Chapter 635: Surprise and surprise

Through the players ‘perspective, Lu Wu also discovered that the Sea King had obtained the Shadow King’s inheritance.

Lu Wu didn’t have any thoughts about this.

After all, no matter how smart Lord of Shadows was, he couldn’t be as smart as little Bei Li. No matter how much knowledge he had about the sea, he couldn’t be as vast as little Bei Li’s knowledge base.

Lu Wu, who had already received the “little Beili inheritance”, was not moved by this at all. He felt that the Shadow King’s inheritance was like a younger brother.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry at the relationship between the players and the sea King.

After all, the Sea King and the players were like fire and water.

But now …

Through the artifact, he looked at Gu Yu and the others who were visiting Xinmo Island. Lu Wu felt that the relationship between them had become complicated and indescribable …

After that, Lu Wu no longer paid attention to Gu Yu and the others. Instead, he continued to focus on learning more knowledge from little Bei Li.

The failure of his first attempt at acting tough gave Lu Wuji a lot of motivation.

So, in order to be able to show off well in the future, he decided to study hard and improve every day.

Now, from the specific understanding and application of the divine weapon of war to the training of combat skills, Lu Wu’s daily life was very fulfilling. He had already bid farewell to the days of salted fish who would call Bei Li whenever he had something to do and vice versa.

However, during this period of time, Lu Wu noticed that little Beili’s mood had changed a little, as if there was something on his mind.

He specifically asked little Beili about this, but little Beili shook his head to say that he was fine and had a good appetite!

Since little Bei Li did not want to tell him, Lu Wu did not force him. He continued to study hard. In any case, as long as he had enough strength, all difficulties and challenges would not be a problem.


On this day, Lu Wu was studying theoretical knowledge in the artifact space as usual.

At this moment, the divine artifact suddenly responded.

Lu Wu immediately put down the book in his hand and began to look for the reason.

However, he found that the feedback of the artifact was not directed to the players, but to the alien planets: On the broken Jade Star.

After he took away the materials from Jade Broken Star, Lu Wu thought that there might be a next batch of materials coming, so he specially left a mark there.

At the same time, he had also asked little Bei Li to leave a feedback imprint at the teleportation array connecting the shattered Jade Star and heaven realm.

At this time, the feedback point of the divine artifact was the heaven realm teleportation gate set up on the Jade fragment star!

After knowing the reason, Lu Wu realized that the next batch of materials sent from heaven to Yusui star might be coming soon.

He was so excited that he was ready to call for little Beili.

At that moment, little Beili’s figure appeared beside him. He nodded his head solemnly and said,”

“Boss, I understand. It’s time to work!”

Lu Wu was speechless.

With that, little Bei Li began to operate the divine weapon. Through the spatial node left in the teleportation formation, he controlled the teleportation formation from a distance.

The soul power stored in the divine weapon began to burn intensely at this moment.

Lu Wu saw this and asked curiously,”

“What are you doing?”

“Let’s give them a blow to reduce traffic!” Bei Li said with an enigmatic expression.


At this moment, in the heavenly domain of the heavenly Palace.

Under the lead of a demigod expert, more than 100 immortal cultivators activated the spatial array that led to the Jade Broken Star and stepped into it.

Their mission this time was to transport a batch of spiritual materials needed to refine ghouls to Xuan mo, who was stationed on the broken Jade Star.

They were already very familiar with this process.

At this moment, they were shuttling through the space tunnel, waiting for the teleportation to end.

However, they soon realized that something was wrong.

Time passed by bit by bit, but they still hadn’t reached their destination.

It was as if the passage to the Jade Broken Star had been extended infinitely, with no end in sight.

At this moment, they couldn’t help but panic!

After all, if something were to happen in the spatial tunnel, it was very likely that they would completely lose their sense of direction and be abandoned somewhere in the outer realms.

And this place might even be extremely far away from the Three Realms. Even if they spent their entire lives here, they would never be able to return.

At the thought of this, these immortal cultivators appeared extremely uneasy, and their faces were pale with fear.

“Don’t worry. The formation here was set up by the Tian Xuan celestial Lord. There won’t be any problems!” The demigod realm master said in a deep voice as he tried to calm the crowd down.

Upon hearing his words, the immortal cultivators in the passage still appeared very nervous.

The leading demigod powerhouse immediately reached out his hand and pressed on the space tunnel at the side.

He touched the spatial wall with his palm and closed his eyes to check the reason.

Soon, he opened his eyes again with a puzzled expression.

Originally, he thought that there was a problem with the spatial barrier. He was extremely nervous, but he did not show it.

After all, the spatial barrier was a guarantee of safety. If the spatial barrier was broken, then the violent spatial currents outside would completely tear them apart or send them to unknown areas in the outer realms.

However, there was not a single crack in the spatial wall, but the transfer of energy from the formation was extremely slow, as if it was being restricted by some unknown force.

In other words, the teleportation was still going on, but the speed had been reduced to an extremely low level.

An area that originally only took a few minutes to reach might now take them several hours.

Although he was puzzled, the tension in his heart immediately dissipated.

In his opinion, as long as there was no problem with the spatial wall, they were safe and there would be no life-threatening situations.

However, what he did not know was that they were currently facing the ‘traffic drop attack’ that little Beili had mentioned.

In fact, when they had taken the first batch of supplies, little Beili had already thought of how to take the second batch of supplies.

The biggest problem was time.

It would only take a few minutes for the heaven realm’s transport team to reach jade fragment star. At that time, they would see the destroyed city and the huge sinkhole.

In that case, there was a high chance that the transport team would choose to return to the heavenly realm immediately and report the situation.

Therefore, it was particularly important to hijack this batch of supplies in time, which didn’t give Lu Wu much time to prepare.

Little Beili had thought about this problem and immediately thought of a solution.

Her solution was actually very simple, and that was to limit the teleportation time between heaven realm and jade fragment star, giving Lu Wu enough time to prepare for his plunder!

This was also the reason why the heaven realm’s material transport team was unable to reach Jade Broken Star even though they were in the space Channel.


At this time, the teleportation time in the passage was extremely long.

However, the leading demigod powerhouse was no longer worried. He was still thinking of reporting this matter to his superiors when he returned to the heaven realm so that they could deal with the problem in the spatial passageway.

At this time, the space tunnel suddenly trembled, and the suction force in front of them increased greatly.

The demigod powerhouse who noticed the change in the spatial passageway was stunned. He pressed his hand on the spatial barrier again.

Soon, his face revealed joy because the transmission speed of the spatial channel seemed to have recovered.

In other words, they were about to reach their destination and didn’t need to wait for a long time.

Thinking of this, he immediately turned to his subordinate and said,”

“Everyone, get ready. The space tunnel has been restored!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the people in the tunnel saw a ray of light in front of them.

Yes, they had arrived at their destination.

However, the moment they were sent out of the space tunnel, they saw a dense crowd of people.

The sky and the ground stretched as far as the eye could see.

What welcomed them was not Xuan mo, who was stationed there, but a creature that they had never seen before (sky demon form).

“Are you surprised?” At this time, a figure floating high in the air grinned and said to them.

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