Chapter 645: This is your ancestor

As all the players inside and outside the camp were wearing mechas, they were creatures that mountain cracker and icebound had never seen before.

Similarly, the players also thought that frozen and mountain cracker were bosses from some territory in hell, the kind that were not to be trifled with.

At this moment, the hell server’s players were all trembling in fear.

Seeing the brutal and simple way ice seal and mountain split killed the demonic T-Rex, the players knew that they were no match for them. If they fought, they would definitely be wiped out.

“I can feel the life energy fluctuation under their shells. They should be shell-like creatures. We can peel their shells and eat them!” Lie Shan suddenly said.

When Bing Feng heard this, he suddenly nodded,”

“Then, should we catch some and bring them back?”

“Hmm, let’s catch some. We’ll have a taste of every creature!” Lie Shan immediately nodded.


At this time, Lu Wu was paying close attention to what was happening in the hell suit.

Seeing that the infighting in the hell suits was finally over and they were ready to build a new camp together, Lu Wu was still very happy.

This meant that the players were ready to clear out all the forces in the blue Valley ruins, and the war would bring a large number of soul coins.

However, when he saw the group of demonic T-Rex coming, Lu Wu felt that this time might have to be delayed.

This was because the divine artifact had detected that the weakest of these demonic T-Rex was at the ghost Governor realm. In fact, nearly half of them had reached the ghost king realm.

If it was the central server, it would not be a big problem to face the group of mythical tyrannosauruses.

This was because most of the players in the central server had already reached the level of ghost Governor and ghost general. There were even a few players who had reached the level of ghost king.

Players like Hu He, nie Feng, and Yuan Fang couldn’t use their own realm to measure their strength.

However, the hell suit did not stand out in terms of high-end combat power.

The hell suit’s specialty was its AoE and AoE attacks.

For example, in the cross-border war, the technology side had an obvious advantage.

If not for nie Feng’s help, the hell server’s total battle Points would have even surpassed the central server ‘s.

In other words, when the hell server attacked a faction that was weaker than them, they would basically crush them.

However, in the face of high-end combat power, their shortcomings were also revealed.

Against one of the most terrifying creatures in the blue Valley ruins, the mythical tyrannosauruses, their area of effect attacks were not as effective.

Although the powered mech’s sniper rifle could kill mo T-Rex, there were not many ghost general-level mechs at the current stage. It was easy to imagine how difficult it would be to kill mo T-Rex, who was of a higher realm.

So, when he saw the group of mythical tyrannosauruses coming, Lu Wu felt that the players from the hellish server had to continue wandering.

However, at this time, the appearance of an old acquaintance surprised Lu Wu.

Ice seal and mountain crack, Lu Wu was very familiar with these two people.

Although they didn’t know Lu Wu, Lu Wu had always treated them as his own people.

The ice seal, the descendant of the northern divergent’s God race, could even be considered a descendant of his previous life.

Back then, darknorth had brought them to the great infernal realm to take the blame for him, and he had always remembered this favor.

It had been two years, and Lu Wu was very happy to see that they were still alive and well.

At least, this proved that the heaven realm had not been able to do anything to them during the two years of pursuit.

However, when he heard that frozen and mountain cracker wanted to eat the “players”, Lu Wu’s face immediately fell.

Look, is this something a human can say?

At this moment, seeing that ice seal and mountain crack were about to make a move, Lu Wu finally couldn’t help it.

He immediately projected himself in front of the frozen and cracked mountain in the ruins of the blue Valley.

As his blurry figure appeared, lie Shan and Bing Feng were shocked and immediately looked at Lu Wu with vigilance.

“Lie Shan, what is this thing? I’ve never seen it before!”

“How the F * ck would I know what it is? I’ve never seen it before!”

“That’s right. You and I are both from Beiqi. What I haven’t seen before, you probably haven’t either!”

Lu Wu was speechless.

Lu Wu, who was about to speak, suddenly didn’t know what to say. He felt that the two people in front of him were like ZZS …

Mm, it has the characteristics of our Great Northern Qi.

At this moment, Lu Wu thought of another funny guy, who was the first king of Beiqi.”Darknorth.

He was already so old, yet he still wanted to mess with Gu Yu and the dog. He used his actions to prove what it meant to have a Crooked Stick, and the subordinates he brought out were even more so.

As he thought along this line of thought, Lu Wu’s face suddenly froze.

That’s not right, wasn’t the most important person in my previous life?

Lu Wu was speechless.

“What’s your background?” At this time, Bing Feng looked at Lu Wu vigilantly and asked.

Even though they had already reached the demigod realm.

However, in the great domain of hell, there were demigods and even godly state experts. Therefore, under the situation where he could not detect Lu Wu’s signs of life, ice seal chose to be cautious.

“Me? I know darknorth!” Lu Wu said with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Bing Feng and lie Shan were shocked.

“You know the boss?” Bing Feng asked.

“Not only do I know your boss, but I also know the two of you. Your name is Bing Feng, and his name is lie Shan!” As he spoke, Lu Wu pointed at the ice seal and then pointed at lie Shan.

Upon hearing this, lie Shan and Bing Feng were dumbstruck.

They were sure that they had never seen this person before, and they had never come to the great domain of hell before they fled. However, this person said that he knew them and even called out their names. This was somewhat unbelievable.

“Mind-reading?” Bing Feng asked suspiciously.

“The Soul Clan’s soul inspection?” Looking at Lu Wu’s blurry figure, lie Shan also asked his own guess.

“Take me to darknorth and we’ll have a chat. You’ll understand when the time comes!” Lu Wu thought for a moment and continued.

“Impossible. I suspect that you’re a spy placed here by the heaven realm. You don’t look like a good person. If you have the ability, show your true self. Otherwise, it’s absolutely possible for us to take you to see the boss!” Bing Feng immediately refused.

Lu Wu heard this and shook his head helplessly.”

“It’s impossible for you to see my true body, but I do have a deep connection with you. I would like to meet with darknorth to discuss some important matters!”

“Woof! I think you’re becoming more and more like an informer that the heaven realm has placed here. Do you want to find out my boss’s current position and report it to the heaven realm in exchange for rewards?” Lie Shan clenched his fist as he spoke, a sinister smile on his face.

“Lie Shan, I have the same idea as you!” Bing Feng looked at Lu Wu with hostility.

Seeing that ice seal and mountain cracker were about to fight, Lu Wu felt helpless and thought about how to explain it.

At that moment, little Beili’s voice rang out in his mind.

“Turn your projection into the goddess Beili and scare them to death. Make them kneel down and acknowledge their ancestors. Then, I’ll take you to see the old man!”

Lu Wu was speechless.

“Shut up! Don’t say anything!” Lu Wu said in an unpleasant tone.

“Tsk, I’ll let you transform. It’s not like you’ll really become the goddess of Beili. You don’t even dare to dress up as a woman, how can you …”

Lu Wu immediately blocked little Bei Li’s words. He then turned to look at frozen and cracked mountain and said,”

“Let’s talk somewhere else!”

With that, Lu Wu’s figure turned into a Phantom and sped away.

Bing Feng and lie Shan’s expressions froze when they saw this.

“Are we going with them?”

“Go my a * s! Who the hell is he to go just because he said so?!”

“I think the same!”

As they spoke, Bing Feng and lie Shan raised their hands and high-fived each other. Both of them smiled.

At this time, Lu Wu, who noticed that lie Shan and Bing Feng did not follow him, turned back again.

At this moment, Lu Wu was in an extremely bad mood. He didn’t expect these two guys to be so uncooperative.

At that moment, he thought of little Beili’s suggestion, and it seemed to be feasible …

He immediately shook his head and decisively killed this thought.

“Frozen brat, look at what I have in my hand.” As he spoke, Lu Wu took out a token.

[Beiqi king’s seal (ancient)]: the Beiqi king’s seal created by the first Beiqi King of the Beiqi region. It symbolizes supreme power and glory (expired).

Upon seeing the Beiqi royal seal, frozen and mountain cracker were once again dumbstruck.

“Where did you get it?” Lie Shan asked with a grave expression.

This Beiqi royal seal had a unique aura, so he could be sure that this royal seal was not fake.

The problem was, since it was the real Beiqi royal seal, how did this person obtain it?

“I’m also from Beiqi. Darknorth personally gave me this royal seal of Beiqi!”

Seeing the shock on lie Shan and Bing Feng’s faces, Lu Wu couldn’t help but laugh.

In reality, this Beiqi royal seal wasn’t given to him by beiming. Instead, it was given to Gu Yu and Gou ‘Zi by beiming.

Back then, when Gu Yu and Gou ‘Zi mobilized the earth-splitting people to fight against the sea King, they also relied on this token!

At this moment, Lu Wu took it out from the space of Gu Yu and planned to borrow it for a while.

“That’s not right, this royal seal should be in the hands of the player clan. Why is it with you?” Lie Shan’s face was full of confusion as he thought of the problem.

“I’m a member of the players!” Lu Wu said unhappily.

“I don’t believe you. Show me.” Bing Feng asked with a suspicious expression.

At this moment, Lu Wu really wanted to slap the two bastards in front of him to death. What the f * ck, they even had to put on a show? how could they prove that they were players by acting?

“Bing Feng, if you talk to me like this again, you will regret it!” Lu Wu said in a deep voice.

“Oh, how dare you threaten me? if it was in the past, you would definitely become an ice sculpture in the back mountain of my clan’s land!” Ice seal’s temper immediately flared up.

“Your icy snow clan’s land is long gone!”

“Lie Shan, I don’t want to talk to him anymore. He’s too infuriating. Let’s beat him to death!” A hint of anger appeared on Bing Feng’s young and tender face.

At this time, Lu Wu’s thoughts were exactly the same as ice seal ‘s.

It was too infuriating to talk to these two ZZS. Although it was good to be vigilant, why did the words that came out of his mouth make him want to be beaten up?

Lu Wu, who was really helpless, condensed a mark in his palm.

This seal was the sky-sealing seal that God Bei Qi, Bei Li, had.

Although there was no longer any power of law inside, Lu Wu still decided to show it to ice seal and mountain crack.

“What is this? And whose royal seal was it? It’s no use, we don’t believe it!” Bing Feng waved his hand with a look of disdain, as if no one could do anything to him.

Looking at the young child’s face, Lu Wu really wanted to beat this unfilial grandson to death. He couldn’t even recognize the “seal of the sky law” of his ancestor.

Just as Lu Wu was about to teach the two people in front of him a lesson, a figure quietly appeared behind the frozen and cracked mountain.

Then, the figure pressed the frozen man’s head and pressed it to the ground.

“This is your ancestor, you bastard!”