Chapter 631: It’s fine if we die, but you have to hold on

The dog, who was swaying to the rhythm of the music to refresh itself, heard the Sea King’s words. Its face suddenly turned green, and its body stopped shaking. It turned its head and looked at the Sea King fiercely, putting on a posture of pouncing.

Liu Chan and the others couldn’t help but laugh.

After the small interlude, everyone continued to walk along the passage to the outside.

This time, with Gou ‘Zi’s clever trick, Liu Chan and the others no longer felt sleepy. They walked along the passage all the way out, and after walking for about half an hour, the road in front suddenly became wide.

When they walked out of the cave, a huge open space appeared in front of them. When they saw the scene in front of them, Liu Chan and the others were shocked.

As far as the eye could see, countless terracotta soldiers in black armor stood not far away. They were so densely packed that one couldn’t even see the end of them.

In the center of these terracotta soldiers, a huge black crystal coffin was suspended in the air. Several blue energy belts hung down, forming a round energy ball under the coffin, supporting the crystal coffin and gently shaking it.

The scene in front of them stunned everyone for a moment.

Even the Sea King, who had seen many things, was left speechless.

In fact, when he passed through the transmission channel, he already felt that the tomb owner was not simple. However, when he saw the terracotta soldiers and the crystal coffin, he felt that he had still underestimated the identity of the tomb owner.

“If only I was this awesome after I died!” Gou ‘Zi said with an envious expression.

Everyone was speechless.

“Sea chives, can you tell whose tomb this is?” Gu Yu turned to the sea King and asked.

When the Sea King heard this, it rolled its eyes.

“How would I know? there was no such person when I was born. Maybe he’s a Big Shot from ancient times!”

“All you know is fighting and killing. See, now you’re suffering the loss of not learning history!” Gou ‘Zi looked at the Sea King with a look of disdain.

“Silly dog, do you really think I won’t beat you up?”

Mo Xiaoxin was extremely envious of the Sea King who was fighting the dog. In comparison, he could only hide in the dark and fight in silence …

“Everyone, look! There seems to be some words here!” At this time, Xue Li’s voice came from the front.

When everyone heard this, they immediately turned their heads and found Xue Li standing in front of the stone pillar in front of the Terracotta Warriors, reading the words on it.

Seeing this, everyone quickly stepped forward and surrounded the five-meter-wide stone pillar to check.

[Shadow killer: protect you when you are alive, protect you when you are dead. From now on, the shadow Legion will not enter the six paths of reincarnation and will accompany you for all eternity!]

Xue Li muttered the words after the divine artifact reacted.

“You know this word?” The Sea King was extremely surprised, because he had never seen these words before.

“See, you’ve suffered another loss due to your lack of culture. You said you would study history well!” Gou ‘Zi took the chance to attack.

He hated the Sea King, who had always called him a silly dog, so he decisively seized the opportunity to deal a mental blow.

The Sea King was speechless.

At this moment, he really wanted to smash Gou’ Zi’s head.

After that, Xue Li began to walk around the pillar in high spirits and read the words on it bit by bit.

Seeing this, everyone stood aside and listened to Xue Li’s story.

As players, they naturally did not have the sense of urgency that the Sea King had.

In everyone’s opinion, it was a game after all, and it was good to know the background of the game. In the future, they could even show off when they chatted on the forum.

From Xue Li’s narration, everyone gradually learned the identity of the tomb owner and his story.

The story recorded every important point in the tomb owner’s growth, as if the person who carved these words had witnessed it all with his own eyes.

Two hours passed by quickly. When Xue Li finished reading the last word on the stone pillar, everyone was stunned.

This was because the story of the tomb owner had shocked them.

He was born in a merchant family, but he had built a dynasty that spanned many seas with his own ability. This was a height that many powerhouses dreamed of, but could never reach.

However, the players would not be so shocked.

More importantly, the owner of the tomb had the idea of going against the netherworld Chamber of Commerce since he was a child, and he had put it into action.

In the players ‘eyes, this was too crazy. It was like a Firefly competing with the bright moon for light, which was very foolish and ignorant.

However, the shadow had grown to the point where it could threaten the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s position.

In the story depicted on the stone pillar, other than the owner of the tomb, there was also an Army that followed the owner of the tomb like his shadow.

The shadow Legion!

After having a certain level of strength, the first thing the tomb owner did was to establish a ‘Shadow Army’.

This Army was made up of elites, and the internal soldiers were personally selected by the tomb owner. They had been trained since young and were loyal to him. Even though many of these soldiers had grown stronger than the tomb owner, they had never crossed the line, much less thought of rebelling.

The players might not have noticed this, but the Sea King was shocked.

Was it the loyalty of the soldiers? Perhaps, but in the Sea King’s opinion, the tomb owner himself was more important!

He used to be the Overlord of the sea of vanity and was now the King of the Kingdom of mutt, so he knew the difficulty of being the Overlord of the sea. The Sea King felt that he was already very good at controlling his subordinates, but even he could not guarantee that his subordinates would not betray him when their strength surpassed his!

However, the Army established by this Emperor called shadow actually had many subordinates who were more powerful than him. However, they were still loyal and had never betrayed him. This was very terrifying in the eyes of the Sea King.

Thinking of this, the Sea King turned to look at the terracotta soldiers in black armor in front of it. Then, it turned its eyes to the first sentence on the stone pillar.

[Shadow killer: protect you when you are alive, protect you when you are dead. From now on, the shadow Legion will not enter the six paths of reincarnation and will accompany you for all eternity!]

Although the Sea King couldn’t understand these words, it seemed to see countless figures covered in blood, fighting for their master …

In the end, the Sea King’s gaze turned to the blue crystal coffin, and its face revealed envy.

He suddenly felt that Gou ‘Zi’s words were right.

If he could have such an achievement after his death, it would be F * cking worth it. He would be at the peak of his life!

At the end of the story, the shadow dynasty was destroyed.

The shadow Legion, which was once incomparably powerful and had several God-level experts, was annihilated. Their bodies melted in the “annihilation array” jointly set up by the top experts of netherworld Chamber of Commerce until they turned into skeletons. The entire Army was annihilated.

Only one person survived, and he was also a member of the shadow Legion. I.

His body melted and only his bones were left. However, he still pieced together the bodies of his former comrades and tomb owners in the ruins. After an unimaginable amount of time, he finally built this royal tomb that belonged to the shadow dynasty.

This kind of perseverance moved the players and the sea King.

At this moment, no one noticed the slight change in mo Xiaoxin’s expression.

In this story, everyone’s attention was on the tomb owner and the shadow Army, but they didn’t notice a detail. However, he did.

When the person who survived built these Terracotta Warriors, he used an item, the soul praying liquid, which was also known as soul praying wine!

Mo Xiaoxin was well aware of its effects. It could nourish the soul and prevent the soul of the dead from entering the six paths.

Thinking of this, he turned his head to look at the densely packed terracotta soldiers in front of him, cold sweat dripping down his back.

With so many Terracotta Warriors, how much soul praying wine would be used? he couldn’t imagine how long it would take for the person who survived to make enough soul praying wine.

However, he was certain that even if qu Zui could live for another 100 years, he wouldn’t be able to brew this much.

More importantly, if the soul praying wine was used, the souls of the soldiers of the shadow Legion would be locked in these armors. Did that mean that they still existed … Hiss!

Mo Xiaoxin was shocked at the thought.

“What’s wrong? you don’t look too good. ” At this moment, Gou ‘Zi looked at mo Xiaoxin and said.

“I’m … I’m fine!” Mo Xiaoxin immediately replied.

Although he said that he was fine, he was panicking inside.

If his guess was correct, the souls of the dead soldiers of the shadow Legion were still in the armor. If they launched an attack, they would probably die Here!

“Ah, the material of this armor is not bad. Should we bring a few back?” At this moment, a voice interrupted mo Xiaoxin’s thoughts. He turned around.

Then, he was shocked to see Xue Li patting the armor of a mercenary with a smile on her face.

At that moment, mo Xiaoxin wanted to scream.

Looking at the mercenary, mo Xiaoxin prayed in his heart that he would not be woken up, that he would not be woken up!

As the saying goes, whatever you’re afraid of will come. In the end, you still can’t escape.

The head that Xue Li touched suddenly lit up with Soul Fire, and then the heads of the other mercenaries around her lit up. In a short period of time, it spread through the entire Royal Mausoleum like a spark.

Seeing this, the rest of the people were also shocked, not understanding what had happened.

At this time, the Sea King was so frightened that its face had turned green.

Just a moment ago, he had felt countless soul fluctuations. In other words, there were souls within these armors!

After listening to Xue Li’s story about the tomb owner, he clearly knew how terrifying the strength of these tomb guards was.

After all, the shadow Legion was the main force against the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. How could they be weak?

At this moment, the Sea King only had one thought in its mind.

I’m afraid I’m going to die Here.

At this moment, he was filled with regret.

Who gave me the guts to cooperate with the players and enter the tomb of the strong? don’t they know how arrogant they are? they’re dead!

Thinking of this, the Sea King turned to look at Xue Li, its eyes full of resentment.

This time, everyone is done for.

Seeing the Sea King’s resentful eyes, Xue Li rubbed her head in embarrassment and knew that she had made a mistake.

Mo Xiaoxin, who knew the truth about the terracotta soldiers, cast a pitiful look at the Sea King.

“Sea chives, it’s fine if we die, but you have to hold on!”

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