowly. Seeing that the players were still arguing with each other, Lu Wu sighed and a smile appeared on his face.

The teleportation portal under the city stored a large amount of mystical materials transported from the heaven realm for Xuan mo to create his “corpse Ghoul”. It turned out that Lu Wu wanted to give out a wave of benefits, so that the players could take as much as they could, but he didn’t expect the players to fight directly.

Up until now, they had not managed to move many resources, but a large number of players had died …

“What a pity. It looks like I’ll have to confiscate all of them. I clearly gave you an hour. What a pity!” Lu Wu couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh.


In the last ten minutes, the battle between the major servers changed.

The players from the major servers, who did not get many resources, suddenly changed their direction and began to beat up the weakest non-server players.

Who told you to be so F * cking arrogant!

Who told you to be F * cking pretentious!

Who told you to spit at me!

Who told you to strike the sky, strike the earth, strike the air …

Stinky idiot, come over and get beaten up!

As a result, the previously rampant non-server players began to cover their heads and flee.

At this moment, they were a little dumbfounded.

We agreed that you guys can fight and we can do whatever we want. Why did it become the four major servers fighting our weakest Fei-server?

‘You’re inhumane. When we’re strong, you’ll all die. I’ll remember this …’


In the end, while the players of the five major servers were cursing, the game prompt appeared, and they were sent back to their respective regions.

Lu Wu also returned to the human world through teleportation. At the same time, he took all the supplies deep under the planet. His bad mood suddenly became very pleasant.

Although this time, he failed to show off, but before he came here, little Bei Li said that everyone had their first time. After a few more practices, he would become familiar with it. Lu Wu comforted himself.

After bringing the divine artifact back to the Three Realms and connecting it to little Bei Li’s sub-space, little Bei Li’s figure slowly appeared within the divine artifact.

Seeing Lu wugui, little Beili suddenly smiled and said,”

“Big meat shield, you’re back!”

Lu Wu was confused.”???”