Chapter 616: A shocking secret

This scene was too terrifying for the Sea King.

The wound on his neck had yet to recover, and it was still aching. And the instigators of all this were the few people standing behind Liu Chan.

The Sea King had a deep impression of them and did not need to observe carefully to recognize them at a glance.

The word “F * ck” that he had learned from the players ‘families came out of his mouth when he couldn’t control his emotions.

At this time, the Sea King’s first thought was,’we’re done for!’

He originally thought that the players were looking for him to discuss some matters, but he didn’t expect that the players would actually bring the people he was most worried about, the illusionary fish people.

However, now that he didn’t have the oats, he didn’t even have the only thing he could rely on to threaten the illusionary fish clan. He was dead for sure.

In a short period of time, the Sea King’s heart had walked through a bumpy road, and it felt that it was probably going to die young!

“Boss Sea King, don’t panic. We’re on the same side!” Liu Chan noticed the change in the Sea King’s expression and quickly spoke.

The Sea King’s expression turned even uglier when it heard this.

One of his own? How could one of his own come to stab me in the middle of the night and even poke a hole in my neck?

Was this how they greeted each other?

“Boss Sea King, don’t look at me like that. I’m here with sincerity!” Liu Chan said again.

The Sea King’s eyes widened in anger.

“I don’t see sincerity, I only see killing intent!”

At this time, illusionary kill and the others were also a little embarrassed. After knowing that the Sea King was the descendant of their ancestor’s comrade on the battlefield, their killing intent had long disappeared. They only felt apologetic and did not know how to deal with this relationship.

“Boss Sea King, listen to me. He’s really one of your own!”

“I don’t want to listen!” The Sea King said angrily.

From the sea King’s Point of view, Liu Chan’s purpose for this trip was very clear. The person he wanted was definitely the illusion fish clan that he had imprisoned.

However, if he handed over that person, the Sea King was afraid that his power would be overturned on the spot.

Although he could trust the players, he now suspected that the players had been tricked by the illusion fish clan to actually bring them into his palace.

This time, he was killed by this group of fools!

“Sea King, listen to me!”

“I won’t listen! It’s impossible for me to hand her over!” The Sea King, who had made up his mind, immediately said.

Liu Chan was speechless.

At this moment, Liu Chan really wanted to open the strength gem. After charging up his strength, he punched the Sea King’s Head.

You’re f * cking acting tsundere, aren’t you?

“Sea King, I’m too lazy to waste time with you. Hurry up and let him go. We’ll leave after you’re done!” Liu Chan couldn’t help but stare and say,

“You’ve been tricked, idiots! We’ll all die if you let them go!” The Sea King looked at illusionary kill and the others vigilantly and said,””Don’t act rashly. Your clansmen are still in my hands. As long as I die, he will definitely not Live!”

Liu Chan was speechless.

Illusionary kill was speechless.

Although Liu Chan could understand the Sea King’s current mood, he still wanted to give the Sea King a punch.

What did that mean? In your eyes, do we clan players all look like fools?

Was this the F * cking thought that a leek should have?!

“Sea King, can you listen to me clearly from the beginning to the end? If you really wanted to kill me, why did you reveal your true self?” Liu Chan couldn’t help but say again.

Upon hearing this, the Sea King was obviously stunned.

He had been too nervous just now. Now that he thought about it, what Liu Chan said did make sense.

If they really wanted to kill him, they could’ve sneaked up to him and killed him with a single blow after entering the palace and seeing him.

At this moment, he was still standing and talking to him. This was obviously abnormal!

“Go ahead, I’m listening, but you want me to let her go? no way!” The Sea King snorted coldly.

Liu Chan nodded. He turned around helplessly and pointed at illusionary kill,”

“Let me introduce you. You are familiar with this person. He is the clan leader of the illusionary fish clan in the devouring Sea area, illusionary kill. There was a misunderstanding between you and him before!”

“Misunderstanding?” Hearing the word ‘misunderstanding’, the Sea King was so angry that it trembled.

He had almost lost his life because of this misunderstanding.

This misunderstanding was really cruel!

“Cough, cough, Sea King, I know how you feel. Wait for me to tell you everything in detail!”

Liu Chan was slightly embarrassed. He also knew that it was inappropriate to describe the assassination that day as a misunderstanding, but he still continued,”

“It’s like this. That day, the illusionary fish clan came to the kui long sea area and attacked your faction because they were preparing … Preparing to take your head as a greeting gift for joining our player family.” After saying this, Liu Chan smiled awkwardly.

The Sea King’s eyes widened.

This time, he felt that this group of happy fools had really been deceived by the illusion fish clan.

He could even believe this? Would you believe me if I told you that I’ll throw my entire country into your hands to play with my family tomorrow?

Looking at Liu Chan, the Sea King didn’t know what to say, because he was sure that the player family was being used.

After three years of contact, the Sea King had a rough understanding of the overall strength of the player families. They were only slightly stronger than his current country of the mutt sea, but there was still a clear gap between them and the top force in the devouring Sea area, the illusionary fish clan.

In the Sea King’s eyes, the strong relying on the weak was simply nonsense.

Even though the player clans had always created miracles, he would never believe it this time.

This was simply impossible unless the entire illusionary fish clan was a F * cking fool!

Looking at the sea King, Liu Chan had already guessed what he was thinking. He sighed and turned to illusionary kill,”

“You guys go out first. Don’t worry, I’ll bring your clansmen out!”

At this moment, illusionary kill was also dumbfounded.

Now, he could see that the players ‘families had a close relationship with the mutt sea and the sea King.

With this thought, he suddenly felt that his guess was correct.

It was very likely that the Sea King was a “chess piece” that the players ‘upper echelons had placed in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

Therefore, the player clans had been hiding their power in the dark and had been attacking the merchant ships of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce recently. They were indeed plotting against the netherworld Chamber of Commerce!

After hearing Liu Chan’s words, illusionary kill nodded with a complicated expression. Then, he waved his hand and led the nine clan elders out of the palace.

Seeing this, the Sea King decisively gave LAN Huoshan a look, and LAN Huoshan immediately followed him out of the hall.

After they left the palace, the Sea King looked at Liu Chan and said angrily,”

“You fool, you were cheated and you still don’t know. I really don’t know how you player families can stand up until now. If it were up to me, you should have died of stupidity!”

Liu Chan was speechless.

After thinking for a while, she resisted the urge to punch him, but she took a screenshot so that she could use it as an emoji.

Do you still remember the day you informed my clansmen that there would be forces hired by the netherworld Chamber of Commerce to investigate Beiqi?”

“Yes, I remember. It was a few days later when I heard the news, but I still informed your clansmen as soon as possible. Have they brought the news back?” The Sea King nodded and asked with a gloomy expression.

“That’s right. The illusionary fish clan was the one who came to the underworld to investigate!”

“Eh? Do you still trust them?” When the Sea King heard this, its eyes widened. It obviously couldn’t understand why Liu Chan would believe it since he already knew the background of the illusion fish clan!

Although your clan is very stupid, there should be a limit to how stupid you are, right? if you continue like this, your clan will be exterminated sooner or later!

“Of course, we know their background, but this time, they really want to join our family. The reason is that you suggested for them to bring back fake news to netherworld Chamber of Commerce. In the end, we went overboard …”

After that, Liu Chan recounted what had happened that day, one by one, leaving the Sea King dumbfounded.

This was especially so when they heard that the players actually dared to act in such a show as ‘God slaying’ and even deceived the illusion fish clan.

At this moment, the Sea King suddenly felt that the acting skills of the players had really soared.

Thinking back to the ruins of the dark sea kingdom …

That hand that was scratching the itch was still deeply etched in her mind …

At this moment, he suddenly believed what Liu Chan had said.

It was mainly because the player clans had acted too arrogantly this time. How could they blindly act like they were slaying a God? they would definitely be scared to death if they didn’t know what was going on!

When he had suggested this, he had only wanted the player families to be prepared. He had never thought that the player families would put on such an earth-shattering show and even scare the enemy, the illusionary fish clan.

When he heard that the illusionary fish clan was going to give his head to the players, he had a complicated feeling.

It turned out that he had almost died because of his suggestion.

At this moment, he finally understood why illusionary kill had said that he was going to kill the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s forces.

At that time, he had even asked illusionary kill if he was not afraid of netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s revenge, and illusionary kill had said that he had a way out!

Only now did they realize that this backup plan was actually from a player family that was even weaker than their illusionary fish clan!

For a moment, the Sea King didn’t know what to feel. If he said that his family was stupid, then he was really stupid. He was so happy that he was wandering around like a madman.

But now, he had actually managed to trick the illusion fish clan into joining him …

However, after thinking about it carefully, the Sea King frowned and said,”

“You can fool them for a while, but you can’t fool them forever. They will find out the truth sooner or later. By then, it will be difficult for you to play the family!”

When Liu Zhe heard this, he laughed.

Those who had taken a soul oath to join their clan would not be able to betray them, and under normal circumstances, they would not be able to be chased away.

In this cruel world where the strong preyed on the weak, only the players ‘clans were safe.

Liu Chan was sure of this as he had experienced many things in the game.

Look at the NPCs who joined Beiqi now. Which one of them wasn’t smiling all day long instead of the bitter hatred they had in the past?

“Don’t worry, no problem. There’s no possibility of betrayal once you join our family!”

“How can I be at ease? don’t you drag my country of mutt down with you. I’m still young!” The Sea King sighed.

He felt that the players had gone too far this time, to the point where it was already irreversible.

Although the player clans were indeed very mysterious to him, mysterious to the point that he still couldn’t understand the internal structure of the player clans. However, he had done several assessments of the player clans ‘Wars outside and had a rough understanding of their strength.

They knew that the player families were no match for the illusionary fish clan, an old force in the devouring Sea area.

In the past few days, he had collected some information about the illusionary fish clan. He knew that this force was called the “illusionary fish bounty group” in the devouring Sea area. They were responsible for all kinds of assassination, investigation, and collecting mystical materials for development.

It was a powerful force from the same period as the mute Empire that dominated the sea of vanity.

The only difference was that the mutt Empire had been destroyed long ago, and the current mutt on Xinmo Island was only rebuilt by him. On the other hand, the illusion fish clan had been standing since the time they devoured the sea area. It could be said that they had a deep foundation.

Therefore, even if the player families had many hidden cards, the Sea King didn’t think that they would be able to control the illusion fish clan.

“I said don’t worry, so don’t worry. It’s not as simple as you think!” Liu Chan could not help but comfort him again.

“Come, tell me in detail, how is he not simple!” The Sea King immediately replied, trying to find out the secrets of the players ‘families.

Liu Chan was speechless.

At this moment, he wanted to activate the strength gem again and give the Sea King a heavy punch on the head.

This sea chives was getting more and more ridiculous!

“There’s one more thing that I haven’t told you. The reason I’m sure that the illusion fish clan came with sincerity is because they were your ancestors “comrades!”

The Sea King: “???”

Seeing the Sea King’s dumbfounded face, Liu Chan decisively opened the camera, took a screenshot, saved an emoji, and then said,”

“The illusionary fish used to be the force of the netherworld ocean Kingdom. Although they weren’t as powerful as you, muat, they were the backbone of the netherworld ocean Kingdom. In other words, you can be considered as one of us. This relationship is similar to the Seven Kingdoms that you have United. Although you are of different races, you have inherited the bloodline of the ancient netherworld ocean Kingdom!”

Upon hearing this, the Sea King could not help but be stunned.

Obviously, like hallucination, he did not know about this at all. After all, the history of the netherworld ocean Kingdom was too long. When the Sea King was born, it was already a part of history, and much information was not left behind.

Seeing the Sea King’s doubts, Liu Chan immediately told him what he knew.

However, as the Sea King listened, it suddenly couldn’t remain calm.

“What did you say? the great ancestor of my mutt clan, the ‘Empress’, is playing with your clan?”

Liu Chan nodded calmly,”

“That’s right, it’s the Empress. This is also one of the important reasons why the illusionary fish clan is willing to rely on our family. According to them, they value the inheritance and attacked you because they didn’t know you were a descendant of the netherworld sea kingdom!”

The secret revealed by Liu Chan really stunned the Sea King. A huge wave was set off in its heart, and it could not calm down for a long time.

He knew that the player clans had many secrets, or they would not have been able to survive until now.

But this secret really scared him!

Who was the Empress?

He was the founder of the last superpower in the nearby sea.

There was no way to verify the long history before that, but ever since the collapse of the dark sea kingdom, no one had been able to surpass her.

After her, there were no other super forces that could cross multiple seas!

More importantly, even though she wasn’t born in the mute clan, she grew up in the clan and could be considered his true ancestor.

It was also because of her that the country of mutt sea was established as the Overlord of the sea of vanity.

In the Sea King’s heart, the Empress had always been a legend!