Chapter 669: Mental attack

Seeing Gou ‘Zi suddenly being swallowed by the soul devouring beast, the expressions of Gu Yu and the others became extremely interesting.

This was clearly beyond everyone’s expectations.

Originally, everyone thought that the soul devouring beast looked harmless and even a little cute. Moreover, it didn’t have any tendency to attack, so they didn’t take it seriously.

But he didn’t expect the soul devouring beast to suddenly attack.

“Such a big dog … Is gone.” Xue Li asked in shock.

“Yes, it’s been eaten!” Gu Yu nodded at this moment.


Realizing the problem, everyone’s expression became very serious. They scattered and prepared for battle.

However, just as everyone was about to attack, the soul devouring beast’s expression suddenly changed. Its body expanded and its mouth opened wide.

“Peh … Peh Peh Peh!”

Under everyone’s stunned expressions, the dog, which was covered in mucus, was spat out by the soul devouring beast.

At this moment, the soul devouring beast spat three more mouthfuls of sticky liquid onto Gou ‘Zi’s body.

Soon after, to everyone’s confusion, the soul devouring beast suddenly shrank into a ball and bounced away into the distance, as if it no longer cared about the group.

“F * ck, that’s disgusting!!!” Gou ‘Zi reacted and let out a cry before walking towards the crowd.

Seeing this, everyone quickly retreated, afraid of being hit.

“Gou ‘Zi, what happened? Didn’t you get eaten?” At this moment, Gu Yu looked at Gou ‘Zi with a puzzled expression.

“I don’t know what’s going on either. After I was swallowed, my HP started to decrease rapidly. Then, the game prompted that my soul was being devoured, and then it showed that I was immune to devouring. Then, I was spat out!” As he spoke, Gou ‘Zi took out a bottle of mineral water from his space and started to wash his body with his back facing everyone.

“I think it’s not to its taste. Didn’t you see that it spat at you after spitting you out? it seemed to dislike you!” Seeing that Gou ‘Zi was fine, Wang Da mang couldn’t help but snicker.

The young paparazzo was speechless.

At this moment, Gou ‘Zi felt very sad. Why do I always have to encounter such unlucky things?

Looking at the direction where the soul devouring beast disappeared, Gou ‘Zi couldn’t help but bare his teeth.

I’ll remember this!

“Let’s go. Let’s keep moving forward. After we find the target, we’ll deal with it as soon as possible. Then, we’ll go in the direction of the demonic ape clan to investigate. Let’s not waste time.” Gu Yu said at this moment.

Gou ‘Zi nodded his head. After washing off all the sticky liquid, he shook his body and water splashed everywhere. Gou ‘Zi walked back to the team.


After this brief interlude, the group continued to move deeper into the forest.

However, everyone understood that the soul devouring beast was definitely not as simple as it looked.

On second thought, since the soul devouring beast could occupy half of the Second World of the hell path, how could it be a creature that only knew how to act cute?

Thus, as they continued to move forward, everyone became very vigilant.

However, as they walked, the team members suddenly felt that something was amiss.

It seemed like …… There were more and more members in the Guild!

“Stop for a moment. Everyone, pay attention to the team. Did someone sneak in?” The leader, Gu Yu, immediately turned around and spoke on the voice channel.

When everyone heard this, they immediately began to observe their surroundings.

Very quickly, everyone discovered the problem. At this time, there were actually a few guys who looked exactly the same in the team.

Faced with such a situation, everyone already had a guess in their hearts. They immediately activated their analysis ability.

Just as they had thought, there were more than ten soul devouring beasts in the team.

This time, the soul devouring beast wasn’t in Gou ‘Zi’s form, but a human form like them.

It’s so realistic!

Xue Li walked through the crowd and came to a soul devouring beast that looked exactly like her. She pinched her face.

At this time, Xue Li (fake) also turned his head to look at Xue Li. Then, to everyone’s surprise, he suddenly swallowed her.

This swallow seemed to be the bugle call for an attack. The surrounding soul devouring beasts all locked onto their changing targets and flew over to swallow them.

Gu Yu’s heart tightened and he immediately spoke on the voice channel,”

“Spread out and prepare for battle!”

Upon hearing Gu Yu’s command, everyone quickly spread out. The Knight players from the European server took the lead and charged at the soul devouring beast at close range. As their bodies glowed with black light, they crashed into the soul devouring beast at the side.

The battle started at once, and Gu Yu and the others also chose to attack without hesitation.

However, to everyone’s surprise, these soul devouring beasts didn’t choose to resist. Instead, they squatted on the ground with painful expressions and transformed back into their original soul devouring beast forms. Then, they spat out the players that were swallowed one after another, and finally jumped away with a look of disgust.

All the players were speechless.

At this moment, other than Gou ‘Zi who was laughing, everyone was dumbfounded. They didn’t understand why the soul devouring beast was doing this.

If you want to eat, then eat. After eating, you spit it out with a look of disgust. Who are you looking down on?

“I roughly understand!” Xue Li suddenly said.

“What’s going on?” Gu Yu and the others immediately turned to look at her.

“Soul devouring beast, literally, it should be a creature that devours souls. However, there is a very important setting in this game, that is, we players don’t have souls … It seems so, so All Soul-type attacks are ineffective against us. Just now, after I was devoured, the same game prompt appeared, so it should be that the soul devouring beast can’t eat souls, so it is not interested in us!”

Hearing these words, everyone pondered for a moment before revealing a look of realization.

This also explained why the soul devouring beast was so interested in them at first, but after devouring them, it looked disgusted. It was obviously because it couldn’t devour their souls!

“So we don’t have to worry about our safety?” Jason, who was in the team, asked curiously.

Xue Li nodded,”

“That seems to be the case. The soul devouring beast doesn’t like us at all. Even if we’re swallowed, with our current HP, we can hold on for a few seconds without a problem. After that, we just have to wait for it to spit us out!”

After hearing Xue Li’s analysis, the team suddenly became a little excited.

Ever since they had stepped into the Second World of the path of hell, their safety had been their biggest concern.

After all, if they died once and were sent back to Northern Qi or Cang Xu, they would have to spend more than ten days on the road to come back again. This was definitely a kind of torture. This was also the reason why they didn’t want to easily start a battle with the soul devouring beast, avoiding all risks.

Now that they knew that their safety was guaranteed, everyone was very happy.

“This is just a guess. Everyone, please pay more attention. Let’s continue moving forward and help Jason find a soul devouring beast at the intermediate stage of the ghost emperor realm as soon as possible!” Gu Yu said at this moment.

Everyone nodded with a smile, and the team moved forward again.

However, it didn’t take long for the team’s members to stop laughing.

Because as they advanced, they would always encounter new soul devouring beasts, and these soul devouring beasts would also approach them very curiously. Then, they would change their form and start to interact with them, but their ultimate goal was to devour them and have a taste.

However, when the soul-devouring beasts failed to suck out the souls, they would always spit them out in disgust, then run away.

Therefore, the next step was to be swallowed … Ah, bah … Swallowed … Ah, bah …

After walking for a while, Gu Yu and the others were on the verge of a mental breakdown.

At this stage, all the members of the entire party had basically been swallowed once. The unluckiest dog had been swallowed seven or eight times and was so desperate that he was too lazy to take a bath …

Because it was a waste of time to wash, they would be swallowed again after walking for a while.

At this moment, everyone had the urge to shake their hands and quit.

It didn’t matter if they had to fight fair and square, even if it was a crushing defeat!

However, this kind of mental devastation was too much.

What made Gu Yu and the others break down even more was that these soul devouring beasts were all extremely curious. Every time they encountered a new soul devouring beast along the way, it would stick close to a player and try its taste. There was no end to it.

It wasn’t that they had never thought of fighting.

However, the soul devouring beast’s defense was extremely strong, and it would not fight with them at all, only looking for a target to devour.

If they encountered one or two, they could still resist for a while. But if they encountered more than five, Gu Yu and the others did not want to resist anymore. They could just obediently be swallowed and spat out. There was no way they could escape.

However, since they had accepted the order, it would be irresponsible of them to say no. They could only grit their teeth and continue.

This journey was like hell to them. In the end, all of them gave up on washing the mucus off their bodies, and they were in a sorry state.

After another day or so of traveling, the group arrived at a grassland.

To the team’s surprise, they finally encountered an intermediate ghost emperor soul devouring beast.

This was a soul devouring beast twice the size of an ordinary soul devouring beast. When the team discovered it, the soul devouring beast also discovered them.

Seeing the intermediate-stage ghost emperor soul devouring beast start to blink its big, watery eyes, everyone, who was already traumatized, subconsciously took a step back.

However, this soul devouring beast didn’t attack the group. After sniffing twice, its face immediately showed a look of disgust.

It was as if he had read the ‘expired food’ note left by his companions from the mucus on their bodies.

Thus, the soul devouring beast no longer paid attention to the crowd, but turned to look at the other end of the grassland.

However, this time, no one had the intention of letting it go.

All of them looked ferocious, thinking that it was finally over. They could go home after dealing with this one.

And so, under Gu Yu’s lead, the group surrounded the soul devouring beast.

However, just as Gu Yu gave the order to attack, the earth suddenly began to shake. Then, a group of creatures that looked like antelopes appeared in the distance. They formed a group and jumped in their direction in fear.

Behind the herd of fleeing antelopes, there was a group of creatures that Gu Yu and the others were very familiar with.

Devil ape!

There were more than thirty devil apes following closely behind the herd of antelopes. Every time they caught an Antelope, they would cruelly swallow it alive. The hunting scene was spectacular.

Gu Yu and the rest were also stunned when they saw the monster ape.

Because in their opinion, shouldn’t the demonic ape be on the other side of this large region?

However, the demonic ape had appeared here, which seemed to be completely inconsistent with their previous guess.

At this moment, Gu Yu and the others had a new guess in their hearts.

“I suspect that the center of our entrance should be towards the soul devouring beast’s territory, and not at the end of its territory. Our analysis is wrong!” Gu Yu expressed his opinion at this moment.

Everyone immediately nodded and became nervous.

They had a deep understanding of the demonic ape’s brutal nature. Now that they had encountered each other, and with a soul devouring beast by their side, it seemed like a battle was inevitable.

However, at this moment, something that left Gu Yu and the others dumbfounded happened.

The soul devouring beast beside them suddenly let out an excited cry, then it jumped on the ground and rushed towards the group of demonic apes.

Seeing the soul devouring beast, the demonic apes immediately stopped in their tracks, then began to run in the direction they came from in fear.

Seeing this, the soul devouring beast suddenly leaped from the ground and transformed into the form of a demonic ape in the air. After pounding its chest in anger, it strode on all four limbs and chased after the dozens of demonic apes.

Everyone was speechless.

They had just opened the analysis and discovered that there were mid-stage ghost emperors among the group of demonic apes.

So at this moment, they couldn’t understand why a group of demon apes would be afraid of a soul devouring beast.

This didn’t make sense!