Chapter 640: Max-level player: little Beili

The profound sky immortal Lord smiled as he looked at ke Feng’s broken body and landed on the ground.

‘Since I can’t get anything out of him, I’ll just search his soul. I’ll still know the truth!’

Now, he was very curious as to how this person had stepped through the heavenly gate and entered the heaven realm.

However, a blue ball suddenly appeared on the surface of Feng ke’s body. It then exploded into a blue mist and surged into his body.

Under Tian Xuan immortal Lord’s disbelieving gaze, ke Feng’s broken body was being repaired bit by bit.

At the same time, the teeth of the negative entity that was connected to the body of East Emperor Taiyi began to extract the power of his body, pouring it into ke Feng’s body.

One star … Two stars … Three stars …

When the third Rosary was formed, ke Feng suddenly opened his eyes and pounced at the approaching Tian Xuan immortal Lord.

At the sight of this, the profound sky immortal Lord’s eyes turned golden again. He summoned the Golden beast decisively and charged forward.

However, what he did not expect was that this time, ke Feng directly detonated three of the Rosary beads.

The violent power that was stirred up shattered the Golden beast and sent him flying.

“BOOM!” A giant sinkhole appeared on the ground.

At this moment, Tian Xuan celestial Lord’s clothes were in tatters, and his white hair was dancing in the wind as he fell to the ground. He felt an unbearable pain all over his body, and he spat out another mouthful of blood.

At this moment, the profound sky immortal Lord was extremely terrified.

He was sure that ke Feng had died.

However, for some reason, he had actually been resurrected on the spot. Even his physical body had been reconstructed, and the power that had been exhausted in his body had been restored to its original state.

Looking at ke Feng, who was pouncing toward him, the profound sky immortal Lord endured the pain and stood up. Then, he formed an immortal seal with both hands and transformed into a golden beast to meet the attack.


At this moment, in the divine artifact space.

Lu Wu held the joystick and pressed the buttons at the same time with a serious expression.

This feeling of playing arcade games could only be described as “exciting” for Lu Wu.

There were A total of eight buttons. The joystick controlled up, down, left, right, front, and back. The a key drew donghuang’s power, the B key swung his fist, the C key kicked, the D key exploded Qi (explode the will bead), the E key flew …

At the same time, there was also the way to use the various key combinations …

At this moment, Lu Wu transformed into a Big Shot in the game and began to control ke Feng to beat up the sky Mystic immortal Lord.

Lu Wu had been unhappy with the person in charge of the heaven policy mirror for a long time. Now that he had the opportunity, he naturally had to repay him.

In the situation where Tianxuan immortal Lord was unable to resist, Lu Wu controlled ke Feng and slapped his face hard.

Who asked you to set up hidden chess pieces everywhere! Pa!

Who asked you to F * cking harm Cang Xu! Pa!

Who told you to have your eyes on the human realm! Pa!

Who asked you to set up a space passage to the netherworld! Pa!

Up, up, down, left, right, BABA! “Pa pa pa!”

Lu Wu was having fun, and little Bei Li, who was beside him, showed a look of desire because she found that it was really fun and wanted to play.

However, just as Lu Wu was about to kill Tianxuan immortal Lord, several figures suddenly appeared on the screen. They attacked at the same time and suppressed ke Feng, who was beating Tianxuan immortal Lord.

Then, countless spell techniques blasted ke Feng’s body into pieces.

game over!

At this moment, a line of words appeared on the screen.

Lu Wu slammed the arcade machine and spent 50 million soul coins to condense a “game coin”. Just as he was about to put it into the arcade machine, little Beili suddenly said,”

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it!”

When Lu Wu heard this, he helplessly handed the game coins to little Bei Li.

After all, they had agreed to exchange one life for another.

After taking the game coins, Xiao Bei Li jumped onto his seat and inserted the game coins into the machine.

At this moment, a blue ball appeared above ke Feng’s broken body again. After it exploded, it turned into countless blue mist and surged into his body, repairing his broken body.

The battle started again.

This time, little Bei Li was facing the combined attacks of three heavenly realm high Immortals.

Little Beili’s face was solemn as he held the joystick and started to press the buttons.

Unlike Lu Wu’s simple operation, little Beili tried to use combination control from the beginning.

Facing three strong opponents, little Bei Li took the initiative to adopt a defensive strategy, instead of directly using the energy blast (will blast bead) to attack like Lu Wu.

He planned to gather power from his teeth first, accumulate more prayer beads, and then wait for the right time to use them.

Little Bei Li called this move ‘accumulating rage points’.

Obviously, in terms of gaming talent, little Bei Li was better than Lu Wu.

As time passed, Lu Wu could not believe that little Bei Li was able to withstand the simultaneous attacks of the three immortal Masters and even formed the eighth black will bead.

“Watch carefully!” At that moment, little Bei Li suddenly let out a soft cry. His hands turned into phantoms as he pressed them down.

“Little Beili’s first move, rocket head!”

In the image, one of ke Feng’s rosary beads suddenly shattered, and with the force of the explosion, he slammed into the immortal Lord’s chest, knocking him back several steps with a pale face.

It was obvious that the immortal master did not expect that “ke Feng,” who had been on the defensive all this time, would suddenly counterattack and was caught off guard.

“Little Bei Li, the second move, aowu!”

In the video, ke Feng suddenly pounced on the immortal master who had fallen and bit his ear …

Lu Wu was stunned by this scene.

F * ck, he even used a combo?

We’re probably not playing the same game …

Looking at the serious-looking little Bei Li who was pressing the hammer immortal master’s buttons, Lu Wu suddenly felt like he was little Bei Li’s pendant …

Weak, wronged and useless …


Although he was weak, little Beili’s ability to control everything was so strong that it was terrifying.

When Lu Wu was operating, although he respected the game, he still felt awkward. After all, it was just the simplest basic control, and it was impossible to smoothly connect various abilities.

However, after little Bei Li had gotten used to his defense, he was able to control the wind with great familiarity.

He defended and attacked, then defended and gathered his Qi, then exploded his Qi and attacked …

In particular, the self-created ‘little north li 18 styles’ could only be described as brutal.

When he used the sure-kill technique, strangle, he almost strangled an immortal until his soul left his body and he died on the spot.

At this time, little Bei Li seemed to be able to pass all the levels with a single game coin. When he was getting excited, he stood up from his seat and his hands turned into phantoms. Lu Wu was dazzled by the operation and couldn’t learn it even if he wanted to.

“Hahaha, I saw a flaw. Head hammer!”

“Take my combo and lie down!”

“Hmph, stupid guy, you don’t deserve to be my enemy!”

“This is the difference in intelligence. Do you think I’m going to punch you? no, continue to hit your head and fall!”

“Burst, Dodge, move, move, you can’t hit me!”

“Go behind you and strangle your throat!”


Looking at little Bei Li, who was getting more and more arrogant, Lu Wu fell silent.

Although he didn’t want to admit it, little Beili had used his actions to show him that talent did exist.

It was the same wind control, but everyone had to start from zero.

Little Bei Li had only played for a while, but he was already a Max-level player. He could even come up with a Combo Guide and a strategy.

In fact, little Bei Li’s skills were still improving.

Not only had he learned how to control the wind to fight, but he had also begun to study the moves of the three immortal monarchs in order to find their flaws.

He was still a newbie player and only knew the simplest moves …

At this time, Lu Wu, who was watching the game from the side, looked like a newbie in the arcade hall looking up at a Big Boss who had passed all the levels with a single game coin. His face was full of envy and longing.

If only I could be this awesome …


The battle was still going on. By accumulating rage points, little Bei Li’s every attack put immense pressure on the three immortal Masters.

What made them feel even more helpless was that every time they formed hand seals and were ready to attack, ke Feng seemed to be able to see through this and started to Dodge in advance.

The battle with ke Feng made them feel like they were full of flaws.

In the end, the immortal master could no longer bear it and began to fight against ke Feng with all his might. He wanted to create an opportunity to kill ke Feng even if he was injured.

Under such circumstances, little Bei Li suddenly controlled ke Feng to hug one of the immortal monarchs, and the ten will beads on his body exploded at the same time.

With the ‘GAME lover’ notification, little Bei Li took the immortal away.

Lu Wu was dumbfounded by this scene. He actually killed an immortal master, what a big profit!

“You do it. I’m not very familiar with it. Let me think about the technical problems. It’ll be fine next time!” At this time, little Beili nodded at Lu Wu.

Lu Wu was speechless.

Not very skilled?

Are you serious?

At this moment, Lu Wu felt that the word “talent” had been thrown at his face by little Bei Li, which had caused him a mental blow.

Lolis can’t be judged by their appearance, the ancients didn’t lie to me!

As he thought of this, Lu Wu silently condensed a “game coin” and put it into the arcade machine.

Soon, ke Feng was resurrected on the spot again.

Under the horrified gazes of the remaining two immortal Masters, it pounced on them.

However, the fear on the two immortal Masters ‘faces quickly turned into confusion.

Because this time, wind Conqueror … Was so weak!

After more than ten minutes of Lu Wu’s control, the screen lit up with “GAME OVER” as expected.

Lu Wu’s face was full of tears and he thought that he was a handicapped person.

And so, the all-rounded little Bei Li once again made a magnificent appearance.

While the two immortal Masters were still in a daze, ke Feng, who had become stronger again, began to beat them up …


In the dark, the eastern Emperor Taiyi was paying close attention to ke Feng, who was fighting with the immortal Lord.

At this moment, he was still searching for the exact location of the negative body.

However, no matter how hard he tried to sense, the negative entities were pointing at ke Feng. There was no power behind the scenes.

At this moment, East Emperor Taiyi frowned.

Unwilling to give up, he continued to sense for a while, and finally couldn’t sit still.

If this continued, ke Feng would kill the other two immortal Masters as well.

His figure suddenly appeared in the everlasting domain. With a raise of his hand, he stopped ke Feng in place.

The force was too strong. No matter how skilled little Bei Li was, he could not block it.

Then, ke Feng’s body was crushed by an invisible force and turned into fine powder …

So, it was Lu Wu’s turn again …

At this time, Lu Wu’s hand that was holding the game coins was trembling.

A newbie challenging a BOSS?

I can’t even beat the small monsters, so how can I directly fight the strongest BOSS at the last level?

Lu Wu felt that he had no chance of winning.

After all, all of ke Feng’s power came from donghuang Taiyi. No matter how powerful ke Feng’s power was, it could never surpass donghuang Taiyi ‘s.

At the thought of this, Lu Wuxin was determined.

Since you can’t beat me, why the hell are you still fighting? you hit me, so I’ll tear down your house and see who’s more ruthless!