Chapter 637: Chapter 637-chess piece

Hearing Lu Wu’s words, ke Feng immediately turned his head and looked back.

In his sight, a black ball of light slowly landed on the ground and immediately bloomed with a dazzling black light.

Under ke Feng’s incredulous gaze, the black light swept over at an extremely fast speed and devoured everything in front of it … Soon, his vision was also occupied by darkness.

At the end of the scene, he heard the sound of the formation breaking and countless terrified screams.


Along with a loud noise, ke Feng closed his eyes, which were stung by the light, and his white hair fluttered in the strong wind.

A violent force came along with the wind and entered his body, destroying his already withered body.

Ke Feng’s eyes were still tightly closed as he felt his vitality draining away.

By now, he already knew that he couldn’t escape death.

However, the fear of death seeped into his heart, making him tremble uncontrollably.

His body began to rot bit by bit under the corrosion of the law of darkness, and his body aged at an extremely fast speed …

This process was dragged on endlessly in ke Feng’s heart, making him feel extremely tortured.


Time passed. After an unknown period of time, ke Feng felt that he could no longer feel pain in his body. He could not even feel the existence of his body.

At this moment, he tried to open his eyes.

However, what should have been an easy task became extremely difficult.

After many attempts, when a crack appeared in the darkness and light seeped in, his vision seemed to be covered with a layer of blurry white, making him dizzy.

As time passed, his vision gradually became clear. At this moment, he saw the completely changed appearance of the Jade Broken Star and also discovered his charred body.

I … Am not dead!

Looking at The Silent World, ke Feng wanted to support his body to stand up, but no matter how hard he tried, he could not do it.

I’m so thirsty and tired!

At this moment, ke Feng suddenly realized something. Where did all the strange creatures around him go? Why did it disappear?

After waiting for a while, ke Feng still didn’t see the Grim Reaper who came to end his life.

At this moment, the thought of survival surged in his body.

Could it be that they thought that I was dead … And had already left?

Thinking of this, he resisted his fatigue and turned to look at the portal.

Ke Feng’s desire to live reached its peak when he discovered that the formation set up by the profound heavens immortal Lord was still intact.

He slowly fell to the ground and crawled toward the portal.

However, as he moved closer to the portal, fear rose in ke Feng’s heart again.

The moment he thought he was going to die, the fear in his heart faded.

However, now that he had the hope of living, it also gave him the fear of death.

He was afraid that the moment he was about to succeed, those strange creatures would return and kill him.

Faster … Faster!

At this moment, his willpower was supporting him to continue moving. Although the speed was not fast, ke Feng had already used all his strength.

Time passed by bit by bit. Ke Feng didn’t know how long he had been climbing.

The moment his hands touched the portal, he pulled on the door post and sent himself into the portal.

After entering the spatial tunnel, he finally couldn’t hold on any longer and passed out in the spatial tunnel.

However, ke Feng knew that he had survived. He had survived …

However, what he did not know was that there was a pair of eyes watching his struggle to survive and leave.

When ke Feng thought he had survived, the person behind the scenes also smiled.


When he opened his eyes again, ke Feng found himself lying in the center of the array, surrounded by eight doctors who were activating the array.

He wanted to say something, but he couldn’t feel his body anymore.

At this time, a doctor in front of him suddenly turned his head and looked at him,”

“You’re awake?”

Ke Feng wanted to ask himself what was going on, but he couldn’t speak at all.

The doctor seemed to understand what ke Feng wanted to ask, so he looked at him with a serious expression and said,”

“Your body has been completely destroyed. We don’t have the ability to restore it, but we are trying to build a new body for you. Relax, it will be over after a good sleep!”

Upon hearing this, ke Feng’s mind trembled and his soul couldn’t stop trembling.

His body was destroyed? How was that possible?

He knew very well what it meant for his body to be completely gone. It meant that everything he had learned in his life had been destroyed, including the divine seal that was about to ignite the divine fire.

After that, there was no hope of becoming a god, and everything had to start from scratch … No, there was no possibility of starting from scratch!

It was because these doctors could not create a body that was completely connected to his soul … He could not have a future …

At the thought of this, ke Feng’s soul couldn’t help but fluctuate violently. The few doctors at the side couldn’t help but frown.

“Let his soul sleep for a while. It’s not good for us to continue!” The leading doctor said at this time.

As soon as he finished speaking, ke Feng, who was still in a state of panic, felt everything around him turn blurry until it disappeared …


When he woke up again, ke Feng found that he had become an immortal disciple without any spirit Qi in his body. Everything he had once possessed was gone.

And the first thing he did after waking up was not to go through the normal physical adaptability examination, but to be taken to the heavenly Policy Bureau for questioning.

Ke Feng didn’t hide anything and told him everything that had happened on the broken Jade Star.

After getting what he wanted, the heavenly God in charge of asking the questions looked at ke Feng and said,”

“A creature I’ve never seen before? This should be a foreign invasion. We’ll investigate further. You can go back first!”

Upon hearing this, ke Feng hurriedly asked,”

“Immortal master, what about my subsequent arrangements?”

“Oh, we’ve already signed you up for the heavenly Imperial Academy. You can start cultivating again. Your position will be reserved for you. When you cultivate to the demigod realm, we’ll arrange a new position for you!”

Ke Feng was dumbfounded when he heard this.

Cultivate to the demigod realm?

He was only an ordinary immortal Disciple Now. He dared not imagine how long it would take him to cultivate to the demigod realm.

In addition, his new body and soul could not merge perfectly, making it extremely difficult to cultivate. Therefore, he felt that the immortal Master’s words were simply bullsh * t!

“Are there no other arrangements?” Ke Feng asked again unwillingly.

“You should focus on your cultivation. Don’t think too much. I’ll go and report the situation first. If there are other arrangements, I’ll inform you!” The God furrowed his brows and asked impatiently.


Although ke Feng was unwilling, he suppressed the urge to explode and nodded.

He then turned around and left.

Looking at ke Feng’s back, the heavenly God revealed a mocking smile.

In his opinion, ke Feng was just unlucky to have encountered a plundering force from the outer realm.

As for him wanting to take back what was his, that was simply impossible.

The resources of the heaven realm were distributed according to strength, and they were never wasted on such a useless person who had no possibility of rising!

Arranging for ke Feng to go to the heavenly Imperial Academy and promising to give him everything he had once he cultivated to the demigod realm was just a perfunctory act for the outside world to see.

This was because he knew that it was impossible for ke Feng to cultivate to the demigod realm!

If his body and soul could not match perfectly, the difficulty of cultivating ke Feng would be a hundred times, a thousand times, or even more than that of ordinary immortal disciples!


Five days later.

Heavenly realm, Genji region, tianque Academy!

It wasn’t the once-in-a-decade recruitment day. However, the “heavenly Imperial Academy” welcomed a new student on this day.

His arrival aroused the curiosity of many students in the heavenly Imperial Academy.

From their point of view, the arrival of this newcomer had obviously broken the rules set by the heavenly Imperial Academy.

As one of the thirty-two most prestigious Academies in the heaven realm, the heavenly Imperial Academy only accepted a fixed number of new students every ten years. It never accepted more or less students.

They were all admitted based on the results of the entrance trial, from top to bottom.

However, not only did this student not need to go through the trial, but he even crossed the rule of once in ten years recruitment and was directly admitted.

This caused quite a stir in the heavenly Imperial Academy.

After a detailed understanding, the students of the heaven imperial court were even more in disbelief.

This newcomer was just an ordinary immortal disciple who had not even started cultivating!

He got in through connections!

There was no need to guess anything. Ke Feng, who had just arrived at the Tian que Academy, had been labeled.

The higher-ups ‘arrangements for this new student caused a huge sensation in the Academy.

New students would be directly allocated the Academy’s highest “sky”-level resource allocation. They didn’t need to challenge the trial and could directly enter the Sky Class!

While this news shocked all the students of the heaven imperial court, some people also hated it.

The reason was simple.

As the class with the most resources, the “heaven class” was the goal of many students. However, with the sudden addition of a newcomer, it was equivalent to taking up an important position, making a few students who originally had hopes of advancing into the heaven class suddenly lose their hope.

And the reason why the heaven Imperial Academy students accepted a fixed number of students every time was precisely because the allocation of resources was fixed.

His participation would also share the resources that everyone would get.

Even though it wasn’t a lot, all the students were filled with dissatisfaction.

If they had relied on their own strength to enter the Sky Class and obtain the highest resources, although they would be envious or jealous, they would definitely not feel as indignant as they were now.

As a result, many people began to secretly target him …


In fact, Feng was well aware of the criticism outside.

Half a month ago, he was a demigod expert who was about to enter the celestial class. He didn’t even care about the person in charge of the heavenly Imperial Academy.

Perhaps in the eyes of the other students, the “heaven class” resources he had received were completely not compatible with his strength.

However, to ke Feng, he didn’t want these resources at all!

What he wanted was the follow-up arrangements of the higher-ups in the heaven realm, to give him an explanation and a future!

However, he did not receive any follow-up arrangements.

It was obvious that the higher-ups had given up on him.

Now, they were using these resources that he had once disdained to brush him off.

At this moment, ke Feng’s heart was filled with despair.

The path of cultivation was fraught with difficulties. From a student of an ordinary Academy to an official immortal of the heaven realm, he had spent his entire life cultivating. However, now that he had proven his Dao and was about to become an immortal, he had to start all over again. He couldn’t bear such a blow.

Under such circumstances, ke Feng’s heart was under great pressure.

However, after struggling with his thoughts, ke Feng still chose to continue cultivating.

Back then, it was cultivation that had elevated him to a high position. Now, he was going to use cultivation to get back what he had lost.

However, the second blow came very quickly.

Just as he had thought, the lack of compatibility in his soul made it difficult for him to continue his cultivation.

It was the simplest way of gathering Qi into the body, but there was a slight difference between the position of the soul and the body.

This caused him to suffer from spasms several times during his cultivation. He could not make any progress in his cultivation, and in serious cases, he almost lost his life.

This gave ke Feng despair once again.

However, his performance in the eyes of the other Academies could only be described with one word: Trash!

They could easily obtain resources that others could not even obtain even if they worked hard, but they did not make any progress at all. They were wasting the cultivation resources that should have been used reasonably.

As a result, more and more students began to secretly target ke Feng.


On this day, ke Feng came to the Academy’s dining hall after his cultivation as usual.

He walked to the front of the table marked with “day shift” and sat down. He picked up his utensils and began to eat.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a pain in his head, and then a pile of food fell from the top of his head.

“Ah, I almost fell down. I’m so sorry!”

At this moment, a voice came from the side. Ke Feng looked up and saw a female student holding an empty food box with an apologetic face.

Kefeng nodded silently and didn’t say anything. He lowered his head and continued to eat.


At this moment, another box of food was smashed on Feng ke’s head.

“I’m sorry, the road was slippery!”

At this moment, ke Feng’s heart was filled with anger.

However, before he could react, a food container flew over and smashed into his face. Then, a voice came from afar,”

“I’m sorry, my hand slipped!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Before ke Feng could get angry, countless food boxes were thrown at him from all directions.

The anger that had been accumulating for a long time exploded at this moment. Almost all the students in the cafeteria had participated in this.

Soon, ke Feng was buried by the food.

His heart was filled with anger, but other than anger, he had no other means to fight back.

Because the current him was just a good-for-nothing!


After this day, the secret targeting was put on the surface.

Putting laxatives in his food, throwing poisonous insects on his bed, stealing the resources he got every time, and so on …

In the beginning, the Academy’s higher-ups tried to stop them. However, the situation had developed to the point where all the students in the Academy had joined in. It was no longer under control.

Therefore, the higher-ups chose to indulge her.

When they found out about Kefeng’s identity as a demigod, they chose to give him the best treatment to please him. This was because they felt the same way as Kefeng. They felt that the higher-ups might make arrangements for him, and that his stay here was only temporary.

However, there was no reply after a long time, which meant that ke Feng had been given up. Therefore, they no longer had any thoughts of pleasing ke Feng.

After that, they also made their choice.


The Academy’s meeting.

After all the students had arrived, the Academy’s person-in-charge made an announcement in front of all the students in the Great Hall!

Cancel Kefeng heaven class’s identity and resource allocation!

Upon hearing this news, the entire place was in an uproar, followed by cheers.

However, ke Feng was dumbfounded when he heard the news.

He had wanted to rely on this batch of cultivation resources to cultivate again. Although it was extremely difficult, he had never given up.

“On what basis!” At this moment, ke Feng could not help but stand up and roar at the person in charge in front of all the students.

It was obvious that the person in charge of the Academy didn’t expect that Kefeng would say such words at this time.

“The resources are distributed according to needs. The effect of your cultivation is so low that it can be distributed to others to maximize the value!” The person-in-charge looked at ke Feng and spoke with an indifferent expression.

“Maximize value? F * ck your mother’s maximize value. Do you know why I’m in this situation? Have you seen my sacrifice?” Ke Feng’s face turned ferocious.

Even in a desperate situation, he did not give up. However, everything around him was the first to abandon him. This kind of environment was so oppressive that he could not breathe. At this moment, he finally could not bear it anymore!

“This decision will not change. You can choose to give up, or you can use your strength to take back everything. Prove to me that you can do it!” The person in charge of the Academy didn’t argue with ke Feng. He just looked at him and spoke quietly.

Ke Feng didn’t say anything, but he clenched his fists.

Was he using cultivation to prove it again?

I will, I can do it!

At this moment, ke Feng gritted his teeth and swore secretly!


The facts had proven that after one’s body was Reforged, cultivation could no longer be made up for with hard work and effort.

He had gritted his teeth and persevered countless times, but there was no return at all.

On the contrary, the students ‘bullying of him became even more frenzied.

After he was stripped of his qualifications as a member of the Sky Class, these students didn’t give up on torturing him. On the contrary, after knowing that he had no one to rely on, they became even more violent!

At the end of the day’s cultivation, the pale-faced ke Feng stood up and wanted to walk out of the cultivation room. However, he found that the door of the cultivation room was closed. No matter how hard he pushed, he could not open it.

Just as ke Feng was worrying about this, several figures came from behind and struck him on the head with a stick, knocking him to the ground.

Ke Feng panicked and was about to stand up. At this moment, another stick came from the side and hit his face.

Two of ke Feng’s front teeth were broken by this blow.

Before he could come back to his senses, he felt the back of his head being hit again, and his vision blurred.

Before he lost consciousness, he heard a sentence:

“Brother Yao, if it wasn’t for him, you would have been in the Sky Class. I’ve helped you get back at him!”

“Let’s go, don’t get discovered!”


When ke Feng woke up again, it was already late at night.

He sat up and looked at the pool of blood on the ground and the two broken teeth not far away, a desolate smile on his face.

He had once been an immortal, but that was in the past!

Now that he had fallen into such a situation, he no longer had the pride he had in the past.

In fact, he knew very well that he couldn’t cultivate any tricks at all. However, the unwillingness in the depths of his heart made him grit his teeth and choose to continue cultivating. This was to numb himself, or to deceive himself.

However, at this moment, ke Feng’s attitude changed.

“Hehe, trash?” Rubbing the back of his head, ke Feng’s face gradually turned ferocious.”

“Don’t give me a chance. I will take revenge. I will!”

From an immortal to an ordinary student, and then to the many encounters he had had during this period of time, ke Feng’s heart was filled with resentment.

The heavenly God from the heavenly Policy Bureau had said that one could only return to their position after reaching a certain cultivation realm …

The person in charge of the Academy had said that the resources were only given to those with talent …

The students had said that he was trash, and that his existence was a waste of resources …

Everything had to do with his own strength.

At this moment, he desired strength, he desired to become stronger, and he desired to take revenge.

Evil thoughts were born deep in his heart …

The moonlight shone in through the window. In the reflection of the pool of blood on the ground, ke Feng’s face was hideous.

At this moment, ke Feng found that he had grown a New Black front tooth under the moonlight …