Chapter 656: Chapter 656-demons dancing

The second day after King kuilong left.

The war had already begun in the entire kui Dragon Sea.

Faced with such a situation, a large number of forces in the kuilong Sea region could not withstand the pressure and began to flee to the outer Sea regions. They were prepared to temporarily avoid the brunt of the battle and avoid being affected by the battle.

The nearby empty Sea region had also become the sanctuary of these sea forces.

Other than those major powers, many races from the kui Dragon Sea area started to carry bags of various sizes as they evacuated toward the sea of vanity.

However, as they approached the border of the sea, they were shocked to find that wave after wave of player fleets were approaching.

Out of good intentions and to gain the favor of the clan, the factions that had moved away from the waters of quilong immediately reminded the players of the major event that had happened in the waters of quilong. They indicated that the voyage in the waters of quilong was in danger.

The players could not help but laugh at the reminder.

That was their goal, which was to continue moving forward.

At this moment, many of the races in the kui Dragon Sea area couldn’t help but sigh.

A madman was still a madman, and he had never changed. He was so F * cking willful!

In fact, the scale of the players fishing this time was unprecedented.

Just as Crayon Shinchan had said on the forum, this was an opportunity. There was gold everywhere. If they were prepared, they would be able to get a lot of money.

At this moment, all the players were ready to show their hands and earn a bucket of gold!


After all the heavenly spirit level fishes and sea beasts gathered at the kui Dragon Sea area, the entire kui Dragon Sea area was divided into countless small battlefields.

At this time, in the sea near Xinmo Island, a battle quietly began.

On one side was a heavenly spirit level ‘shark spirit fish’, and on the other side was a heavenly spirit level ‘spike fish’.

As the two controlling forces of this area, it was inevitable for them to fight for a winner to advance to the center of the kuilong Sea area. Therefore, fighting was inevitable.

At this moment, the schools of fish led by each of them were already fighting each other, and they also began to fight at this time.

Accompanied by shrieking sounds, the two enormous spiritual fish collided.

As time passed, the surface of the sea had turned red and was filled with the strong smell of blood.

Hearing the roars from the outside world, the forces of the quilongs who had yet to evacuate from the nearby islands were already trembling in fear. They hid on the island and did not dare to come out.

When the battle was getting intense, a fishing boat slowly sailed over.

In such an intense environment, the crew on the ship began to cast their hooks and fish leisurely.

The forces on the island who were watching the Naval battle could not help but be stunned when they saw this scene.

However, when they realized that it was a member of the players ‘race, they couldn’t help but show an expression of’ I knew it ‘.

After all, the players ‘ability to court death had always made them feel convinced.

At this time, the Sea King on Xinmo Island was also alarmed. It came to the island and began to observe the scene.

As a result, a scene that left the Sea King dumbfounded appeared.

Just as he had expected, the fishing boat was smashed into pieces by a fierce spiritual fish, and the player on the boat was devoured as well.

But soon, another fishing boat came.

This fishing boat was even more outrageous. It stopped at the area where the battle was the most intense, cast its hook, and then began to fish.

In just a few moments, the scene of the ship being destroyed and people being killed happened again.

However, another group of player clan fleets soon arrived.

In the Sea King’s opinion, this fleet was quite excessive.

The shark spirit fish and the spike fish were locked in a fierce battle, and these fleets had actually surrounded these two big fish. They then threw their hooks at them and began to fish as if they were about to bite the bait …

At this moment, the Sea King couldn’t help but cover its face.

What kind of Idiot’s brain did he need to think of such an operation?

They were fighting, okay? it was fine if they didn’t give them face, but they even F * cking threw a hook in front of them. Who were they looking down on?!

As expected, this fleet was annihilated by the two angry heavenly spirit-level fish groups.

But soon, the players showed the two big fish what it meant to be endless.

One batch after another died, and the sea King had nothing to say in the end.

At this moment, he only had one thought in his heart. What a fool. He was a F * cking pure-blooded player!

In the end, the spike fish and the shark spirit fish couldn’t take it anymore. They temporarily gave up on fighting and started to slaughter the fishing boats and warships of the nearby players.

The bloody and brutal battle for the sea’s Overlord had been turned into a cooperation by the players.

The arrival of the players ‘battleships and fishing boats made it impossible for the two sea monsters to fight.

This was because every time they started fighting, there would always be new players ‘ships coming from afar, fishing without restraint and challenging their dignity.

The two heavenly spirit level fishes were also tormented.

The Sea King and his subordinates, who had watched the whole process, were completely numb.

They had nothing but admiration for the players ‘dumbfounded behavior!

After all, the only race they knew that dared to use their lives as a joke was the family clan!


However, what the Sea King didn’t know was that such a scene was happening in every corner of the kui Dragon Sea area.

Although the battle for the Overlord was very intense, the atmosphere would always change whenever the players arrived.

You guys can fight, we’ll bait us. That was the players ‘mentality at the moment.

Although most of the ships were destroyed, there were also successful players. They would post screenshots on the regional channel to share their joy and stimulate more players.

As a result, a large number of ships set off from the lapis lazuli Coast and headed for the quilong sea.

At this time, other ways to earn soul coins were not as practical as going to the kui Dragon Sea to fish.

That was because there were spiritual fish all over the place. It was like a gold mine, full of temptation.

At this time, not only the players of Beiqi were going crazy, but even the nearby European servers were the same.

Seeing that the players from the Chinese server were going to the kui long sea to pick up money, they were also jealous and expressed that they would also go, starting to organize their manpower.

Many precious fish species that used to take days or even months to catch were now at his fingertips.

Although there was a risk, the risk of death was not a threat to the players at all.

As such, a large number of battleships from the European server also went out to sea at this moment, ready to follow the players from the Chinese server to ride on this wave of popularity and pick up money together.

As time passed, the popularity of the revelry in the kui Dragon Sea continued to rise.

Not only were the players from the central and European servers paying attention, even the players from the other three servers could not sit still.

They were all protesting on the forums, saying that they wanted this opportunity to earn money as well, since it was only available on the European and Chinese servers.

However, in the face of their protests, the official platform did not respond.

As such, the hell, Asia, and non-server players changed their tactics and began to roll around in the official forums, begging the officials to let them join in.

In order to achieve their goal, the “dog official” that they usually called “official” had become the beloved official of the war.

In this regard, Lu Wu only wanted to say one thing-hypocrite!

However, after investigating the situation at the quilun sea, Lu Wu also had the idea of getting the players from the other three servers to join.

This was because the players from the Chinese and European servers would not be able to eat such a huge cake.

Many of these heavenly spirit level ferocious beasts had lived in the yellow spring sea for a long time. They were all extremely powerful. Even with the combined strength of the five great servers, it would be difficult for them to eat this cake.

It would be a complete waste of resources if they only relied on the central and European servers.

After some hesitation, Lu Wu still chose to start the event.

At this moment, the game prompt sounded in the minds of all the players:

[Server announcement, the cross-server fishing competition has begun. During the battle for the ruler of the quilong sea, all the fish caught by players will be counted as points, and the rewards will be distributed according to the server’s ranking!]

The scores are as follows:

[Ordinary fish: 5 points]

[Spiritual fish: 50 points

[Spiritual sea fish: 500 points]

[Spiritual fish: 5000 points]

[Sky-spirit fish: 50000 points]

At this stage, the rankings of the major servers are as follows:

[Northern divergent camp: 0 points]

[Cang Xu camp: 0 points]

[Hell faction: 0 points]

[Demon Phoenix Camp: 0 points]

[Tribe camp: 0 points]


As the game prompt sounded, other than the Western and central servers, the players from the other servers heard the teleportation prompt in their minds.

This teleportation was different from the previous ones. There was no time limit.

In other words, as long as he was online, he could click on the teleportation function at any time.

At this moment, the players of the other three servers were also excited.

They had thought that the dog officials, who had not given any feedback, would ignore them, but they did not expect that they would start an event quietly.

As a result, a large number of players from other servers teleported to the sea of quilong.

At this moment, the kui Dragon Sea area was completely lively.

As many players who came from other servers did not even buy fishing gear when they came, they were suddenly in a dilemma when they saw the dense fish on the sea.

As a result, an amazing operation appeared.

The voice channels of all the major servers were in an uproar.

“Look, the hell server is cheating again. This time, they blew up the fish. Is this fishing? this is against the rules, right? Does it count as activity points?”

“Fishing? We don’t even have any fishing gear, how can we fish? brother, go into the sea, Let’s Fish. Only Fools will fish!”

“Bastard, this fish bit my bait. You want to snatch this?”

“Xxx, I’m snatching it from you. Go to hell!”

“I’m not F * cking fishing anymore. Brothers, coordinates XXX.XXX, those non-tribal chiefs are playing tricks, I’m going to kill them!”

“F * ck, I caught a heavenly spirit level sea …”

“It’s flying! I’ve got two spiritual sea fish! It’s really a gold mine! Crayon Shinchan didn’t lie to me!”

“Is there any brother who can come and help me? the idiot in the hell suit flying a plane above my head keeps blowing up fish near me, how am I supposed to catch them? get a mage to help me, get an elemental turret and shoot him down!”

“I just saw an unlucky person with a hook jumping into the mouth of a heavenly spirit-level sea fish. Does he think that hanging a hook in the mouth of a fish will give him activity points? he’s a talent!”

“Where’s the combat assistant in the team? hurry up and provide ammunition support. We’re out of stock. The fried fish is so F * cking cool!”

“Your combat assistant was eaten by the fish. Oh right, I’m in the fish’s stomach now. I’ll send you one last message. The mech is melting. Bye, see you in three hours!”


At this moment, demons were dancing in the kui Dragon Sea.

According to the tradition of the sea, this was supposed to be an extremely serious and brutal battle to determine the final King.

But this was an accident.

The players who had arrived completely broke the rules between them and continued to play tricks.

It was impossible to have a good fight at this moment.

In the end, the “heavenly spirit-level” beasts, who could no longer bear it, United and began to slaughter the player group.

However, the players were still very happy. They continued to farm points and carry bricks while bickering with each other.

He was so high!

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