Chapter 617: Beiqi’s new power

The Sea King had many speculations about the power of the player families in Beiqi.

However, there was one thing he was sure of. There must be many secrets in this race.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been able to stand until now.

However, Liu Chan’s Secret caught him off guard, and he really couldn’t accept it.

The Empress had been dead for many years, and several dynasties had changed in the nearby seas. How could she still be alive?

Therefore, the first thought in the Sea King’s mind was that Liu Chan was joking with him!

“You don’t believe me?” Liu Chan said indifferently.

“I don’t believe it!” The Sea King was suspicious.

From the sea King’s Point of view, it was unrealistic for the Empress to still be alive, and it was even more unrealistic for her to join a player family.

As the creator of a super force, the versions of the story that circulated in the nearby seas described her as a brutal and cold person. How could he join such a ridiculous force like the player clans? not to mention the fact that it didn’t fit the style, how suicidal would he be?

It was too F * cking fake!

Thinking of this, the Sea King immediately said,”

“Although I really want to know the secret of your family, you can’t joke about my ancestor. I advise you to be kind!”

Liu Chan was speechless.

“Believe it or not, I’m not forcing you to believe it!” Liu Chan couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Do you want to fight?”

“I don ‘t!”

“Then hurry up and tell me if the illusionary fish clan surrenders to your family, what ability do you have to make them continue to serve you?”

“Your ancestor, the Empress, is playing with our family. What can he do? I already said that the illusionary fish clan values inheritances!”

The Sea King was speechless.

At this moment, he felt that Liu Chan really wanted to fight with him, and he also had the impulse to blow Liu Chan’s head off.

He treated the player family clan as a fool, and it was obvious that the player family clan also saw him in this way!

“Since you don’t want to tell me, then forget it. However, you can bring back the illusion fish clan!” After a moment of silence, the Sea King suddenly waved its hand with an impatient look.

When Liu Zhe heard this, he was very surprised,”

“Aren’t you afraid that the illusionary fish clan will find out about the problem with our player clans and destroy them? then, they will destroy your country of mutt sea?”

“If we’re going to die, you guys will die first!” When the Sea King heard this, it couldn’t help but stare.

When Liu Zhe heard this, a smile appeared on his face.”

“Since you trust us, I can assure you that that day will never come!”

The Sea King waved its hand.”That’s enough. Quickly take those illusion fish clan people and get lost. I’m annoyed just by seeing them. I’ll let them go!”

Liu Zhe nodded and said no more. He turned around and walked out of the palace.

As for the illusionary fish clan, since the Sea King had agreed, he definitely wouldn’t go back on his word. He still believed in this.

Stepping out of the palace, Liu Chan immediately found that illusionary kill and the others were staring at LAN Huoshan, their faces full of displeasure.

At this moment, LAN Huoshan was monitoring illusionary kill and the others without any concealment.

Seeing Liu Chan come out, LAN Huoshan immediately turned around and nodded at him. Then, he turned around and entered the palace.

When illusionary kill and the others saw this, they also hurriedly said to Liu Chan,”

“How is it? Did he agree to release my clansmen?”

“Wait here for a moment, he has agreed!” Liu Chan said immediately.

Hearing this, illusionary kill and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

The oats were the future of their illusionary fish clan. Now that they knew that he was about to be released, the stone that had been pressing down on their hearts finally fell.

While waiting, illusionary kill finally couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked in a low voice,”

“Since we’re a family in the future, can you tell me now if the Sea King is a chess piece that your family has placed in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce?”

“No!” Liu Chan answered without hesitation.

When he heard this, illusionary kill had a look of disbelief.

He recalled the incident when the netherworld Chamber of Commerce was kidnapped at the kui Dragon Sea area. At that time, he had felt that the Sea King was quite miserable. He had been robbed by the shark bite fleet and then by the player clans.

However, now that he thought about it, it was obvious that they had colluded. They did not look like enemies!

“When you join us, you’ll understand the significance of the Sea King. You’ll also understand that our player families have never set the netherworld Chamber of Commerce as our goal!”

“Since you don’t want to be enemies with the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, why did you offend it?” Illusionary kill frowned slightly, appearing to be very confused.

“How big is the netherworld Chamber of Commerce? you have to look far ahead!” When he said this, Liu Chan’s expression was indifferent.

However, illusionary kill could clearly feel a force coming from Liu Chan’s body.

How big was the netherworld Chamber of Commerce? Wasn’t the goal of overthrowing the netherworld Chamber of Commerce long-term enough?

Illusionary kill didn’t feel good!

At this moment, he felt that his guess was right. There was really an incredible secret within the player family.

Otherwise, why would a super expert like the Empress choose to join them?

Thinking that the illusion fish clan was about to become one of them, illusionary kill was full of anticipation.

And they were about to pry into the secrets of the players ‘families!

While they were waiting, LAN Huoshan took the oats with a bloody nose and a swollen face out of the palace.

When the disheveled looking oats saw illusionary kill and the clan elder, his eyes suddenly became wet.

Just yesterday, when the Sea King beat him up, it told him that it would never let him out in this lifetime, because if he was released, no one could guarantee his safety.

Oats did not doubt this.

If he were the Sea King, he would also not release him. After all, if he released him, his safety would not be guaranteed. How could he release him?

Therefore, at that time, oats ‘mood was quite desperate.

He had never expected that he would be released and be able to see the clan leader and the clan elders.

This made him feel as if he had seen the light of day again, as if he had been reborn.

“I’ve fulfilled my promise, now it’s your turn!” After taking a look at the oats, Liu Chan looked at illusionary kill and said.

“My illusionary fish clan naturally won’t go back on our word. I’ll make a soul oath when I return to Northern Qi!” Illusionary kill immediately replied solemnly.

At this moment, oats, who was standing at the side, looked very surprised.”

“You … Aren’t you the one who stood on the city gate and waved his fist …”

When Liu Zhe heard this, he turned around and grinned at Yan mai, but he didn’t say anything.

When illusionary kill and the others heard what oats said, they were also very surprised.

At that time, oats had emphasized on the fact that there was such a person who had waved his fist at the city gate and silently killed thousands of people.

He didn’t expect that person to be Liu Chan.

At this moment, they suddenly felt that Liu Chan was much more mysterious. They felt that he might not be as weak as they had imagined.

Then, under LAN Huoshan’s lead, they walked out of Xinmo Island and came to the shore of the island.

LAN Hushan was smiling.

These few days, because of the illusionary fish clan, they had been in a state of apprehension. However, they didn’t expect that the arrival of the players would really settle this matter.

This made him even more certain that the players ‘families were allies of the country of mutsea!

Of course, the Sea King still did not admit it.


After a few days of sailing, Liu Chan brought fantasy kill, oats, and the rest of the fantasy fish clan to the glazed Coast.

At this moment, the coast was already filled with players.

Through Liu Chan’s post on the forum, the players knew that the illusion fish clan would join Beiqi today and become a part of their player force.

Hence, before Liu Chan’s arrival, they had all gathered here to witness this moment.

The demolition ship slowly docked at the lapis lazuli Coast at this time. Illusionary kill, oats, and the clan elders leaped from the warship and came to the front of the clan.

“All clansmen, listen up! Now, recite the soul oath with me. From now on, my illusionary fish clan will join the northern Qi and become a part of the northern Qi!” Illusionary kill’s figure floated in the air as he looked at his clansmen on the sea and announced loudly.

His voice reverberated in the sky through spiritual power and reached the ears of all the illusionary fish clan people. They all looked up at the clan leader with grave expressions.

They had already known about this decision before coming to Beiqi, so they were not surprised at all.

“Under the witness of the six paths of reincarnation, I, illusionary kill, swear … (More than 500 words are omitted)”

After that, the sound of the oath was heard by the souls of fantasy kill and the others on the lapis lazuli shore.

This oath was naturally obtained by illusionary kill from Liu Chan. Although he felt that this oath seemed to be different from the one he knew, he still chose to believe it and led the clan members to read it.

What they didn’t know was that this soul oath was not an oath to the six paths of reincarnation, but an oath to the divine weapon in Lu Wu’s hand.

Their soul imprints also slowly appeared in the soul repository in the divine artifact space.

The moment the announcement was completed, the souls of all the illusion fish clan members were imprinted into the divine artifact, and there was no longer any possibility of betrayal.

Under the players ‘anticipation, the server-wide announcement sounded.

[District-wide announcement: all members of the illusionary fish clan (number: [ 214285), officially joined Beiqi as an NPC!]

With the appearance of the district-wide announcement, all the illusion fish clan members felt a huge suction force that came from nowhere, causing them to be unable to stand. Following that, his surroundings began to blur. When they became clear again, he found himself in an unfamiliar space.

There was no light here, but it was filled with light.

They had just been at the shore of the colored glass sea, but now they had all been transported to another space, which was very strange.

At this moment, two figures appeared in the divine artifact space, attracting the attention of the illusionary fish clan. However, these two people’s figures were blurry, and their appearances could not be seen clearly.

“Welcome to the player Army and become a part of it!” Looking at the people of the illusion fish clan, Lu Wu said with a smile.

“Where is this place? And who are you two?” Illusionary kill appeared to be very vigilant. He had yet to understand what was going on.

“I am the person behind the scenes of the player family, and you are all loyal to me!” Lu Wu said in a pretentious way.

Upon hearing this, illusionary kill was truly shocked.

Didn’t we swear to the six realms of Samsara to be loyal to a player family? how did it become loyal to a certain person?

And the person behind the scenes of the player’s family, wasn’t that the person that the Empress was loyal to?

When he thought about this person’s ability to instantly teleport all of his people to another space, illusionary kill felt that he had met a “real big Boss” level figure!

“Relax, don’t be afraid. I’ll be helping you guys to transform your bodies and input some new knowledge so that you can understand the players and better integrate into them!”

Hearing about body modification, illusionary kill appeared very nervous, but he did not dare to refute. He opened his mouth, but could not help it.

“Don’t worry. This transformation will only change your body’s data, and you will also obtain an ability that you can’t imagine. As for the rest, there will be no changes!”

After saying this, Lu Wu was too lazy to continue explaining.

After all, the body’s data transformation was the key to resurrection. This process was something that any NPC who joined the player’s camp had to go through.

Furthermore, even if he explained, illusionary kill would not be able to understand. It would be much easier for him to directly input the knowledge in this area into the divine weapon so that he could understand it directly.

“Little Beili!”


“Get to work!”

“Okay, boss meat shield!” Little Bei Li saluted Lu Wu, then turned around and waved at Phantom kill and the others.

Immediately, a large amount of soul power gushed out of the soul coin bank and began to burn violently.

For 200,000 illusion fish people to transform it all at once, the amount of work required was obvious. It was obviously impossible to slowly transform it without spending soul coins, so little Bei Li decided to spend soul coins to speed up the process.

Although doing so would consume a large amount of soul coins, this was no longer the initial stage of development, and the use of soul coins needed to be diligent and thrifty.

Lu Wu could totally afford it.

After all, there were players like leek Corps who were continuously supplying the construction materials!

In the end, it was all about one thing-when you have money, you can be willful!