Chapter 693: What happened?

As the news that there was a hidden swordsman instructor in the Kendo territory spread, more and more players learned the method to condense sword will from him.

More players set foot on the path to the Kendo realm in search of the hidden swordsmanship instructor.

The players who had received guidance on swordsmanship and comprehended sword will were not stingy with their praises for the hidden swordsmanship instructor on the forums.

For example:

The bald teacher worked as hard as a gardener, carefully teaching me, a flower that will become a wall-hanging flower in the future. To thank him for his efforts …

When I finished my studies, his eyes were full of hot tears, and his eyes flashed with relief, joy, relief, and other emotions. I felt the sacred glory of an educator from him, and I wanted to call him “teacher” respectfully …

All sorts of praises …

If sui ye knew about this, he would have died of anger on the spot.

To hell with the glory of an educator, to hell with the teachers, I’ve had enough!

He had sent away hundreds of players and corrected the path of swordsmen for this group of swordsmen who had gone astray. Only he knew the sadness he felt during this period.

He had wanted to give up several times and then cruelly kill all these stupid swordsmen.

However, every time he thought of the Supreme inheritance left behind by the netherworld Swordmaster, he chose to endure it silently. He could not bear to give up such a great opportunity.

This was his shortcut to the ancient God Realm, so this difficulty was nothing!

To this end, he secretly swore in his heart that no matter how difficult it was, he would definitely overcome it and finally obtain everything he wanted.

This was because he was the only and most legitimate successor of the yellow spring Swordmaster. He would also be the future yellow spring Swordmaster.

For that reason, sui ye had thought of many ways to avoid the players.

With his speed, he could leave in an instant and the players wouldn’t even be able to see him.

However, there were too many players. Every time he found the precious sword will left behind by the netherworld Swordmaster, he would stop and challenge it. After that, he would shatter it and comprehend and absorb the sword will essence within.

This was the most dangerous moment for suiye.

The danger did not come from the battle with the powerful sword seals. With his sword God seal, he could naturally defeat these Broken Sword seals easily.

In fact, the danger often came from the short pause in the process of absorbing the sword essence.

Every time this happened, there would always be players popping out from somewhere and challenging him with excited looks on their faces.

After hundreds of lessons, sui ye was completely numb and gave up all resistance.

What could he do? there were only three paths in front of him.

1. Directly kill the Challenger and take away one of the sword intent.

Two, accept the challenge, wait for the opponent to release his sword intent, defeat him, and then kill him!

Three, teach the Challenger how to use the sword intent, and then wait for him to release the sword intent. After defeating him, kill him.

These three paths seemed to have a choice, but in fact, they had no choice at all.

If he chose the first option, it would be equivalent to giving up the sword mind of the netherworld Swordmaster. Then, what was the point of him staying here?

If he chose the second option, there would be no follow-up at all … He would have to wait patiently. It could take an entire day or even longer.

Sui ye even suspected that without his guidance, these swordsmen would never be able to master the way of condensing sword will.

He naturally couldn’t waste his energy on this, and such a long wait wasn’t beneficial to his cultivation of sword heart.

Hence, if he wanted to obtain the netherworld Swordmaster’s inheritance, he only had one choice.

That was to teach these stupid swordsmen how to use the sword intent correctly, and then kill them.

This was the only way that would not waste a lot of time and would not cause any losses.

Although the process was tiring, for the sake of his own legacy, sui ye had to bear with it.

If you’ve learned the wrong things, I’ll teach you. I’ll correct the path of swordsmen for all of you, and then quickly die!

Sui ye even found that he was gradually getting better at teaching others to comprehend sword will.

He had even sorted out his own teaching theoretical system of ‘condensing sword intent’, which could point out the way for a stupid swordsman in a short time, allowing him to condense sword intent.

He could even quickly give targeted teaching plans based on different personalities, emotional changes, and other characteristics, allowing different swordsmen to comprehend different corresponding sword intents.

What was even more unacceptable to sui ye was that he actually felt happy because of this. With these experiences, he could save a lot of time and spend it on comprehending the sword essence left by the yellow spring Swordmaster.

What a humble happiness!

As one of the eight sword practitioners, he was actually happy that he could save time by teaching others to comprehend sword intent so quickly …

‘F * ck, I don’t want this lowly happy at all!’

However, there were some things that resistance was not the solution.

After all, there was a huge number of players invading the Kendo realm from all angles. Although there were countless deaths and injuries during the process, if they were lucky, they would still be able to encounter sui ye in the fog.

This wasn’t something sui ye could avoid just because he didn’t want to.

As for sui ye’s grievance and pain, the players had no idea. They only felt that the hidden character was too strong.

After exploring the forum for half a day, he found a bunch of guides and teaching videos, and he couldn’t learn anything even after thinking hard for several days.

In just a few words, this bald instructor was able to make them understand the essence of it and draw inferences from it. In the end, their hearts were clear and they condensed their own sword intent.

In the eyes of the players, this was much more powerful than a high-level player like mu jiuge. This was a real professional.

If it were not for the fact that the “hidden plot” had ended after they had comprehended sword will and triggered the final Easter egg, the bald instructor would have killed them on the spot. The players even had the urge to continue listening to him, so that they could go further on the path of a swordsman.

After all, the outside knowledge had to be paid for, and the players of the conquests were well aware of that.

Aside from the free hell library, any knowledge outside of hell required players to spend soul coins to purchase.

For example, in the life profession, every accumulation and progress of knowledge was the result of countless practices.

And putting it into practice would require a large amount of soul coins.

For example, the illusion fish clan’s stealth techniques, the forging techniques of the copper pendants, and so on … If they needed specialized guidance, they would also need to spend soul coins to purchase them.

It was impossible for a “bald teacher” to give free and enthusiastic guidance like this to exist in other places except in the Kendo domain.

That was why the players cherished such opportunities and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn.

In addition to the warrior players, some mage and assassin players also joined in the craze of ‘cultivating sword intent’, sailing to the Kendo realm to find the bald instructor.

According to what they said, why couldn’t mages learn sword intent? if I could learn it, I would be able to fight with my sword even if someone got close to me. I could even pretend to be a pig to eat a Tiger and counterattack. Wasn’t that good?

It was the same for the assassin players, who felt that the warrior players could learn it and they couldn ‘t. It was also their dream to be able to ride a flying sword like ao Jian.

What was even more outrageous was that the healer players also thought so. Why couldn’t the healer deal damage? generally, when there was a battle, the other party would kill the healer players first.

As a result, the number of students who wanted to learn sword intent was still expanding.

Suiye’s desperate moment was far from over …


During this period of time, ao Jian’s sword intent also grew stronger by the day.

The sword intent that was supported by passion had the characteristic of not being worn down. It seemed weak, but in this sword realm, it was almost invincible.

Not only did each failure not weaken ao Jian’s sword essence, it would instead strengthen as ao Jian comprehended a new sword essence.

For almost two months, ao Jian didn’t go offline even once. He relied on the nutrient solution to continue challenging and being challenged in the sword Dao domain.

Perhaps for other swordsmen, this place was extremely dangerous, and one wrong step could cost them their lives.

However, to ao Jian, this place was more like a library.

Each sword essence had its own story, and at this moment, he seemed to be wandering in a sea of books, enriching his experience and knowledge accumulation.

As he read it again and again, he comprehended many of the exquisite sword minds left behind by the yellow spring Swordmaster.

Up until now, he had encountered a total of 168 sword essences, and he had comprehended all of them.

His heart of the sword had also become extremely firm, and his sword essence had returned to the stage when he had first practiced the heartless sword.

After abandoning the emotionless sword, ao Jian had thought that his sword intent would progress slowly if he only relied on passion. Perhaps it would be a long time before he could return to the peak again.

Even he didn’t expect to encounter the sword doctrine domain at this time.

It could be said that this was a blessing in disguise, so ao Jian treasured this opportunity.

As the netherworld Swordmaster had accumulated a huge amount of “sword essence” throughout his life, ao Jian treasured every sword essence he had and would stop to comprehend them.


After making a round around the outer perimeter, ao Jian willed the boat to slowly sail into the sword Dao domain.

As he advanced, ao Jian would occasionally see sword artists fighting against sword artists, sword artists fighting against sword seals, and even sword seals fighting against sword seals.

The collision of different sword essences caused countless sword essence fluctuations.

However, ao Jian was already used to this and turned a blind eye to it. He used his sword heart to sense the sword essence aura around him, searching for his next target.

The small boat broke through the heavy fog, and at this moment, several figures appeared in the distance.

Ao Jian immediately prepared himself for the battle of sword intents.

However, when the boat broke through the fog and saw everything in front of him, he could not help but be stunned.

Such a harmonious scene was really … A little unexpected.

He saw a group of players sitting on the raft, squeezed together, and listening to a bald man speak like obedient children.

Just as ao Jian was feeling surprised, the bald man who had been speaking suddenly turned to look at him.

At this moment, ao Jian felt an extremely powerful sword intent.

The power of this sword essence was something ao Jian had never seen before in his life. He was certain that this person was an extraordinary and peerless swordsman!

Just from the sword light in his eyes, ao Jian could roughly judge this person’s strength.

It was definitely not something he could contend with. Even ten of him would not be enough!

“Newcomer, hurry up and learn the sword. We’ve just started the lecture!” At this moment, sui ye beckoned to ao Jian and shouted.

Sui ye, who had learned to gather the players and was now giving a public lecture, squeezed out a smile as he spoke, as if trying to appear friendly.

Hearing this, ao Jian’s face was full of question marks.

Did something happen?