Chapter 615: The Sea King’s audience

Hearing Liu Chan’s calm statement that he was only going to get his people and that there would not be a battle, they were stunned.

Illusionary kill’s expression became rather interesting.

From the information he had obtained, he understood that the relationship between the players and the sea King was very bad.

Back then, the Sea King had retreated from the sea of vanity and headed to the quelon Sea area because of the players. Now, the merchant ship it was protecting had been hijacked because of the players. Therefore, no matter how one looked at it, the relationship between the Sea King and the players was very bad.

This was also why he chose to attack the ocean King’s faction to prove the fantasy fish clan’s stand to the players.

Therefore, when he heard Liu Chan say that one person was enough, illusionary kill was very puzzled.

Looking at Liu Chan, who was full of confidence, illusionary kill nodded with a complicated expression.

Although he felt that this was not reliable, he still nodded when he thought of the potential power of the player clan.

After all, even if there was an unexpected situation, the player families would send their experts to find a way to solve it, so he did not have to worry about anything.

Thinking of this, illusionary kill immediately said,”

“Then let’s go!”

Liu Chan nodded and walked to the shore. He waved his hand and summoned his spirit ship, then stepped on it.

Illusionary kill’s pupils shrank when he saw this.

He actually could not see where this Ghost Ship came from. This method once again confirmed the foundation of the player clan.

After all, space-type items were extremely precious in the netherworld, and ordinary forces couldn’t possess them.

Although their illusionary fish clan also had a spatial-type item, it was impossible for it to contain an item as large as a Ghost Ship.

“Board the ship and set off!” At this time, Liu Chan’s voice came from the specter ship.

When illusionary kill heard this, his figure disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already beside Liu Chan.

Seeing this, the other nine illusionary fish clan elders also followed him onto the Ghost Ship.

“Your clansmen can stay here, we’ll go!” Looking at the dense crowd of illusionary fish clan members near the warship, Liu Chan spoke at this moment.

“Alright!” This time, illusionary kill did not raise any more questions and decisively chose to agree.

After testing the Sea King’s strength, illusionary kill felt that with the nine clan elders and himself, it would not be difficult to kill their way out even if they were deep inside Xinmo Island.

Liu Chan nodded and waved his hand. Suddenly, the ship spirit let out a beast roar, and the ship slowly moved forward.

“Your ship is unmanned?” Illusionary kill was very surprised to see this.

Liu Chan smiled and did not explain anything.

He believed that after becoming an NPC, the people of the illusionary fish clan would understand. No matter how much he explained now, he might not understand.

He could only hope that the NPC this time would be more reliable and not learn the wrong things.

Thinking of how the obedient wood spirit had changed greatly after interacting with the players, and looking at the “stinky hooligans” such as Tong gua and rock eating and gambling … Liu Chan was extremely ashamed.

During the voyage, illusionary kill began to inquire about the player clans in a roundabout way, in the name of understanding the big family that he was about to join.

In this regard, Liu Chan was quite comfortable with his response. His words were half true and half false, and even illusionary kill had a yearning feeling.

After about two days of high-speed sailing, Liu Chan’s warship entered the kuiron Sea area and headed for Xinmo Island.

As time passed, when Liu Chan’s battleship approached Xinmo Island, illusionary kill became more vigilant and prepared for battle.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be a fight. But before that, you’d better disguise yourselves to avoid unnecessary trouble before entering!” Liu Chan looked at illusionary kill and said.

“What are you pretending to be?” When illusionary kill heard this, he could not help but be stunned.

“As you wish, as long as it’s not your current form, it’s fine. After all, you have a grudge against the sea King!” Liu Chan said without a care.

When illusionary kill heard this, he nodded. The scales on his body trembled and his body began to shrink. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a man who looked very similar to Liu Chan, but there were many differences.

Seeing this, the other nine illusionary fish clan elders standing on the side also began to twist and transform. Using the players as the blueprint, they transformed into different human forms in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this scene, Liu Chan was secretly speechless. Although he had learned about the ability of the illusion fish clan from the analysis panel, he was still shocked to see them transform with his own eyes.

It would be a pity if he didn’t become a spy with this ability!

It’s no wonder that the netherworld Chamber of Commerce entrusted the illusionary fish clan to investigate underworld!

“Is this okay?” At this time, Huan Sha said in a deep voice. His tone also became very similar to Liu Chan ‘s.

“No problem!” Liu Zhe nodded.


As the battleship that Liu Chan and the others were on approached Xinmo Island, the guards stationed on the coast of Xinmo Island immediately discovered them.

He immediately sent the news to the inner parts of the island.

The one who received the news was the Lord of the kingdom of mutt sea, LAN Hushan. He immediately began to ask the garrison about the specific situation through the communication conch.

“Which Force’s warship is this? stop them and ask them what they’re here for!”

At that moment, the interior of Xinmo Island was still in a state of tight defense, and LAN Hushan did not dare to be careless.

This time, the illusionary fish clan’s sudden attack almost killed the Sea King. If it wasn’t for the Sea King’s tenacious vitality, the mutt sea could be said to have been overturned.

Therefore, LAN Hushan was very cautious when facing the outside forces.

Furthermore, they had not received any notice of a visit from an external force in advance, so they had to be on guard!

At this time, a report came from the conch.

“Leader LAN, this warship belongs to a player family. It has been to our Xinmo Island many times before!”

Hearing this, LAN Huoshan couldn’t help but be surprised.

In his opinion, although the players were very unreliable, they might be able to help them at this time.

While the Sea King was injured, he might be wary of other forces, but he would never be wary of the player clans.

This was because it had been proven several times that the arrival of the player families at every critical moment would always bring them hope.

From the founding of the kingdom to the ambush of the Sea King at the ruins of the netherworld ocean Kingdom, to the arrival of the smoke Dragon fleet, it had been proven countless times that the players were on the same side as them.

Although the Sea King had never admitted this, LAN Hushan felt that this was a kind of tacit friendship.

Hence, he immediately said,”

“Tell them to stop. Wait, I’ll go out to welcome them personally!”

After giving his orders to his subordinates, LAN Huoshan stood up and walked out of his room. He went straight to the coast after crossing the defensive barrier.


Looking at the approaching sea, illusionary kill was very confused. He could not help but ask Liu Chan,”

“Why didn’t they stop you from docking?”

When Liu Zhe heard this, he smiled indifferently,”

“Don’t worry, you’ll understand. I can’t explain it to you now!”

Illusionary kill suppressed the doubts in his heart and nodded. At the same time, he had many guesses in his heart.

After continuing to sail for a while, the warship slowly docked on the coast of Xinmo Island. Even when Liu Chan and the others got off the warship, no one came out to stop them.

Even a Garrison team not far away only glanced at them and nodded, not making any extreme moves.

At this moment, illusionary kill was completely dumbfounded.

Even if The Grudge between the ocean King and the player families in the early days was not taken into account, the kingdom of mutsea now belonged to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, and the player families who had repeatedly opposed the Chamber of Commerce should be enemies.

What was the meaning of this tacit nod?

At this moment, a ray of light came from the island and landed in front of Liu Chan.

This person was LAN Huoshan.

“Welcome!” After stabilizing himself, a smile appeared on LAN Huoshan’s face as he looked at Liu Chan.

When Liu Zhe heard this, he smiled and nodded,”

“I’m looking for the Sea King!”

“The country ruler is inside, please!” Then, LAN Huoshan turned around and made a gesture of invitation.

At this moment, Huan Sha and the nine illusionary fish clan elders were dumbfounded.


From their point of view, with the enmity between the country of mutsea and the player families, shouldn’t they be fighting each other to the death?

What did he mean by “please”?

With doubts in their minds, they followed Liu Chan into the island under LAN Huoshan’s lead.

After passing through several heavily-guarded checkpoints, they arrived at the defensive barrier at the center of the island. At this moment, LAN Huoshan took out a token and created a gap outside the barrier. The group immediately stepped into it.

It could be said that illusionary kill and the others were extremely good at disguising themselves.

Even now, LAN Huoshan still did not realize that the people behind Liu Chan were the experts who had almost killed the Sea King the other day.

On the way to the palace where the Sea King was, the security was obviously tighter.

However, the guards didn’t question Liu Chan and the others that LAN Huoshan was leading.

As one of the six Lords whose power was second only to the sea King, LAN Huoshan had the right to bring people in and out as he pleased.

When they arrived at the front of the palace, LAN Huoshan stood still and turned to Liu Chan with an apologetic expression.”

“Wait a moment, I’ll go and inform the country ruler. A few days ago, there were bandits who attacked and injured the country ruler. He’s currently recuperating from his injuries. Please forgive me!”

When Liu Zhe heard this, he immediately nodded,”

“It’s alright. Please go and make the announcement!”

LAN Huoshan nodded and walked into the palace.

At this time, illusionary kill finally couldn’t help but say to Liu Chan,”

“Aren’t you two enemies?”

“It’s a hostile relationship, but it’s a little special. You’ll understand!” Liu Chan replied.

It was not that he did not want to explain, but even if he explained the “leek theory”, illusionary kill would not understand. Only when he joined Beiqi and became an NPC would he understand what leeks meant to players.

After about ten minutes of waiting, LAN Huoshan rushed out of the palace and came to Liu Chan. He said,”

“The country ruler is already waiting inside, follow me!”

When Liu Zhe heard this, he immediately nodded. Then, he walked into the palace of the Sea King with illusionary kill and the others.

In fact, this was not the first time Liu Chan had come to this Palace.

It had already existed when the country was first established, but compared to that time, the interior decoration was more luxurious. From this, one could see the rapid development of the Sea King’s power in the past few years.

From the time when an external force of the sea of vanity was rejected by the local forces of kuiron, it had now become an Overlord of the kuiron sea. The players had all seen the progress it had made.

After walking through several corridors, Liu Chan met the Sea King.

At this time, the Sea King was wearing a soft blue robe and stood in the palace with a pale face. The newly grown flesh on his throat proved that he had suffered a serious injury.

“Boss Sea King, how have you been?” Liu Chan greeted the Sea King with a smile.

The Sea King couldn’t help but roll its eyes.

He was no stranger to Liu Zhe. He remembered that he always negotiated with his own side on behalf of the players.

The last time they met was when they were discussing the robbery of the ice Fire Stone by the coast. During that time, they had even had a drink together, so they could be considered acquaintances.

“Why are you looking for me?” Looking at Liu Chan, the Sea King could not help but speak.

“I’m looking for a person from you!” Liu Chan immediately stated his purpose.

“Who is it?” The Sea King was confused and didn’t understand Liu Chan’s intention.


“Who’s oats?” The Sea King was stunned.

Liu Chan was speechless.

After thinking for a while, Liu Chan turned to look at illusionary kill and the others and said,”

“Show your original form!”

When Huan Sha and the nine elders heard this, they were stunned. They first looked at Liu Chan, then at the Sea King. Although they didn’t understand why, they still listened to Liu Chan’s words, and their bodies twisted and changed.

Under the sea King’s horrified gaze, these players turned into figures that made him worry for days in the blink of an eye …

The word “F * ck” was blurted out proficiently at this moment!