Chapter 641: Divine seal of glass

Donghuang’s appearance brought the ‘game’ that Lu Wu had arranged to an end.

In the face of absolute power, ke Feng had no ability to fight with it!

However, Lu Wu didn’t think so at this time.

He immediately condensed a “game coin” with his soul coins and threw it into the arcade machine.

At this moment, ke Feng’s body in the heavenly realm reassembled.

Under donghuang Taiyi’s astonished gaze, the resurrected ke Feng pounced toward the city below after reforming his body. He then detonated the newly condensed will bead.

As the flames rose, a violent power wreaked havoc in the city of the heaven realm.

Lu Wu’s idea was very simple.

Although I can’t beat you, I can tear down your house!

No matter what technique or strategy you want, if you hit me, I’ll tear down your house. If you hit me, I’ll massacre the city!

As a clumsy player, Lu Wu suddenly thought of a solution.

Donghuang’s expression turned grave as he saw this. He immediately extended his hand to control ke Feng. With a clench of his fist, ke Feng’s body exploded on the spot and turned into nothingness.

Seeing ke Feng’s body being crushed, donghuang Taiyi was about to grab his soul and check it.

However, right at this moment, the divine weapon was activated and forcefully dragged ke Feng’s soul into the six paths reincarnation, allowing him to escape from donghuang Taiyi’s grasp.

Sensing the disappearance of his soul, donghuang Taiyi’s body also disappeared from where he was standing, following ke Feng’s soul into the six paths of reincarnation.

Lu Wu and little Bei Li, who saw this scene through the divine artifact, smiled.

Whether it was the control of the six paths of reincarnation or the control of the soul, little Bei Li was able to suppress donghuang.

The moment donghuang Taiyi entered the six paths of reincarnation, ke Feng’s soul returned to its original spot under Bei Li’s control.

Then, Lu Wu decisively used the coin to revive … And continued to dismantle!

By the time donghuang Taiyi returned, ke Feng had already turned this city into a sea of fire and was rushing to the next city.

At this moment, the Furious donghuang disappeared from where he was standing. When he reappeared, he was already above ke Feng’s head, crushing his physical body in an instant.

However, just as he was about to grab ke Feng’s soul, it was once again kept into the six paths of reincarnation.

Donghuang Taiyi saw this and followed after him decisively …

After repeating this a few times, donghuang Taiyi’s face turned gloomy. He activated all ten prayer beads at the same time, locking down the heaven and earth, isolating this place from the outside world.

At this moment, although Lu Wu could use the method of Burning Soul coins to make in-game purchases and continue to deal with donghuang Taiyi, it was no longer necessary.

This was because ke Feng’s soul had begun to disintegrate.

Although he could still absorb energy from donghuang, ke Feng’s soul, which had been under a heavy load, could no longer take it.

His soul had already begun to disintegrate and disperse bit by bit.

Although little Beili had the ability to repair ke Feng’s soul, it was too risky.

This was because the premise of repairing the soul was to bring ke Feng’s soul into the divine artifact space.

However, there was a huge risk in doing so. It was unknown whether East Emperor Taiyi could find the location of the space of the divine artifact by following this line.

The strength of donghuang Taiyi was something that Lu Wu could not compete with at this stage. If he was really found by him, the result would be obvious.

The reason why Lu Wu dared to do this was because he was prepared to abandon ke Feng’s soul and would never absorb it into the divine artifact.

In other words, as ke Feng’s soul began to collapse, this would be his last life. There was no possibility of him being resurrected.

At this moment, ke Feng’s face revealed a smile. He pointed his middle finger at donghuang Taiyi. His body was crushed by an invisible force, and his soul was also disintegrated.

Sensing that ke Feng’s soul had collapsed, donghuang, who had wanted to search his soul, was stunned. He reached out and grabbed where ke Feng was.

Suddenly, a Black Tooth appeared from the blood mist and fell into his palm.

Sensing the energy fluctuations coming from the tooth, donghuang’s expressionless face finally showed a slight change.

Now, he knew why Kefeng could take power from him. He also knew that his guess was right. Someone was using their body parts to create negative entities!

As for where this tooth came from, donghuang Taiyi had already guessed it.

That was a hidden chess piece he had left behind to kill Shaohao, who had escaped to the outer realm.

At this moment, it was very obvious that the chess game had been broken by someone, and this person had even used this to counter his move.

A human race power that had fled to the outer realms?

While guessing the identity of this person, donghuang Taiyi’s face showed a trace of seriousness.

Everything in the Three Realms was under his control.

In the Dharma ending age of the human world, the past cultivation events were gone forever, and there was no hope of rising again.

Under the law of the jungle, the netherworld had constant internal friction, and its overall battle power was much weaker than the heaven realm ‘s. It could not pose a threat to the heaven realm.

The only ones he was most worried about were the human soldiers who had fled to the outer realms.

This was also the reason why he had chosen to continue his pursuit after the three humans had fled.

Because the human race’s potential was too great, if they were not completely eliminated, the risk would always exist.

As he thought of this, donghuang thought of another person, and the fear on his face disappeared in an instant.

At this moment, he thought of ‘slaughter’, but he quickly denied this guess.

If the person behind the scenes was really tu mie, no matter how strong the heaven realm was, it was impossible to fight with him. Why did they need to play such tricks now?

As he thought of this, donghuang Taiyi raised his head and looked at the sky. His gaze pierced through the layers of clouds and arrived at the endless void of the outer realm …

Since you haven’t returned after so long, I hope you’re dead …


At this moment, in the divine artifact space.

Lu Wu and little Bei Li were all smiles.

In fact, the reason why the resentment in ke Feng’s heart grew so quickly was all because of Lu Wu’s arrangement.

When he was on the broken Jade Star, Lu Wu had already planted a twisted seed in ke Feng’s heart when he was in a coma. It would explode sooner or later.

But what Lu Wu didn’t expect was that this seed would grow so quickly and soon reached the stage where it could be used.

This was also his first counterattack against heaven.

Since they were enemies, he would not show any mercy.

Ice used “battle to the death” to bloom the last afterglow of the heaven-defying old era. At that time, Lu Wu vowed to open the dawn of a new era.

Ren zu Kong Yi used his life to protect the descendants of the human race, and Lu Wu once swore that he would inherit his will!

Lu Wu never said his promise, but he carried it out with his actions.

He had suffered many losses in the hands of the heaven realm, but this time, Lu Wu felt satisfied.

Although he had spent 800 million soul coins in this battle to revive ke Feng, the losses he had caused to heaven realm were far more than this number.

Moreover, the batch of resources that ke Feng had transported to the broken Jade Star was worth four billion soul coins. Compared to his income, this amount of expenditure was nothing.

After spending 800 million soul coins to play an arcade game, Lu Wu not only didn’t feel that he had lost out, but he also felt that it was very exciting.

If ke Feng’s soul wasn’t crushed by the power from East Emperor Taiyi, he would have been able to continue!

No matter what, he had to play with the high and mighty Eastern Emperor Taiyi and let him know the horror of the rich big shots.


At this moment, the arcade game was over. Lu Wu began to count the supplies he got from this cross-border Battle.

A moment later, the statistics of the divine artifact came out.

[Types of medicinal herbs: 23145 types]

[Classifications: earth Emperor essence, earth core soul marrow, pill soul serum, drunken cloud immortal tree, water cloud fruit, Soaring Dragon Heart, red flame fruit, sulfur flame spirit saliva, heavenly numb meteorite essence, seven-colored Moon Orchid, Soul Baby fruit, spirit Dragon heavenly Ganoderma, earth core serum, broken Dragon Root, returning grass, Vermillion blood fruit …]

[Proportion of low-level mystical materials: 31.8%]

[Proportion of intermediate mystical materials: 48.5%]

[Proportion of high-tier mystical materials: 21.7%]

[Total value (converted to soul coins): 4.937647432 soul coins!]


At this moment, Lu Wu felt extremely happy.

Back then, in order to save Bing Ling, he had lost a few billion soul coins in the game with donghuang Taiyi in the six paths of reincarnation.

Now that he had earned all of it back from heaven in this way, Lu Wu felt even happier than the usual way to earn soul coins.

Lu Wu’s heart was surging with excitement at this moment.

“Big meatshield, check the forum!” Little Beili, who was standing on the side, poked Lu Wu and said,”

When Lu Wu heard this, he cast a confused look.

“You’ll know when you see it!”

When Lu Wu heard this, he immediately opened the battle Forum and began to scan through the popular posts on the homepage.

Very quickly, he knew what little Beili was referring to.

This was a post that had been posted not long ago, but it had attracted a large number of players, and its popularity was rising.

[Who knows what this is? [I picked it up from the ruins of the explosion during the previous inter-world War. Is it valuable? why can’t I understand the content of the analysis?] [Op: delicious wind snake]

(Picture attached)

[Glass divine seal (God Realm level two)]:

[Item information: extinguished divine seal. It contains the power of three heaven realm laws.]


The players were discussing the item in the post. The description of the item was vague, and they did not know its specific effects.

Crayon Shin-chan: “from a professional point of view, just by looking at the two words ‘immortal state’ hanging behind this item, it’s not simple. I think it can be sold for at least 100000 soul coins. Although I don’t know its specific effects, it’s best not to sell it. Otherwise, you might regret it when you find out its specific effects during the version update.”(Funny) After all, in the early stages of the war, a bunch of people had chosen to sell their mystical materials in the merchant shop at one-tenth of the current market price. They were still happy at that time, but now they were probably regretting it to the point where their intestines turned green (funny). Of course, you could sell it in advance as a precaution, because this thing might not be worth much after the version update. The earlier you sell it, the earlier you enjoy it (funny)

The strongest pear: “I don’t think this thing is valuable. It can’t be eaten or used as equipment. It’s also not a material for alchemy or forging. It doesn’t seem to be of any use. The above is just my personal guess!”

[Invincible loneliness: a godly state item. It’s definitely not simple. I feel that it might be of great use in the future. Op, do you have any thoughts of selling it?] Contact me privately if you have it (the Sea King is deep in thought.jpg)

[Suika Taro: why can you guys pick up good things so easily? look at what I’ve picked up (thud)(attached)]

[Ash pile (white)]:

[Item Introduction: there should be three owners of this pile of ashes, but now they seem to have fused together …]

Hairy man and wind replied suikataro: “hahaha, F * ck you, you’re a talent. Others picked up equipment after the explosion, but you picked up a pile of ashes. And it’s a fusion of three people. You’re a talent!”

Crayon Shin-chan replied to suikua Taro,[you can recycle trash. After all, it’s still a white quality material. You can get the forger to help you make a white quality ash blade.] Although the quality of this weapon was not high, it might be the first equipment in the entire server that was above level 400. After all, the owners of these ashes were all existences above the realm of ghost emperor and ghost king (funny)

A cup of iced Coke replied Crayon Shinchan: Are you trying to kill me with laughter? What bone ash weapon? hahaha!

Peppa the wild boar: “stop fooling around. Let ‘[email protected] dog official together and ask him to come out and explain what the’ divine seal of Azure ‘is!”

The undying warrior:@war official

Master baokemeng:@conscript official

Roasting Chang ‘e while holding a Jade Rabbit: <@battle official>


In the case that the discussion couldn’t come to a conclusion, the players began to “tag” Lu Wu’s side account on the official forum, hoping that he would come out and explain.

To this, Lu Wu was silent.

When he saw the divine seal, he was also dumbfounded at first.

The players didn’t know the value of this item, but how could he not know?

Just like the netherworld, each divine seal in the heaven realm represented a God, so one could imagine its value.

But what puzzled Lu Wu was …

During the inter-realm battle, the strongest ke Feng was only at the demigod realm. How did this divine seal appear in the inter-realm battle?

Thinking of this, Lu Wu focused on the “glaze divine seal” stored in a player’s space and began to investigate.

The divine artifact’s deduction function was activated at this moment.

At the same time, the soul coins in his storage began to burn intensely.

Then, an image appeared in front of Lu Wu’s eyes and began to rapidly advance.

A moment later, Lu Wu, who had deduced the specific information about this divine seal, opened his eyes.

After finding out the specific reason, Lu Wu suddenly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It turned out that the previous owner of this divine seal was a very ordinary immortal disciple of the heaven realm. He obtained this divine seal by chance and activated it by accident.

After that, the life of this immortal disciple changed greatly.

By relying on the divine seal, he could experience high-level immortal spells that he had never dared to think about in the past. He could also observe the trajectory of the laws through the divine seal, come into contact with the power of the laws, and comprehend the preliminary imprints of the laws. It could be said that this immortal disciple’s cultivation was like a cheat, and his future would be even more beautiful.

However, he was very careful. He knew that it was a crime to keep a Jade, so he hid this divine seal and didn’t let anyone know. He planned to fuse it into his body bit by bit, choosing to keep a low profile before he had absolute power.

According to the normal development of the plot, a guy who had obtained a cheat and knew how to keep a low profile would usually grow into a Big Shot in the end.

However, the “cultivation talent” he had displayed at this time had been appreciated by the higher-ups, ke Feng. He had been transferred to the transportation team from the reserve.

From this moment on, the guy who had obtained the cheat was doomed to a tragedy.

Under nie Feng’s in-game bomb, this guy with a bright future couldn’t resist and evaporated on the spot …

However, the marker was left behind, and it was picked up by the player who had posted the thread.

After understanding the specific reason, Lu Wu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He clearly had a cheat, but he didn’t expect his life to end in such a way. It could be said that his death was without any waves, which was completely not in line with the characteristics of a Big Shot with a cheat.

It was too F * cking tragic!

Lu Wu wanted to make a sad expression, but when he thought that the heaven realm had lost a very important divine seal recorded in The Investiture of the Gods in this battle, he couldn’t help but laugh.

It was too tragic! Hahaha!