Chapter 671: Blood-soaked God sealing path

The blow came too quickly, catching many players off guard.

This was especially true for the Knight players from the European server who had spent a lot of money to form a team to clear the dungeon. When they received the message from their friends, they immediately broke down.

This time, in order to catch a soul devouring beast, some Knight players even took out their savings from three years of battle and borrowed a lot of soul coins from friends to form a team.

Their thinking was simple. As long as they had a ghost king realm Mount, it would be easy to earn money. Monsters that they did not dare to challenge in the past would not be a problem in the future. The efficiency of earning soul coins would be greatly improved.

However, when the post “read more than 10000 books” was published on the Chinese server forum and reposted on the European server forum, they were hit hard and could not accept the cruel truth.

Many teams who were unwilling to believe it decided to continue trying.

However, the truth was just as “reading through ten thousand scrolls” had said. The soul devouring beast could not be beaten until it was on the verge of death. When it was seriously injured, it would self-divide, and the more it was beaten, the more it would split, endless.

Under such circumstances, the European Knight players were extremely depressed and gave up the idea of capturing the soul devouring beast.

But at this moment, a new turn of events came.

The young paparazzo, who was one of the most popular players on the forum, posted a thread at this time and attached a video.

In the video, Gu Yu and the others were watching the scene in the grassland of the path of Hell’s second World.

The scene of a soul devouring beast chasing after a group of devil apes and finally grinding them all to death.

The scene in the video that made the players excited was that when the soul devouring beast killed the monster apes, it did not damage their bodies. After devouring them, it would spit them out in one piece.

At the end of the video, Gu Yu and the rest naturally did not waste any of the monsters and kept all of them into the medium.

At this moment, the players felt as if they had seen a path to wealth. Not only the players from the central server, but even the players from the European server felt the same way.

The value of the materials after the monster ape’s death could be seen at the auction house.

The players couldn’t take it anymore. They immediately formed a small team and headed towards the Second World of the path of hell.

Although they couldn’t defeat the monster ape, they still had the soul devouring beast!

According to the post, the soul devouring beast would not hurt players. As long as it knew that you were a ‘soulless’ creature, it would ignore you even if you attacked.

This also meant that many low-level players could also take advantage of this. As long as they lured the monster ape to an area with soul devouring beasts, they could make a lot of money while waiting for the corpse to be collected and the materials to be collected.

It was said that the batch of forerunners at the beginning stage of every industry was the most profitable.

In fact, this was the case. Just like when he went to the forest region to move corpses, due to the huge market gap in the early stage, the first batch of forerunners could sell the same corpse of a corpse race warrior at a higher price than the later batches.

After the market took shape and prices stabilized, profits would decrease.

Therefore, the players set off without hesitation.

He wanted to take advantage of the auction house’s lack of materials to test the waters. He might be the first to try it.

Not long after Gou ‘Zi posted, many players in the Second World of the path of hell started to try it out.

They followed the coordinates provided by Gou ‘Zi and headed to the central junction where the demon ape clan might be. As long as they met the demon ape on the way, they would provoke it and then bring it to the nearby soul devouring beasts.

There were many failed cases during this period.

Several teams were even wiped out by the angry monster ape, but there were still many players who succeeded. They would share the situation on the forum and show off screenshots of the materials, igniting the enthusiasm of more players.

This also led to more players joining the game.

In the subsequent development, the strategy guide post appeared in anticipation.

For this reason, the players developed various ways to deal with the demonic apes to improve the efficiency of picking up corpses. They also came up with ways to increase the efficiency of luring monsters and reduce casualties.

For example, in the relay style, one person would stay near the soul devouring beast while the rest of the team would line up in front.

As long as the player at the front who was luring the monster came into contact with the monster ape, he would send a voice message in the voice channel and then run to the player closest to him. Even if he died on the way, it would be fine. Another person would pick him up and bring him to the soul Devourer beast.

Escaping was secondary, but the experts in luring monsters were even more skillful.

In the early stages, a high-level player from the central server thought of the battle in the senluo region. The demonic ape clan seemed to be very interested in the undead clan, so he bought the body of an undead warrior from the auction house and used it as bait to attract the demonic ape clan warrior.

In the end, he really succeeded.

The demonic apes who saw the bodies of the undead race gathered from all directions like crazy, and then they all died under the soul devouring beast formation set up by this player. In the end, the player gained a lot and posted a selfie of himself standing on the corpses of more than ten demonic apes on the forum.

After this post appeared, the corpses of the undead race in the auction house were immediately swept clean.

As for this non-renewable resource, even veteran players could imagine how valuable it would be in the future, especially when they knew that it could be used as bait to catch the monster apes.

Just as they had expected, in just one day, the regional voice channel was filled with players who wanted to buy the corpses of the undead race, and the price was three times higher than the original price.

The players who had smelled the business opportunity and hoarded a wave of undead bodies made a lot of money.

A few days later, when the players began to practice the method described in the strategy post to fish for the monster ape and succeeded, the value of the corpse of the undead warrior began to soar again.

At this moment, the players were treating the dungeon in the second region of the path of hell as a treasure vault. They could earn material fees from the demonic apes as they went in to punish them.

As more and more materials from the monster ape appeared in the auction house, the prices stabilized, and more players bought these materials to replace their equipment.

Relying on the materials brought by the demonic apes, the central and European servers had a wave of equipment replacement.

With the ‘help’ of the demonic ape clan, his overall strength began to increase rapidly.

Initially, the players headed to the Second World of the path of hell just to capture mounts. They did not expect this to happen.

It could also be considered as a flower that was deliberately planted but not blossomed, but a willow tree that was unintentionally planted had become a shade.


The east side of the path of Hell’s second World.

A huge white Gorilla stood on the ground like a mountain.

Countless demonic apes were hanging on his body.

These demonic apes seemed to treat his body as their home, resting on it and building many strange buildings.

Looking up, through the layers of clouds and mist, he arrived at venerable devil ape’s head.

In front of venerable devil ape, two soul pearls, one red and one purple, were snuggling closely together, slowly spinning.

Looking at this scene, venerable devil ape’s eyes revealed a trace of anticipation.

He couldn’t even remember how many years it had been since he last saw the corpse God twin pearls.

At that time, it wasn’t venerable devil ape and didn’t have the strength it had now. It was only the leader of the devil ape clan that was kept by the corpse clan in the Second World of the path of hell.

Although many of his memories were blurry, venerable devil ape still remembered clearly that the corpse race had treated them as food and everything they had done to the devil ape clan.

At that time, devil ape venerable also thought that there would be no waves in his life. Although he was the leader, he would be devoured by the corpse race one day in the future and walk towards the end of his fate like his clansmen, dying without any value.

However, he had never thought of resisting. He even firmly believed that this was the fate of the demonic ape clan and could not be changed. It would be a joke if he wanted to contend against the powerful corpse race. Even if he was 10000 times stronger, it would still be impossible.

However, his fate was not the mediocre death he had imagined. A variable had quietly arrived.

It was Raining Blood that day and the entire path of Hell’s second World seemed to have experienced a catastrophe. The sinister wind howled and countless ghosts floated in the heavens and earth. It was as if the end of the world had arrived.

With a loud bang, a gap appeared in the sky, and a blood-stained black iron rod fell from the sky, stabbing straight into the territory of the demonic ape clan.

At that time, venerable devil ape, who was the leader, was frightened.

When he saw the black iron rod, he didn’t check whether it was a treasure at first. Instead, he informed the corpse race and asked them to investigate.

The members of the corpse race quickly arrived and began to investigate the black iron rod.

However, no matter how hard the members of the corpse race tried, the black iron rod seemed to be connected to the earth and did not move at all.

Even if the members of the corpse race dug three feet into the ground, they still couldn’t take the black iron rod away.

The members of the corpse race had no choice but to leave and inform the higher-ups. However, before they left, they took with them more than 20 clansmen of venerable devil ape and told them to have more offspring!

At that time, not only did devil ape venerable not feel angry about the corpse clan’s instructions, but he also nodded as if it was a matter of course.

The demonic ape clan had been like this since before he was born. They had always been the flesh and blood of the corpse clan. For generations, they had been reared by the corpse clan and had never resisted or been dissatisfied.

Venerable devil ape immediately agreed to the corpse clan’s request and told the clansmen that they must have more children that day. This was the order of the corpse clan.

Sometimes, when being enslaved became a part of life, many unbelievable things would become natural.

Venerable devil ape was the same at that time.

Since birth, they had been exposed to the concept of “supremacy of the undead race”. It was their destiny to become their food, and it had become a matter of course.

During those few days of waiting, another group of people from the undead race came. They began to investigate the black metal rod again and tried to pull it out of the earth.

However, this time, they were still unsuccessful. The members of the corpse race returned resentfully and brought with them another batch of demonic apes.

The turning point happened when the corpse race arrived for the third time.

This time, a high-level general of the undead race came. Like the previous members of the undead race, he tried to pull the black iron rod out of the ground.

However, something unexpected happened. The black iron rod suddenly shook and exploded with an unimaginable power.

Just like that, the corpse general exploded into a cloud of blood mist in front of venerable devil ape’s disbelieving eyes.

Before this, venerable devil ape had always believed that the corpse race was Supreme and that there was nothing they couldn’t do.

However, this time, a high-ranking member of the corpse race was blown into a bloody mist by the black iron rod in front of him. This scene was like a sharp sword that pierced through the determination in his heart.

So the corpse race wasn’t invincible.

At that time, venerable devil ape only sighed in his heart, but he still didn’t have the urge to resist.

As the rest of the undead race retreated in a hurry, venerable devil ape became curious about the iron rod.

At that time, venerable devil ape’s thoughts were very simple.

He only had a guess and a concept. Since the iron rod could kill members of the corpse race, did it mean that the iron rod was stronger than the corpse race?

Perhaps this comparison was laughable to many people, but venerable devil ape, who had never been in contact with the outside world and had been raised in the territory of the corpse race, had such a laughable and simple comparison.

After that, venerable devil ape’s heart was filled with respect for the iron rod.

The members of the corpse clan came one after another. Except for the Supreme corpse God, almost all the high-level members of the corpse clan had come.

They had tried countless methods, but they were unable to pull the iron rod out of the ground.

In the end, they came to the conclusion that the metal cudgel had been connected to the earth. Other than the zombie goddess who was not in the second realm, there was no one else who could pull it out.

Before the zombie goddess returned, the zombie race had given up on studying the black iron rod.

However, the corpse clan’s actions were all seen by venerable devil ape, and he felt more and more respect and awe for this black iron rod.

At this moment, the black iron rod was equivalent to the corpse race in venerable devil ape’s heart. It was even an existence that was one level higher than the corpse race.

Every morning, when the sun rose, venerable devil ape would worship the black iron rod. When the sun set, venerable devil ape would repeat the morning’s action.

Just like that, five years passed.

The zombie goddess had yet to return, and the zombie race had long given up on studying the black iron stick. They would only come to the demonic ape race occasionally to collect blood and flesh.

However, what the corpse race didn’t know was that the leader of the demonic ape race had quietly changed.

With a heart full of admiration, venerable monster ape found that his heart had become very peaceful after worshipping the black iron rod every day. It was as if some kind of hot liquid was flowing in his body.

Gradually, his hair turned white, and his strength increased day by day.

It was as if every time he worshipped the iron rod, the iron rod would give him a power that improved his physique.

After five years of worship, the monster ape was even more in awe of the blood-stained black iron rod and regarded it as a God in its heart.

During the worship, venerable devil ape also realized that he was completely different from his clansmen.

It was as if he had become another living being.

Moreover, devil ape venerable also found that he seemed to have become fond of thinking. He began to think about many things, unlike his clansmen who only lived a mediocre life, eating, drinking, and sleeping, and waiting for death.

He began to think about the meaning of life and even began to explore the mysteries of nature.

However, he had no way of knowing the answer to this.

Therefore, out of curiosity, venerable devil ape began to pray to the ‘black iron rod’ for knowledge.

While praying, venerable devil ape was extremely respectful, and didn’t even think that it was a stupid move.

Because devil ape venerable had already regarded this iron rod as a God, an omnipotent God!

In fact, it was such a stupid move that changed venerable devil ape, the future of the devil ape tribe, and the fate of the corpse race.

At that moment, venerable devil ape obtained the knowledge he wanted, and a secret manual appeared in his mind.

This was a secret manual without any history or words. Rather than a secret manual, it was more like a comprehension.

After the secret manual appeared in his mind, venerable devil ape had an idea.

“I should have been the strongest creature in the world. Who else in this world but me?”

It was a feeling, not a complete record of the cultivation method.

It was this feeling that made venerable devil ape unwilling to yield and sink into oblivion. He wanted to become the strongest!

The beginning of everything came from his sincere worship.

This allowed him to obtain the recognition of the black metal rod and obtain a Supreme inheritance!

However, the inherent concept in his heart made him try to suppress the idea of “ruling the world” several times. He even felt that his idea was very ridiculous and not desirable.

However, as time passed, as he gained more and more power and knowledge, he found that he was gradually accepting this concept.

Therefore, when the corpse race came to their territory to pick up their clansmen again, although venerable devil ape still didn’t refuse, he was already dissatisfied.

This was because he felt that since he was the “strongest,” there was no need for him to offer clansmen to the corpse race.

And what right did the corpse race have to be above him!

The seed of hatred for the corpse race was planted in venerable devil ape’s heart, and it was growing.

After that, demon ape venerable had a strong desire to become stronger. Every day, while worshiping the black iron rod, he prayed to it to obtain more power than the corpse clan.

This was because he wanted to resist the corpse race. He felt that he was the most powerful living being in this world.

Back then, the secret manual was like a seed, rooted in the heart of venerable devil ape, causing him to change from the inside out, and also forging his Dao heart on the path of cultivation.

Even if he didn’t have the corresponding strength, at that time, venerable devil ape already had the heart of a powerhouse.

In the beginning of this cultivation path, venerable devil ape had obtained what others dreamed of, and had laid a solid foundation for his future cultivation.

Time flew by, and venerable devil ape had steadily made it through the hundred years of cultivation.

After every hundred years, it was time for the demonic ape tribe to change their leader.

As the leader, they couldn’t escape the fate of becoming food. Although they could live a hundred more years than their clansmen, they had to accept the fate of becoming food.

This was also the iron-clad rule that the corpse race had set when they reared many blood-eating races!

Although the corpse race felt that under their control, the blood food race below them had no chance of betraying them, they still had to be on guard.

This was because such cases were too common in the netherworld. No one knew which force would topple their race.

It was possible for them to be from external forces or internal forces.

The undead also knew that royal power was not eternal, so they had to eliminate all threats.

For this, they decided to replace the leader of each blood-eating race every 100 years to ensure that the race would not be United and would not have any thoughts of disobeying.

In reality, this was indeed very effective. All the blood-eating races were firmly controlled by them, and it was impossible to betray them. Thus, their corpse race dynasty was extremely stable.

A hundred years had passed, and it was time for the leader of the demonic ape tribe to become food.

As usual, the members of the corpse clan came to the territory of the demonic ape clan and began to select their clansmen. At the same time, they prepared to take away venerable demonic ape.

At that moment, venerable devil ape, who had been suppressed for a hundred years, burst out.

The shocking battle strength that he displayed even shocked the members of the corpse race. Facing venerable demonic ape, they realized that they were unable to resist and were all killed in a short time.

This scene also scared the clansmen of devil ape venerable.

However, when devil ape venerable killed all the members of the corpse clan and looked at his clansmen with a happy expression, saying that he wanted to take them with him, the reaction of his clansmen was beyond his expectations.

The clansmen looked at him with fear, disgust, fear, and unfamiliarity.

They couldn’t imagine how their leader had become so powerful. However, most of their thoughts were that their leader was so stupid that he actually dared to go against the corpse race.

In fact, it was only venerable devil ape’s wishful thinking. No one was willing to resist with him, and no one was willing to follow him on this path of supremacy.

Because they were already used to such days, becoming food was already a matter of course in the eyes of these clansmen.

When everyone was ignorant, the person who saw the reality and dared to resist became an idiot in everyone’s eyes.

The unwilling devil ape venerable tried to persuade his clansmen, but no one paid attention to him. They didn’t even dare to face him.

At that moment, venerable devil ape’s heart was filled with anger.

He didn’t hate his clansmen, but he hated the corpse clan for turning his clansmen into such fools!

He did not choose to leave alone, because he knew that if he left, the demonic ape clan would be exterminated.

He was born here and had lived with his clansmen for a hundred years. He could not bear to see his clan being exterminated. He could only plead with his clansmen, hoping that they would wake up.

But soon, the members of the corpse race who discovered the abnormality of the demonic ape clan rushed over.

Another battle broke out. This time, while venerable devil ape was killing the members of the corpse clan, he roared at his clansmen, trying to prove to them that the corpse clan was not Supreme and inviolable. They would die too.

In order to prove this point, devil ape venerable even left a member of the corpse clan behind and made him kneel in front of him to beg him to prove this point to his clansmen.

However, what venerable devil ape didn’t expect was that his clansmen’s eyes were still filled with hesitation. They didn’t seem to realize what had happened and even knelt on the ground, wanting to release this member of the corpse race in front of him and begging for his forgiveness.

The Furious devil ape Knight killed the corpse race member on the spot.

The rest of the undead army arrived. Venerable devil ape fought alone, but the actions of his clansmen made him despair.

From their eyes, venerable devil ape could see that they wanted the corpse race to kill him and not for him to win.

In this battle, demon ape venerable was seriously injured, and there were many stronger existences among the experts of the corpse race.

However, even though he was covered in blood, venerable devil ape was still fighting with all his might.

Even if he had to die, he would never surrender to the corpse clan. He should have been the strongest creature in the world!

At that moment, the black iron rod seemed to resonate with him. It rose from the ground and was firmly held in his hand.

A vast amount of power poured into his body. At that moment, the stubbornness in his heart was protected by the black iron rod, and venerable devil ape went berserk.

He pierced the sky with a raise of his hand and swept away thousands of troops with a wave of his staff, like a god of War.

This battle had lasted for more than a year. Every time he was on the verge of death, the black iron rod would pull him back from the brink of death and give him the strength to continue fighting.

After more than a year of bloody battles, venerable devil ape had become stronger and stronger. In the end, he became a God and engraved his name on the yin God List.

Heaven and earth shed tears of blood, and naturally, all living things congratulated him.

However, at the moment of deification, venerable devil ape had placed a law curse on his clansmen.

“Since the corpse clan treats us demonic ape clan as food, then I curse the descendants of the demonic ape clan to have a craving for the corpse clan. I curse them to eat their flesh, blood, bones, and veins, and absorb the power of their bloodline. The demonic thoughts will arise in their hearts, and for generations, they will not be able to resist!”

This curse was engraved in the flesh and blood of every demonic ape Clansman. After that, whenever they saw the corpse clan, they could not resist and wanted to devour them, because this was the curse of the venerable demonic ape.

It was also the time when the demonic ape clan took control of the Second World of the Dao of hell!