Chapter 686: The Great Demon King VS Beichen Yidao

After a short rest, Northstar one blade opened the arena panel again with anticipation.

He was thinking that after winning this cross-server battle, he could use the arena points to buy a purple quality longsword for Iaki from the merchant shop.

However, when he saw the name of his opponent, he was dumbfounded.

Why was his luck so good? previously, it was ao Jian, but this time, he had actually encountered the infamous Great Demon King!

At this moment, Beichen Yidao was speechless. He felt that he should really try his luck during the next lucky draw event. He might be able to get rich instantly. After all, his luck was too good.

As the scene around him changed, Beichen Yidao sighed, and his eyes gradually became firm.

He had to win this battle!

Many of the players who were paying attention to the cross-server arena occasionally saw that the list of new players refreshed had Northstar one blade and core Hu on it. Their expressions were also very interesting.

The heat from the battle between Bei Chen and ao Jian had yet to die down, but they didn’t expect a good show to start.

Some of the players immediately informed their friends about this news. Then, the news about the battle between the two of them appeared on the forum. A large number of players heard the news and rushed over.

Room 259271 of the arena was instantly filled to the brim, and new seats began to appear.

The number of people watching the battle rapidly increased.

This time, the arena’s random scene was on an isolated island. Under the warm sun, a breeze brushed against the face, and the sound of seagulls chirping accompanied by the crashing of waves on the beach made everything seem very quiet and beautiful.

At this moment, core Hu and one blade Bei Chen appeared on the beach. At the same time, the defensive barrier that separated the two also appeared.

The moment he saw his opponent, Hu He also had a strange expression.

He had participated in the cross-server battle because there were three chances to do so in this event. As long as he won, he would be able to obtain a high amount of arena points as a reward.

He really didn’t expect to meet an opponent who was a cheat.

He had watched the battle between ao Jian and Beichen Yidao, so he was surprised to see Beichen Yidao.

Looking at Beichen Yidao’s serious expression, nuclear Hu awkwardly greeted,”


“Hello!” “Yes!” Northstar blade immediately replied.


Then, the two of them fell into silence.

Nuclear Hu didn’t know much about Northstar Yidao. He had only heard that this person was the number one expert in the Asia server, and the deepest impression he had of Northstar Yidao was his battle with ao Jian.

However, what he didn’t expect was that ao Jian would actually lose to this person.

Even though the high level arena had a balancing system, ao Jian had always been one of the strongest in Hu He’s eyes, so he had not expected ao Jian to lose.

At this moment, Hu He didn’t know what ao Jian had encountered, nor did he know that ao Jian had lost because his sword heart had wavered, and his sword intent wasn’t as pure as before. He still thought that Bei Chen Yi Dao really had that kind of strength.

Beichen Yidao’s name was like thunder to the ears.

The publicly acknowledged number one player on the forum was the troll ‘Crayon Shin-chan’, and the most famous player in the game was none other than the Great Demon King ‘nuclear beard’.

Crayon Shinchan dominated the forum, bringing suffering and grievance to the players.

Core Hu’s achievements were equally glorious. He had once brought catastrophes to two large regions by himself, and even caused the strongest players in the five major servers to be dominated by catastrophes for a period of time.

To be able to make a player from the mid-server suffer was an achievement that the players from the other four major servers had never achieved.

Therefore, Beichen Yidao felt extremely helpless when he saw Hu He.

He had encountered one mid-grade cheat after another, and this one seemed to be even more terrifying than ao Jian.

However, Northstar Yidao didn’t have any thoughts of giving up in this battle. He was prepared to fight with all his might.

The players were even more excited about this battle, and some even started voting.

[The Great Demon King versus Beichen Yidao, who do you think will win!]

A, the Great Demon King

B, Beichen’s blade


The players participated in an interesting voting activity like hell wart, and tens of millions of votes were cast in a short time.

Support for the Great Demon King (94.8%) support for Northstar one blade (5.2%)

It could be said to be a one-sided vote.

Although one blade Bei Chen had defeated ao Jian and obtained an eye-catching achievement, he was called a legend by the players in the Asia server after the battle. However, the players in the five servers were all optimistic about the Great Demon King.

Many of the Asian server’s players had even voted for the Great Demon King.

The players who knew the Great Demon King knew that although the Great Demon King looked weak, he was actually weak … But he had so many powerful players under him.

There were two corpse spirits at the ghost emperor realm, dozens of ghost kings, and a dense crowd of ghost generals.

Unless one had an innate ability to counter and kill Hu He in one strike, it would be impossible to face an Army of corpse spirits head-on.

Bei Chen’s blade only had the battle power of an early stage ghost king. If you didn’t take into account his attainments in sword Dao and battle techniques, he might not even be as strong as one of the ghost kings in nuclear Hu’s hands. They were simply not on the same level.

Therefore, most players voted for the Great Demon King, nuclear Hu.

“Hahaha, the B * stards of the Asia server continue to be arrogant. This time, the Great Demon King will teach you a lesson. Open your eyes wide and watch!”

“My depressed mood instantly turned for the better. Hahaha, I’ve met the devil King. It’s time to slap his face. I’m so excited!”

“Don’t be so arrogant. What if Bei Chen hid his strength? it’s hard to say who will win. Don’t get slapped in the face!”

“Come, come, come. It’s time to place your bets. Bet that Beichen one knife will win at 1:5. Your chance to make money is here. Hurry up and place your bets.” You have been muted for three days!

“Although Northstar’s blade is indeed very strong, there’s not much hope of winning against the Great Demon King. If Northstar can win this round, he’ll really be apotheosized!”


As the players from the various servers were discussing, the barrier in the middle of the arena slowly dissipated.

The competition had officially begun!

“Let’s start!” Bei Chen nodded slightly at the bearded man, then slapped his right arm. The kayaki turned into a five-foot-long tachi and slid into his hand.

Seeing this, Hu He smiled and patted the corpse soul bag.

As wisps of mist emerged from within, dozens of corpse spirits appeared in front of Hu He.

Beichen Yidao was speechless.

Feeling the killing intent of the dozens of corpse spirits, Beichen one blade felt sad.

This wasn’t a one-on-one fight, it was a group fight!

“They’re here!”

Beichen Yidao let out a soft cry and suddenly charged toward Hu He.

Beichen Yidao knew very well that he would lose if he fought the corpse spirits head on. The only way to win was to kill core Hu, who was controlling the corpse spirits, and end the battle.

Seeing Bei Chen’s attack, he didn’t panic at all. With a thought, the eight ghost king corpse spirits at the front immediately moved.

The ground under the eight corpse spirits suddenly caved in, and their figures suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of Beichen Yidao.

Beichen Yidao’s expression turned serious. He immediately raised his sword and slashed.

The sword intent condensed into the sword, and a violent sword Qi formed. It advanced with an indomitable momentum.

Seeing this scene, Hu He’s expression remained the same. He took out a bronze bell and lightly shook it. Immediately, a thick corpse Qi appeared on the bodies of the eight attacking corpse spirits, and their speed increased.


The eight corpse spirits attacked at the same time, clashing with Bei Chen’s soaring sword Qi.

At this moment, Bei Chen’s blade was sent flying, and he staggered a few steps before he could stabilize himself.

However, he didn’t hesitate at all. His figure shot out like a sharp sword again, wanting to bypass the corpse spirit from the side.

Although the corpse spirit was strong, in Bei Chen’s opinion, it was still a controlled object, and its agility was definitely not comparable to his.

However, these corpse spirits were extremely fast. They once again formed a human wall in front of Bei Chen’s blade, and at the same time, they pushed him back.

After another setback, Beichen Yidao’s battle intent was ignited.

The balloon sword was suddenly ignited with the flame of sword intent, and his figure once again launched an attack.

[Taiyuan sword technique-she]

As he roared, a flaming sword Qi appeared.

The crescent-shaped flame sword Qi instantly devoured a ghost king realm corpse King. Under the violent sword intent’s assault, cracks appeared on the corpse King’s tough body, and fiery red sword light faintly seeped out from within.

With a loud bang, the corpse King’s body shattered.

Bei Chen’s blade seized the opportunity and went straight for Hu He, who was surrounded by the zombies.

At this moment, the other seven corpse spirits suddenly turned around and attacked him.

Bei Chen’s saber changed his steps and immediately chose to Dodge.

Although his reaction was very timely, one of the corpse spirits still managed to hit Bei Chen’s back.

This attack took away 10% of Bei Chen’s HP and even made him lose his balance.

At this moment, Bei Chen stabbed the Chinese bellflower into the ground. He used the momentum to spin three times in the air before landing firmly. He then squatted down and shot out like a sharp sword, pointing the tip of the sword at the beard.

Seeing this, Hu He was a little surprised, but he still shook the bell decisively.

Immediately, the dozens of corpse clan members in front of Hu He attacked at the same time, throwing themselves at Bei Chen.

Facing the siege of corpse spirits, Bei Chen’s blade exploded with all his combat power.

The sword intent burst forth with endless power in his body, reaching the realm of man and sword becoming one. His speed of advancement increased by more than three times.

Relying on his extremely precise dodging, Bei Chen’s blade actually dodged the attacks of dozens of corpse spirits and bypassed the seemingly unbreakable defensive barrier in a short time.

Although he was hit several times on the way and his health was in danger, the corners of Northstar one blade’s mouth curled up into a smile.


The spectating players were also dumbfounded.

Textbook-like positioning and dodging, godlike body movements. Such skills even made them feel like they were playing a different game from Northstar one blade.

For a short period of time, the arena’s voice channel was dead silent. The players were all in shock.

When they saw Bei Chen’s blade rush towards the defenseless Hu He, the spectating players ‘hearts trembled.

Were they really going to witness the birth of a legend?

When Bei Chen’s blade was only three meters away from him, he still had a calm expression on his face. He even had a mysterious smile on his face. At this moment, he lowered his body and slammed his palm on the ground.

“Corpse burial, coffin sealing!”

With Hu He’s shout, countless twisted black lines appeared on the ground with his palm as the center. They spread out like a spider web.

At that moment, the corpse spirits behind Bei Chen’s blade exploded, turning into black mist that flew towards Bei Chen’s blade and wrapped around him.

Beichen Yidao was shocked. He tried to break free, but he found that he couldn’t break free from the restraint of this power.

More and more corpse Qi surrounded his body. Under the players ‘shocked gazes, Bei Chen’s blade was gradually covered in corpse Qi.

The corpse Qi continued to condense and formed a dark black coffin. There were countless ferocious ghost patterns carved on it, completely sealing Bei Chen’s blade and locking it inside.

Seeing this scene, Hu He grinned.

The players all knew that his abilities were to refine corpses and control corpse spirits, but they had forgotten his other strength.

It was the understanding of seals!

Hu He had been studying how to break the seal. As his understanding of the seal deepened, he had long had the idea of trying to use the seal’s power. This was the most powerful killer move he had spent a lot of time and energy to develop,”sealed corpse burial coffin”.

This “sealing” coffin contained the combined power of dozens of ghost kings. Once the seal was formed, one would be invincible in the same realm, and could even easily fight enemies in a higher realm.

“Bye-bye!” At this moment, Hu He clenched his fist at the coffin.

The corpse Qi coffin slowly sank into the ground and continued to go deeper.

With the snap of his fingers, the entire Island shook, and a game notification appeared.

[Arena prompt: this match has ended. The two sides are Beiqi players: [Nuclear Beard’s demon beard player: Northstar one blade, winner nuclear beard, arena points obtained …]

Seeing the winning message, he decisively opened his friends list and sent a message to the wall chat group.

Core of beard: “I’ve regained my dignity. I didn’t want to use this move, but I think it’s the best way to show off.”(Copper necklace on waist.jpg)

Nie Feng: “Great Demon King 666, I’m your little fan. I want to bear your children!”

“Shut up!” He said.

[Gou ‘Zi: no wonder you didn’t use Yuan Xu and Hanba’s corpse spirit. It turns out that you’ve already planned to show off (Sea King’s disdainful face.jpg).]

[Ye Xue ‘er: you’re strong. I didn’t expect you to secretly develop such a strong ability, Devil King. Tell us what other tricks you’ve hidden. Let us see them (funny)]

No. 7:”I’m shocked. Little friend Hu nuclear, you’re really talented. It was the right choice to start on your own career!”

Ao Jian,[I’ve embarrassed you guys (covers face)]

[Old saying: haha, don’t say that, Big Boss proud sword. You’ve always been one of the strongest in my heart. I believe you’ll return to your peak … Oh right, you actually expressed your feelings. Unbelievable (shocked by the sea King.jpg)]

Yuan Fang,[that’s right, the cold and arrogant sword boss has actually expressed his feelings. I suddenly feel that there’s some human touch to it (QiuQiu is shocked.jpg)]

Youzi: “this is a warning for the backstabbing above. You’re forbidden from using QiuQiu’s emoji. The copyright belongs to youzi’s family. (QiuQiu, arms akimbo.jpg)”

Yin Xiaoqi thought,”damn … The devil is awesome!”

Tang mu: “the Great Demon King is really strong. He can even create his own skills. He’s an all-rounded talent..jpg”


Looking at his friends in the chat group complimenting him, core Hu scratched his head in embarrassment, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curve up.

As the battle ended, the arena exit countdown appeared.

At this moment, the players who were watching the competition were in an uproar.

They felt that the entire battle was truly exciting.

Just when they thought that Beichen’s blade was going to create a legend, a shocking reversal happened.

Nuclear Beard’s last move, the almost unbreakable seal, had killed the players, causing them to cry out in excitement.

At this moment, all the players wanted to say was that the Great Demon King was awesome!

The players on the Chinese server all said in the voice channel,”

“Your father is still your father. I’m just asking if you’re convinced!”

“Friends from the Asia server, are you still in the voice channel? come out and continue to talk tough (funny)”

“The Great Demon King: didn’t you want to create a legend? Pa! Pa! (Funny face)”


The depressed mood of the players on the central server was instantly wiped away, and their former arrogance returned …