Chapter 630: Chapter 630 flower of the soul

At this moment, in the space deep under the sea.

The stalemate between the Sea King, Gu Yu, and the others finally ended after a while.

At this moment, everyone’s thoughts were different.

From Gu Yu’s point of view, there was only one possibility for everyone to be gathered here. Tong Huai must have sold the news of the treasure to many people.

In the Sea King’s eyes, the players were definitely too bored and were trying to mess with him.

Mo Xiaoxin was undoubtedly the most confused among them.

Before the arrival of Gu Yu, the others, and the sea King, he had always thought that this secret belonged to him alone, and that the treasure should be enjoyed by him alone.

However, at this moment, he had an illusion that the secret he thought was a secret was actually something everyone knew.

The sadness in her heart could not be described with words.

In the end, they sat down and began to discuss the reason.

When mo Xiaoxin learned that Gu Yu had bought a copper pendant on the forum, he immediately understood the reason.

The information still came from him.

At this moment, he was filled with regret. In the end, it was all because he had sold the ” brewing blueprint of soul praying wine ” to the wood spirit clan, which led to everything that had happened after that.

Listening to their conversation, the Sea King, whose face had been ashen, gradually realized one thing.

This time, the players were not deliberately messing with him, but there was really a treasure here!

“Right, sea chives, you should leave!” Gu Yu suddenly turned to the sea King and said.

“What do you mean by” leave “? I’m not leaving!” The Sea King said with a guilty look.

At the beginning of the argument, he had been so angry that he had cursed.

MMM, it smells so good!

As for leaving, that didn’t exist. Anyone who saw it would have a share!

“Shameless!” Looking at the sea King, Gou ‘Zi couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh,””I still remember the first time I met you at the beach. You were so domineering when you threatened instant, but look at you now … Tsk tsk!”

“The beach? The moment of threat?” The Sea King was stunned. After thinking for a long time, it remembered that it seemed to have collected protection fees from moment.

At that time, in order to force instant, he had led a large number of oceanic species Warriors to the lapis lazuli Coast and even beat her up until she vomited blood.

However, the Sea King remembered that the players had not yet appeared at that time. How did they see it?

Although the Sea King was puzzled, it did not ask. Instead, it solemnly said,”

“Then, before we enter the tomb, let’s discuss the distribution of the loot!”

“Distribute your head! Didn’t you just say that you were busy? Time to go back!” Liu Chan couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“That’s not right. Since I’ve obtained the coordinates at this time, it means that it’s fate, so I must go. How about this, the old rules, 50 – 50!” The Sea King said with a serious expression.

When Gou ‘Zi heard that, he turned to look at the number of people behind him and then at the people behind the sea King. He said,”

“How about we be more Democratic and vote?”

“Even if you vote, you’re not a player. Pets don’t count as votes!” When the Sea King heard this, it looked at the dog in disdain.

The young paparazzo was speechless.

Gou ‘Zi couldn’t help but clench his teeth and really wanted to pounce on the leek and bite it to death.

At this moment, Gu Yu spoke,”

“Sea King, this time, we are the players who will be opening the tomb. If you want to join us, you can, but you can’t split it 50 – 50 like last time. There is one condition. If we encounter any danger inside, you must help!”

When the Sea King heard this, it hesitated.

In fact, he also knew that he couldn’t take the initiative in the negotiation like last time.

More importantly, he didn’t want to offend the player families. It was already good enough that he got something.

Thinking of this, the Sea King nodded.”

“Sure, but it’s better to make it clear how to split it before we go in!”

When Gou ‘Zi heard that, he raised his paw and said,”

“Why don’t we split it according to the number of heads? you have 5 people and we have 21 people, so we’ll split it into 26!”

When the Sea King heard this, it glared at Gou ‘Zi but didn’t say anything.

Seeing that the Sea King seemed to agree, the young paparazzo suddenly turned to mo Xiaoxin, who had been silent the entire time, and said,”

“What do you think? ”

Upon hearing this, mo Xiaoxin forced a smile. ”

“I’m fine with anything,”

At this moment, mo Xiaoxin wanted to beat the dog who made this suggestion to the ground.

What did they mean by points by head count?

I’ve spent a lot of time researching, brewing the soul praying wine with qu Zui, and then studying the array by myself. I’m so f*cking exhausted. I was just about to succeed, and now you’re telling me to split it by the number of people!

At that moment, mo Xiaoxin really wanted to smash Gou’ Zi’s head with his staff.

However, he didn’t dare to say anything presumptuous. This wasn’t the forum. In the game, his character was a humble and easy-going person. He couldn’t reveal the truth.

How aggrieved! Was this the retribution for dissing the dog on the forum for three years?

Looking at mo Xiaoxin’s smiling face, the young paparazzo was stunned. He felt that this smile was so F * cking fake!

As if he had realized something, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He turned to Gu Yu and said,”

“Boss, he was the first to arrive. In fact, the opportunity should have belonged to him. Why don’t we just split it into 30 parts? he can take 5!”

Gu Yu nodded upon hearing that.”

“We’ll do as you say. Thirty portions. What do you think, Sea King?”

“I think it’s not fair to take too little!” The Sea King said in a bad mood.

“Then hold it in!” Ye Xue ‘er looked at the Sea King and said.

The Sea King was speechless.


After that, they had another round of discussion.

Gu Yu, Liu Chan, and the others had obviously considered mo Xiaoxin’s feelings and expressed that he should take five portions.

In fact, mo Xiaoxin was a treasure in the eyes of Gu Yu and the others.

All of the guilds present had invested in mo Xiaoxin before, so in their eyes, he was one of them.

Whether or not the resurrection coins could sell well in the future would depend on him.

Only the Sea King felt that it was obviously too little to only take five portions. It had to increase the price!

However, the players completely ignored the Sea King’s protest!

At this moment, the Sea King was so angry that it blew its beard and glared.

‘I’m a ghost emperor after all. Can you beat me? how dare you not give me face!’

If the people present were not players from families but members of other forces, the Sea King would definitely kill them all without saying anything. He wanted them all.

However, against the player clans, he was angry, but he would not consider making a move.

After all, he really couldn’t afford to offend the player clans!

On the other hand, mo Xiaoxin felt a little better after knowing that he was going to get five portions each.

If it was really based on the number of people, he felt that he might faint on the spot.

After all, it had been more than a month of hard work …


After the discussion reached a conclusion, everyone stood up and walked toward the teleportation array.

When he arrived at the teleportation formation, Gu Yu was about to enter it when the Sea King stopped him with a vigilant look.”

“Don’t worry. Let’s check it first to make sure there’s no problem with the teleportation formation!”

“What’s there to be afraid of? we’ve been working so hard for four days. Even if there’s a problem, we have to go in!” After glancing at the ocean King, Liu Chan walked into the teleportation formation while cursing.

After that, Gu Yu and the rest also followed him in.

The Sea King was speechless.

In the aspect of risking one’s life, the player clans were always so bold and unrestrained. They couldn’t learn it, they couldn’t learn it …

The Sea King couldn’t help but sigh with emotion. However, he wouldn’t be so reckless. He decisively led his four subordinates and began to carefully inspect the teleportation array to see if there were any hidden dangers.

After a while, he walked in with a vigilant expression.

The moment they entered the transmission channel, the Sea King felt a huge suction force coming from the front.

He immediately circulated the power of death in his body and formed a layer of protection on the surface of his body to prevent any possible danger.

About ten seconds later, the suction force began to weaken, and his vision suddenly widened.

This was a cave full of purple fluorescent flowers. At this time, Liu Chan and the others were standing not far away, looking at him with disdain.”

“What are you waiting for? we’re all missing you. If you’re afraid of death, why the hell are you looking for treasures?”

The Sea King was speechless.

If it was any other power, I … I’ll kill their entire family!

With the arrival of the Sea King, everyone began to move forward under the leadership of Liu Chan.

As they moved, the fluorescent purple flowers began to sway, and the fluorescent purple pollen filled the entire cave, even blocking their vision.

This purple fluorescent powder seemed to have the ability to calm one’s emotions, and everyone felt their hearts calm down.

“Why do I have the urge to lie among the flowers and die peacefully?” At this moment, Gou ‘Zi suddenly opened his mouth and broke the silence.

“I have one too …” Xue Li said.

Upon hearing this, the leader, Liu Chan, looked at the purple flowers decisively and opened his analysis.

[Flower of the soul (special)]:

[Details: a special flower that grows in the middle of the sea near the six paths reincarnation world. It is also known as the flower of reincarnation. Seeing this flower means that you are about to step into the six paths and reincarnate!] They would also be placed in the tomb to accompany the dead and guide them into the six paths of reincarnation.

[Effect: calming, minor hypnosis]


Just as Liu Chan had thought, the problem was with these flowers.

Fortunately, it was only a weak hypnotic effect, so he didn’t need to worry about it. He turned his head and found that the Sea King and the others had already activated their body protection, their faces full of vigilance.

“What are you looking at? you’re not afraid of death, but I am!” Seeing Liu Chan’s disdainful eyes, the Sea King glared at him.

Liu Chan did not answer. Instead, he looked at Gu Yu and the others behind him and said,”

“Let’s continue forward. This flower is harmless and not poisonous!”

“How do you know it’s not poisonous?” The Sea King could not help but ask curiously.

“I guessed it, believe it or not!”

Hearing Liu Chan’s answer, the Sea King really felt that this group of family-playing fools was joking with their lives.

Can’t learn, can’t learn …

As they advanced along the intersection, the Sea King was extremely vigilant. On the other hand, the players felt calm and peaceful in the pollen. They even had the thought of lying down and dying peacefully on the spot …

As he walked, the young paparazzo could not take it anymore because he kept wanting to lie down …

As a white charm who was close to nature, the sleeping flower’s hypnotizing effect on him was much better than Liu Chan and the others.

After some thought, he opened the forum panel and played a piece of exciting music on the voice channel.

At this moment, even the crowd was invigorated.

“A talent!” Xue Li, who was also drowsy, couldn’t help but give the dog a thumbs up.

When the young paparazzo heard this, he gave a smug look (·ω·) and his head began to shake along with the rhythm of the music.

Mo Xiaoxin was speechless.

Silly dog!

However, he didn’t say it out loud.

“What’s wrong with this stupid dog? is it poisoned?” The Sea King, who didn’t know about the voice channel, noticed that Gou ‘Zi’s head had suddenly started to shake. It thought that there was something wrong with the surrounding plants and spoke with a surprised expression.

Upon hearing this, mo Xiaoxin silently gave the Sea King a thumbs-up in his heart.

Because he had said what he wanted to say!

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