Chapter 618: Gradually intoxicated, unable to extricate herself

This time, the entire transformation of the illusionary fish clan lasted for two days.

The moment the modification was completed, illusionary kill and the others were shocked by the knowledge in their minds.

At that time, Lu Wu said that there would be no changes after the transformation, but they would gain an extremely powerful ability. When he said that, illusionary kill was still guessing what kind of ability it would be.

At this moment, he knew.

Infinite resurrection, which meant that he was immortal!

With an immortal soul, the body could be reconstructed infinitely. In illusionary kill’s eyes, such an ability was simply snatching business from the six paths of reincarnation.

However, he had actually obtained such an ability that seemed extremely unsolvable …

At this moment, illusionary kill was so excited that he could not be any more excited.

With such an ability, he had nothing to fear!

He couldn’t imagine who the person behind the scenes was, to be able to casually bestow such an unsolvable ability.

After thinking about it, he felt that the person behind this was probably some great emperor who controlled the netherworld!

At that moment, he finally understood why Liu Chan had said that the players ‘families did not treat the netherworld Chamber of Commerce as a target at all. It was because the target was too small. Now that he thought about it, illusionary kill agreed with him!

To hell with the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, trash!

The huge amount of information in his mind made illusionary kill’s heart instantly swell up. He felt that the illusionary fish clan had finally risen and he no longer had to worry about the future.

However, after carefully reading the subsequent contents in his mind, he also knew the meaning of their existence after joining Beiqi.

Not to fight, but to support the growth of the player clan!

For this, illusionary kill felt extremely gratified and did not have any feelings of resistance.

In fact, he had long grown tired of killing. However, if he didn’t kill and plunder to grow, there would eventually be forces that would topple his illusion fish clan and replace them. Thus, he and his clansmen had no choice but to do this.

When killing became a necessity, one had to continue no matter what. This was not something that could be decided by personal preference. In the end, everything was for the sake of “living.”

Now that he had completely understood the information in his mind, illusionary kill heaved a sigh of relief. He suddenly felt relaxed.

It was also at this moment that illusionary kill made a decision.

He would hand over the position of clan leader of the illusionary fish clan to oats in advance and simply retire in Beiqi!

From the information in his mind, he learned something that was very useful to him.

Soul coins could assist his cultivation!

Illusionary kill had never thought that he would be able to advance to the demigod realm. However, at this moment, he had this thought.

As long as he had soul coins, it would not be difficult for him to advance to the demigod realm. He could do it!

Just like the NPCs that had joined Beiqi, Phantom kill had the idea of earning soul coins from the players to increase his strength.

Now that the person behind the scenes had given the illusion fish clan a shop in the underworld, he could make use of it.

Although their illusionary fish clan had to pay 80% of the soul coins they earned as tax, he didn’t feel that it was inappropriate. Instead, he felt that the person behind the scenes was very kind!

After Huan Sha proposed to abdicate, the elders didn’t object, which was rare.

At this time, they had also received information about the divine weapon similar to the illusionary kill.

They knew that since they had joined a player clan, their safety was guaranteed, and they didn’t need to worry too much.

As a result, the higher-ups of the illusionary fish clan unanimously agreed that the position of clan chief would be handed over to oats.

After leaving the divine artifact space, the illusion fish clan followed the decree left in their minds by the person behind the scenes and built their clan land in the area where moment mansion had been.

At the same time, the illusionary fish clan began to prepare for the Grand coronation ceremony of the new clan leader.

After hearing the news, a large number of players came to join in the fun and took the initiative to bring all kinds of food.

Soon, the coronation ceremony for the clan chief of the illusionary fish clan turned into a super-large gathering in Beiqi.

Even the NPCs of Beiqi were present. While congratulating the illusionary fish clan, they also began to freeload food and drink.

At the same time, the players began to ask around about what kind of buildings the illusionary fish clan was going to set up in underworld city.

In response to this, illusionary kill gave the players an answer.

Assassination and stealth techniques!

Hearing this news, the assassin players were all extremely excited, feeling that spring was coming.

The mage players had a bad feeling because the assassin players were the most effective against fragile mages. A powerful assassin player had sneaked over and used backstab. They could only be killed instantly. When they heard that the assassin wanted to strengthen himself, their hearts turned cold.

As for the warrior players, they were even more unhappy. They had agreed to lie down in the sewers together, but you assassins had sneaked out. This was a blatant betrayal!

However, the players ‘blessings for The Magic Fish clan were sincere.

Joining this big family meant that they were one family. This was without a doubt.

From the moment bronzemen joined the game, every NPC had developed a relationship with the players. It could be said that they were friends in the game.

On this day, the coronation ceremony and gathering of the new clan leader of the illusionary fish clan continued until dusk.

As the players interacted with the illusionary fish clan, they became familiar with each other while eating and drinking.

At the same time, this was the first time that all the illusion fish clan members had felt so relaxed.

They really enjoyed the feeling of not having to worry about what would happen tomorrow.


At this moment, oats, who had just been crowned as the clan leader of the illusionary fish clan, walked out of the revelry crowd in a drunken state and walked toward the shore of the colored glass sea.

After drinking a few barrels of the ‘specially enhanced version of pouring wood spirit wine’ that the ladies of the wood spirit clan had given him, oats couldn’t take it anymore, even though he had the strength of a late-stage ghost king.

Although he could urge the spiritual energy in his body to expel the alcohol from his body, he did not do so.

He enjoyed such a relaxed atmosphere.

The last time he had come to Beiqi, he had come as a spy. His goal was to investigate the background of the player families for the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

However, he did not expect that not long after that, he would actually become a part of the player camp and work for the person behind the scenes.

Only now did he know that everything that had happened before was a scam by the player clans to “prank” him. He also knew that the players had an extremely powerful ability,”data analysis.”

In other words, his disguise in front of the players at that time was simply like a joke, completely useless!

However, now that he thought about it, he was glad that he had been deceived!

If they hadn’t been cheated, the illusion fish clan wouldn’t have had the opportunity to join the player camp and become a part of it.

Now, this decision was absolutely the right one to oats!

Unknowingly, the oats had arrived at the lapis lazuli Coast.

As the slightly cool sea breeze brushed against his face, a boundless sense of pride suddenly rose in oats ‘heart.

From today on, I will be the clan leader of the illusion fish clan. From now on, I will lead the illusion fish clan to a better future!

Thinking of this, he recalled the many ways to help the player clan grow and earn soul coins that the old clan leader, illusionary kill, had suggested.

He began to think about how to make a decision and prepare for the next step of the illusionary fish clan.

“King Explosion! Hahaha, are you stupid? is your title of God of gambling useless?”

At this moment, an arrogant roar interrupted oats ‘thoughts, and he turned to look.

He found that a group of people whom he had seen in the coronation ceremony were gathered together and seemed to be doing something. They were surrounded by various foods and drinks, looking very pleasant.

Out of curiosity, oats strode toward copper pendant and the others.

At this time, the people playing cards on the shore were Tong GUI, rock, Xiao Tian, a little sister from the wood spirit race, and two players.

After eating and drinking oats at the coronation ceremony, they were now gathered together and began their daily amusement.

After shouting ‘Wang Zha’, Tong Huai’s face was full of arrogance, as if he was the number one in the world. He stretched out his hand toward the young lady from the wood spirit race and said,”

“Little wood spirit girl, hurry up and give me the money. You’ve earned so much of my wine money. This is retribution!”

“I’m almost out of money!” The green-robed, adorable-looking wood spirit nodded with a dejected look on her face. She obediently opened the trade button and traded all the soul coins she had lost to the copper skewer.

“And you, you’re so rich, can you stop dilly-dallying when you’re paying!” At this moment, the copper pendant pointed at Boulder.

Rock rolled his eyes, but he still opened the trade list, entered a few numbers with a headache, and clicked on the trade.

After collecting a wave of money from each of them, Tong Hang sat down arrogantly again.”

“This is the God of Gamblers. I’ll let you win the first few rounds, but now I’m ready to start killing everyone!”

Upon hearing this, rock and the others revealed smiles on their faces. They wanted to smile from the bottom of their hearts.

Although bronze guy called himself “Beiqi’s God of Gamblers,” in private, both NPCs and players called him “ATM.” Winning was an occasional occurrence, but losing was the norm. He was often short of money because of this.

However, the copper pendant never thought of repentance and enjoyed it.

The players even noticed a phenomenon.

As long as the ‘brass hanging casting room’ opened on time, he would lose all his bronze hanging without a doubt.

As the NPC with the most personality, the players had learned all the bad and bad things about the bronze pendant.

They cursed, drank, and lived more like an evil force than the players.

Now that he had finally won, the arrogance in Tong gua’s heart couldn’t be suppressed. He grabbed the wine pot beside him and gulped down a few mouthfuls.

“What are you guys doing?” At this moment, oats, who had walked to the side, suddenly asked curiously.

The copper pendant turned around and smiled when it saw the oats.”

“Oh, isn’t this the new clan leader of the illusionary fish clan? do you want to play a few rounds?”

Hearing this, Yanmai was curious.”

“How do you play this? can you earn soul coins by playing this?”

Tong Yan nodded his head as if it was a matter of course.

“Of course, I just earned more than 3000 soul coins. Come, sit down. I’ll teach you. Since you’ve joined Beiqi, how can you not experience the most unique and fun things in Beiqi?”

Hearing this, Yan mai immediately nodded. Driven by curiosity, he sat down beside the copper pendant.

The copper gatherer did not mind being unfamiliar with it. It put its arm around oats ‘shoulder and began to explain how to play with this thing with its own understanding.

As he listened, oats suddenly felt a little moved.

He had been worried about how to earn a large number of soul coins for his clansmen, but when he heard bronze pendant say that this thing could make money very quickly, he immediately had the urge to join.

Thus, under the lead of the copper gatherer, oats stepped on this path of no return.

In the first few rounds, oats ‘luck was particularly good, repeatedly earning soul coins from the bronze pendant, making the bronze pendant’s teeth ache.

In the end, without any suspense, Tong Yan was the first to lose. Soul-ending coins.

However, he still insisted that the oats were his disciple and he had deliberately lost to him as a meeting gift.

And oats was already smiling like a flower.

This was way too fast. I seemed to have discovered a way to get rich.

However, he quickly changed his mind.

As the wood spirit lady’s luck soared, oats tasted the taste of failure and losing money.

As the soul coins slowly trickled away, his heart was filled with unwillingness.

These soul coins were originally mine, but now I’ve lost more than half of them. This is the feeling of heartache!

Thus, the indignant oats continued to play, gradually getting carried away and unable to extricate themselves!


The next morning, a Haggard-looking oats returned to the new land of the illusion fish clan.

Under the dumbfounded gazes of illusionary kill and the clan elders, he told them a huge surprise.

He had a debt of eighty thousand soul coins outside …

At that moment, illusionary kill suddenly felt that he should leave this B * stard at the Sea King’s Place and kill him!