Chapter 695: Law sword intent

After killing ao Jian, sui ye continued to explore the realm of the sword way, looking for and absorbing the sword essence left by the netherworld Swordmaster.

As he advanced, his sword intent became stronger and stronger, and his sharpness was pressing.

At this moment, sui ye could release sword Qi with just his eyes, and his body was full of sharp light.

However, every time he encountered a player, sui ye’s cold and aloof aura would be instantly shattered, and he could only be a good teacher.

After all, it was not easy to obtain sword intent, and he could not violate the taboo of the realm again.

During this period of time, sui ye had no idea how many disciples he had taught.

From the individual classes to the public classes, his teaching skills were getting better and better, but sui ye was not happy at all.

And his heart was filled with doubts.

He really wanted to know how the sword Master who “misled” his disciples in this Sea area managed to trick so many fools to learn the method of condensing sword essence from him.

Of course, he had no way of knowing this.

However, he was prepared to find the Swordmaster as soon as he inherited the legacy of the sword venerable.

Teach him a good lesson, let him know what is professional, and then use very cruel means to kill him!


As he continued to advance into the sword Dao domain, sui ye began to feel the pressure.

Although the sword way divine seals were getting stronger, the closer they were to the center, the more complete the sword seals they encountered.

Just now, he had encountered a complete sword seal.

“Wave breaking sword seal!”

The sword seal formed by the sword will was obtained by venerable the sword after he sealed the God. In essence, it was no different from his divine seal.

Even without venerable sword’s control, sui ye was still having a hard time dealing with the explosive power of the sword seal.

In the confrontation of sword intents, there was even a brief moment of being evenly matched.

Fortunately, he was the one who obtained the final victory in the end. He shattered the sword seal and absorbed it.

However, sui ye did not dare to be careless again after this encounter.

That was because the sword essence of the sword venerable was far more powerful than that.

Thinking of the three strongest moves of venerable sword and the sea god’s sword that he finally comprehended with the law of sword Dao, sui ye knew that he had to improve his strength as soon as possible and not venture deeper.

With such a thought in mind, sui ye wandered around the central area of the domain, looking for sword will, challenging and absorbing it, trying to grow his sword will so that he could face stronger “opponents”.

During this time, ao Jian had also re-entered the realm of the way of the sword.

However, his comprehension of sword essence did not start from the beginning.

There were laws in the sword realm, and these laws could be said to be above all swordsmen and sword seals. Anyone who broke the rules or failed would have all the sword intent they obtained here taken away.

But ao Jian was different.

Because he was a player!

And his backer was Lu Wu, and his soul was imprinted in Lu Wu’s hands.

Although the sword Dao law was powerful, it was impossible for it to invade ao Jian’s soul and take away the power he had obtained. (Lu Wu: have you asked me?)

Thus, even if he was killed, his sword intent was not affected at all and was firmly preserved.

Once again stepping into the sword realm, ao Jian immediately steered the boat deep into the realm.

However, the challenge soon came. This time, it was not the sword seal that challenged ao Jian, but countless swordsmen who had heard the news and entered the realm of the sword way.

At this time, the sword seals that were wandering in the outer circle had basically been divided up by the swordsmen, so their target had changed from the sword seals to other swordsmen.

With the support of their sword Dao domain, they could completely strip other people of their sword intent to support themselves.

Although it was cruel, it was nothing in the face of benefits.

In order to obtain the final victory, many swordsmen had no bottom line, as long as they could become stronger.

Ao Jian faced this with ease because he was not afraid of any challenge.

During this time, apart from blade Masters, ao Jian would often meet other players.

However, these players obviously had no intention of challenging him. When they saw him, they would try to say hello and then leave in a hurry … As if they were looking for something.

On the way, ao Jian saw many players and blade Masters fighting for sword intent.

However, it was obvious that the players would not play by the rules. Often, after they lost in a battle of sword intent, they would raise their fists, staffs, and so on to fight their opponents head-on, because they did not have the habit of waiting for death!

As for the rules? The players never followed the rules!

Ao Jian didn’t find this strange at all and calmly boarded the small boat to continue deeper in.

Three days later, the boat passed through the thick fog and arrived at the area where he had died.

Sui ye had already left, and the surroundings were quiet, with the faint sound of water splashing.

Looking at the small map on the top right corner, ao Jian didn’t stop and chose to continue forward.

The small boat moved very slowly. During this time, ao Jian constantly used his sword heart to check the surroundings, trying to sense if there were any fluctuations of sword intent.

The deeper he went, the fewer swordsmen he found, and the fewer sword seals he had.

However, every time he encountered a swordsman or sword seal, it would be a difficult battle.

However, this instead aroused the passion in ao Jian’s heart.

Because the more profound the sword essence was, the more he wanted to explore and understand it.

Relying on the special property of the “indestructible sword mind,” ao Jian comprehended several more sword minds left behind by the netherworld Swordmaster as he advanced. The small boat also gradually approached the central area of the domain.

The water rippled and the mist filled the air. Carrying the nine spiritual swords on his back, ao Jian closed his eyes and comprehended.

Suddenly, two powerful sword intents came from the distance, and ao Jian opened his eyes.

Following the direction of the sword intent, ao Jian’s mind moved and the small boat immediately sailed in that direction.

Two figures appeared in front of ao Jian as he pushed through the dense fog.

One of them was very familiar to him, it was sui ye. The other one was wrapped in golden light and his face was blurry. He was floating above the water with his hands behind his back.

In front of the two, a huge green sword and a small golden sword were clashing.

The sword essence that was released was so powerful that it destroyed the sword essence in ao Jian’s body.

Seeing the two of them fighting, ao Jian immediately stopped moving forward and began to watch from a distance.

During the confrontation, sui ye’s forehead was dripping with sweat, and he seemed to be struggling.

The other figure didn’t move at all, and it was easy to tell who was better at a glance.

The battle went on for about an hour. Suddenly, sui ye took a few steps back with a pale face. His green sword trembled and let out a sword cry.

“Old man, you’re already dead. Why don’t you let me inherit your sword Dao!” The pale-faced sui ye glared at the Golden figure and scolded.

“I’ve told you before that you’re not suitable to inherit my sword Dao!”

Hearing this, sui ye’s face turned ferocious, and he said unwillingly,”

“My sword Dao is the sword of freedom. It’s unrestrained and can refine any sword intent. Why can’t I?”

“Freedom itself already represents a type of main sword intent attribute. The path in the future should be explored and broken through by yourself, not looking for any shortcuts. This way, you can go further!”

“I don’t need it, I only want your sword intent!” Sui ye growled unwillingly.

The Golden figure sighed and waved his hand. The little golden sword flew out and knocked the green sword back to sui ye’s hand.

“Retreat! Anyone can obtain my sword intent, but you can ‘t!”

At this moment, sui ye’s face was filled with desolation.

The reason why he didn’t inherit the sword doctrine inheritance was so that he could go further.

He could not accept this reason!

Sui ye’s eyes gradually turned red, and he suddenly threw out the huge sword in his hand. Thousands of sword will phantoms were condensed around him, and then the huge sword hit the small golden sword.


The powerful sword intent caused the ocean surface to surge. Ao Jian was also affected by this, and the sword intent he had formed was instantly wiped away.

“Since you won’t give it to me, I’ll just snatch it from you. I couldn’t do anything to you when I was alive, so I’ll make the decision now!”


Along with sui ye’s roar, a huge green sword broke through the barrier of the sword Dao domain and came down from the sky, stabbing directly at the Golden figure.

“So strong!”

Feeling the aura of the sword essence, ao Jian was shocked.

“Old thing, die!”

The giant sword and the Golden figure collided at this moment, and a dazzling light flashed. The Golden figure quickly melted under this attack, revealing its true body.

At this moment, aoran was shocked to find that it was a sword seal and not a real person!

In his confusion, ao Jian immediately looked at the golden sword seal and activated its analysis ability.

[Sea god sword (complete)]:

[Details of sword intent: the strongest sword intent of sword venerable, one of the three venerable Masters of netherworld Chamber of Commerce.] Ever since he broke through to the ancient God Realm, he had once entered the central sea near the land of the six paths of reincarnation to comprehend a sword will that was compatible with his realm. He had secluded himself for 5000 years and integrated all the sword wills of the “sea” attribute to create his own sword will, the “sea god sword.”

[Sword intent level: law sword intent]


When the sea god’s sword seal collided with the huge sword formed by sui ye’s sword will, countless golden lights flashed out. The golden sword will kept condensing and pushed the huge sword back bit by bit.


The giant sword could not bear the heavy load at this moment, and cracks appeared on its surface.

However, sui ye gritted his teeth and persevered.

Even if he knew that the consequence of failure was the loss of his sword intent, he still wanted to win, and he had to win.

This was a shortcut. As long as he succeeded, he would be the next sword venerable of netherworld Chamber of Commerce. This was the peak that he longed for the most in his life.

“Stop! If you continue, your sword intent will be shattered!” At this moment, a voice came from beside him, causing sui ye’s heart to skip a beat.

He immediately turned his head and discovered in horror that this person was the swordsman he had killed some time ago.

Wasn’t he dead?!

Sui ye’s mind was in a mess. The huge sword formed by the sword will was pushed back by the golden sword seal.

The cracked sword essence flew back to sui ye and was absorbed into his body. He turned around and looked at ao Jian with a cold expression,”

“You didn’t die?”

Ao Jian nodded his head,

“He didn’t die!”

“Why are you stopping me now?”

“Even an outsider like me can see that if this continues, you’ll lose without a doubt, and your sword intent will be thwarted. I don’t know why you’re so persistent in a battle of sword intents that you’re sure to lose, but I can tell that you know the owner of this sword seal, so you seem to be betting, betting that the other party will choose to compromise!”

Suiye’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that. He couldn’t believe it.

Because what ao Jian said was exactly what he was thinking.

If it was an external enemy, in a situation where he was bound to lose, and the other party gave him a way out, he would definitely compromise.

The reason why he was so insistent this time was because he was betting that the sword seal, which still had the consciousness of the sword venerable, would compromise!

“Give up. I can sense the emotions in this sword seal. Even if you have a deep relationship with the owner of this sword seal, this sword seal is not the main body. The consciousness left behind by the owner is only a part of it. It is not as simple as you think. If you lose, you will be destroying yourself!”

Upon hearing this, sui ye’s expression was complicated, his eyes were filled with uncertainty.

He subconsciously turned his head to look at the sword seal. At this time, the sword seal had once again turned into a golden blurry figure. It seemed familiar, but there was much less meaning to it.

“How can you sense the emotions in the sword seal? How did you do it?” Sui ye turned to ao Jian and asked.

“The repeated failures in this domain allowed me to understand each sword seal more thoroughly. Just like that, as I came into contact with the sword seals, I gradually comprehended this ability!” Ao Jian didn’t hide anything and replied.