Chapter 665: The truth behind it

The battle in the senluo region came to an end with the sudden appearance of the demonic ape Army.

Even though the players fought with all their might, their strength was not on the same level. Hence, the players from both servers lost in the end.

However, even without the players, the undead’s fate could not be changed.

What welcomed them was the bloody massacre of the demonic ape Army. They treated all the corpse race soldiers as food and devoured them mercilessly, reaping the last hope of the corpse race.

After this battle, the history of the corpse clan in the senluo great domain came to an end, and the few members of the corpse clan who were lucky enough to escape couldn’t become powerful.

The only thing that these members of the corpse race could do was to travel far away and leave this troublesome place. They would head to the uncertain outside world and seek a chance of survival.

Perhaps they would all die on the long journey, or they might change their race’s name in a new region and lay low for a period of time before rising again, writing a new glory …

The history of the senluo region had ended and turned to a new page.

The wheels of history rolled on, mercilessly crushing this part of the road and rolling towards a new chapter …


Even though they had gained a lot from this battle, the players from the central and European servers were still dissatisfied.

The players from the European server, in particular, felt that their gains from this battle were too small.

This was because other than a small number of players who mixed with the central server, most of the players from the European server did not get any benefits at all except for experience and soul coins.

The players from the European server might feel helpless against the players from the Chinese server who were also immortal, but they would not give in to the forces outside. They all expressed that they would get their revenge.

It was the same for the players in the mid-server.

They had been fighting for more than three years. Although they had suffered many setbacks along the way, any setback would become insignificant as they grew. This time, the sudden arrival of the monster ape Army was also the same. It was considered a hurdle on the road to war by the players.

Since the hatred had been formed, the players began to study how to take revenge.

To the players, revenge was no small matter.

That was because the players ‘characteristics were as such. The summary was as follows:

One, take life and death lightly and fight if you’re not convinced!

Second, I only want to kill you all, or be killed by you all!

Third, what others have is mine, and what is mine is still mine!

4. I’m not targeting anyone. I’m saying that my opponents are all trash!

5. When we go crazy, we even hit our own people …

6. If there’s a grudge, we usually take revenge on the spot. If it doesn’t work … I still want to take revenge on the spot!

7. There is no problem that can not be solved after three hours. If there is, then add another three hours, or an unlimited number of + three hours!

Twenty …


This was the rule of survival for the players in this world.

However, since the monster ape Army had come through a spatial tunnel, the players had no idea how to find them at this stage.

However, this wasn’t a problem for the players.

Both the central and European servers had their own main city Library, which was the best place for them to search for information.

That was the truth. Part of the knowledge in Bei Li’s mind and the information from the netherworld that the divine weapon had discovered were all made into books and stored in the main city Libraries of various servers. The content covered a wide range, from history to single skills.

Due to this reason, many players sought help from the library when they encountered a problem they could not solve.

There was even a small portion of players who were attracted by the vast amount of information in the library, spending all their time in the library, hoping to learn all the history and knowledge there.

This time, due to the demonic apes, a large number of players went to the library and began to read the information in this area, wanting to understand the history of the demonic apes.

In the search, the players really found information about the monster ape clan.

Then, the players set up a discussion group on the forum and began to share the information they knew. Finally, they compiled it into a strategy guide and posted it on the official website.

[As expected, the information on the demonic ape clan you wanted is here!]

Op,[broke through ten thousand books]

[Content: the major guilds have entrusted us with the task of looking up information on the demonic ape tribe. This time, we have completed the task. We have compiled the history and evolution process of the demonic ape tribe and shot a video to explain it.]

(Attachment: part of the history of the demonic ape clan)

Now, I would like to thank the players who have worked hard to read this information. The list is as follows (300 players)

[Little twin-leaf]

Su ran


It was because the players treated war as a Second World that they had people in every industry.

This time, with the enthusiastic help of a player who was determined to complete the “war expedition history Encyclopedia”, many players responded to the call and quickly found the information about the demonic ape race that the majority of players wanted.

This post quickly became a hot topic and solved the confusion in the hearts of many players.

From the explanation video of the post, they learned that the ‘devil ape clan’ came from the great domain of hell, and they also learned the story of the corpse clan from its peak to its desolation, and finally, it was quickly exterminated by the venerable devil ape, and its clansmen began to wander.

From this, he understood why the corpse race had been hiding in the senluo great domain and only rose up now even though they had such great potential.

The whole story was interconnected, and the extension also made the players understand the root of the resentment between the evil god and Hanba.

It turned out that the corpse clan had always been carrying the curse of the venerable devil ape. The reason why Hanba went on a killing spree was only to gather the ‘blood source’ and break the curse on his sister.

However, when he massacred the evil God’s family, it was destined that the enmity between him and the evil god would continue.

Just like what a player had said, there must be a reason for the plot development of war. It was just that you couldn’t see the story behind it.

This post provided a very good explanation of the relevant knowledge. While it received a lot of tips, many players sincerely expressed their gratitude at the bottom of the post.

Crayon Shin-chan: “that’s amazing. I’ve also been flipping through the library for three days, but I didn’t find anything. The main reason is that there are too many books. As expected, we need a professional historical expedition team. From now on, I’ll confer you the title of ‘reading more than 10000 books’ as the team leader of the historical expedition team.”(Funny)

[The strongest Xue Li: thank you, op. Thank you for your selfless contributions. I love you (QiuQiu gives you a thumbs up.jpg)]

Romance under the starry sky: “thank you, op. Good intentions lead a peaceful life. I don’t know why I suddenly feel sympathy for Hanba after listening to your explanation. He was wrong, but he was not wrong either. Everything he did was for the sake of his beloved sister’s survival.” If you had the power, but you could only save your sister through killing, would you kill? These people with flesh and blood make me feel that they are too real! It’s all the F * cking official game company’s fault. A game is a game, why do you have to depict the story behind every character?(dog grinding its teeth.jpg)

The bald loli: “after watching the video, I would like to say that all the mistakes should be blamed on the venerable devil ape. They had already killed all of them. Why did they still curse the corpse clan? this caused Hanba to kill too many people in order to break his sister’s curse.” This was too much of venerable devil ape!

Peppa the wild boar replied to the bald loli,[you’re wrong. If we were the venerable of the demonic ape, would we kill a hostile race with great potential?] Or give them a chance to rise again and take revenge? I think most people would do that! The corpse race was slaughtering people in the senluo great domain. Did the races in the great domain deserve to die? It had nothing to do with right or wrong, it was just a standpoint! Of course, I can tell from your ID that you’re still young. You’ll understand when you grow up!

[A big wolfdog: this twisted world needs us to correct it. Only we can save this world and let them live happily like copper pendants!]

The stone-piercing water droplet: “the road to war is long. Let’s move forward hand in hand, brothers!”

[Invincible loneliness: thank you, op, for letting me understand the story behind the evil god and Hanba. As expected, there is a reason for it. (Tip 1000 soul coins)]

President of the demolition office: “op, you’re a good person. I look forward to the history of the war that you’ve compiled … I hope that I can see it in my lifetime. If it doesn’t work, let my children burn it for me (funny)(tip 1000 soul coins)”

[Ye Xue ‘er is the cutest: thank you for sharing your historical stories. It’s very useful. The sense of immersion in the game is great (1000 soul coins rewarded)]

Broken Sword: “but I have a question. The venerable devil ape came here by tearing space. How long will we have to wait for revenge? after all, we don’t have the ability to tear space now (Sea King’s dumbfounded face)(reward: 10 soul coins)”

[Crayon Shinchan: haven’t you realized something?] Venerable devil ape came from the great domain of hell, so wasn’t that the territory of the hell server’s sons? [I’ve learned about the blue Valley ruins that the hell server’s players have occupied. It’s in the Third World of hell, only three times the size of Beiqi from the Second World. It’s not too far away, but it seems like this bunch of trash can’t even get out of the blue Valley ruins. There’s no hope in relying on them.]

Cake man (hell) replied to crayon Shin: It’s one thing for you to stir up trouble in the hell server forum, but you’re even secretly calling us trash behind our backs. I hope to see the day when you’re found as soon as possible (bloody knife.jpg)

Book breaks ten thousand scrolls (op): actually, I’ve already done some research on this. What you might not know is that there’s a dungeon that leads to the hell region at the dungeon transfer point in underworld city. However, the location is in the first region of the hell region. It’s a chaotic area with no factions and no resources. If you really want to take revenge on venerable devil ape, form a team. If you fight all the way to the end, you’ll reach the second region, which is the territory of venerable devil ape. (Copper arms akimbo.jpg)

Tairo suikako replied,”That’s awesome! I’ve found the area where equipment is refreshed. When I reach level 200, I’ll rely on these monster apes to get a new set of equipment. I’ve just passed the late-stage ghost Governor trial. I’m going to start breaking through to ghost general.


Lu Wu saw the discussion of the players on the forum.

At this moment, he was very gratified.

There was no template for growth, and there were no restrictions on freedom. The potential of the players exceeded his expectations time and time again.

This time, he didn’t even need to offer help. The players could find the enemy based on information and their own deductions, and come up with a way to go.

At that moment, Lu Wuxin sighed in his heart and subconsciously rubbed little Bei Li’s head.

He looked down from above the divine artifact.

The story of the players continued. Although the war was the main theme, the accompaniment was equally important.

As for the lifestyle players, adventure players, and even players who wanted to write the history of the war in the library, they were just accompaniment.

With their presence, this song of war would be perfect, and the main melody would be even more moving.

They relied on each other and were indispensable to each other.