Chapter 676: Wind and clouds gather in Beiqi

Yellow spring, kui Dragon Sea area.

With the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s summoning order, a fleet of warships arrived in the kuilong Sea area one after another.

After the war Chamber of Commerce received the notice, they decisively set off to the quilong sea and gathered near New end Island as instructed.

At the same time, as the core figure of this battle, elder Ying had also come to new end Island.

After stepping onto the shore, elder Ying raised his head and looked over, to discover that the Sea King and the other people in charge of the ten great War Chambers of Commerce were standing not far away, waiting for him.

“Elder Ying!”

After elder Ying came closer, the various people in charge of the war Chamber of Commerce immediately said respectfully.

When elder Ying heard that, he nodded his head silently, his gaze sweeping over the crowd before stopping on the Sea King.

He had to admit that the Sea King’s growth had completely exceeded his expectations.

At first, he had planned many plans to help the Sea King obtain the Shadow King’s inheritance. However, he did not expect all kinds of accidents to happen midway. The Sea King did not need his help to brew the “soul praying liquid” and easily obtained the Shadow King’s inheritance. This really made him look at him in a new light.

And now, the Sea King had become his greatest hope.

Since he had inherited the Shadow King’s inheritance, it meant that he had taken on the mission to overturn the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. The Sea King would inevitably take this path of killing in the future.

Therefore, he had high hopes for the Sea King.

But at that moment, the Sea King did not know any of this. Seeing elder Ying looking at it, it immediately nodded its head to show respect.

In reality, he was cursing in his heart.

Old man, you’re the one who proposed to kill the player’s family? You old bastard, even if you have nothing better to do, don’t go and mess with the families. You even brought me along, I curse you to have a son without an anus!

Elder Ying naturally did not know what the Sea King was thinking and he chuckled as he nodded his head. He then said,”

“Do you all know the mission this time?”

“I know!” Everyone immediately responded.

Elder Ying nodded when he heard that and continued to say: ”

“Then, I’ll be assigning the tasks for this raid on the player clans. You guys can do your own work!”

Hearing this, everyone’s heart tightened.

The distribution of tasks during battle was not a small matter for the war Chamber of Commerce.

If they were assigned to fight head-on, they would suffer the greatest losses, so they naturally hoped that their forces would be assigned to the most relaxed places.

“First, the bloodstained fleet, Black Sea Fleet, sword crown fleet, purple blaze fleet … You will be in charge of attacking Beiqi. The smoke Dragon fleet will be in charge of blocking the left side of the sea and attacking on land. The flood Dragon merchant Association will be in charge of blocking the right side of the sea and attacking on land!”

After the nine Chambers of Commerce finished distributing, elder Yingying turned to the sea King and said,”

“Sea King, you’ve just joined the war Chamber of Commerce and are relatively weak. You’ll be in charge of the blockade of the sea area behind us. Don’t let the player families escape from the sea of vanity!”

Upon hearing this, the Sea King, who was originally very nervous, was full of question marks.

In charge of sealing off the sea? That means there’s no need to fight?

There’s such a good job? you’re too biased, old man. But I like it!

“If a player clan member escapes, you will be severely punished. Sea King, do you understand?” Elder Ying’s face then stiffened as he said in a deep voice.

“Understood. I promise to complete the mission!” The Sea King immediately replied with a solemn expression, but in fact, he was laughing in his heart.

Doesn’t this mean that I can just watch as these idiots charge into the enemy lines and fight with the player clans?

As for whether or not the players would escape in the direction of the sea, the sea King was not worried at all.

‘Playing with the family and running away?’ It was a big joke. If they fought, they wouldn’t stop until they were exterminated, so running away was impossible for the player clans.

I’m afraid I’ll have to watch the entire battle!

The other heads of the war Chamber of Commerce, who had heard the distribution of tasks, all cast angry eyes at the Sea King.

Towards elder Ying’s allocation, they did not dare to voice out their anger.

As elder Ying held a spot in the ten great War Chamber of Commerce, as long as he was not satisfied, he could remove it and replace it with a new one at any time. Hence, when it came to the distribution, they could only agree to it.

However, when they thought of the same war Chamber of Commerce, they were going to fight in the front, but the Sea King could watch the battle from behind. They were very dissatisfied with this and could only cast angry eyes at the Sea King.

The Sea King turned a blind eye to the gazes of the people around him. His face was solemn, as if he was about to shoulder a heavy responsibility. This made the people in charge of the war Chamber of Commerce gnash their teeth.

“The tasks have been assigned. You all can pass down the message. In four hours, we will gather here and head to Beiqi!” At that moment, elder Ying opened his mouth to speak.

The crowd immediately responded and dispersed.

At this moment, elder Ying suddenly called out to the sea King. The Sea King immediately stopped in its tracks and turned its head to look at elder Ying with a puzzled look.

Elder Ying did not say anything. It was only after the representatives of the various war Chambers of Commerce had left that he opened his mouth to say:

“Sea King, do you know why I gave you this task?”

The Sea King’s heart trembled, could it be that I’m too weak?

“Bullsh * t, it’s because I know you’re in cahoots with the player family!”

Upon hearing this, the Sea King’s face turned pale.

He was unable to determine if elder Ying was trying to trick him or if he really knew some truth. But at that moment, he did not dare to take the risk and immediately opened his mouth to say:

“Elder Ying, don’t misunderstand. I only have enmity with the player families, how could I possibly collude with them!”

“Don’t explain. I just want you to understand that in such a situation, you have to make a choice. If you can’t make a decision, you will be dragged into an irredeemable situation. You are a smart person. You should understand that you should give up some interests at this time and make a decision when it’s time to make a decision!”

The Sea King didn’t answer, but it was full of doubts.

Elder Ying’s meaning was for me to give up on playing the family clan? But why did he give me such an opportunity instead of directly destroying my mute Empire?

“Don’t think too much about it. It’s fine as long as you understand what I mean. Perform well, and no one will know your secret. Your collusion with the player families will also disappear with the destruction of the player families. In the future, develop well in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. I have high hopes for you.” Looking at the sea King’s grave expression, elder Ying patted him on the shoulder and then his figure disappeared from where he was.

After elder Ying left, the Sea King’s face was filled with confusion.

At that moment, he was seriously suspecting that this rotten old man was secretly plotting something. Back then, he had already discovered that there seemed to be something wrong with this elder Ying.

The idea of overthrowing the netherworld Chamber of Commerce and replacing it was also an idea that came to mind when he talked to this old man.

After hearing these words, the Sea King felt that this old man was so good to it, but he definitely had bad intentions.

After all, they had no relationship before, and the sudden care must be a conspiracy.

At the thought of this, the Sea King sized itself up, and its expression gradually became strange. It couldn’t help but shiver.

Then, he walked toward the island while cursing in his heart.

Four hours later, the top ten war Chambers of Commerce in the devouring Sea area had gathered outside Xinmo Island. Then, under elder Ying’s orders, they set off for Beiqi.


At the same time, in the Second World of the path of hell, a space transfer array was slowly forming.

Venerable devil ape’s voice resounded throughout the Second World of the path of hell,”

“Children, go and devour them. Those creatures that you hate will become your food!”

As his voice fell, a teleportation gate suddenly appeared above the formation.

Immediately after, countless devil apes gathered in the direction of the formation from all directions.


On the other hand, the players from the European server had once again sensed that the players from the central server were up to something.

Thus, they decisively began to gather their men.

Their thoughts were simple, the central server wanted to take all the food for themselves, no way!