Chapter 651: Quickly retreat

Hakkar was scared out of his wits when he saw the mark on the evil God’s head.

At this moment, it didn’t even have the thought of resisting.

In the great domain of hell, there were many powerful races, so there were many taboos that couldn’t be violated.

For example, they were not allowed to step into the territory of certain gods, and they were not allowed to destroy the formations set up by certain gods.

However, what left the deepest impression on Hakkar was a taboo left behind by the ancient Abyss Dragon King.

This taboo described a divine seal, which was formed by a Burning blood-red eye.

According to the ancient Abyss Dragon King’s description, this divine seal was a taboo for all races in the great domain of hell. Even the races of the ancient gods couldn’t avoid it.

Because this divine seal symbolized the Supreme authority and inviolable authority of the great domain of hell.

There were many legends about the taboo of this divine seal, but because it had been so long ago, no one could clearly explain the exact origin.

However, the rule that this divine seal could not be violated was passed down in every race in the great domain, and it was still the case to this day.

Hakkar had unlocked his ancestor’s inherited memories when he was growing up, so he had also come into contact with relevant information in this area.

Although it had never seen this divine seal with its own eyes, its ancestors ‘fear and respect for this seal had been passed down.

It was a direct feeling of emotion, and as the inheritor, it could clearly feel the meaning of this emotion.

So when he saw the mark on the evil God’s forehead, Hakkar was greatly frightened.

At this moment, let alone resisting, Hakkar even wanted to die. He knew that he was in big trouble.

It was clearly stated in the inheritance that one must never offend the deity who possessed this divine seal, regardless of who the deity was.

If one violated this taboo, it would bring about the extermination of the entire race. It was inevitable.

Because this was a taboo that even ancient gods didn’t dare to touch.

Hakkar wouldn’t have been so terrified if the other party was just an ancient God.

After all, the slumbering Ancient Abyss Dragon King in their tribe was about to step into the ancient God Realm. Even if he couldn’t defeat the Dragon King, he would still put up a fight.


At this moment, Hakkar thought that he had violated the biggest taboo of his race, which was the deity with the burning Blood Eye. He felt like he was going to have a heart attack.

“He’s dead, dead!” Hakkar kept wailing in his heart,

The scene of an entire race being massacred because of their mistakes appeared in their minds …

The more he thought about it, the more afraid he became. Hakkar’s tensed body gradually relaxed, and he completely gave up on resisting. His face was as pale as death.

Mom doesn’t have to prepare dinner for me, I’m afraid I’m going to run out …

Perhaps … You’ll be gone with me after I die …

Thinking of this, Hakkar’s heart was filled with despair.

It was said that the other regions were all weak and were not worthy of competing with the great domain of hell. But why is it that I’ve never seen the greatest taboo of the infernal realm in the infernal realm, but I’ve seen it the first time I’ve come out?

Wuwu, they lied to the Dragon, they lied to the Dragon. It’s too scary outside!


Seeing the appearance of the evil god, the expressions of the players who were on the verge of collapse gradually became arrogant.

The voice channel was flooded with comments.

“The European server has foreign aid, and so do we. Let’s just ask whose foreign aid is stronger, OWW!”

“A demigod can be awesome? Did you see that evil god? It’s ours!”

“I wanted to keep a low profile, but I didn’t expect the European server to be so insatiable. Now, we’ve laid our cards on the table and stop pretending. That’s right, we have a God-level powerhouse!”

“Your father will always be your father. He’s also your father in the European server when it comes to finding external help!”


At this moment, the players on the Chinese server were all clamoring in the voice channel, and the frustration from before was completely gone.

Looking at the evil god who had pushed Hakkar to the ground, the players on the central server couldn’t help but cheer.

Back then, in order to save the evil god, the players from the central server had sent themselves to their deaths one after another, dragging the evil god back to Beiqi with great difficulty. It could be said that they had spent a lot of energy.

At that time, the major guilds had done so mainly because of Gu Yu.

But at this moment, no player would feel that it was not worth it!

At this moment, seeing Hakkar, who had left them helpless, being suppressed by the evil god with one hand, the players could only use one word to describe it: Cool!

Since the evil god had awakened and had chosen to attack, the players on the central server felt that Hakkar could no longer cause any more trouble.

After all, the evil god was a godly state expert and was one level higher than Hakkar who was a demigod!


The evil god, who was holding Hakkar’s head with one hand, turned to look at Gu Yu and the others in the distance and said,”

“How are you going to deal with this little bug?”

“Boss evil god, don’t kill it yet. Beat it to death until it kneels and begs for mercy. We can’t let it go so easily!” Gu Yu and the others replied loudly, afraid that the evil god could not hear them.

The evil god smiled hideously and nodded. Then, he lifted Hakkar up like a little chick.

“I beg for mercy, I beg for mercy! Powerful God, please forgive me for my offense!”

When he heard Gu Yu and the others say that they would beat him until he knelt down and begged for mercy, Hakkar immediately started begging for mercy. He didn’t want to miss any chance of living.

If it wasn’t for the fact that it couldn’t kneel while being lifted, it would have knelt down first.

Hakkar’s survival rule in the great domain of hell was that dignity was something that could be abandoned at any time when compared to his life.

In Hakkar’s eyes, the God in front of him was even more terrifying than the ancient gods. If he could beg for its forgiveness, he could kneel down and even kowtow.

However, the evil god didn’t respond to Hakkar’s plea. At the same time, flames burned in the evil God’s eyes, and he raised his fist and punched Hakkar in the face.

Hakkar’s body flew backward and fell to the ground!

This time, Hakkar’s prideful defense no longer worked. In the face of the evil God’s punch, Hakkar only felt a burning pain in his cheek. At the same time, a strange force seeped into his body from the spot where he was hit, and negative emotions began to breed in his mind.

Hakkar tried to dispel the negative emotions, but he couldn ‘t.

At this time, the evil god approached him again with big steps and punched his head so hard that Hakkar almost thought that his soul was going to leave his body.

At this moment, the evil God’s second punch … Third punch … Fourth punch came one after another …

Although the evil god didn’t use any hell Dao spell techniques and only used his physical strength, it was still not something Hakkar could resist.

Under the constant invasion of negative emotions, Hakkar’s physical and spiritual levels were destroyed, and his consciousness became blurry.

At this moment, he recalled the various experiences of being bullied by his companions, being scolded by his parents, and even accidentally entering the realm of the gods and almost losing his life.

Facing the evil god, Hakkar’s heart was already filled with fear. At this moment, under the torture of the negative emotions, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He broke down and cried on the ground.

Seeing this scene, the expressions of the players from the Chinese server who were watching were extremely interesting.

He … He cried?

It was so embarrassing. Where was the unparalleled arrogance just now?

However, the players from the Chinese server did not feel any sympathy for this. After all, Hakkar was the main culprit behind the destruction of the northern District of underworld city.

The evil god would not sympathize with him either. He continued to punch Hakkar until his face was swollen and his cries became louder and louder, deafening him.


At the northern border of Beiqi.

After the army of players from the European server had assembled, they marched towards Beiqi with high spirits.

From Lionheart’s live broadcast, they had seen Hakkar successfully invade Hades city and wreak havoc.

At that moment, all the players in the European server were extremely excited.

After three years of war, they had always been suppressed by the central server. Seeing the players from the central server getting beaten up, it felt really good.

This time, they were going to Beiqi to take advantage of this opportunity to sweep through Beiqi and kill all the players from the central server. They would then achieve a glorious achievement of crossing regions and massacring cities.

In the eyes of the players in the European server, this would definitely become a legendary milestone in the history of their conquest in the European server.

As for the participants, they would receive glory that the future generations would not have.

Hence, almost all the players in the European server responded to Li Xing’s call and participated in the mobilization.

As time passed, they were getting closer and closer to underworld city.

From Reinhardt’s live stream, they could see the mess that Hades’s North City was in. They couldn’t help but smile.

It was definitely a happy thing to see the opponent suffer.

However, the live broadcast was cut off very quickly.

Li Xing immediately contacted Lionheart and asked what was going on.

Lionheart, on the other hand, said that with the return of many players from the central server, the city gates were not safe. He could only choose to retreat if he was alone, or else he would be in danger.

After hearing Lionheart’s reply, Li Xing immediately informed all the players in the European server through the regional voice channel.

However, even without Reinhardt’s livestream, the players from the European server were still full of confidence.

With Hakkar, the demigod-level netherwyrm, there was nothing for the European server to fear. Even the strongest central server would be suppressed this time. There was no chance of a comeback.

With excitement, the Army of the European server increased their speed and pointed their swords at underworld city!

As they advanced, the outline of Hades city appeared in their field of vision. As they continued forward, they saw the city that had been destroyed.

At that moment, the voice channel of the European server was filled with cheers.

All of them were extremely excited, wanting to charge in immediately and teach the arrogant players a lesson.

However, just as the huge Army of the European server was approaching the city gate, a black shadow was suddenly thrown out of the city and landed heavily on the ground.

Then, the players from the European server heard deafening wails.

After seeing the figure clearly, Li Xing, who was at the forefront of the European army, had his smile frozen on his face, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

This was because this figure was actually Hakkar, the person they were relying on to attack underworld city.

Although he was puzzled as to why Hakkar was thrown out of the city, Li Xing knew that the attack seemed to have met with an obstacle.

However, his doubts were soon answered.

A huge figure came out of the city and crossed the gate to the front of the Army.

Then, the figure picked Hakkar up from the ground as if he was a chicken and threw him to the ground.

Li Xing was shocked. He immediately opened the analysis panel and began to observe the giant’s attributes.

When he saw the words “divine brilliance” at the end of the name, Li Xing was stunned.

“Retreat! Hurry up and retreat, stop fighting!” Without the slightest hesitation, Li Xing decisively gave the order to retreat.

At that moment, the players from the European server were dumbfounded. They could not understand what was going on with Li Xing.

However, when they saw the screenshot of Li Xing’s analysis of the evil god in the regional chat channel, they did not hesitate to run back!

Hit your mother! Can he F * cking fight …