Chapter 652: Huge compensation

After seeing the evil God’s analysis panel, the pride in the hearts of the players from the European server disappeared.

At this moment, let alone massacring the entire city, they were already worried about whether they would be massacred instead.

After all, it was difficult for the entire European server to fight against a demigod, let alone a God who had condensed a divine seal like the evil god.

Hence, without any hesitation, the entire Army of the European server started to retreat.

The players all took large strides and fled in a panic. At this time, the voice chat was even more heated as they discussed how to defend against the attacks of the central server.

With their understanding of the central server.

The central server couldn’t accept this kind of humiliation, and they would definitely take revenge.

According to what Li Xing had said, as long as they succeeded this time, the central server would not be able to take revenge even if they wanted to.

This was because they would have a demigod-level abyss Dragon that the mid-server could not fight against.

As for whether the central server would choose to send Ziggs to attack their main city, Li Xing did not have to worry.

The other powers might not know the advantages of the central server, but how could they not know?

As long as they engaged in battle and got the first kill of Ziggs, he would not be given the chance to use his ultimate skill.

After thinking everything through, Li Xing felt that with Hakkar, they would be invincible for a long time to come.

However, after seeing Hakkar being beaten up by the evil god, the players from the European server were already worried about the revenge from the central server.

Obviously, since they dared to massacre the city, what awaited them would be the massacre of the players from the central server against Hidden Dragon City.

At that moment, many players from the European server wanted to cry but had no tears.

Before coming here, many people had even prepared to film the entire process of the massacre in underworld. They would then save this video as a part of their collection, so that they could show off in front of new players in the future.

However, he did not expect them to be worried about the safety of their main city before they even entered the city.

The development of the situation was too fast, and the players of the fast European server were caught off guard. It was as if they had been slapped in the face just as they were about to succeed in their acting tough process.

It was too F * cking uncomfortable.


At this moment, Hakkar was lying on the ground in front of the gates of hell, barely breathing. He was already sobbing.

At this moment, it felt that it was going to die, and there was no hope of survival.

In the face of an evil god, it was no match at all. Not to mention that resistance was futile, even if it had the ability to resist, it would not dare to.

This was because the evil God’s divine seal represented the greatest taboo in the great domain of hell. He didn’t dare to violate it for fear of harming the entire race.

At this moment, Hakkar, who was on his last breath, looked up at the evil god with a pleading expression and said,”

“Just kill me. Can you not … Kill my people?”

Knowing that he had violated a taboo and would not be able to escape death, Hakkar could only hope that the evil god would not involve his race, because there were still many of his clansmen on Black Dragon Peak that he valued greatly.

For example, his parents and siblings …

When the evil god heard this, he showed a disdainful expression, but he didn’t answer.

Because he wasn’t in the mood to go to other large regions to kill his entire family. He was simply too bored.

However, the disdain on the evil God’s face terrified Hakkar even more. He thought that the evil god had refused his request and was really going to kill his entire family.

At this moment, Gu Yu and the others walked out of the city gates one after another.

“How do you plan on dealing with it? do you want me to refine it into a blood nucleus?” At this moment, the evil God’s body shrank. In the blink of an eye, he was only five meters tall. He then turned around and looked at Gu Yu and the others.

“We can level up a few times if we kill it. Kill it!” Gou ‘Zi shouted.

“Stupid … Brother dog, you can’t kill him!” Mo Xiaoxin almost subconsciously called the young paparazzo by his mental nickname. Fortunately, he stopped in time halfway through the first word and avoided a tragic ‘car accident’.

“Why can’t I kill him? do I just put him up for worship?” “What’s wrong?” Gou ‘Zi was puzzled as he turned to mo Xiaoxin and asked.

Gu Yu and the others also looked at mo Xiaoxin at this moment, wanting to know what he was thinking.

“I think so. Now, the players from the European server must be very afraid that we will attack the blue Void domain and slaughter their Hidden Dragon City …”

“Of course, they’re afraid because we’re going to massacre the whole city later. We’ll kill them so badly that they won’t dare to come online. We’ll camp in the entire Blue Void region for at least three days so that they won’t be able to fight for three days!” Gou ‘Zi said arrogantly.

“Yes, many of the players in the outer seas are rushing back. After we gather our men, we must destroy Hidden Dragon City!” Gu Yu also nodded and agreed with Gou ‘Zi’s idea.

“Listen to me first. Here’s what I think. The players from the European server must be very worried about our arrival. If we don’t go to the blue Void territory and ask for compensation instead, do you think they will agree?”

Seeing that everyone was deep in thought, mo Xiaoxin continued,”

“Compared to the destruction of the main city, it’s definitely easier for them to accept the compensation. Moreover, if we change it to asking for compensation, not only will we be able to compensate for our losses, but we can also ask for a huge sum of compensation. This way, not only will we not lose anything, but we can also make a huge profit while making the European server suffer a loss!”

“Good idea. Someone has to make up for the losses in the city. It’s best to let the European server pay for it!”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. The damage to the city, the casualties … All in all, let the European server fill in the gaps and take the opportunity to extort a sum from them. In any case, they’ll have to pay for everything. We have to make them feel bad. This is the price they have to pay for this!” Mo Xiaoxin continued.

Upon hearing this, Gu Yu and the others were stunned for a moment before smiles appeared on their faces.

On second thought, mo Xiaoxin’s idea was actually better than massacring the entire city.

After all, no one would be responsible for the losses in the city if they went directly to Blue Void region to massacre the city.

At the thought of this, Gu Yu said decisively,”

“Alright, I’ll contact Li Xing from the European server and see what they think. If they don’t agree, then we’ll fight!”

“What about it? could it be that you want to use it to exchange for compensation?” The young paparazzo pointed at Hakkar, who was on the verge of death, and looked at mo Xiaoxin curiously.

“That’s right. This Dragon has the strength of a demigod, and it’s a demigod that’s controlled by the European server. It’s worth a lot. This will be our bargaining chip with the European server. In short, we’ll raise the compensation and make them bleed!” Mo Xiaoxin replied with a smile.

At this moment, everyone could not help but laugh.


At the same time, Lionheart, who was hiding in the distance and watching the gates of Hades city, was bleeding.

When he saw Hakkar on the verge of death, he knew that his plan had failed.

The entire process could be said to be a failed attempt to steal a chicken and ended up losing the rice. Not only did he not get the Mount, but he also had to pay for all the materials he had prepared for summoning Hakkar. Now, he was even about to face the revenge of the central server. It could be said that he had lost a lot.

Looking at Hakkar, who was on the verge of death and could already sign the contract, Lionheart was depressed.

This should have been the best time for him to sign the contract, but the one controlling Hakkar was not the Army of the European server, but the central server. He did not dare to step forward.

This was because the players from the central server would not be polite to him.

With so many cheaters present, no matter how strong he was, he wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

However, Lionheart was also very unwilling to leave just like that. He could only lie on the grass pile and look at Hakkar who was on the verge of death, hoping for a miracle in his heart.

However, as time passed, what Reinhardt received wasn’t a miracle, but a bill from Li Xing.

Looking at the netherwyrm on the bill and the long string of zeros behind it, Lionheart was dumbfounded.

Where the hell would I get so many soul coins to buy a Dragon!

Can I buy on credit?