Chapter 677: The beginning of war

Ever since the chaotic battle where Jin Yao was killed, the players from the European server had gradually realized one thing.

It seemed that the players in the central server could always encounter good opportunities and then quickly improve the combat power of the players in the local server.

Some players had mentioned this on the European Forum and expressed their opinions.

However, not many players from the European server cared about what he said.

However, after the battle for the Overlord of the kuilong sea and the subsequent war in the senluo region, the players of the European server had generally accepted this.

It was impossible for the players in the European server not to be jealous.

However, they didn’t think about it in other ways. They just attributed this opportunity to Beiqi’s special geographical location, which made it easy to produce such a big opportunity for development, rather than a special arrangement by the officials.

The reason for this was very simple. The players from the European and Chinese servers were the same. They knew that the officials would not interfere with the plot operation of this game world. The arrival of opportunities was related to the progress of the big world that operated on its own, and it was not specially arranged by the officials.

In fact, Lu Wu didn’t interfere in any of the battles that Beiqi had with the outside world.

The battles with moment, the Sea King, nine glory, and other local forces were all the players ‘own development situations, and the subsequent encounter with the Sea King, this great enemy, was even more unexpected to Lu Wu.

Moreover, the players from the European server felt that compared to the hell server, their growth environment was much more comfortable. Although it was not as good as the mid-tier server, it was still more than enough.

However, with the rapid development of the mid-server, the players from the European server also began to think of countermeasures, trying to catch up with the development of the mid-server as soon as possible.

As a result, he came up with a way to get experience and soul coins from the central server, which was to pay attention to the situation on the forum at all times. When he felt that there was something to gain, he would go and get some, and never let the central server get all the benefits.

The players from the European server had a taste of the benefits of this. They had made a lot of money after several battles. The combat strength of the entire server had been greatly improved, and they had also obtained a large number of mystical materials and other resources.

This time, when the players from the European server who were lurking in the Chinese server forum found out that the players from the Chinese server were gathering and preparing for battle, they immediately sent the news back to the European server forum.

Therefore, a large number of lurkers from the European server arrived and began to investigate the specific information.

Soon, they understood the whole story. It turned out that the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s Army was about to attack Beiqi.

In this regard, they made a decisive decision and immediately began to prepare for war, sending out recruitment letters.

Soon, a large number of players from the European server responded to the call and came.

Most of the players in the European server did not want to miss out on such a lucrative war.

As a result, the Army of players from the European server quickly gathered and advanced toward Beiqi.


On the other side, the fleets of the top ten war Chambers of Commerce had already entered the sea of vanity.

With regards to this battle, after understanding that there was no way to change it, elder Ying’s heart had already made preparations to completely wipe out the player clans.

Originally, he had wanted to let the players help the Sea King grow, but at this moment, he would only be in trouble if he tried to exonerate the players.

This was also the trade-off he and the sea King had talked about.

At this time, the only thing he could do was to destroy the player family with lightning speed and then prove that he had nothing to do with them.

As the fleet gradually sailed towards the coloured glass Coast, a cruel smile appeared at the corners of elder Ying’s mouth.

As long as the Sea King was still around, the plan to revive the shadow race could continue. The existence of the player clans was only a decoration, so it was fine if they were abandoned …

After another period of sailing, when their warship crossed the coloured glass Coast, elder Ying raised his head to look in the direction of the coast and then said in a deep voice: ”

“Start the battle!”

As elder Ying’s voice fell, the people in charge of the war Chamber of Commerce standing on the first ten warships each took out a scroll and began to chant.

The ten “sea God’s pardon” were activated at the same time.

Suddenly, huge waves rose in front of the fleet. Countless water element Giants gathered and broke the waves in the direction of the coast.

The players were already prepared, and when they saw the war Chamber of Commerce’s arrival, they immediately responded.

Countless spell turrets were constructed and began to fire spells.

In an instant, the sky was covered in spell techniques of all colors, and they left trails of spell techniques in the air as they descended toward the fleet.

The sea surface suddenly exploded, and countless explosions occurred near the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s fleet.

Upon seeing this, the bloodstained fleet’s guild leader immediately took a step forward and raised the sea god’s pardon in his hand. With a light shout, the seawater in front of the fleet gathered to form a water barrier, blocking the players ‘attacks.

However, it was impossible for him to defend himself against the attacks of the countless players. Just before the water curtain shattered, another person raised the sea god’s pardon in his hand and formed a new water curtain behind him.

Then, the players ‘attacks were unable to break through the layers of barriers.

Seeing that, elder Ying’s face broke into a smile.

He felt that he had overestimated the combat power of the players ‘clans. Although there were many spells coming at him, he could tell at a glance that they were not worth mentioning.

However, at this moment, the surface of the sea suddenly trembled, and countless explosions occurred in the surroundings.

“There’s an ambush underwater!” Bloodstained immediately said.

When the various fleet leaders heard this, they hurriedly came to the side of the ship and looked down. They instantly discovered that countless blue water balls had appeared in the water without them knowing. These water balls would explode the moment they touched the battleship, and countless electric arcs would spread on the battleship’s barrier.

Fortunately, the power of these electric arcs was not enough to destroy the warship’s defense layer. Only the continuous explosions caused the warship to shake.

“Speed up.” Elder Ying said indifferently.

Hearing this, the Presidents of the war Chamber of Commerce immediately gave the order, and the fleet accelerated.


The players on the shore in the distance saw the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s battleships advancing smoothly in the minefield and couldn’t help but curse in the voice channel,”

“Explosive man, come out and explain. You’re selling your bombs at such a high price, but where’s the power?”

“Fake bombs, they’re not reliable at all, return! Return the goods!”

“I thought I could blow them up in one wave, but it’s just this. I’m so angry!”

“Brothers, I only said that the mine can weaken the energy of the defensive layer on the surface of their warship and help you break the protective shield of their warship as soon as possible. I didn’t say that it could blow it up. Stop cursing. I’ll refund you the money, but only half of it. I won’t refund you the materials!”


It was clear that the power of this batch of mines was barely satisfactory. They could not even break through the protective shield of the warship, which disappointed many players.

Nie Feng was also helpless.

He felt that the players ‘expectations of him were too high. Although he had the ability to make powerful bombs, he had to have enough materials to support it.

Since he didn’t have much capital, he could only make some weak water mines.

However, seeing that the players seemed to be very dissatisfied, nie Feng shivered. He knew that when he described the new bomb on the forum, he blew it. At this moment, he quickly chose to compromise and return it.

As the netherworld warships got closer and closer to the shore, the players ‘expressions gradually turned grave.

At this moment, Yin Xiaoqi’s voice was heard on the voice channel,”

“Everyone, retreat! Don’t fight them at sea. As long as their warships can’t come ashore, their greatest advantage will be gone!”

Upon hearing this, the players started to retreat.

Just as Yin Xiaoqi had said, the advantage of warships could only be displayed at sea. Even if these high-end warships were very strong, they could not pose a threat to them if they could not land on land.

As a large number of players retreated, the shore of the colored glass sea was soon empty.

However, an unexpected scene happened. When the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s fleet approached the coast, some of them actually sailed into the glazed beach and continued to sail in the direction of the players ‘retreat.

At the same time, a large number of figures jumped out of the warships that were unable to enter the land.

The merman Warriors of bloodstained merchant guild were at the forefront.

The members of the war Chamber of Commerce were very familiar with killing. At this moment, they all had ferocious expressions and were ready to slaughter.

However, when this wave of mermen stepped into the forest beside the beach, the first row of members suddenly fell one after another.

“There’s an ambush!” The high-level warrior of the Chamber of Commerce who was leading this group immediately roared.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the trees beside him suddenly trembled. Then, a translucent figure appeared in front of him and a sharp dagger suddenly pierced his neck.

“Cough … Cough cough … Illusionary fish … Clan!” The high-ranking warrior of the bloodstained Chamber of Commerce immediately spat out blood, and his face was filled with shock.

“I’ve come to the wrong place!” At this moment, illusionary kill pulled out his dagger and his body turned transparent again as he moved on to his next target.

At this moment, the illusionary fish clan members hiding in the forest began their assassination operation. Every time the members of the illusionary fish clan appeared, an enemy would fall in a pool of blood.

After obtaining the immortal body, the illusion fish clan became as wild as the players.

Although I’m an assassin, so what if I’ve been discovered? I’m not afraid of dying anyway. Anyone who sees me will die!

Under the powerful assassination techniques of the illusionary fish clan, a large number of bloodstained Chamber of Commerce’s members in the front row died in a short time.

“Why is the illusionary fish clan here? why are they helping the players? do they not want to live anymore?” Bloodstained, who was in charge of the rear, immediately cried out when he saw this.

“Brother, the illusionary fish clan has already joined the player families. Didn’t anyone tell you?” The Sea King patted bloodstained’s shoulder with a carefree expression. Then, he snapped his fingers, and the mutt warships immediately left the coast and headed to the rear to seal off the sea.

Upon hearing this, bloodstained’s face turned ashen.

He knew very well how powerful the illusionary fish clan was. They were the number one bounty group in the devouring Sea area and were definitely not weaker than the bloodstained Chamber of Commerce.

Therefore, when he heard the news that the illusionary fish clan had sought refuge with the players, he realized that something was wrong.

When he first came into contact with the player families, the combat power of the player families didn’t seem to be a threat to him, so the illusion fish clan’s decision to join them was very strange.

Seeing his clansmen being slaughtered in large numbers in the forest, bloodstain couldn’t wait any longer. He didn’t think about it anymore and immediately floated up into the air and flew towards the forest on the coast of veluriyam.

At this moment, the players ‘counterattack began.

Countless players suddenly took out their mallets, turned around, and ran toward the battleships that were chasing them from behind. They swung their mallets and clanked.

According to Yin Xiaoqi, since these warships could go ashore, they would be completely dismantled!

They definitely couldn’t beat him, so they had to maximize their profits. If they could get the parts, they would earn!