Chapter 682: A family?

The cudgel attack was menacing, but it was fortunate that venerable the sword responded in time.

In the instant that the huge sword and the metal cudgel collided, his figure flashed and he brought elder Ying and the others to tear through space and suddenly disappear from their original spots.

There was no doubt that venerable the sword’s judgment was correct. The iron rod pressed down on the giant sword and hit the area where he had been.

A spider web suddenly appeared in the space, and the space shattered like glass, revealing countless spatial cracks.

The iron rod tore a space passage in front of him and disappeared into it, chasing in the direction of the sword Saint.

As the two spatial rifts in the sky slowly closed, everything returned to normal.

The player: “???”

The Sea King, who was watching the battle from afar, was speechless.

At this moment, the players and the sea King were all dumbfounded.

He had thought that he would be able to witness the battle with his own eyes, but it seemed that the other party had no intention of fighting here at all. Instead, they had changed the venue.

The irascible players wailed again.

At this moment, the only person who could see the battle was Lu Wu.

With his special privilege, he immediately turned the camera and aimed it at venerable monster ape and venerable sword, who were fighting across space.

Just now, Lu Wu noticed a strange scene.

Under the surveillance of the divine artifact, the black iron rod seemed to send out a message.

After this message appeared, venerable devil ape, who had originally chosen to stop the battle, suddenly attacked again.

Lu Wu couldn’t help but wonder if there was someone behind the venerable devil ape.

This message was like an order. He could see that venerable devil ape had the intention to compromise, but he suddenly changed his mind after receiving the message.

Thinking of this, Lu Wu decisively followed the space trajectory of the iron bar and aimed the camera at it.

At this moment, the giant cocoon in the center of the heavenly Dao realm had bloomed again. Inside, the Grand Supreme revealed a faint smile.

The opportunity had quietly come, and he decided to take advantage of this opportunity to stir up trouble!

Did you ask me for permission before deciding not to fight?


With the start of this battle, Lu Wu was ready to watch the show.

However, as he looked at it, he suddenly didn’t want to look anymore.

In the battle across space, venerable the sword summoned his “divine sword” across space. However, the iron rod was firmly behind him, causing venerable the sword to be unable to get his divine sword. He could only constantly cross space to avoid it.

This led to a scene that made Lu Wu speechless.

Sword saint’s figure appeared somewhere in the netherworld and the iron stick followed. He had no choice but to tear space again to avoid it. The iron stick followed closely and the ‘sword of divine seal’ also crossed space.

However, the sword Saint had already left. The divine seal sword could only tear space and follow the sword Saint.

Three sides, one side chasing the other, shuttling back and forth endlessly, the camera lens switching madly.

Lu Wu felt like he was going to vomit.

In a second, countless cameras flashed by, and the image kept flashing. How could he take it?

Lu Wu looked at it for about an hour, and he was speechless when he found that the scene was always the same, so he immediately lost interest.

I don’t want to watch it anymore, I don’t want to watch it anymore. Why do I have to fight and switch screens like crazy?

As for the result of this battle, Lu Wu planned to find out more about it after they officially started the battle.

I won’t accompany you for the time being.

However, although Lu Wu did not intend to continue watching the battle, he sent a message to the six paths of reincarnation through the divine artifact.

The change in venerable devil ape made Lu Wu feel that something was wrong.

It was because he knew that the netherworld Emperor never cared about the attacks between the forces of the netherworld, and as an ancient God, no one except the netherworld Emperor could command venerable devil ape.

Therefore, he decided to inform the most powerful people in the netherworld.

This message floated in the space of six paths of reincarnation and was quickly captured by the great emperor of East Peak.

After checking, the great emperor of East Peak shook his head gently and smiled.

“What’s the matter?” At this moment, a voice rang out beside the great emperor of East Peak’s voice.

“Fengdu, do you remember the ancient God demonic ape? The person behind it has made a move!”

“Hahaha, that rod should be tai Shang’s Tai Qing rod. Does he really think he can control the demonic ape? Don’t forget that the demonic ape clan is a race born from the body of Ksitigarbha after its evolution. The blood flowing in their bodies is the blood of Ksitigarbha. Although it’s thin, it’s enough!”

Thinking of “Ksitigarbha,” who dared to shake the heaven realm, the great emperor of East Mountain could not help but laugh.

“The person holding the chess piece thinks that he is in control of the game, but he doesn’t know that the chess piece has never been of the same mind as him … Ridiculous, ridiculous!”


The battle ended with the departure of the venerable monster ape and the venerable sword. The players did not expect underworld city to be safe and sound in the battle.

Three hours later, the players resurrected in the main city one after another, and they began to discuss the situation of the battle on the forum.

There were even ‘professional players’ who began to livestream and analyze who had a higher chance of winning this battle.

For the lecture, this group of players had the ability to analyze it and not just talk about it.

As the library had a huge reserve of historical knowledge, the players could analyze the war situation from various angles.

A complete world view allowed everything to be traceable.

As a result, the forum was bustling with activity. There were all sorts of bets, and players were expressing their opinions.

Those who had different opinions would take out screenshots of the contents recorded in the history books and explain according to the content.

For example, go and take a look at Chapter 1742 of the fifth volume of the history of the netherworld sea. The netherworld Swordmaster is a powerful figure who has few rivals in the same realm. He has killed many gods. How can he lose …”

Another example would be,”what do you guys know? the venerable demonic ape could cross realms and battle the zombie goddess when he was in the deity realm. Go and read the history twice before talking about it. If you’re not educated, why are you acting tough? don’t think that just because you saw a piece of history about the netherworld sword venerable, you can use it to act tough on the forum. You guys are far from it.”

There were even players from cruel malevolence who didn’t even bother to argue with these players who had some historical knowledge.

“I don’t care what history you have. I’ll bet on venerable devil ape winning. If he loses, I’ll live stream myself eating sh * t. Who dares to bet with me?”


Just like the Chinese server, the European server was also bustling with activity.

It could be said that the players had gained a lot from this battle. Although they had all died, they didn’t suffer any losses.

The ten war Chambers of Commerce suffered the worst. They originally had a huge advantage in this battle.

However, as venerable devil ape made his move, everything turned into nothingness and was sent into the six paths reincarnation.

It was so tragic that the players felt it was a pity.

Of course, what they regretted was that so many soul coins and experience points had evaporated just like that.

The ocean King, who was hiding behind the ocean to watch the battle, rejoiced after venerable monster ape and venerable sword disappeared.

Having witnessed the entire battle, his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

He was glad that elder Ying had allowed him to hold the line at the rear. If he had been fighting at the front lines, he would probably have been dead by now.

Looking at the broken lapis lazuli region, the Sea King decisively chose to bring the mutt fleet home with its tail between its legs.

At the same time, he was thinking about how to report the situation to the devouring Sea area branch.

However, when the Sea King thought that he would be the only one among the top ten war Chambers of Commerce in the future, he was both scared and stunned.

He had just watched the battle as a bystander, but how did he suddenly become the number one war Chamber of Commerce under the yellow Springs Branch of the sea area he devoured?

He thought of the batch of resources that the yellow spring headquarters was going to distribute to the branches in the yellow spring Sea area and then to the war Chamber of Commerce to help them grow …

But now, he was the only one left to devour the sea division of the war Chamber of Commerce.


After understanding its current situation, the Sea King’s lips curled up to its ears, and it laughed very happily.

What could be more delightful than lying down and becoming stronger? the Sea King was very happy.


In the next few days, the forum was still discussing the battle between venerable sword and venerable monster ape, and two factions were formed.

One side said that the netherworld Swordmaster would win, while the other side said that venerable monster ape would win. No one could convince the other.

One of the leaders of these two statements was the war expedition history expert,”book breaker.” After he interpreted the rise of the netherworld Sword Saint, he believed that the netherworld Sword Saint would win. Many players agreed with him.

On one side, Crayon Shin-chan had posted a post that analyzed the situation from various angles and felt that venerable devil ape would win.

As a result, the two forces began to confront each other on the forum.

Soon, a large number of players from the European server also joined in. After looking at the two’s analysis, they chose to join the side they agreed with and also slammed the table and clamored.

When they encountered stubborn forum players who didn’t listen to the explanation, some hot-tempered players couldn’t help but ask about their family …

However, the popularity gradually subsided after a few days.

The reason was simple. No matter what the result was, they couldn’t see it …

It was useless to say anything without seeing it with their own eyes. They couldn’t convince the players in the other camp to agree with their own views.

He had to see for himself.

But very quickly, new hot posts appeared.

This time, the hot post appeared in all five servers at the same time, causing a heated discussion and sensation among all the players of war.

[War official: the all-server Halloween Carnival is about to start, and the event notice is officially released!]


The players were naturally excited when they saw the event announcement.

This was because the appearance of the event meant that the stingy officials were finally going to take revenge.

All the players had the same attitude towards the event. They were all prepared to perform well on that day and try to make a big profit from the stupid official game company.

However, the hell server and other server players had a question in their hearts.

Why did all five servers start the event at the same time? wasn’t Halloween a Festival for them?

Why can’t we participate in the central server’s Festival? why can’t we all be happy together?

It was too F * cking fake!

Therefore, the players from the hell server and other servers protested one after another, saying that the players from the middle servers could not participate and that they had to slow down their development speed so that the strength of the five major servers could be balanced.

Lu Wu naturally noticed their protests. After thinking about it, he still sent a reply.

That was the general meaning of the post. In order to show that people all over the world were one family, in the future, the sharing of festival activities would be launched at the same time on the entire server, with no exceptions.

At this moment, the players from the hell server and other servers were full of question marks.

Stupid official, that’s not what you said back then!

When the players on the Chinese server beat us up, did you ever think about being a family?

(One slash: emmm~in principle, this book will write about every Festival and will also write about different characteristics. However, it’s up to everyone. If you feel that the festival activities are delaying the progress of the plot, then I’ll write briefly and let it go. I’ll continue the plot. Everyone can share your opinions in this chapter!)