Chapter 657: The netherworld sea god isn’t going to do anything?

With the arrival of the players, the style of the battle for the supremacy of the kui Dragon Sea had completely changed.

Under normal circumstances, the sea that was being fought over would be divided into countless small battlefields. Then, the participants would expand their territory bit by bit and fight their way to the center of the sea from all directions to make the final decision.

This process was very brutal. Basically, the sea monsters that came were already prepared to face death.

But with the arrival of the players, everything changed.

It was even more impossible for him to fight properly.

The world was big, but fishing and carrying bricks were the most important things for the players!

In the beginning, the players from the central and European servers were still fishing for points, but as the players from the hell server and the other three servers arrived, they stopped fishing.

In their opinion, the players from hell and other servers were too damn hateful.

For example, when a few players were fishing in a small boat, the players from the hellish server would fly in a plane above them and drop bombs to blow up the fish.

There were even some hell server players who took out their newly developed ‘plasma cannons’ and began to electrocute the fish fearlessly.

The other two servers were not any better.

The non-server and Asian players who came in a hurry jumped into the sea to catch fish and even started to fish with the net as they did not prepare any tools such as fishing rods.

This gaze interfered with the normal fishing experience of the players from the Chinese and European servers.

As a result, a war was inevitable.

Players from all the major servers once again began their daily bickering.

They only had one thought in mind, as long as it was not from our server, they would all die!

At the same time, the ocean beasts, who had reached their breaking point, began to attack the players.

The scene suddenly became even more chaotic.

Shouts, roars, curses, explosions … The quilong territorial waters were in complete chaos at this moment.

The forces of the kui Dragon Sea who were hiding on the island and observing the situation were also completely dumbfounded.

In the eyes of these forces of the kui Dragon Sea, the fight for the position of sea Overlord was a very serious battle for supremacy. The winner would also obtain this Sea area and start a new chapter in this Sea area.

However, the players ‘participation made the war impossible to continue.

As for the sea beasts that were participating in the battle, they were also extremely helpless.

It wasn’t easy for me to get such an opportunity. Why is it so difficult to fight?

When he thought of those dark-skinned guys who had been trying to get in their way, he couldn’t help but get angry.

“Kill! All of you, die!”

At that moment, sea beast Meng went crazy and danced with the players.

This battle could not be stopped from the beginning, and it continued to fight until midnight.

Under the bright moonlight, the chaotic battle continued.

The sea monsters fought the players, the players fought the sea monsters, the players supported the players, and the sea monsters fought the sea monsters. In the end, the sea monsters were so bloodshot that they couldn’t even distinguish between friend and foe.

In the end, an old sea beast made a suggestion. It hoped that all the competitors for the hegemony of the sea region would unite for the time being and get rid of all these creatures of unknown origin before starting the final battle.

Under normal circumstances, the proud sky spirit fish would not listen to anyone’s orders.

But this time, they chose to cooperate with the players.

This was something that had never happened before in the history of the sea Overlord Battles.

For the first time, these sea beasts who had been fighting for themselves had started to cooperate against the enemy together.

It could be said that other than the player clans, no other power had ever achieved this.


With the cooperation of these Holy Spirit fish, the pressure on the players suddenly increased.

But they were still very happy.

He still had to kill the players from the other servers and not let go of the fish he caught.

Although the players were no match for these sea monsters even if they worked together, they were persistent in their attacks.

After three hours, the resurrected players would immediately teleport back to the quilun sea and continue to cause trouble! Causing trouble! Causing trouble!

The night passed by quickly …

The sea beasts who had joined forces sadly found that they couldn’t kill all these silly creatures.

After clearing one batch, another one came, and it was endless.

What was even more unbearable to the sea beasts was that these creatures liked to lean on them, especially the greed in their eyes when they looked at them … Did they not look scary enough?

The Furious sea beasts were unwilling to give up and started killing again! Kill! Kill!

This killing continued for another day.

His physical strength was rapidly consumed in such an intense battle.

If it was a normal sea battle, these heavenly spirit-level sea beasts would have many ways to recover their strength.

One of them was to devour the opponent and quickly digest it, then obtain nutrients.

However, this skill didn’t exist for the players. They would turn into black mist and dissipate upon death, so how could they be used as nutrients?

Many of the heavenly spirit-level sea beasts thought that there was something wrong with their bodies.

It had devoured tens of thousands of lives, but not only did it not absorb any nutrients, it did not even feel full …

He must have eaten a fake creature …

The battle lasted for two whole days. The heavenly spirit-level sea beasts had enough, and they looked dispirited.

They seemed to know that they couldn’t kill all the players, so when they killed the players, they were extremely perfunctory and had a look of disdain.

As the saying goes, one’s energy will be exhausted after the second and the third. The beasts in the sea were in such a state at the moment.

In the beginning, they were so angry that they planned to kill all the players in the sea before starting the battle between them. However, after several attempts, they became extremely tired.

This was because no matter how much he killed, he could not see the end. There was no point in continuing to kill without any purpose.

The players made the sea monsters feel defeated.

Next, the players showed the sea monsters what it meant to go overboard.

As soon as they stopped killing, the number of players in the quilun sea began to increase rapidly …

In the face of such a situation, the sea beasts completely gave up on themselves.

After another day of struggling, the sea beasts finally chose to compromise helplessly. They were prepared to wait for the chaos in the sea to end before starting the competition for hegemony.

At that moment, the players had successfully foiled this extremely serious sea war.

Seeing the heavenly spirit-tier beast leading its subordinate fish away, the players were all very sad.

Because the gold mine was gone.

It was hard for them to accept that such a good opportunity to carry bricks had ended in just three days.

Although it was a pity, the players were unwilling to stay in these waters any longer since there were no more fish. They began to return to their own places.


After a day or so, the sea monsters that were secretly observing the situation in the kuiron Sea region noticed the players ‘departure.

At this moment, their desire to become the Overlord of the sea was reignited.

Without any hesitation, they gathered again.

The bloody battle seemed to be about to start again …

However, things were not as simple as they thought.

The battle for the sea’s Overlord had begun again. The players who had received the news were like cats that had smelled fish. They rushed to the battlefield decisively and were ready to make money.

The player thought, come on! Let’s be happy together!

The sea beasts thought, happy your head! Get lost, quickly get lost!


A mental blow was far more torturous than a physical injury.

And the players were the experts at mental attacks.

Although they only wanted to move bricks to make money and had no other thoughts, their actions made these sea monsters feel extremely uncomfortable.

The players ‘greedy eyes seemed to be constantly hinting to them that they were not allowed to fight, they could only fight me!

This was unreasonable! Is the yellow spring sea god not going to come out and do something? The beasts in the sea were extremely sad and angry.

The newly-initiated battle for the Overlord ended in less than a day. After suffering a loss, the heavenly spirit-tier sea monsters were too lazy to even attack the players. They could not kill them all anyway, and they even cast disdainful looks at the players.

As the number of players continued to increase in the kuiron Sea region, the sea beasts did not hesitate this time. They decisively chose to retreat. There was no need for them to inform each other, and their actions were Swift and decisive.

If he couldn’t afford to offend them, then he would hide!

This made the players from the five servers extremely depressed, because this gold brick-moving event ended in a day, which was three times shorter than the previous one.

The unwilling players put away their warships and secretly stationed themselves on the nearby islands, waiting for the next wave of the battle for the sea supremacy.

There was at least one thing they could be sure of.

Since the event given by the officials had not ended, it meant that the ‘gold mine’ could still be moved.

However, this time, the sea beasts were extremely vigilant. They observed the quilong sea for half a month and even swam towards the border a few times.

After confirming that the players had really left, they immediately rushed into the quilun sea with ferocious expressions, ready to fight again.

However, when they each occupied an area and had not started fighting, the players who had been lurking for a long time jumped out from the nearby islands.

The players,”coming, bro!”

The sea beasts were speechless.


Many of the sea monsters who were initially full of ambition and were even willing to sacrifice their lives to become stronger had completely collapsed.

Hit your mother! Whoever wants to be the Overlord of the sea can do it, I’m not going to accompany you!

You guys are awesome! If you guys don’t leave, I’ll leave!

The sea monsters, who had a mental breakdown, didn’t have any thoughts of continuing to fight. This time, they didn’t even need to fight.

He saw the players coming from the nearby islands.

They exchanged glances with the players, and they could roughly understand what each other wanted to do from their eyes and movements.

At this moment, there were only two words in the hearts of the sea beasts: I’m leaving!


The first battle lasted for three days, the second one lasted for one day, and the third one, the battle of the seas, ended with just eye contact.

Seeing this scene, the players immediately started cursing.

He even wanted to question these heavenly spirit-level sea beasts.

Are you guys motivated? Do you have a dream? If he didn’t want to become a spirit of the sea and became the Overlord of the sea, what was the difference between him and a salted fish?

If the heavenly spirit tier beasts heard this, they would definitely give the players an answer.

I’m a F * cking salted fish that doesn’t want to improve. Don’t stop me. I’m leaving today. I don’t want this broken sea area even if you give it to me!


Looking at the moving gold mines gradually moving away from their sight, the players beat their chests and stomped their feet, regretting that they had not made a profit.

As they thought of this, they picked up their weapons and began to beat up the players from other servers.

It’s all your fault, F * ck you! If it weren’t for you guys, I would’ve been rich!

And so, the war began, but this time it was a fight between players!