Chapter 655: The coming time for revelry

After King kuilong left, the seething kuilong territorial waters returned to its usual calm.

However, this was only on the surface. In reality, there was already an undercurrent.

This was because the departure of King kuilong meant that the position of the Lord of the kuilong Sea area was now vacant.

At that moment, a large number of marine creatures from the outer seas brought their subordinates and set off for the quilong sea.

These sea beasts, whose bloodlines had reached the heavenly spirit level, were extremely eager to become the Overlord of the kuilong Sea area because it was a path to godhood.

Only the overlords of the sea were qualified to become gods. It was impossible for the other sea creatures to become gods, no matter how strong they were.

This was also the reason why the descendants of the overlords of the sea would choose to go to other seas to compete with the old overlords for the position of the Overlord of the sea.

This was an inevitable obstacle in their path of growth.

If they could not become the Overlord of the sea, then demigod realm would be their final destination.

However, there were limited spots for the Overlord of the sea area. However, the number of fish and sea beasts was extremely large. Under such circumstances, the only way was to compete.

Of course, other than competition, there was another shortcut.

That was to wait for the old Overlord of a certain Sea area to ascend to godhood or die. In this way, the sea area where it was located would become a land without an owner. This was also the easiest time to seize the position of the Overlord of the sea area.

However, such opportunities were too rare.

Because the lifespan of every Overlord of the sea was extremely long, it was unrealistic to wait for them to die of natural causes.

There were very few opportunities to wait for the old Overlord to become a God, because not every Overlord of the sea could successfully become a God!

But at this moment, such an opportunity was born in the kuilong sea.

Many sea beasts that had been waiting for tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years, smelled the scent of opportunity.

After King kuiyin left, a large number of sea monsters began to head toward the kuiyin Sea area in an attempt to fight for the position of Overlord.

However, at this time, Tao Wu and Haimon chose to leave and return to their respective seas.

This was because he knew that this was going to be a place of trouble.

Although they really hoped that their child, flamy, would be able to obtain this sea, flamy was still underage. If he became the Overlord of the sea with their help, then flamy would not be far from death.

This was because after becoming the Overlord of the sea, one could not refuse the challenges of other sea beasts.

In other words, they had to sign the ‘sea battle contract’.

After the contract officially came into effect, flamy had to fight the Challenger one-on-one, and they could not intervene at all.

At that time, they wanted to kill the “Lord kuiyin” because flamy was still underage, and the contract for the contest of the sea had yet to take effect. Otherwise, with their status as the overlords of the sea, they would definitely not be able to interfere in the contest for the sea.

Now that the sea supremacy contract had disappeared with Lord Kuiru’s departure, it was already a great fortune for them. Not only did he avoid a battle with an expert like Lord kui Dragon, but he also managed to save Xiao Mo’s life.

Therefore, they had no intention of getting involved in the fight for the hegemony of the sea realm and chose to leave decisively.


At this moment, West of the kui Dragon Sea area, the wangxu Sea area.

A giant blue whale woke up from its deep sleep. At this moment, it sensed that the aura of the old Overlord of the eastern kui Dragon Sea,’King kui Dragon’, had already dissipated.

It knew what this meant.

After being suppressed by the Suan ni for 30000 years, it didn’t dare to dream of becoming the Overlord of the Wuxu Sea area. However, at this moment, it smelled an opportunity to become the Overlord of the kui Dragon Sea area.

At this moment, its eyes revealed a trace of greed.

Then, it swayed its huge tail and let out a long cry as it swam toward the quilong sea.


In the Jade spring Sea area, Northwest of the kui Dragon Sea area.

An Island covered in vegetation suddenly trembled at this moment. While the residents on the island were in panic, the island suddenly sank to the bottom of the water, and a huge head emerged from the water.

Perhaps the residents of the island didn’t expect that the island they relied on for survival was actually the back of a snapping turtle.

At this moment, with the awakening of its master, everything on the island no longer existed.

At this moment, it was like the giant blue whale, excitedly turning its head to look at the quilong Sea area, and then set off.


Northeast of the kuilong Sea region, the blood-red Sea region.

“Let’s go!” The three enormous eight-clawed giant monsters also sensed the sea Dragon King’s aura of the kurosaurus sea had dissipated. They immediately left together and headed toward the kurosaurus sea …

Countless similar situations were happening in various large seas.

This was the moment that all the fish and sea beasts who desired to be the Overlord of the sea dreamed of.

None of them wanted to miss this precious opportunity.

At this time, the quilong Sea area had become the battlefield where they were about to fight.


After King kuidragon left, the major factions of the kuidragon territorial waters had a premonition of what was about to happen.

This was a spectacular sight that many forces in the kuilong Sea area had never seen before. The heavenly Spirit Rank sea realm ferocious beasts that were rarely seen were constantly appearing in the kui Dragon Sea realm.

Under such circumstances, the major factions of the kuilong Sea region chose to shut themselves in once again.

This was because these sea realm fierce beasts were very powerful. Most of them were above the ghost emperor realm, and most of them were close to the threshold of the demigod realm. Otherwise, they would not have the courage to compete for the position of the sea realm’s Overlord.

It could be said that none of them were people the major factions of the kui Dragon Sea could afford to offend. Hence, the wisest way was to avoid them and try not to come into contact with them to avoid any accidents.

However, just as the major factions of the kui Dragon Sea were trembling in fear, one faction was surprised.

He was the player faction known as the “brawler” in the nearby seas.

The players who discovered the abnormality at the sea of quilong were initially very curious and did not understand what was going on at the sea of quilong.

Later on, through communication with the major forces of the kui long sea, they learned that the players were still extremely calm even when the king of kui long became a God and the battle for the sea Overlord was about to begin.

Because in the players ‘eyes, this was none of their business!

We still have to fish, search for treasures at the bottom of the sea, and do what we have to do!

The players had no impression of what Lord kuiyin looked like, so his departure had no effect on the players.

Moreover, many players relied on carrying bricks on the sea to earn the soul coins they needed for daily consumption, so it was impossible for them not to go out to sea.

However, the players soon lost their cool.

Seeing a large number of heavenly spirit level fishes, they could not help but get excited.

There were quite a few players who fished and carried bricks in the entire Beiqi group.

Because fishing was indeed a good way to make money, and the process was very fun. The whole process was equivalent to a lottery.

Before the fish was pulled out of the water, no player would know how much the fish was worth.

Catching a spiritual fish was almost equivalent to a few days ‘harvest, and catching a sea spiritual fish was basically a burst of luck.

If one could catch a spiritual fish, they would basically be rich in one wave.

Fish of this grade were extremely expensive in the auction house, and in most cases, there was demand but no supply, so they were extremely rare. If he could catch it and bring its uniform back, he could at least exchange it for a set of top-tier equipment at the current stage.

As for the celestial-level, none of the players had managed to catch a single one.

(PS: the strength of the fish are divided into different ranks: Fish level (normal), spiritual level, sea level, psychic level, heavenly level, spirit of the sea level (sea Overlord), in order of low to high.

There was a reason why fishing was one of the most popular activities for carrying bricks.

Even the most common fish wasn’t without value. After a player caught one, they could sell it to the player who made the food in exchange for soul coins.

The entire process of fishing and selling fish had long formed a complete system after three years of development.

Every player in the brick-moving fishing circle didn’t expect to catch a demigod-level ‘Sea Spirit’-level fish. Their biggest dream was to catch a ‘heavenly spirit’ fish.

Even the players in the fishing circle who occasionally met at sea would say hello:

“What a coincidence, did you catch a Holy Spirit fish today?”

It could be said that catching a heavenly spirit level fish was the desire of every player who loved fishing.

However, such high-grade fish were so rare that some old players had not even seen a heavenly spirit-level fish for three years.

Therefore, until now, catching the ‘heavenly spirit fish’ was only a legend, and it was impossible to come true!

But at this moment, the opportunity had come!

After King kuilong’s departure, a large number of heavenly spirit level fishes and sea beasts wanted to compete for the chance to become a Sea Spirit in the kuilong sea.

The high-quality fish that the players usually couldn’t see were now increasing in number in the quilun sea.

At this moment, the players ’emotions were completely different from the various forces of the kui Dragon Sea. They were all very excited.

Then, a post appeared on the forum, which ignited the enthusiasm of the players for fishing.

[I’ll give everyone an analysis of this major incident at the kui long sea. At the same time, I’ll point out that such a Grand occasion may not be seen again in the future, so everyone should seize the opportunity!]

[Op: Crayon Shinchan]


As an experienced sea fishing player, I’ve caught all kinds of fish, from ordinary fish to spiritual fish (the spiritual fish screwed up and swallowed me and my boat, it was so funny), so don’t doubt that I have the qualifications to come up with a strategy. Next, I’ll attach the market price of each fish and a fishing strategy.

[Ordinary fish (10 fish): market price 1 Soul coin.]

[Spirit fish (1): the average market price is about 120 soul coins. However, there are a few special types of spirit fish that can be sold for more than 250 soul coins. For example, the ‘blue flame tail fish’ that can be used to make ice Spirit pills, the ‘light fish’ that can be used for alchemy, and so on. The price of these types of spirit fish is generally about double that of ordinary spirit fish.]

[Fishing guide: this type of fish can be found everywhere in the nearby waters. The drop rate is relatively high. The coordinates of the areas where the school of fish is relatively dense are as follows: ] The sea near muyege Island, the sea near black Reef island, coordinates 224 and 245 in the Wuxu sea … (These are the areas where it’s easier to get items. This is just my personal experience. There are many other areas with dense spiritual fish. These 11 areas are only for your reference!)

[Fishing tools: as for spiritual fish, their strength is basically the same as the ghost soldiers, or even weaker, so they don’t need very good fishing gear. The most common fishing rod in the mall is 10 soul coins, and the same goes for bait.]

[Sea Spirit fish (1): the market price is about 2000 to 5000, depending on the quality of the fish. The price fluctuates.]

[Fishing guide: this type of fish is relatively rare. The stronger ones are close to the ghost Governor level. If you don’t have the strength, don’t consider fishing for spiritual sea fish. Of course, there are exceptions. Some spiritual sea fish are very weak, even weaker than ordinary spiritual fish, such as the turtle fish. However, the recommended level is still 50 to 100.]

“As for the specific locations of the divisions, I roughly know two of them. Let’s share them this time.

1. Sea of vanity, West of Qingluo Island, there is a school of black pure fish (friendly reminder, the black pure fish here are not level 90. If you catch them, you will only be eaten, unless you have excellent equipment or help from teammates!)

2. Kuilong Sea area’s coordinates: (123.415) there are two Sea spirit-level schools of fish here, namely the wood Steel fish and the Golden Cicada fish. Recommended level: (Level 70 +)

[Fishing tools: since you have the ambition to catch the sea Spirit fish, of course you have to prepare good tools. I recommend you to buy high-quality fishing rods (300 soul coins) from the mall. The bait must not be shabby either, or the sea Spirit fish will not bite the bait and will look down on you for being poor (funny). However, I have a way to make bait, and I will give it to everyone this time.]

The required items were as follows: glutinous rice, vanilla, and green wine pill.

These items were not expensive and could be bought by searching the auction house. They were at least one-third cheaper than the bait bought from the dog officials, but he had to make them himself, so he could make about 5 to 10 sets at one time.

(Attached is a 3-minute production video!)

Next up was the main event!

[Spiritual fish (1): its strength is above the realm of ghost general, and some may have reached the realm of ghost king. The market price can not be estimated because this fish only appears three times in the market.]

The first transaction was on the 21st of February, 2320. The price was 28000 soul coins.

The second transaction was on November 9th, 2320. The price was 29000 soul coins.

The third transaction was in September 2321, which was also a month ago. The transaction price was 80000 soul coins.

The reason for such a huge fluctuation was the opening of the ‘demon chef’ profession, which had greatly increased the price of ingredients. It could be said that those who had sold the spiritual fish before had definitely made a loss, but now the price was relatively stable. However, it’s still difficult to evaluate the price. I think it’s better not to sell the spiritual fish for less than 80000 soul coins because it’s too rare!

(My heart is bleeding when I thought of the spiritual fish I missed last time. But what can I do if I can’t beat it? lowly!)

[Fishing strategy: no strategy, depends on luck]

[Fishing tools: the Super Fishing rod that costs 2000 soul coins in the merchant shop. If you’re very rich and fishing purely for fun, you can find a copper hook to custom-make a fishing rod. The cost will exceed 10000 soul coins. As for bait, the merchant shop will definitely choose the most expensive one. You can also use spiritual materials to make your own bait. Of course, you can use spiritual fish as bait, because spiritual fish eat fish too.]

[Holy Spirit fish (1): the market price is hard to estimate. No player has ever caught one. However, I heard that some players in the European server caught one, but they suffered the same fate as me. They were swallowed along with their ship, and missed a chance to get rich (funny)]

Fishing strategy: none

[Fishing gear: although the Super Fishing rod is fine, it’s better to find a copper hook to custom-make it because the Super Fishing rod might not be able to withstand the pressure.]

The spirit of the sea (1), emmm … Are you trying to fish for a Pi Xiu? This isn’t something we can handle at this stage (funny)

[Fishing tools: what F * cking fishing tools? go and eat your sh * t!]


This is my summary of the plan. Next, I’ll talk about my opinion on the large number of high-level fish in the Quilon Sea area.

Just like the title, it was a rare opportunity.

“After all, I don’t know when the next time for the sea competition will be. Based on my understanding of this game, time doesn’t flow faster. Maybe your grandson’s grandson won’t have such an opportunity by the time he’s born. So, I have to act decisively.

Because the high-level fish were too strong, it was best to form a team, unless you were a member of a cheater team (funny).

As for those heavenly spirit-tier fishes that are participating in the battle for the Overlord, please bring the entire Guild’s combat power to face them. Whether or not you can succeed will depend on fate (funny)

The last sentence, do you want to get rich? Then he would go to the kui Dragon Sea area to move bricks. However, this time, he was moving gold bricks. It was a rare opportunity, and he would not miss it!

[Strategy guide Author: Crayon Shinchan!]


The players on the forum hated Crayon Shin-chan and wanted to kill him as soon as possible.

However, players would read his posts.

However, what surprised the players this time was that Crayon Shinchan didn’t post a post to attack others. Instead, he posted a strategy guide.

When the players saw the content of the post, they were instantly ignited with passion.

Fishing had been a hobby of many players since the start of the expedition.

There were many kinds of fish in the sea, and they were a large part of the daily consumables of the players.

Compared to the real world, the fish here were more unique. Different fish had different attributes and habits, which added a touch of fantasy to sea fishing.

How to fish was also a big question in the game.

However, other than the Hell’s library which could help them with this knowledge, the players still had to put it into practice.

This also led to new players who were unfamiliar with fishing often not being able to catch any fish.

This time, Crayon Shinchan’s strategy was very helpful in explaining things to many of the new players. At the same time, it also caused a discussion among the players on the forum.

In the replies below, many players were no longer stingy and shared the tips they had mastered in fishing and the coordinates of the spiritual fish they could catch.

Soon, this post became the number one fishing strategy post on the forum.

However, what caught the players ‘attention the most was Crayon Shinchan’s last hint, which was a big event in the sea of quilong!

This time, it wasn’t just the fishing community, but many players who didn’t usually fish were also tempted.

Just as Crayon Shinchan had said, if he missed this opportunity, he might regret it for the rest of his life!

Luck was important, but if one didn’t prepare for this opportunity, it wouldn’t come. Therefore, the players quickly mobilized and began to form fishing teams and teams.

There were even big guilds who were ambitious and wanted to fish for the sky spirit fish. They formed an alliance and prepared to go out to sea to fish!

This was something that Lu Wuyi didn’t expect.

It was supposed to be a normal fight for the sea’s Overlord, but the players ‘reaction was beyond his expectations.

Because of Crayon Shin-chan’s post, the ‘fishing gear’ category of goods in the mall was sold in large quantities.

In just one day, Lu Wu had earned so much that he was beaming with joy.

At this moment, he felt that he had not misjudged mo Xiaoxin.

She had helped him to collect negative emotions, and now she was paying him back!

Lu Wu knew that he was going to have some fun.

In the eyes of the various major powers of the kui Dragon Sea, the maritime power struggle was a disaster that they would avoid as much as possible. However, at this moment, it was about to become a place for players to celebrate!