Chapter 689: Chapter 689-sword intent

At this moment, ao Jian’s boat slowly entered the sword doctrine realm.

There were a few other players ‘battleships nearby.

The moment he entered the domain, ao Jian discovered that his sword heart had started to tremble.

This was not the resonance between the sword heart and the sword essence in the domain, but fear.

This feeling was as if the sword heart in his body had met an even stronger expert who could completely suppress it. The sword essence wreaking havoc in the domain made this sword heart tremble.

Ao Jian took in a deep breath and continued to move forward.

At this time, curses came from all around.

Ao Jian immediately turned to look in the direction of the sound. Through the hazy mist, he saw a battleship collapse under the raging sword Qi. Countless figures fell into the water, and then the curses faded and everything returned to calmness.

Ao Jian was speechless.

At this moment, ao Jian had also personally witnessed the dangers within the sword Dao domain.

However, he was still very calm.

The small boat continued to move forward for about ten meters. Ao Jian’s heart trembled. He suddenly raised his head and looked to the left. He immediately discovered a blue fragment shooting toward him.

Eight streams of sword Qi surrounded the blue fragment, each of which was filled with a chilling intent.

Seeing this, ao Jian immediately waved his hand and the nine spiritual swords on his back immediately circled in front of him, forming a sword formation.

However, what ao Jian didn’t expect was that the sword seal formed from blue sword intent suddenly stopped in the air. It didn’t attack him, but instead trembled and let out a buzzing sound.

As The Blue Sword seal trembled, ao Jian suddenly understood what the sword seal fragment was trying to convey.

To be precise, this sword seal was sending a very simple message to the sword essence in his body.


The sword seal fragment that was condensed from sword will wanted to challenge the sword will in his body.

After a brief moment of shock, ao Jian couldn’t help but shake his head and smile. He kept the nine spiritual swords in front of him and stood still as he looked at the sword intent. The aura around him began to rise.

As if sensing that ao Jian had responded to its challenge, The Blue Sword seal trembled even more violently, and waves of sword intent instantly enveloped ao Jian.

Under the pressure of this overbearing sword intent, ao Jian’s face instantly paled.

The sword intent in his body became even more chaotic and began to disperse bit by bit.

In a battle of sword intent, the loser’s sword heart would definitely be disturbed, and a lot of sword intent would be worn out.

Even though this was only one of the many sword minds of the yellow spring Swordmaster and it was only a fragment, the powerful sword mind was still not something that ao Jian could withstand. He could not help but take a step back.

With this step back, the newly born sword intent in ao Jian’s body collapsed with a loud bang, and his aura also dissipated.

At this moment, The Blue Sword seal stopped trembling. Sword Qi once again appeared around his body and locked onto ao Jian.

At this moment, ao Jian felt a wave of killing intent.

However, ao Jian didn’t panic. He looked at The Blue Sword seal calmly, and a new sword intent was born in his body.

As long as the heart of the sword was not shattered, the sword intent could be Reforged even if it was scattered!

As the sword intent within ao Jian’s body appeared once more, the killing intent on The Blue Sword intent receded, and it once again issued a sword intent challenge.

Ao Jian still chose to accept the challenge.

As the familiar sword essence pressed down, the new sword essence in ao Jian’s body was still unable to withstand it and dispersed.

However, when The Blue Sword seal wanted to kill ao Jian again, the sword intent in his body condensed and reignited.

It might be difficult for others to re-condense their sword intent, but every time the sword intent collapsed, it would make the swordsman lose his will to fight, and even his sword heart would become unstable.

However, ao Jian had already let go of all this.

In the past, he had almost lost his mind due to his failure in a sword competition. His obsession with victory was extremely strong.

However, after experiencing so much, especially after knowing that his true love was still around, he had already discovered that there was something more important.

After being defeated by Bei Chen, he was unwilling to accept his defeat.

However, the ’emotion sword’ mentioned by Beichen Yidao made him come to his senses and make a decision to let go of the biggest obsession in his heart.

At that moment, the sword heart was broken, and the sword intent that had been re-forged had been reborn.

From that moment on, success and failure were like fleeting clouds. Ao Jian only had a pure love for the sword and nothing else.

Thus, even though his sword intent was scattered, ao Jian was still able to easily condense it.

This was because his sword intent did not have the obsession with victory, the pursuit of the strongest sword principle, or the desire to use the sword to achieve any goal.

This time, the pure sword intent was filled with passion.

The emotionless sword that he had taken was a sword Dao path that gradually abandoned feelings and humanity.

All emotions and human nature were like a scabbard that firmly locked ao Jian’s sword intent, making it impossible to unsheathe it.

If it was not cut, it was like a sword unsheathed, how could it be sharp!

Thus, when he sparred with Beichen Yidao, ao Jian was like a heartless sword that had not been unsheathed. He had no power to speak of.

The moment the heart of the sword shattered, it was equivalent to the disappearance of the scabbard.

This road had finally come to an end.

After the new sword intent was formed, ao Jian’s feelings for the sword were only love.

As long as his passion did not diminish, then other emotions would not affect his sword intent, and victory or defeat would not be able to shake his sword heart.

It was easy to condense the sword heart based on passion, but it was too difficult to reach this level.

This was like Beichen’s blade.

He cared about his sword, because this sword could help him take revenge, kill enemies, protect, and so on …

Therefore, the sword was more like an indispensable tool for Beichen’s blade than a pure love. He could not condense such a sword heart.

The former ao Jian was also like this.

Although he was infatuated with the sword, he was still affected by many other things.

His initial thought was to surpass emotionless, so he trained hard in swordsmanship. After receiving jianchou’s inheritance, he even acknowledged jianchou’s way of the sword.

If he wasn’t talented enough, he would use a sword to make up for it. If one sword wasn’t enough, he would use two …

However, in reality, he wanted to make up for the difference in talent and compare himself with others. He already had a competitive heart.

This was not a pure love for the sword, because he still had a goal in his heart that he wanted to achieve.

But once, other than his passion for swords, ao Jian had no other thoughts.

Thus, ao Jian had accomplished something that was almost impossible for most sword artists.

He easily condensed the scattered sword intent again.

Even if it failed, it didn’t cause any loss to the new sword intent.

The Blue Sword seal’s challenge continued. In the confrontation of sword essence again and again, ao Jian, as the defeated party, was calm and collected, while The Blue Sword seal, which had won many times, was clearly dim.

It could not wash away ao Jian’s love for swords.

The sky gradually darkened, and the battle between ao Jian and The Blue Sword seal had reached the 132nd time.

In this exchange, ao Jian’s sword essence collapsed once again. However, the moment he condensed his sword essence again, The Blue Sword essence that he had won suddenly collapsed into specks of Starlight.

As the sword Qi circulated, ao Jian felt a vigorous sword Dao aura spreading in the surroundings.

He subconsciously closed his eyes and began to comprehend the sword Dao aura.

After a while, ao Jian opened his eyes and a smile appeared on his face.

At this moment, the game prompt sounded.

[Game prompt: congratulations, you have comprehended the Supreme sword’s legacy sword intent “extreme wave.” Comprehension progress is 19%!]

[Game prompt: your sword intent has been enhanced!]

After glancing at the game notification, ao Jian’s heart didn’t fluctuate much.

Although he was happy, this joy came from the comprehension of the new sword essence, not from the enhancement of his strength.

At this moment, the aura of the way of the sword in the surroundings had already dissipated. After a moment of thought, ao Jian prepared to continue deeper in.

At this moment, he suddenly noticed two sharp sword intents coming from his left not far away.

He immediately turned his head and saw two sword seals, one red and one purple, clashing and killing each other.

Seeing this, he was curious and couldn’t help but watch.

One of the two sword seals was domineering like fire. There seemed to be a raging flame burning in the sword intent. Ao Jian felt a sense of anger from it, as if it wanted to burn everything.

The other one was calm and steady. His sword intent condensed into one and his aura was restrained. However, every time he attacked, it was like thunder. It was abnormally overbearing and fierce, as if he wanted to kill his opponent in one strike.

In the confrontation of these two sword essences, the sword essence that was as hot as fire gradually couldn’t withstand it and began to collapse.

As the sword intent gradually strengthened, the sword intent actually became stronger.

In the end, the scorching sword seal was destroyed, and the scattered sword intent was all absorbed by the purple sword seal.

At this moment, the purple sword seal’s aura was rising and it was obviously stronger. The sword intent also contained the sword intent aura of the scorching sword seal.

Seeing this, ao Jian was extremely surprised.

He was already very puzzled when The Blue Sword seal challenged it.

It was as if these Broken Sword seals had a consciousness.

Ao Jian could not help but guess when he saw the red sword seal being devoured by the purple sword seal.

Could it be that these sword seals really had consciousness, and the purpose of the challenge was to absorb the other party’s sword intent to strengthen themselves?

If this hypothesis was true, ao Jian felt that this place was simply the domain of sword essence.

If this domain was allowed to continue existing, then there would definitely be an extremely powerful sword seal that would devour all the other sword seals and condense into the only new sword seal in this area.

Thinking up to this point, ao Jian suddenly had an idea.

If that’s the case, then could I also become a part of this sword intent Gu-nurturing domain, and then condense my own new sword intent in the process of challenging and being challenged?

When this thought appeared, ao Jian’s heart palpitated.

Ao Jian was naturally eager to understand the many sword essences left behind by the netherworld Swordmaster.

This was because he was a person who was obsessed with swords.

Now that he had such an opportunity, he definitely didn’t want to miss it.

Thinking up to this point, ao Jian steered the ship towards the purple sword seal that was still absorbing the scattered sword intent.

At this moment, the purple sword seal that had just won also sensed the challenge from ao Jian’s sword intent. The sword intent suddenly locked onto ao Jian and began to suppress him.

This sword seal was even more powerful than The Blue Sword seal from before. It destroyed the sword intent that ao Jian had condensed in a short time.

However, ao Jian remained unmoved. As he failed, he continued to comprehend the aura of the sword mind within the purple sword seal. He wanted to comprehend the netherworld Swordmaster’s art of swordplay.

Time continued to pass as he meditated, and a day passed very quickly.

At this moment, the purple sword seal no longer had the overbearing momentum of a hot knife through butter and pressed forward with indomitable will. Instead, it appeared dim and lightless.

After several more clashes, the purple sword seal finally couldn’t hold on and collapsed.

The sword intent within ao Jian’s body trembled as it began to absorb this sword intent.

After this challenge, ao Jian’s sword intent had increased once again.

To other players, this place might be a strange place full of opportunities and dangers.

However, to ao Jian, it was the best place to cultivate a new sword essence.

Inside and outside the sword Dao domain, the father and son relied on the sword Dao domain to grow rapidly!