Chapter 684: Emotionless

While the first wave of the event was in full swing, the appearance of some dumbass players changed the atmosphere of the event.

This group of players did their activities with the attitude that they were happy.

It also destroyed the original gloomy and terrifying atmosphere, causing the dumbass atmosphere to spread across the major servers.

At this moment, the players who were doing the event seriously gritted their teeth in anger. Most of them did not get many terror points until the end of the event.

For this, these players could only choose to hold a grudge.

I’ll remember the names of these players who are active tumors. When I meet them outside the main city in the future, I’ll let them know what pain is. I’ll make them F * cking happy!

As the first event ended, the second event began.

If you don’t give me candy, I’ll do it!

The second wave of events was a server-wide event.

A few teleportation doors would appear in the main city of each server, allowing the players to go to other servers to cause trouble.

The players from the various servers had already made preparations for this wave of events.

Although there was no prior discussion, as if it was planned, a large number of players from the four servers landed in Beiqi at the same time.

This time, they had chosen the central server as their joint target.

The players who had yet to go through the portal to the other servers immediately became the targets of these airborne players.

The first activity candy in their hands would be ‘snatched’ by players from other servers before they could warm it up.

In fact, while they were asking for candy, the players from the four servers even tried to attack the NPCs in underworld city.

At this moment, they had triggered the hidden reward.

He was pleasantly surprised to find that every time he asked for a reward from an NPC, he would get a return of 1 to 100 soul coins. Of course, it could also be a notification that the reward was invalid.

Therefore, the ladies of the wood spirit clan had a mental breakdown.

After all, he had too much wealth. Now that he was targeted by the Wolf Pack, he was afraid that he would be finished.

Without any hesitation, the wood spirit clan leader led the rest of the wood spirits across the teleportation gate, ready to go to other servers for a while. Otherwise, they were afraid that these locusts would take all their money.

I can’t afford to offend you, so I’ll leave!

Regarding this, the players from the Chinese server were also gnashing their teeth in hatred.

However, the rules were fair and just. He was usually too overbearing, so he had no choice now that he was being targeted.

However, they would remember this and take revenge in the future.

On the other hand, the players from the other servers were feeling great, feeling that they had finally won.

The idiotic players had also come up with their own tricks at this stage.

After knowing that they could ask for candy from NPCs, this group of idiotic players formed a group and surrounded an NPC to ask for all kinds of candy. Each of them had an arrogant expression, as if they were demanding a debt.

He wanted to let the captured NPCs know what cruelty was, and what it meant to Return to Freedom overnight.

Many NPCs wanted to cry but had no tears.

It’s not easy to make money, and we’ll be exploited by the big shots behind the scenes. Now, the players are also exploiting us.

Of course, there were also some NPCs who were not afraid.

This was like a copper pendant. Many NPCs had fled, but he was still calmly strolling around in underworld in his little vest.

His mentality was even more stable.

You guys can ask for anything you want, I’ll lose if you can get any soul coins!

After all, his assets were in the negative, and he still owed a lot of debts. It was impossible to get any soul coins from him.

The shameless brass gatherer even took the initiative to ask for candy from the players.

With the mentality of giving it a try, he did not expect to really get a lot of candy.

At this moment, brass gavel knew that asking for candy was mutual. NPCs also had human rights, so he became even more arrogant and chased after players who came from other servers in underworld city.

Come on, let’s hurt each other. Whoever’s a coward is a grandson.

Brass gatherer was able to nimbly demonstrate the saying “the barefooted are not afraid of the ones wearing shoes”, letting those players who thought that they could make a fortune from the NPCs know what it meant to be poor is power.

Aside from that, there was also the illusionary fish clan’s oats, who had been following Tong Hang around in Hell City.

The entire central server was supported by the two paupers, tonghang and oats.

As for the other NPCs, they were either hiding or taking refuge in another server …

The moment the event ended, the game prompt appeared, and the ranking of the total amount of candy in the major servers was also revealed.

[Halloween candy leaderboard by major servers]:

[1st place: demon Phoenix great region]

[2nd place: great domain of hell]

[3rd place: Blue Void territory]

[4th place: Xuanfeng (tribe) great domain]

[No. 5: Northern divergent’s great region]


The players on the central server were very unhappy that they didn’t get first place, but they couldn’t do anything.

They had always been in first place, and they were already used to it. However, they didn’t expect that they would be targeted by a joint effort this time and fall.

However, the players in the central server knew that they would definitely get their revenge.

Soon, the third event took place.

The great demon battle!

With the notification that the event had started, the players decisively opened the event panel and pressed the match button.

Suddenly, white light flashed in the five servers. Every 20000 people formed a faction and paired up with 80000 people from the other servers. They were then sent to the “Halloween forest” and began the cosplay competition.

Under the bright moonlight, the silent forest was suddenly filled with a large number of evil creatures, werewolves, vampires, zombies … And so on.

The competition began again.

This time, the players from the other servers could no longer target the players from the central server. This was because they could only distinguish between friend and foe, but they could not tell which server the other party was from.

This undoubtedly made many players from the other servers unhappy.

It was a rare opportunity to suppress the central server, so they wanted to push the central server to the last place and not let them turn the tables.

As such, they tried to communicate with each other, planning to kill off all the players from the central server first, then fight for the top four positions.

However, the players on the central server would not let them have their way.

As a result, whenever the two teams met, such a scene would appear.

“Brother on the other side, which server are you from?”

“We’re on the same side, we’re not from the central server!”


Regardless of whether it was a mid-tier server or not, the mid-tier players would still say that it was not a mid-tier server when they answered.

Of course, there were also those who failed.

When they were asked which server it was, the players from the mid-server answered that they were from the European server. However, the other party happened to be from the European server and saw through them on the spot. Thus, a fight was inevitable.

Of course, strategy was also very important in a fight. Luck was also very important.

When they were unlucky, they might encounter a small team of players who might all be the type that could restrain their own monsters. At that time, other than running away, they would only die if they fought head-on.

The entire event map was filled with infighting.

Apart from Voldemort, only players with superior intelligence could survive to the end. The teams they led could always create an advantage for their factions and lead them to victory.

This group of high IQ players would count the number of players in this map in the camp voice channel, and how many different types of players were there. Then, they would plan for the future battles.

When luck couldn’t determine success or failure, decision-making would become the key to victory in this event.

For example, in a battle on one of the maps.

Yin Xiaoqi led the camp, and the entire battle situation was under her control.

After counting the total number of monsters at the current stage, she asked a group of players who chose zombies to hide, and then let the other players fight each other outside.

After advancing step by step, there were only four types of creatures left on the final map.

Zombies, mummies, vampires, and werewolves.

At this time, Yin Xiaoqi let the players who had randomly transformed into zombies appear.

Under the suppression effect, the other three types of monsters couldn’t kill the zombies at all. They were completely restrained by the rules.

This was similar to Tian Ji’s horse racing, but there were more variables in the rules. Although the number of surviving monsters could be seen in the upper right corner, it was extremely difficult to control.

In the final stage, even though the other side had far more people than them, Yin Xiaoqi still won the match.

This wave of events made the players feel very excited.

Without a commander, how to avoid the monsters that could restrain you and kill the enemy players that you could restrain at the same time was full of unknown.

No one knew what kind of monster their next opponent would be.

When the end of the event beeped, the event was coming to an end.

However, at this moment, the entire circle of expedition players was in an uproar.

The cross-server arena was a part of every event at this stage.

Many players would try to compete with other players with different growth systems.

However, in this aspect, the Chinese server had a huge advantage. It could be said that the players from the Chinese server ruled half of the cross-server arena.

Even if the players from the other servers did not want to admit it, they had to face it.

As it was a day-long event, many players were immersed in other activities. After three cross-server competitions, they would not pay attention to the situation in the cross-server arena.

However, this time was different.

This was because a peak-level battle had occurred.

At this time, the number of spectators in room 52325 of the cross-server arena was increasing exponentially.

As the map of the arena loaded, the spectating players appeared in an area similar to the Roman arena, and they were in the audience seats.

Below him, the figures of two players appeared.

One of them was ao Jian, who represented the top battle power in the central server, and the other was the publicly acknowledged number one expert in the Asia server,”Northstar one blade.”

When the players knew that the two were about to fight, they were all excited.

The forums often discussed who was stronger.

However, before they had truly fought, the players from the Asia server and the Chinese server all believed that their sword experts were stronger than the other. They were completely unable to convince the other.

But this time, it was a direct confrontation.

Especially the players from the central and Asian servers, they were all excited and wanted to know who would be the number one swordsman.

As the number of spectators increased, the plane system of the audience seats was activated.

Otherwise, the arena’s spectator stand would not have been able to accommodate such a large number of players.

Countless spectator seats were connected to the main arena, ensuring that all the spectating players felt as if they were in the arena itself. It was as if the two dueling players were right in front of them.

Following the sound of the game notification, the barrier in the center of the arena disappeared.

At this moment, the spectating players held their breaths.

However, to the players ‘surprise, neither arrogant sword nor Northstar made the first move. Instead, they just looked at each other.

At this moment, Beichen Yidao spoke first,”

“I’ve seen many of your battle videos. You’re very strong. You’re a Kendo Grandmaster!”

Ao Jian smiled,

“I’ve also watched your battle videos. Your sword intent is extremely domineering. I’ve always been looking forward to fighting you, and now the day has finally come!”

“But before the competition, can you answer a question in my heart?” Beichen Yidao suddenly asked.

Ao Jian was stunned, but he still nodded his head.

“Your sword intent is very pure. How did you do it?”

When he had first entered the conquests, Northstar Yidao had watched many of ao Jian’s battle videos on the forums. He had discovered that ao Jian’s sword did not contain any external forces. It was too pure, and it was simply unbelievable.

This was something Beichen Yidao had always been puzzled about. Now that he had seen ao Jian, he naturally wanted to ask.

“Because I have no feelings (crossed out)”

“For the sword, I have given up many things, including my true love.” At this point, ao Jian’s face turned cold, but his heart ached.

“You can even abandon your loved ones? I’m afraid your sword has gone off course!” Beichen Yidao shook his head and said.

He walked the ’emotion sword’, and his emotion deepened his sword intent. From the moment he started practicing the sword, his sword intent had condensed his emotions.

Love, hatred, kinship, and so on … These were all the keys to his growth in swordsmanship. To be able to reach this stage, Northstar Yidao felt that emotions were something that could not be lacking.

In fact, in his opinion, his feelings were far greater than the sword in his hand.

Therefore, Beichen Yidao felt that ao Jian ‘s’ emotionless sword ‘path was a bit off.

Hearing this, ao Jian’s mouth twitched.

However, he still said with a cold expression,”

“Women will only affect the speed of my sword!”

When Beichen Yidao heard this, he subconsciously looked at the Chinese bellflower on his right arm and revealed a strange expression.

He suddenly realized that they were both using swords, but they didn’t seem to have a common language.


At this moment, in the audience, a woman suddenly stood up and pulled out her large machete.

“F * ck, ao Jian you bastard, a woman affecting the speed of your sword? If you have the guts to say that to me, I’ll chop off your ***!”

“Mother, don’t be so excited. Don’t be so excited!”

Seeing this, mo Xiaoxin quickly pulled mo Lanlan back, who was about to jump into the arena to kill someone.

Mo Xiaoxin could not help but curse in his heart.

However, he was also extremely helpless against his emotionless father.

If you want to compete, then just compete. What are you acting tough for!