Chapter 611: Explosive man’s future plan

After returning from the world-crossing battle, the players had earned a lot of Battle Points.

On the other hand, Lu Wu obtained a large number of resources from the heaven realm and even destroyed one of the strongholds in the heaven realm. It could be said that he had gained a lot.

At the same time, this “cross-border expedition” had become a hot topic of discussion on the forum for the past few days.

One of them was about the embarrassing meat shield, Lu Wu.

Many players expressed on the forum that such meat shields should appear more often in cross-world battles in the future to attract the strongest firepower and reduce the pressure on them. They were very useful!

Some players also felt that the officials should strengthen the meat shield. He was too pitiful. He didn’t even know how to fight, and his combat skills were so weak that it made people scratch their feet!

There were even “fake expert players” who tried to gain popularity by analyzing the “meat shield” ‘s seemingly unorganized bastard punches that contained ultimate profoundness everywhere …

Seeing these discussion posts, Lu Wu’s face was expressionless, and he even had the urge to access them.

He was simply lawless!

What big meat shield? which part of me looks like one?

Lu Wu’s first appearance, which he was so confident of, actually ended up like this. He was quite heartbroken.

However, after being beaten up, Lu Wu also began to seriously think about his combat skills. He kept replaying the combat videos of him and Xuan mo to analyze and learn.

He began to spur himself on to work hard to improve so that he could fight above his realm as soon as possible!

At the same time, there was another hot topic on the forum, which was about nie Feng.

This time, nie Feng’s explosive performance had shocked the players from the five servers and caused a lot of discussion.

When they saw the mushroom cloud rise, all the players felt how small they were in the face of this destructive force.

Even after three days, the players still couldn’t forget the shock.

Moreover, the video of nie Feng shouting “bitter heavenly contest” and dropping the nuclear weapon became one of the most popular videos on the forum recently.

After the battle, the players had voted for the two calamity grade players, nuclear Hu and wind nie, and gave them different titles.

Since core Hu’s ability was to create disasters, he was called “The Demon King of calamity!

Nie Feng’s ability was destruction, so he was called “The Great Demon King of destruction!

Following the Great Demon King Hu He’s name that resounded throughout the five servers, nie Feng’s popularity also began to rise.

Since all the catastrophes came from the central server, there was another saying that was widely spread in the five major servers.

Since ancient times, Beiqi had been plagued with facesuits and natural disasters!

At this time, nie Feng opened a post on the forum.

At this time, his popularity was at its peak, and his post immediately attracted the attention of a large number of players.


[It’s not my credit alone to get so many battle merits. I have the email records of everyone sending me, so you can message me in private according to the ratio. I’ll go to the battle merits store to buy props and send them to you!] [Op: Syria player]


In fact, everyone contributed to the war achievements. It is inappropriate for me to get all the benefits alone. Without the support of your mystical materials, I can’t make such a bomb even if I have the idea. So, let’s distribute it to everyone in proportion.

As Battle Points can not be traded, you can just tell me what you want from the battle Points Shop and I will buy it. However, you have to pay according to the price of the mystical materials provided and all the battle merits I have obtained. Don’t ask for more. It’s recorded in the mail. Thank you for your cooperation. (Arrogant with copper hanging on waist.jpg)

As for the ratio, I got 645272 Battle Points, and the total value of the mystical materials I got is more than 32260000 soul coins. So, one battle Point is equal to 50 soul coins.

Thank you, everyone, for letting me experience the art of explosion. Spicy heavenly competition (funny)


The appearance of this post made nie Feng’s impression in the players ‘hearts rise sharply.

The players didn’t hesitate to ask nie Feng for the capital to exchange for items from the war points market.

After all, these resources were all money. Just like what nie Feng had said, it was extremely inappropriate for him to take all of them!

Very quickly, nie Feng was once again reduced from a super-rich person with battle achievements to a commoner.

However, nie Feng was very happy to see his Battle Points being used up.

Because not only did he not lose anything, but he also earned a lot!

The reason was simple, he knew where his weakness was.

First, the casting time in battle was too long. As a result, when fighting other players, he would be very passive. He might not even be able to defeat an ordinary player.

However, this weakness could be made up for. In a large-scale cross-World War, no enemy would target him at all.

And the second weakness was poverty!

In nie Feng’s eyes, this weakness was fatal and impossible to make up for!

Therefore, he had to build a good relationship with the players.

Who knew when he would have to ask these players for help again when the inter-world War started?

If he got all the benefits this time, no one would be willing to support him with mystical materials next time.

Therefore, when there was a reward, these players would not feel psychologically unbalanced.

By doing so, he had undoubtedly won over the hearts of these players.

As the saying goes,”it’s easy to return what you borrowed,” it was not difficult to borrow again!

Moreover, he was giving battle achievements that even soul coins couldn’t buy. The players who invested would be able to earn some, and they would be happy for this.

From a psychological point of view, nie Feng began to plan the growth path of the future “art of explosion.”

After all, his life profession was too expensive, causing him to often feel the pinch for a long time before conducting an explosion experiment. However, things were different now. With the support of a large number of players, the art could continue.

Nie Feng felt that he was really a clever little boy!

He was extremely satisfied with his current life.

From a young age, it had exploded as he grew up! An explosion! An explosion!

This had also caused his studies, work, and life to not go well. It made him feel that the world was full of malice towards him. Why did every explosion have to happen near him?

Before coming into contact with this game, nie Feng had once felt extreme hatred and even numbness for it.

However, after he came into contact with the war and the great Demon King, he found that he had really changed. He also loved what he had once hated, and he liked it from the bottom of his heart.

Just as the Great Demon King had said, this was talent, something that others could not get even if they wanted to. So, you are a genius, not a malignant tumor like you thought!

From resistance to acceptance, then to love, nie Feng felt like he had been reborn.

Now, he followed the devil everywhere and occasionally saved money for explosion research. He cherished and enjoyed the days very much!

However, what nie Feng didn’t know was …

In the eyes of core Hu, his transformation was as if his Governor and conception vessels had been opened, and he had become a dumbass Husky who was becoming more and more “stupid”!


On Lu Wu’s side.

After returning to the Three Realms, he made a large inventory of the resources he had obtained from the cross-realm expedition.

He was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many precious spiritual materials that the underworld didn’t have.

The total value was about 2.7 billion soul coins!

Originally, these mystical materials were used as reserves to continuously provide Xuan mo with the “corpse Ghost Army”. The heaven realm probably didn’t expect that in the end, it would benefit their greatest potential enemy, Lu Wu.

After making a big profit, Lu Wu was also in a good mood.

He was extremely proud to have obtained such a glorious battle achievement without losing a single soldier!

After that, Lu Wu once again set his eyes on the Jade Broken Star and spent 300 million soul coins. With the help of little Bei Li, he also set up a teleportation gate on the Jade Broken Star.

The use of this teleportation gate was very simple. It was to wait for the next batch of supplies to arrive, and then directly transport them back to the Three Realms.

Because of this battle, none of the forces in the heaven realm could escape. Lu Wu had completely silenced them, so there would be no news back to the heaven realm at all.

Thus, there was a high possibility that the heaven realm would send new resources to the dead Xuan mo.

Of course, Lu Wu couldn’t guarantee this.

After all, there was a possibility that Xuan mo would have to go to the heaven realm personally to collect the resources. If that was the case, the next batch of resources would probably not arrive.

Therefore, Lu Wu was taking out 300 million soul coins to fight for the resources worth billions of soul coins in the heaven realm.

Even if he failed, Lu Wu would accept it!

Back then, he suffered a few losses at donghuang’s place, and now, Lu Wu was getting it back bit by bit.

From the beginning, when he helped the Emperor of East Peak get back his “law belt” to this time when he seized 2.7 billion soul coins of heaven realm’s assets, Lu Wu had always been one step ahead of heaven realm.

The growth and performance of the players surprised Lu Wu even more.

At this moment, he was looking forward to blowing up the head of East Emperor Taiyi in the future.


However, there were also things that made Lu Wu feel depressed recently.

Little Beili had changed his nickname again. He used to call him big cat, but now, he was calling him big meat shield …

In response, little Beili even righteously said that it was named by a player on the forum, and that she was just calling him that without any ill intentions!

Lu Wu’s mood was quite complicated at that time.

He didn’t succeed in acting tough in his imagination and even left a stain on his life. Reality was too cruel!

In the past, when Lu Wu saw others fighting above their level, he always had this feeling because he thought that he was invincible among his peers after cultivating the human Emperor’s mirror.

I can do it too. It doesn’t look difficult and it’s not a big problem.

This time, it was proven that he couldn’t do it. Not only could he not do it, but it was also F * cking embarrassing!

However, this also inspired Lu Wu’s determination to continue to become stronger.

He swore to himself that he would succeed in acting tough one day!