Chapter 701: Chapter 701-promotion to Sword Saint

From the Iron Snake Island to the Overlord of this Sea area, ao Jian’s rise had become a legend in the nearby Sea area.

Meanwhile, ao Jian’s method of success had also become a good example for the members of the nearby sea powers.

It led a large number of leaders to adopt the ‘child’, hoping to replicate his legend.

However, it was clear that without the ability to predict the future, ao Jian’s legend in these waters could not be replicated.

This was because no one could predict that the adopted child would have great achievements in the future.

The probability of this happening was extremely small. Even if they adopted hundreds of thousands of people, there might not be such a genius.

However, no one knew of ao Jian’s Secret, so his success had started the era of competition for the nearby seas.

It was also at this time that ao Jian prepared to officially move into the central region of the yellow Springs.

In reality, with the current development of ao Jian’s subordinates, all the factions believed that ao Jian would eventually establish a super Sea region faction and obtain large amounts of resources. When he was strong enough, he would move into the central Sea region of the yellow spring.

His future was limitless.

Furthermore, with the current development of ao Jian’s faction, they didn’t even need to use the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s name to enter the central Sea region. They could use their own power to enter the resource-plundering area.

However, the reality was that not only did ao Jian not do so, but he also chose to join the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. This undoubtedly caught many of the powers of the sea that were trying to figure out the direction of the Iron Snake island’s development by surprise.

The members of the organizations in the nearby seas could not help but sigh when they received this news. They felt that ao Jian had made a terrible move this time.

He had great potential to build his own dynasty, and his adopted sons were all like dragons with endless potential. In the future, they would definitely be a great path.

However, he didn’t expect that he would end up on a narrow path and choose to live under someone else’s roof.

Ao Jian was naturally too lazy to care about the criticism of the outside world.

At this moment, he was more concerned about the improvement of his own strength and sword essence.

After all, his talent was limited. Apart from a body full of vitality, he was useless. It would be difficult to win the final challenge.

Therefore, he had to make full use of his time and resources to improve his strength.


Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Ao Jian, who had already received the notice from the headquarters of the netherworld, finally led the “iron Snake Island” and officially settled in the central Sea area, becoming the “iron snake Army” under the command of the headquarters of the netherworld. They were responsible for guarding the resource islands and watching over the resource slaves.

After all the forces on the Iron Snake Island had moved away, a new journey in this Sea area had begun. This was a magnificent era of “fighting.”Whoever’s son was more powerful would be able to obtain the most precious treasures and the most resources.

The “learning of success” that ao Jian had left behind in this Sea region was bound to have a far-reaching influence …

After officially settling in the central Sea area of the yellow spring, ao Jian followed the plot’s requirements and became the yellow spring Swordmaster’s disciple. He became one of the eight sword envoys.

This time, ao Jian had received a lot of attention from the upper echelons of the yellow Springs headquarters.

However, the higher-ups didn’t value ao Jian’s personal ability, but his adopted children with unlimited potential.

In the first year after he entered the headquarters, three of ao Jian’s adopted sons had reached the immortal state. In the following years, more than ten of them had reached the immortal state.

Such potential really shocked everyone in the headquarters of Yellow Springs.

It could be said that most of ao Jian’s children had the potential to move into the central Sea region of the yellow spring.

Although they were nothing in the central Sea area where experts stood in great numbers, a super force like netherworld Chamber of Commerce valued their future potential more than their short-sighted vision.

Therefore, ao Jian’s status in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce had become very special because of his sons.

Ao Jian didn’t restrict the development of his sons, and he asked them to choose the external department of netherworld Chamber of Commerce they liked and join it.

This time, the ambitions of the energetic and useless sons were finally put to use.

They entered various departments of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce and began their own growth from the bottom.

Time flew by.

During his days in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, ao Jian often heard the news that some useless sons had died in the struggle for hegemony in the central Sea area. He also often heard the happy news that some useless sons had made outstanding military achievements for the Chamber of Commerce.

Although ao Jian knew that all of this was fake, he still felt a sense of vicissitude.

The long time they spent together had made him feel tied down in his heart, because everything was too real.

So every time he heard that his son had died, ao Jian couldn’t help but feel sad.

Because he had raised these adopted sons by himself, it could be said that he was extremely familiar with each of them.

Even though his initial plan was to use these children to achieve his own goals, they had been together for a long time, so ao Jian had developed feelings for them.

However, ao Jian suppressed the sorrow in his heart and shifted all his energy to cultivation.

Just like that, a thousand years passed by in the blink of an eye. Even though ao Jian’s adopted sons were extremely talented, more than half of them were still killed or injured in the years of war.

Of course, some of them had successfully taken over and obtained part of the power in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, stepping onto a higher stage.

However, every time bad news came, ao Jian would still think of the days outside the central ocean.

He would also remember the smiles on the faces of his deceased sons every time he celebrated his birthday, as well as the congratulatory words they said to him at the birthday banquet …

However, the dead could not be brought back to life, and this left a deep sorrow in ao Jian’s heart.

In order to contain this feeling, ao Jian devoted himself to the cultivation of sword essence and stopped caring about the outside world.

The netherworld Chamber of Commerce didn’t keep idle people, but ao Jian was an exception. He didn’t need to be distracted by the tasks assigned by the upper echelons of the netherworld.

Moreover, ao Jian, who was only at the ghost emperor realm, was not worth mentioning at all in the central Sea region. He could not complete any high-intensity missions.

However, he was able to be so special because of his adopted sons, who had great potential. It was their outstanding performance that supported ao Jian’s current special status.

As time passed, ao Jian’s sword intent also grew stronger day by day.

As for the resources to cultivate sword intent, ao Jian had never lacked them. When his adopted sons came to visit him, they would always bring a large number of resources to assist in the cultivation of sword comprehension, because they knew that this was what their beloved father liked.

Days passed like this. Ao Jian devoted himself to cultivation and no longer cared about the outside world.

Other than the occasional visit from his adopted son, ao Jian had even stayed in his room.

Ao Jian finally broke through to the demigod realm while he was cultivating in seclusion.

However, when he came out of his seclusion, he heard a lot of bad news.

Of the nearly 200 adopted sons he had brought with him when he first came to the central Sea area, less than a third of them were left.

Even if they had extraordinary talent and unlimited potential, all the creatures in the central Sea region were like this. The cruel competition was always accompanied by death, and they were no exception.

In confrontation and competition, it was inevitable to encounter opponents that were difficult to match, and it was also inevitable to have unavoidable crises.

At this moment, ao Jian’s heart seemed to have aged a lot. Even though he was used to seeing life and death, he still couldn’t help but feel his heart throb.

In the end, he went into seclusion once again and began to break through to the immortal level. He didn’t want to hear such news anymore and even hoped to end the illusionary realm challenge as soon as possible and leave this world.

However, before ao Jian could break through to godhood, a new piece of news appeared. Ao Jian had emerged from seclusion.

Ao Jian also knew the reason, but he had forgotten the exact date.

The netherworld Swordmaster had fallen!

As the news spread, the entire netherworld Chamber of Commerce was shocked.

The plot also began to progress at this moment. As one of the eight sword envoys, ao Jian was about to face a challenge.

In the last few illusionary realm challenges, ao Jian had always been stuck at this level.

The other Seven Swordsmen were more talented and powerful than him. Five of them had even broken through to the immortal state.

Against them, ao Jian did not even have the strength to fight back then.

At this moment, ao Jian’s strength was already close to the edge of the immortal state. It could be said that he was at the peak of his martial strength in the many illusionary realm challenges. However, he still did not have the confidence to face this battle.

Although there was no lack of super geniuses in the central ocean who could fight across realms, ao Jian knew that this was definitely not him!

Fortunately, he still had time.

This was because the competition for the sword venerable this time could not be decided in a short period of time. There would be several challenges during the period, and the interval between each challenge was relatively long.

Realizing that the obstacle had arrived, ao Jian no longer held back. He took out all the most precious sword intent spirit stones that his adopted sons had given him.

These sword intent spirit stones were not formed by heaven and earth.

Instead, it was formed by the sword intent of those extremely powerful swordsmen after their death. Moreover, it was not necessarily formed, but also required a certain favorable time and place, which was of great help to the cultivation of sword intent.

This time, ao Jian had taken all of them out just to break through to the immortal state.

Ao Jian had already prepared for this. On the same day, he set up a sword spirit array near the island he lived on and prepared to break through.

Since the island that ao Jian was on was within the headquarters of the yellow Springs, he wasn’t worried that someone would come and cause trouble, so he didn’t inform his adopted sons of this matter.


However, what ao Jian didn’t know was that at this moment, his adopted sons were all rushing towards the headquarters of the yellow Springs from all directions of the central ocean.

How could they not know about the death of the sword Saint?

Moreover, they knew very well that their father’s dream was to become a sword venerable.

They had always thought that it was too difficult for their father to become a sword venerable with his talent.

Furthermore, the yellow spring Swordmaster was at his peak. No one knew how long he could live. Perhaps he would still be alive even after they all died.

Hence, they felt helpless about their father’s thoughts.

But he didn’t dare to say it, didn’t dare to persuade …

However, this time, the news of the sword saint’s sudden death was beyond their expectations.

They knew very well what this meant. It meant that one of the eight sword envoys would become the new sword venerable and would be heavily nurtured by the netherworld headquarters. All kinds of divine spiritual materials would be used to help the new sword venerable break through to the divine realm and become an ancient God.

Even though they had not received any news from ao Jian, they had all rushed to the headquarters in Yellow Springs.

The reason was simple.

They were well aware of their father’s strength, which was still far from the other Seven Swordsmen.

So they naturally thought that their father was going to be bullied.

The world was big, and his father’s greatest thought had been deeply rooted in his mind since he was young. Even now, it had not weakened in the slightest.

He would be an unfilial son if he didn’t make a move at this moment!

This time, they came to the headquarters in a menacing manner. Even if they were not allowed to fight according to the rules, they were prepared to hold the fort for their father.

In short, father can bully others, but whoever dares to hurt father, you can only wait for death!

Today, although these adopted children had not yet reached the highest level in the headquarters of the yellow Springs, they were different from the past. They were already the leaders of various branches in the central Sea area.

Their arrival immediately alerted the other seven sword agents besides ao Jian.

In ao Jian’s previous illusionary realm challenges, the seven sword agents had chosen the weakling as their first target and won the first sentence.

However, this time, the seven Swordsmen were shocked.

They had heard of the rapid rise and powerful potential of the leaders who had come this time, and they really did not want to be guilty.

Out of helplessness, in order to avoid being held accountable, they all decisively avoided ao Jian when choosing their first opponent.

There were even two people who directly chose to give up, truly intimidated by the Tiger’s might of their adopted sons.

However, ao Jian, who was in seclusion, didn’t know about this …


Relying on the countless sword intent resources that his adopted sons had collected, ao Jian had spent half a year to forcefully break through to the immortal state.

On this day, the sea god’s projection appeared, and ao Jian’s name was successfully engraved on the yin God roll.

However, none of the forces in the central ocean had any reaction to the heavenly phenomenon of breaking through to the immortal state.

Because he was only at the God Realm, even though it was valuable, it was only valuable.

Immortal State Warriors were experts in the outer seas, but they couldn’t even lead a battle for ordinary resources in the central seas, so their value was limited.

Furthermore, they were already used to the phenomenon of breaking through to the immortal state.

However, netherworld Chamber of Commerce was about to welcome a change because of ao Jian’s breakthrough.

After ao Jian had consolidated his cultivation, he came out of seclusion and received a piece of news.

The other seven sword messengers had chosen to give up the fight for the position of sword venerable!

Ao Jian: “???”

At this moment, ao Jian was dumbfounded. He had never thought that the situation would change so drastically.

In other words, he had already completed the stage of becoming a sword venerable required by the main plot!

Ao Jian immediately thought of his cheating sons and felt that they must have done something.

In reality, it was just as ao Jian had thought. While ao Jian was in seclusion, his adopted sons had started to secretly threaten and bribe him in order to fulfill his father’s wish.

For this reason, he even took out his own wealth to win people’s hearts.

In order not to offend these leaders who had great potential, the seven sword protectors who were competing for the sword venerable position were also filled with helplessness.

However, in the face of their desire for the position of sword venerable, they had originally planned to grit their teeth and persist.

However, the moment ao Jian broke through to the immortal state, their determination was shattered. They then took the initiative to approach ao Jian’s adopted sons and express their goodwill, expressing that they were willing to give up on the competition!

In other words, other than ao Jian, all the eight sword messengers had chosen to give up.

At this moment, ao Jian had once again succeeded in climbing up the ranks by relying on his adopted sons.

It was impossible for the higher-ups of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce to not know about this matter, but they chose to turn a blind eye.

This was because there were many good seedlings among ao Jian’s adopted sons who could break through to the ancient God Realm. In comparison, it was clear which side the benefits leaned towards.

More importantly, ao Jian had already broken through to the godly state. No matter how weak his potential was, he could still be nurtured.

Hence, ao Jian became the new netherworld Swordmaster and received the support of a large number of divine spiritual materials from the netherworld headquarters.

After this round, the next round would be the bottleneck of the ancient God Realm.

Ao Jian knew that his cultivation years were far from over.

Tens of thousands of years passed by in the blink of an eye. At this moment, ao Jian met a familiar person.

The young and tender little bald head held his mother’s hand and came to the headquarters of the netherworld. After a round of examination, he successfully joined the organization.

And that Little Baldy was sui ye, the ‘Baldy mentor’ that the players called!