Chapter 674: Chapter 674-operation to destroy the player clan

Northern divergent, underworld.

As the number of players who entered the path of hell increased, the number of guides also increased.

At this time, most of the players ‘thoughts were very simple. They had to go first and be the first group of people to eat the crab.

Hence, they set off decisively according to the strategy.

However, what they didn’t know was that what welcomed them was a tragic beginning.

As most of the soul devouring beasts in the Western Region of the Second World of the path of hell had never seen players before, they were very curious about the players. They wanted to know if the souls of these creatures were delicious.

As a result, the first batch of players who arrived at the Second World of the path of hell were in a miserable state.

It wasn’t a problem to cross this area, but they would inevitably be swallowed by the soul-gnawing beasts halfway, and then spat out after being identified as “inferior food.”

However, with the exploration of the players in the early stages, the soul-eating beasts gradually realized that players were “inedible.” After that, when they saw players with the same soul power fluctuations, they no longer approached them.

It could be said that the hard work of this group of players had made the days of the later generations much more comfortable.

Relying on the soul devouring beast’s ability, the players used the methods they had learned from the guides to lure the monster apes into the soul devouring beast’s territory with the corpses of the undead race members, making them encounter the soul devouring beast.

The next thing to do was to wait and then pick up the materials from the monster ape.

As the materials produced by the demonic apes increased day by day, the income of lifestyle class players such as blacksmiths also increased. Every day, there would be lifestyle class players who would receive a large number of requests to forge equipment or to refine special tools.

As more and more level 200 and above equipment were produced, the overall strength of the players began to rise rapidly.

Everything was developing in a good direction.

This made Lu Wu, who was sitting behind the scenes and learning “creation” knowledge from Bei Li every day, feel very pleased.

He always felt that the future was full of hope. As the scourge Army gradually formed, they would definitely be able to fight against the heavenly realm.


Yellow spring, devouring Sea area.

An island made of white bones was floating in the middle of the sea. From a bird’s eye view, one could see that this Island of white bones was actually constructed from the bone armor of a dead creature. It was clear how huge this creature’s body had been when it was alive.

There were several ports around the island, and many ships were coming and going.

On the other hand, the island was very prosperous. There were many shops with a large number of spiritual materials and treasures. People were coming and going to trade. It was very lively.

At this moment, in the center of the island, inside a giant tower that was more than 100 meters tall, countless figures in black robes gathered around a blue array and held a meeting.

“Elder Ying, you are in charge of this matter, please explain it to everyone!”

At that moment, the woman standing at the head of the table suddenly turned her head to look at elder Ying at the side and spoke out.

From the dim blue light of the array, it could be vaguely seen that although the woman had the upper body of a human, the lower part of her body was that of a snake. At this moment, her eyes were flashing with a Scarlet light as she stared at elder Ying and asked.

When elder Ying heard that, he nodded his head and then said: ”

“As for the problem of the player clans, I decided to investigate it first as a precaution. Later on, elder Huo entrusted the illusionary fish clan to investigate the northern divergent. However, the problem now is that the entire illusionary fish clan has moved out of the devouring Sea area, and the direction they are heading towards is the northern divergent where the player clans are located. In other words, the illusionary fish clan has joined the player clans!”

As he said that, elder Ying’s tone paused and his gaze swept over everyone present before he continued to say: ”

“Although I don’t know the reason, one thing is clear. The fantasy fish clan actually dared to take the risk of offending our netherworld Chamber of Commerce to join a player family. From the perspective of the fantasy fish clan, they obviously think that the player family can compete with our netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, I suggest that we continue to observe and investigate the background of the player family before we make a move!”

“Elder Ying, I’m sorry I can’t agree with your suggestion this time. It’s not our netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s style to be cautious again and again. It’s not the first time that player families have robbed our merchant ships. That’s why I think we need to strike like lightning and exterminate the player clans!” At that moment, a tall and sturdy man standing opposite elder Ying suddenly opened his mouth to speak.

“Additional discussion!”

“Additional discussion!”


After the man finished speaking, most of the people in the meeting room called for a second opinion. Then, everyone fell silent and turned to look at the woman standing at the head of the table.

The woman didn’t say anything. The corners of her mouth slowly curled up, revealing a charming smile.”

Elder Ying, I actually have a very suspicious point, can you answer it for me?”

Elder Ying’s face was filled with puzzlement, but he still opened his mouth to say: ”

“Please speak, President!”

“Actually, we’ve known each other for a long time, but recently, you’ve made me feel a little unfamiliar.” As she said that, the woman’s blood red eyes turned to stare at elder Ying.

“Why do you say that?”

“In my impression, you’ve always been a decisive person. It’s also because of this that when I first set up the war Chamber of Commerce and let you manage all kinds of Foreign Affairs, you weren’t disappointed. You always managed all the cumbersome External Affairs at the fastest speed. Although I don’t know the details, I know that the rebellion on Eastern Spring Island and the plundering in the storm sea were all quickly and decisively suppressed by you.”

Saying that, the woman cast a deep look at elder Ying and continued,”

“But only this time, your style of doing things has become very strange, completely inconsistent with the previous times. If the words of being cautious came from the black elder’s mouth, I would feel that it was very normal. But this time, when the black elder said that he would take the initiative to attack, you advised us to be cautious. So I am very puzzled, and I really want to know what your true thoughts are!”

“You’re suspecting me!” Elder Ying’s hoarse voice came out from his mouth.

When the woman heard that, the black robes covering her body fell off, revealing her alluring snake body. The lower half of her body that was covered in red scales suddenly rolled towards elder Ying but when it reached elder Ying’s forehead, it suddenly stopped and slowly retracted back.

“I suspect that you’ve already made your move. We’ve worked together for so many years, and I trust you very much. But I trust you, and I hope that you can trust me and tell me the reason!”

At this moment, elder Ying’s heart was extremely tense. He had not expected that he would end up in such a situation in order to clear the name of the player families and the sea King.

His mind spinning quickly, elder Ying began to think of a way to deal with it.

At this moment, he also discovered that what he was doing now was extremely inconsistent with his style of doing things in the past.

In order to collapse the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, he had always been Swift and decisive. He would do everything that could be used to fight against foreign forces. However, in the eyes of the senior executives of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, his behavior was just like that.

This was also the reason why he could rise so quickly in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. His decisiveness in killing had always been the impression others had of him.

But this time, the people involved were confused and elder Ying had not considered whether or not the changes he had undergone were too great.

Due to his high status in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, he was the first person under the president, so no one had mentioned this to him. Now that the president had pointed it out personally, he realized that the situation was not good.

In the silence, everyone present waited for elder Ying’s answer.

After a moment, elder Ying suddenly opened his mouth to say: ”

“There’s nothing to explain. This is just my thought after carefully understanding the situation of the player families. Their appearance is too strange. In a short time, they swept through the Wang Xu and kui long seas. They’re definitely not comparable to the opponents we’ve encountered before. So I think we need to be careful. But if you’re suspicious, I have nothing to say!”

Hearing these words, everyone fell silent and subconsciously turned to look at the woman, waiting for her decision.

“Elder Ying, I am not very satisfied with your answer!” The woman’s eyes flickered with a red light, revealing a dangerous look.

“This is my answer. Even if you’re not satisfied, this is my answer!” Elder Ying suddenly said angrily.

Seeing that elder Ying dared to speak to the Guild Master in such a manner, everyone present felt that something was not right.

However, what they didn’t expect was that the woman suddenly laughed.

“This is the elder Ying that I know. This is the temper that you should have. So, I’ll give you a chance to prove your innocence. Take the ten great War Chambers of Commerce that you control and destroy the player families!”

When elder Ying heard those words, he immediately felt that things were not going well.

At this moment, he realized that there were no more player clans.

Originally, he had thought that the player clans might be able to assist the Sea King’s growth well until the Sea King completely inherited the shadow Legion.

However, the situation had changed too quickly, and he had no time to plan his next step.

“Elder Ying, do you dare!” The woman suddenly said.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? I’ve always been in charge of devouring the yellow Springs branch’s Wars against the outside world. This time, I’ll also be the one to start the war against the player families!” Elder Ying braced himself and immediately agreed.

“Alright, I hereby congratulate elder Ying on his victorious return!” The woman laughed.

“Congratulations to elder Ying for your victorious return!” Hearing their guild leader’s words, the rest of the team chimed in.

Elder Ying snorted coldly at that moment and his figure slowly disappeared from his spot.

As he walked out of the great tower and walked towards the shore, elder Ying’s heart felt a wave of helplessness.

He didn’t want to destroy the players ‘families, but at this moment, he knew that he had to do it.

However, before that, he felt that it was better to inform the Sea King in advance!

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