Chapter 636: Chapter 636-casting with the longest channeling bar

When the space Channel appeared abnormal, the more than 100 immortal cultivators from the heaven realm who were escorting the supplies were filled with fear.

However, when the space Channel was restored, they were filled with joy again.

However, this joy quickly disappeared.

The great joy after the great sorrow did not last long before it ended.

When they came out of the space tunnel, they were not greeted by Xuan mo, who was stationed there. Instead, they were greeted by a dense group of creatures that they had never seen before.

At this moment, the leader, ke Feng’s heart sank.

He had already realized that there was a problem.

This was because there shouldn’t have been any living beings on this abandoned planet other than Xuan mo and his immortal disciples.

Therefore, the appearance of these creatures seemed to have explained Xuan Mo’s current situation.

His first thought was to immediately return to the heaven realm.

He was very clear about his own strength.

Compared to Xuan mo, who was stationed here, he was still slightly weaker. If he couldn’t resist, then he had no hope.

Therefore, he turned around and shouted without hesitation,”

“Hurry into the space tunnel and return to the heavenly realm!”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the space portal and blocked their way.

It was Lu Wu, who had come in his incarnation.

At this time, the surface of his body flickered with a faint golden light, and the well-proportioned muscles on his body were tight. He opened his arms and looked at the more than 100 immortal cultivators in front of him. It was as if he could hold off 10000 people.

Ke Feng’s heart tightened at the sight of this.

He could vaguely sense the surging vitality and power in this person’s body, so he had no confidence in winning against this person.

However, at this time, the passage to return was blocked, and it would be too late if they didn’t break out.

As he thought of this, he gritted his teeth and rushed towards Lu Wu.

The spiritual energy in his body surged and gathered in his right hand at this moment. A green energy ball formed in his right palm and was slammed towards Lu Wu’s face.

Seeing this, Lu Wu’s face became extremely serious. With a light shout, the golden light on the surface of his body bloomed into a Golden Lotus that slowly rotated behind him.

In fact, at this time, Lu Wu was even less confident that he could defeat this demigod master. However, he knew that at least he would not lose in terms of momentum.

At the thought of this, he let out an “oof” and went up to her.

Lu Wu also used all his strength in this attack.

The Emperor Qi in his body gathered in his right arm at that moment, and then his entire right arm was shrouded in golden light.


As they collided, the two of them trembled at the same time.

Immediately after, ke Feng’s face revealed a shocked expression.

He could feel a surge of vitality and a spiritual energy that he had never seen before from the other party’s body.

Furthermore, the “amount” of this spiritual energy was not even one-third of the amount he had released, but it was evenly matched with him, and even faintly suppressed him, and was constantly increasing.

Out of reflex, he dodged to the side and chose not to fight it head-on.

At this time, a Golden Dragon gushed out of Lu Wu’s right arm, roaring and wagging its tail, it soared into the sky and crossed the place where ke Feng was just now.

At this moment, ke Feng was shocked.

If he had been a step too late, he would have been hit by the attack and would have been injured.

Ke Feng suddenly felt a huge pressure, but he still gritted his teeth and chose to approach Lu Wu. His right elbow swung towards Lu Wu’s face.

To Lu Wu’s surprise, he was sent flying.

At this moment, ke Feng was dumbfounded. He had never thought that he would succeed so easily.

However, he decisively seized this opportunity and closed in on Lu Wu. He activated the close-combat technique he had learned,”spiritual body”, and began to cast an infinite combo on Lu Wu.

During the attack, ke Feng seemed to be very vigilant, ready to defend against Lu Wu’s possible counterattack at any time.

However, in fact, Lu Wu couldn’t resist at all …

Although Lu Wu tried to struggle, no matter if he stretched out his hand or his leg, he would be seen through and immediately stopped.

In such a situation, Lu Wu’s expression changed from excitement to helplessness, and finally numbness.

Fine … I’ll take it that I’m not skilled enough, you hit me … I won’t fight back!

At this moment, the spectating players nodded in agreement.

“As expected, being cool doesn’t last more than three seconds. The tank didn’t disappoint me!”

“Haha, I can see it. He didn’t expect the opponent to hit him in close range. He’s obviously defenseless. What a weak fighting instinct!”

“Big meat shield, tell him that sneak attacks are nothing. Men should fight head-on!”

“Isn’t a battle a turn-based fight where you punch me and I punch you back? He actually used a combo attack … This is too much!”

“The big meat shield has changed. Getting beaten up is his real job. He actually acted cool just now, but I’m relieved to see this!”


While the players were talking among themselves, they also pounced on the hundred or so immortal cultivators below.

Faced with the surging players, the immortal cultivators turned pale and lunged at the teleportation gate decisively.

However, their only hope, the “portal,” failed again.

It was impossible to enter, as if there was a transparent barrier in front of them.

Even though the weakest of the hundred or so members was a profound realm (ghost king) existence, they were filled with despair as they faced the swarm of players.

The battle had begun, and both sides were in a one-sided situation.

Compared to Lu Wu, who was being beaten up, the Army of players was beating up more than a hundred immortal cultivators, making them breathless.

However, although Lu Wu was being beaten up, he was also learning from the fighting experience.

At this time, he found that ke Feng’s attacks were very regular. He purposefully hit a few places on the surface of his body, and the spiritual power in his hands would seep into his body along with his strikes, forming a node in those places.

After the corresponding set of attacks, the nodes that ke Feng had left in his body would connect and cause damage to his body through the surface of his body.

Although the internal injuries were fleeting and would be immediately recovered by soul power, ke Feng’s attack method made Lu Wu very curious.

Because of this close combat method, as long as one could continuously play a set of moves, they could break the enemy’s defense and directly cause internal damage to the enemy’s body.

‘Interesting …’ Lu Wu thought.

In contrast to Lu Wu, Ke Feng’s mind was blown at this time.

This set of “spiritual body” was specially used for close combat. Originally, when he found Lu Wu’s weakness, he wanted to continue attacking and completely suppress him so that he couldn’t escape and counterattack.

In fact, he did it.

There were more than 3000 mark nodes in Lu Wu’s body, and these marks had been connected more than 40 times.

Therefore, in ke Feng’s opinion, this person’s internal organs should have been shaken into a pool of mud.

However, the fact was that the opponent in front of him was not only unscathed, but he also nodded from time to time, and even occasionally showed an expression of enlightenment.

Such an attitude really made ke Feng explode with anger. He could only grit his teeth and attack.

He didn’t believe that Lu wuchen would be able to hold on forever!


Below them, the players and the immortal cultivators were engaged in a fierce battle.

In the face of the players ‘crazy attacks, the immortal cultivators struggled to hold on and did not dare to relax at all.

However, the players ‘attacks were not effective for the time being. In the face of the defensive formation set up by more than a hundred powerhouses at the ghost king realm and above, it was difficult to break through in a short time.

Although their spell techniques were overwhelming in quantity, they were far inferior in quality.

That was because the hundred or so immortal cultivators were all capable of being bosses in the development of the players at their current stage.

Among them, there was no lack of ghost emperor powerhouses that were even stronger than the Sea King that the players were familiar with.

Thus, it was unrealistic to want to end this battle quickly.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded on the voice channel,”

“Cough, cough. Brothers, do you want to be artistic?”

The players ‘expressions became very strange when they heard the voice.

They naturally knew who this person was and what art he was talking about.

Even though some time had passed since the last explosion, they could still remember it clearly. The destructive scene at that time had truly shocked them.

At this time, nie Feng’s voice sounded in the voice channel again,”

“Brothers, same old rules. We’ll split the rewards. You guys provide in-game materials and we’ll play poker!”

Hearing that the rewards would be distributed together, some players were tempted. Some players chose to mail the mystical materials stored in the storage space to nie Feng.

Nie Feng smiled when he saw the continuous ringing of his mailbox notifications.

There were indeed benefits to looking at the long term.

This was the benefit of not being greedy after the last inter-world War.

If he had kept all the rewards in his pocket, there would be no players who would give him the mystical materials that they had painstakingly collected.

He had thought of this at that time, which was why he had returned the hundreds of thousands of Battle Points in the form of items.

As more and more mystical materials were collected, nie Feng suddenly turned to Hu He, who was controlling the corpse spirit Army, and said,”

“Great Demon King, help me carry the cauldron!”

“My corpse spirit is here to support your cauldron?” Core Hu turned his head and stared.

“Please, we’re all brothers, I’ll help you with this!” Nie Feng pleaded with Hu He, looking like a punching bag.

After another glare at nie Feng, core Hu helplessly nodded his head.

Seeing this, nie Feng immediately took out a huge alchemy cauldron from his storage space. At this time, Hu He also called back four ghost king realm corpse spirits to help him resist the cauldron and lift it up.

When nie Feng saw this, he decisively activated Deathwing on his back and rose into the air with the medicinal cauldron.

At this moment, nie Feng’s face revealed a smile.

The art of explosion was about to start again!

As the flames rose, the medicinal ingredients were thrown into the cauldron batch by batch. The dark Law within his body also began to fluctuate.

“Brothers, suppress it! I’ll end it!”

After hearing nie Feng’s words, the players didn’t hold back. They didn’t care about their remaining mana and began to focus their firepower.

Now that nie Feng had gathered all the materials needed for in-game purchases, the players knew that the battle was over.

The power of this attack was very clear. It could be described as “earth-shattering,” and its power had exceeded the highest limit of their knowledge at this stage.

Killing these experts above the ghost king realm was naturally a cinch. Even if they didn’t die in this kind of destruction, it would be very easy to deal the finishing blow.

As time passed, the medicinal cauldron began to shake, and the players ‘faces all revealed nervous expressions.

“Explosive man, remember to give us a hint before you blow it up. Don’t kill us too!”

“Is there a countdown? I’ll feel guilty if you do this!”

“The moment the bomb goes off, ten thousand taels of gold goes off. This one shot is worth it. Art is really a money-burning thing (funny)!”

“Explosive mage will livestream the spell with the longest channeling bar,’forbidden spell: explosion’. The channeling bar won’t be completed in half an hour, so let’s wait a little longer (funny).”


As he waited, the cauldron became more and more unstable, and cracks were already starting to appear.

Seeing that nie Feng had yet to speak, the players still suppressed the hundreds of immortal cultivators below them so that they could not leave, even though they were afraid of being blown to death.

On Lu Wu’s side, the battle had been going on for so long that even ke Feng, who had the strength of a demigod, couldn’t take it anymore and began to pant.

At this moment, his face was filled with disbelief.

He was certain that if his opponent was at the same cultivation level as him, he would be severely injured after a few rounds of attacks.

However, the enemy in front of him had resisted more than a hundred rounds, and at this moment, he still had the same expression. There was no trace of injury at all.

Under such circumstances, ke Feng could not hold on any longer, be it physically or mentally.

Because he couldn’t see any hope of killing Lu Wu.

At this moment, Lu Wu seized the moment when ke Feng was in a daze. His body suddenly twisted and then he punched ke Feng’s wrist.

Taking advantage of the time when ke Feng’s arm retracted, Lu Wu learned how ke Feng attacked and changed his fist into a palm. He hit ke Feng’s abdomen, then his left chest, right armpit, between his eyebrows …

After being beaten up hundreds of times, Lu Wu had already memorized the order and position of the attack.

What he had to do now was to use this method to return the favor.

After every hit, a part of the Emperor Qi in Lu Wu’s body would seep into his body, preparing for the final explosion.

Although Lu Wu was unfamiliar with this set of moves, ke Feng, who was already exhausted, couldn’t avoid it at all. He only felt that the place where he was hit was numb, and there was a feeling that he couldn’t use any strength.

After being hit 108 times consecutively, ke Feng’s face suddenly turned pale. He felt an inexplicable force connecting his body and then erupting with a terrifying power.

At this moment, his eyes were wide open, and his pupils were bloodshot. The pores on his body were oozing with a bright red color, and his body swelled up as if it was inflated.

“Waa!” The moment he opened his mouth, ke Feng spat out a mouthful of blood. He looked extremely dispirited.

At this moment, his internal organs trembled and he lost half of his life.

He was extremely frightened because Lu Wu had actually returned the favor in his own way.

What was even more incredible was that Lu Wu hit the spiritual energy that remained in his body.

This spiritual Qi was unimaginably pure, and after being connected, it exploded with an unimaginable power, more than ten times higher than the spiritual Qi He used. This attack had caused his body to be in a mess, and he was unable to continue fighting.

“Cough, cough … What is this special spiritual Qi … Cough, cough …”

At this time, ke Feng already knew that he couldn’t escape death. He bent his body and looked at Lu Wu with bloodshot eyes.

Lu Wu didn’t answer, but pointed behind him with a smile.”

“Don’t worry, let’s watch some fireworks first and I’ll tell you the answer later!”

Ke Feng slowly turned around in the air while supporting his body with his trembling hands.

Then, he saw a huge black fireball slowly falling to the ground in the distant sky.


Looking at the falling medicinal refining cauldron, nie Feng opened up his hands in a very flashy manner.

Knowing what was about to happen, many of the Chuunibyou players followed nie Feng and raised their hands, shouting the same words arrogantly,”

“Shenluo Tianzheng!”