Chapter 663: The evil god that lost control

The arrival of the players from the European server gave the players from the Chinese server a huge boost.

With the advantage and disadvantage switched, the players exploded with unimaginable combat power, and the Army of players began to advance.

For experience, for soul coins, and for the evil god.

This situation had exceeded Mei Luan’s expectations, but it was difficult for her to change the situation.

Facing Hakkar’s close-range attacks, she was having a hard time.

Having just advanced to demigod-level, she could only choose to Dodge the claws of the Furious nether Dragon Hakkar. She did not dare to fight it head-on. Her body shuttled back and forth in the air, and it was impossible for her to escape.

“Shadow Charge!” At this time, Lionheart, who was sitting on Hakkar’s back, suddenly activated his ability. A Dragon’s Shadow appeared on Hakkar’s body and then the Dragon’s Shadow left his body and slammed into the succubus, who had just dodged Hakkar’s claws.

“BOOM!” Mei Luan was hit instantly. She couldn’t help but cough out blood. Her body stopped in the air and trembled.

At the sight of this, Reinhardt clenched his fists in excitement.

As a Dark Knight, the stronger the abilities of his Mount, the greater the increase in his abilities.

The “Shadow Charge” required a Mount to be the source of power. Hakkar had demigod-level combat strength, so this attack was unimaginably powerful. It injured Mei Luan, who was also a demigod.

“Hakkar, grab this chance and shoot her down!”

“You’re so noisy, bastard!” Hakkar roared impatiently and pounced on Meimei.

However, just as the attack was about to hit Mei Luan, she suddenly turned into an illusion and dodged the attack.

“Stupid Dragon, you’ve missed your chance!” Seeing this scene, Lionheart couldn’t help but blame.

“Idiot, you’re riding me and still have a mouth full of obscenities. I should have swallowed you back then!”

“Shut up, I’m your master. If you don’t listen to me, I’ll punish you with ten sets of push-ups (10000 times per set).”

Hakkar was speechless.

Hakkar cursed in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say it out loud. He could only follow Lionheart’s orders and continue to chase after the demon.

After taking damage, Mei Luan’s speed became slower and slower, and the pressure on her to fight Hakkar in close combat increased.

However, she still didn’t give up. After dodging the bite again, she stabilized her body and let out a sharp whistle. Suddenly, a purple mist appeared on the surface of her body and spread wildly.

At this moment, Hakkar clutched its head again and let out a painful roar.”

“Broad head pain, broad head pain!”

Seeing this, Lionheart immediately patted Hakkar on the back and activated pain sharing.

Although the divine weapon of war shielded the damage on the soul, it couldn’t shield the damage on the spiritual level. The huge pain made the veins on Lionheart’s forehead pop out, and his face became ferocious.

“Stupid Dragon, hold on! Devour it!”

“Roar!” Hakkar endured the pain, turned around, and pounced on the howling succubus again.

When the demon saw this, she immediately stopped screeching and dodged to the side. Lionheart decisively caught the demon’s movement trajectory and immediately used “shadow impact” to hit the predicted area.


Mei Luan coughed out blood again. Her face turned pale and her body trembled.

“Hehe, keep running!” Seeing that the attack was effective, Lionheart was all smiles.

Mei Luan’s expression was gloomy. She did not speak. She turned her head and looked at Hanba who was devouring the evil god. Her eyes were filled with determination.

“I’ll protect brother!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Mei Luan’s pupils turned purple, and her body burned.

Burning her soul, Mei Luan made her choice.


With a long cry, the purple mist spread out with her as the center, covering half of the battlefield.

At that moment, Hakkar, who was in the center of the area, suddenly fell from the sky.

A large number of players below were also hit by this ‘mental shock’. Caught off guard, they all subconsciously covered their heads and began to roll around.

“Broad head pain, broad head pain!”


As her soul continued to burn, blood seeped out of Mephistopheles ‘eyes, but she did not stop screaming. Half of the battlefield was under her control.

This time, Mei Luan was determined.

Before her death, the image of her brother Hanba carrying her on his back, struggling to hold on in the snow constantly appeared in her mind.

You’ve never abandoned me …

“Big brother … I’ll protect you this time. Even if your opponent is a God, I’ll kill him!”

At this moment, Mei Luan turned into a Purple Sun. Purple light covered the earth as she flew toward the evil god in the array.

“Ya!” The shrieks grew stronger as their souls burned. Even though the players had blocked their sense of pain, their trembling bodies were still unable to move. They could only lie on the ground and watch as the succubus charged at the evil god.

The moment the succubus’s body came into contact with the evil god, the evil God’s body burst into purple flames. The impact on the soul and spirit instantly broke through the evil God’s soul defense and surged into the depths of the evil God’s soul.

The evil god let out a painful roar.

The succubus’s soul had also left her body at this moment. She charged into the depths of the evil God’s soul with the conviction that she was going to die. She wanted to die with him.

After breaking through the layers of soul spirit defenses, Mei Luan arrived in front of a burning pupil-shaped divine seal and pounced on it without hesitation.

As long as her brother was alive, it was fine …

That was Mei Chen’s last thought. Then, she closed her eyes.

However, the moment it came into contact with the evil God’s divine seal, the flames on the surface of Mei Luan’s soul suddenly extinguished.

At that moment, Mei Luan saw an image.

An indomitable, unimaginably huge, broken body of an ancient God stood on the earth.

The scene continued to progress. The body stood there for an unknown amount of time before it slowly fell down. At this moment, the world changed, and the ancient God’s body began to transform rapidly.

Mountains, rivers, flowers, and trees … Countless new lives were born in his body and continued to multiply, giving birth to many races. Later on, there were even more living beings who attained Dao and became gods in his body, entering the yin God roll.

After continuous evolution, this body finally turned into the number one domain in the netherworld: The great domain of hell!

The ancient gods who had comprehended the spell from his body called it the “path of hell” and passed down a taboo to their descendants. It was a legend about a burning pupil divine seal …

These ancient gods all clearly knew that the God who had created the great domain of hell would return sooner or later.

Even if his soul was shattered, his divine seal would not be destroyed. He would return on the path of reincarnation!

This ancient God was publicly acknowledged as the only Godking in the great domain of hell, Ksitigarbha.

Mei Luan’s soul could not stop trembling. At this moment, she knew who her brother had offended.

It was a king who had reincarnated.

It was impossible for her soul to withstand the divine seal.

At this moment, countless negative emotion laws rushed out of the burning divine seal and wrapped around Mei Luan’s soul.

Mei Luan let out a painful roar, but it was to no avail. In the face of the power of the law, she was completely immersed. She could not escape, nor could she resist.


The divine seal trembled, and Mei Luan’s soul was ejected from the depths of the evil God’s soul, flying back into her own body.

“Bang!” The moment Mei Luan’s soul fused with her body, her body instantly shattered, leaving only her soul that was still trembling in pain.

The evil god also opened its Scarlet eyes at this moment, and the negative emotions in its eyes gushed out, causing all the people who set up the array to be stunned on the spot. Their bodies began to tremble, and tears could not stop flowing.

The power of negative emotions completely erupted.

The evil god lost control once again and transformed into the appearance he had when he was chasing after Hanba in the early days.

In Lu Wu’s previous life, the results of Bei Li God’s long years of suppression and erosion had disappeared at this moment.

At this moment, he was the real evil god. There was only evil and endless killing in the depths of his heart.

“Roar!” A roar rang out, and the divine seal on the evil God’s forehead instantly flickered with a dazzling light. The bodies of the people who had set up the array around him collapsed in an instant.

At this moment, the evil god punched Hanba who was in front of him and sent him flying. He stood up.

The seal chain broke apart inch by inch at this moment. The evil god had completely liberated himself and was out of all control.

Then, he cast his gaze towards Hanba who fell onto the ground with a loud crash.

Even though he had lost his consciousness, the hatred he had for Hanba in the depths of his heart had never faded. Hence, Hanba became his first target to vent his power.

Blood-colored fist imprints filled the heaven and earth at this moment. Hanba’s body was fixed on the spot, and he was constantly enduring the violent bombardment of the evil god.

Blood mist emerged continuously. Hanba’s body collapsed bit by bit, turning into blood mist that scattered between heaven and earth.

After losing control, the evil God’s power was greatly enhanced. Hanba was unable to resist at all. His body was finally completely dispersed, leaving only his soul.

At this time, the evil God’s Scarlet eyes looked at the undead army and the players below.

All the players were speechless.

Just as the evil god was about to attack, a brass bell fell from the sky and suppressed the evil god, locking him in place.

The angry evil god immediately began to hit the Golden Bell, making a loud “Dong Dong” sound. However, the brass bell did not move. No matter how the evil god attacked, it was to no avail.

“Seal!” With a long sigh, the Golden Bell suddenly shrank, and the body that was pressing down on the evil god shrank little by little.

In the end, the evil God’s body became only a little more than ten meters tall. At the same time, the burning deity print on his forehead also disappeared bit by bit. Finally, he passed out.

After that, the brass bell suddenly disappeared, as if it had never appeared.

The sudden death of Hanba and Mephistopheles was apparently not expected by the corpse race’s soldiers below.

At this moment, they were completely flustered.

They weren’t afraid of death, but they couldn’t lose the demon Phoenix.

At this moment, the undead soldiers were awakened from their berserk state.

However, what they were greeted with was the merciless slaughter of the players.

Although they didn’t know what had just happened, the players knew that they couldn’t give the undead a chance to breathe.

He would destroy them in one go without any pity.

From the only surviving member of the netherworld race, you Heng, the players understood the history of the senluo great domain and the rules of survival in this world.

The corpse race ended the netherworld race’s history and opened up a chapter that belonged to them.

At this moment, the players would end the history of the undead race and start their journey.

This game was named “war”. War was the main theme, and that had never changed!

At this moment, the players from both the Chinese and European servers pushed the war to the end of the undead’s history.

Right or wrong was no longer important at this moment. All he had to do was to kill the enemy in front of him and pave a future for this road of conquest …