Chapter 661: An unexpected guest (thanks to the president of white-shirted Shuanghua y for her gift)

The death of four corpse Kings in a row attracted the attention of the demon succubus.

However, she only took a glance at the area where Liu Chan and the rest were. She then continued to pay attention to Hanba who was absorbing the evil God’s power.

At this moment, Liu Chan and the others took action.

There was only one way to remove the evil God’s restriction, and that was to destroy the formation.

At the current stage, they were well aware of their own side’s combat power. If they were to fight Hanba head-on, they would not have any chance of winning. Only the evil god had the ability to contain Hanba.

Therefore, the key was to release the evil god!

Under Liu Chan’s lead, the cheater team began to advance.

There was no doubt about the strength of the small team, and their multiple cooperation had made them very tacit, and their momentum was unstoppable.

However, the closer they got to the formation, the more they felt the pressure.

Not to mention the corpse race’s soldiers that surrounded them, there were even several corpse Kings standing guard in front of each formation’s caster. It was definitely not an easy task to break through.

Fortunately, Hu He had two early stage ghost emperor corpse spirits in his hands, which helped Liu Chan share a huge burden.

When they were about to touch the person who set up the array, Mei Luan turned to look at them again.

At this moment, she had no choice but to pay attention, because if she didn’t care about the fact that the person who set up the formation was likely to be killed by the players who broke out.

Thinking of this, the succubus looked down coldly and waved her hand. Suddenly, the mountain of corpses in the distance spewed out a dark red fog, which poured into the bodies of the corpse Kings below.

In a short time, the battle strength of this group of corpse Kings soared.

The pressure on Liu Chan and the others increased greatly, and they could no longer move forward, because breaking through by force would only lead to death.

“Yin Xiaoqi”, who was observing the battlefield from a distance, saw this scene and immediately said in the voice channel,”

“All players above level 180, head to coordinates 425.251 and help Liu Chan and the others break out of the siege!”

As soon as Yin Xiaoqi finished speaking, they arrived at the west side of the battlefield. Tang mu, who was controlling the flow of time to fight, looked solemn. He immediately gave up the movement of his hands and turned to look at the flow of time.

“Protect me, I need help!”

Time flow, who had already developed an initial intelligence, nodded obediently and came to Tang MU’s side. He looked vigilantly at the corpse soldiers around him.

At this moment, Tang mu waved his hand and pulled away the thousands of silk threads that were entangling the time stream, then turned around and threw them to the corpse soldiers around him.

The undead soldiers who were bound by the silk threads suddenly realized that they couldn’t move. Then, under the disbelieving gazes of the undead soldiers, they actually raised their weapons and slashed at their comrades.

As a puppeteer, Tang MU’s puppets were not limited to the flow of time. Anyone could be a puppet, including his opponent!

At this moment, the silk threads in his hand were pulled out one by one, capturing the undead soldiers of the enemy continuously. He brought the team and charged toward the area where Liu Chan and the others were.

On the east side of the battlefield, ye chen, who was squinting and aiming at his target, heard Yin Xiaoqi’s words. He immediately turned to look at his sister ye Xue ‘er not far away and said,”

“Big brother is going to help!”

“Hurry up and go help. I’ll stay here to lead the Guild!” Ye Xue ‘er kicked away a corpse clan’s warrior who was approaching and turned to ye chen, roaring.

Ye Chen’s expression turned serious when he heard that. The blue longbow in his hand transformed into a spear surrounded by lightning. He rushed out of the crowd and headed toward the coordinates.

Along the way, lightning and thunder swirled, and the occasional “random critical strike” couldn’t even be withstood by the ghost general-level undead warriors, and they were instantly electrocuted to ashes.

Ever since they had the Kalur sect’s clan weapon, the Kalan light.

The weapon would no longer limit ye Chen’s performance. This special weapon that could transform into a myriad of forms allowed him to switch between melee and ranged combat at will.


In the middle of the battlefield.

“Brother, don’t move. This little monk will help you take this hit!”

“Brother, don’t be afraid. I’ll take This Hammer!”

“Watch me fly and block the blade!”

Yuan Fang, who had no ability to deal damage, was now walking around the most intense area of the battle, blocking blades and taking damage for other players.

However, after receiving Yin Xiaoqi’s order, Yuan Fang subconsciously looked at his level and touched his bald head. A hint of embarrassment appeared on his face, but after thinking about it, he still ran towards the coordinates.

He blocked damage for other players along the way …

As the strongest tank in the entire server, this was the only thing that Yuan Fang could do.


Such situations were common on the battlefield. After hearing Yin Xiaoqi’s instructions, the players above level 180 rushed to the coordinates without any hesitation.

They had no doubt about Yin Xiaoqi’s judgment.

Yin Xiaoqi had already proven her ability in several battles.

At this moment, the cheater team that Liu Chan and the others were in was the key to piercing the array. They all understood how important it was.


Naturally, the succubus, who was floating in the air, saw the changes that happened in the battlefield.

At this moment, she suddenly turned her gaze to Yin Xiaoqi, who was also floating in the air and observing the battlefield in the distance. She immediately understood the reason for the changes in the battlefield.

The corners of Mei Luan’s mouth curled up. She slowly condensed a purple energy spear in her hand and threw it at Yin Xiaoqi’s area.

However, when the spear was halfway through, a burning arrow suddenly appeared below it.

With the cry of a bird, a burning Eagle appeared on the surface of the arrow and collided with the purple spear.

At the moment of collision, the arrow was shattered, but the purple Spear’s aim was also diverted, and it continued to move forward, barely brushing past Yin Xiaoqi.

Seeing that his attack was effective, mo Lingtian smiled from below. He immediately drew his bow and aimed at Mei Luan. After charging up his power, he shot out a flaming arrow.

Seeing that her attack was ineffective, Mei Luan was slightly surprised. She reached out and crushed the flaming arrow that was coming at her face. Then, she extended her right hand toward Yin Xiaoqi. As the purple mist appeared, she sensed Yin Xiaoqi’s soul fluctuations.

This was her talent, the power of soul Control.

Even though she was Hanba’s brother and sister, she possessed a power that was completely different from Hanba ‘s. This was also the reason why she was able to snatch Hanba’s soul fragment from the hands of the evil god.

As she clenched her right hand tightly, the soul power in her body trembled and was transmitted to Yin Xiaoqi in an instant.

Yin Xiaoqi felt a tightness in her chest, but this feeling disappeared in an instant.

Under the protection of the divine weapon, her soul was not destroyed, so she was not suppressed by the power that controlled her soul.

At this moment, Mei Luan’s face revealed an expression of disbelief.

The strength of Liu Chan and the others didn’t surprise her, but she couldn’t accept it at this moment.

This was because she had never made a mistake with this move, including when she massacred the netherworld race and fought against their strongest patriarch.

However, it had failed at this moment.

Her eyes flickered with uncertainty as she realized that the situation was beyond her imagination.

However, it was definitely not that easy to destroy the formation!

Thinking of this, Mei Luan turned her head to look at the mountain of corpses. She waved her hand, and the entire mountain of corpses turned into a dark red mist, swarming toward the Warriors of the corpse clan.

“Roar!” A large number of corpse race’s soldiers below roared towards the sky. Their skin turned Scarlet, and each of them looked like a demon. Their faces became ferocious, and their strength was greatly increased.

Under such circumstances, Liu Chan and the others went from breaking out of the encirclement to resisting. They could only retreat, let alone advance.

“F * ck, the undead have gone crazy. They’re almost out of healing. Boss Liu Chan, try not to get hurt!” The young paparazzo in the team was sweating profusely as he shouted on the voice channel.

“Do you think I want to get hurt? I can’t take it anymore!” Liu Chan couldn’t help but roar.

“The meat shield is here, catch!” At this moment, a figure ran over from the distance.

Seeing this, Liu Chan’s eyes brightened. He caught Yuan Fang with great familiarity, then grabbed her legs and began to wave her,”

“F * ck you, come on, continue attacking!”

At this moment, Yuan Fang, who was being used as a weapon, felt the sky and earth spinning. His bright and shiny head made a “Dong Dong” sound as it collided with the metal.

“Boss Liu Chan, slow down, I want to vomit …”

“Hold it in. This is a life and death moment. Don’t tell me about this sh * t!” As he said that, Liu Chan waved even more vigorously.

“Blargh …” Yuan Fang said.

At this moment, Yuan Fang was in extreme pain. However, when he saw the God art proficiency on his interface growing bit by bit, he instantly had motivation again.

“Let the storm come even more violently!”

However, Liu Chan alone was not enough to stop the corpse soldiers that were coming from all directions.

Everyone present had the combat power of an early-stage ghost king, but it was still difficult to resist against more ghost king realm Masters in their berserk state.

The first one to die was Gu Yu. He was pounced on by a corpse King in the gap between the skill’s release. By the time Liu Chan and the others reacted, it was already too late to save him. Gu Yu was killed on the spot by the corpse Kings.

Fortunately, he had the soul praying wine on him at all times.

Under the disbelieving gazes of the corpse soldiers around him, Gu Yu resurrected on the spot with full health. He glared at the corpse King that had just pounced on him, bringing him extreme negative emotions …

“Boss Liu, you guys retreat first. The main forces of the undead race on the battlefield are now converging on you. Change the direction of the attack!” Yin Xiaoqi’s voice was heard in the team voice channel of Liu Chan and the others.

“Alright!” Liu Chan immediately responded, then turned around and roared,”

“Ao Jian, I’ll bring up the rear. We’ll break out from another direction!”

Hearing this, ao Jian didn’t reply. He immediately turned around and formed a sword seal. The nine spiritual swords floating in front of him suddenly shot out and began to clear the corpse race soldiers that were pouncing at him.

Mei Luan, who was watching from above, smiled and said,”

“Array controllers, Feng three, six, and nine, go and cut off their retreat!”

Upon hearing Mei Luan’s command, the array Masters at the third, sixth, and ninth positions of the array waved their hands and dispersed a portion of the corpse Qi chains on the evil god. They then controlled the chains to fly out of the array and behind Liu Chan and the others.

Under the gloomy gazes of Liu Chan and the others, hundreds of mist chains stabbed into the ground behind them, blocking their way.

At this moment, the corners of Mei Luan’s mouth curled up.

At this time, the evil god was much weaker, and even if she lost a few sealing chains, it did not seem to matter to her.

This time, not only was she going to destroy the evil god, but she was also going to destroy the backbone of the players ‘families!

With no way to retreat, Liu Chan and the others gave up the idea of retreating.

“Come, come, come. It’s time to fight for your life. Have you guys bought the nutrient solution?” Liu Chan turned to look at Gu Yu and the others and asked.

“I bought three months worth. I can live!” Yuan Fang said with a pale face.

“Three months ‘worth of pills a year is enough!” Gou ‘Zi grinned.

“Around 30 years, but the shelf life is only two years …” Gu Yu said faintly.

Everyone was speechless.

“Then we’ll kill them. See you in three hours. Kill as many as you can now!” Liu Chan roared and smashed the square at the undead warrior. He then clenched his fists and prepared for a bloody battle.

At this moment, Liu Chan gave up on defense and prepared to lead everyone to attack.

At this moment, a deafening Dragon’s Roar came from the distance, attracting the attention of everyone on the battlefield.

Everyone turned their heads to the North.

A huge black Dragon flapped its wings as it approached, and on its back was the number one meat shield of the European server, Rheinhardt.

As the Black Dragon flew past the gap in the ice Mountain of the Arctic abyss, a dense number of figures appeared behind it.

“As expected, there’s meat to be eaten following the central server. Last time, they moved the gold mine in the kui Dragon Sea, and this time, they want to eat it all for themselves. Shameless!”

“Kill them all! We’ll get all the experience points and soul coins if we kill all of them! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”