Chapter 702: Chapter 702-the memory of a fish only lasts seven seconds

On this day, a mother and son came to the headquarters of the yellow Springs in the central Sea area.

On the day of her arrival, the woman submitted an application to the headquarters of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce and wanted to join.

The netherworld Chamber of Commerce didn’t agree to the woman’s request directly, even though he was already at the peak of the immortal state.

As a super force, netherworld Chamber of Commerce had its own assessment system when it came to accepting people. It would not easily accept outsiders who wanted to join it.

Under normal circumstances, other than the members nurtured by the yellow Springs headquarters in the central Sea area, most of the members who joined the headquarters were selected from the war Chamber of Commerce in the various branches of the yellow Springs.

It could be said that he knew everything about her, and it was impossible for her to be a spy sent by an enemy force.

Even when ao Jian had entered the central ocean region under the name of the war Chamber of Commerce, he had also been inspected.

At that time, when the messenger had sent ao Jian’s application to move into the central ocean region, it had also contained some of the information Yellow Springs had found regarding ao Jian.

Where they started, how they established their forces, how they developed and rose, and so on … The netherworld headquarters knew all this information like the back of their hands.

The review process could be said to be very strict.

Therefore, even if the woman had the strength of a peak-stage immortal state warrior, she still had to be investigated.

According to the information provided by the woman, the headquarters of the netherworld immediately sent out messengers to collect information and investigate. At the same time, they collected information about the woman from various channels to ensure that there was no problem with her.

This investigation lasted for half a year. When the emissary confirmed that the woman’s identity was reliable, he began to rush to the headquarters. However, an unexpected scene happened in the headquarters.

In the past six months, the woman had been staying in the headquarters of huangquan city. All her actions were closely monitored, and as long as there was any unusual movement, she might be killed by the experts inside.

Fortunately, the woman seemed to be aware of this as well. She basically lived on a small island during her days in the headquarters of the netherworld and did not go out.

However, the woman’s body was getting weaker and weaker.

The members of the yellow Springs headquarters who were responsible for monitoring the woman did not notice this at first. However, as the vitality of the island where the woman was on gradually faded and the vegetation withered, the monitoring personnel immediately noticed that something was wrong and decisively reported this information to the headquarters.

Very soon, the investigation team in the headquarters received the news and came to investigate the matter.

The woman didn’t try to hide it anymore and told him about her physical condition.

It was only at this moment that the upper echelons of the yellow Springs headquarters learned of the woman’s condition. It turned out that this woman’s body had long since dried up, and she no longer had any value.

She had hidden in the headquarters of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce because she wanted to obtain the identity of a member of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce while she was still strong.

In this way, even if he died, his future children would be nurtured by the headquarters of the netherworld, and they would not have to wander outside and die at any time.

However, half a year had passed and the emissary had yet to return. She could not hold on any longer!

After hearing the news, the investigation team of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, who was in charge of investigating the woman’s identity, immediately decided to expel the woman from the headquarters of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce!

After all, there were still rules in the headquarters of the netherworld, and they would not keep idle people.

Except for ao Jian!

To be more precise, they wouldn’t keep useless people.

The woman who was on the verge of death had been classified as a worthless idler by the “investigation group.”

It was normal to drive them out.

At this time, the messenger who had gone out to investigate returned and passed on the woman’s information to the investigation team.

However, at this time, this information was of no value. After looking through it, the investigation team decided to expel the woman from the headquarters of huangquan.

At this moment, the woman took the initiative to make a request.

Before he died, he had to help the netherworld Chamber of Commerce do one thing while he still had strength, even if it meant death!

Her request was very simple. She wanted her child to stay in the headquarters of Yellow Springs and be trained!

The investigation team did not agree or refuse such a request. Instead, they chose to ask their superiors.

The superior quickly replied to the woman’s request.

He could agree to it!

However, the condition was that they had to be in the North of the central Sea area where divinity was about to be born as an offering to help the netherworld Chamber of Commerce in the battle.

This request was equivalent to sending the woman to her death and squeezing out her last bit of value.

The woman did not hesitate to agree to this request.

However, before this request was completed, the woman hoped that her child’s future would be guaranteed and that he would become a disciple of one of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce!

The higher-ups of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce thought about this request and chose to agree.

As for who to acknowledge as a master, the upper echelons of the netherworld merchant Association would be very distressed about this.

Three Venerables, three fiend stars, six fiends, and so on …

Although there were many experts in the headquarters, the disciples of these experts were never easily decided.

It was either that the disciple he took in was similar to the dharmic formulation he cultivated, or that the disciple’s talent was extremely outstanding. However, no matter how high the talent was, the minimum threshold was the ghost emperor realm.

However, this woman’s child was only an ordinary ghost soldier, and simply could not reach the threshold of these experts to take in a disciple.

At this moment, someone thought of ao Jian, who was only in the immortal state but had relied on his adopted children to get to the top.

Due to ao Jian’s special status, the investigation team naturally did not dare to force him to take a disciple. They came to ao Jian with the intention of trying and made this request.

When ao Jian found out about this, he naturally wanted to reject it.

After all, his plot hadn’t reached the end yet. There were still two more important thresholds. The first was to break through to the ancient God Realm, and the second was to merge all the water sword intent and forge law sword intent.

Thus, ao Jian had no intention of taking in a disciple.

The investigation team was helpless, but they still chose to tell the woman the news.

The next day, ao Jian, who was in seclusion, met the woman who brought sui ye here. She knelt down and asked him to take the child.

Ao Jian’s heart did not waver at all because he did not want to nurture anyone else other than cultivating.

However, after seeing sui ye, ao Jian felt that he looked very familiar.

That bald head was too obvious.

Wasn’t this the …

After thinking for a while, ao Jian still couldn’t remember the specific name. He only vaguely remembered that he was called “bald teacher.”

This could be said to be fate, but it could also be said to be an inevitable event in the plot development.

Ao Jian sighed in his heart when he saw the lady begging him. He turned to sui ye, who was tugging at his mother’s clothes, and said,”

“Are you willing to be my son?”

Before the confused sui ye could agree, the lady spoke first, repeating “yes” over and over again. Then, she forced sui ye to kneel on the ground, making him kowtow to ao Jian.

After confirming the relationship between sui ye and ao Jian, the lady left. However, she did not take sui ye with her, but left him by ao Jian’s side.

Although she was reluctant to leave, she knew it was time for her to fulfill her promise.

“We will never meet again. May you be like a dragon in the future. May you live on forever. May you … Be safe and have no regrets!”

That day, sui ye burst into tears.

Although he was young, sui ye knew that his mother was seriously ill.

His mother’s words before she left were more like a farewell. He had already realized that he was about to lose his mother.

He felt so sad about this that he even wanted to follow in his mother’s footsteps.

However, ao Jian stopped him and told him one thing.

“Without strength, you’re just a burden. Remember your hatred. When you’re strong enough, you should take revenge. This is what you should do!”

Ao Jian didn’t ask what sui ye had experienced, nor did he know the reason why his mother was so severely injured.

He only told sui ye the importance of strength.

With power, you can do anything you want. You can use power to save your mother, or you can use power to take revenge. Power is the foundation of everything.

At that moment, the young sui ye had a vague concept of strength.

Sui ye never saw his mother again in the days that followed.

Ao Jian had also secretly sent someone to investigate this matter. When he found out that sui ye’s mother had been sacrificed by the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, he chose to hide the matter and began to teach sui ye the sword in silence.

Sui ye was extremely talented in sword essence, and he had an unyielding desire for freedom.

His sword heart was more like a free sword.

Compared with ao Jian, sui ye’s talent was much better. In a short period of time, he had forged a sword heart that matched his own property. In half a year, he had broken through the realm of ghost soldier and reached the realm of ghost Governor.

After getting to know sui ye, ao Jian had gradually developed feelings for him. He had even treated sui ye as his own child.

Occasionally, he would also give some resources to sui ye, allowing his strength to improve by leaps and bounds.

However, ao Jian had also noticed all the flaws in sui ye’s cultivation. The hostility in his heart was still too strong, which would more or less affect the speed of his cultivation of the free sword essence.

His mother’s disappearance had caused this child to suffer too much grief.

This was something that ao Jian could not change. He could only hope that time would erase this memory.

In the cultivation that followed, ao Jian had this bald little pendant by his side.

Like his adopted sons, sui ye also called ao Jian “father” and treated him as his only family.

In fact, ao Jian would be lying if he said he was not envious of sui ye’s cultivation progress.

It took sui ye more than ten times longer to condense the sword will, and he did not face any bottleneck in the early stage.

In comparison, ao Jian’s cultivation speed could only be described as a turtle’s speed.

This was not to say that ao Jian’s talent was extremely poor. The main reason was that the sword intent he cultivated did not match his own attributes, or even conflicted with them.

Therefore, ao Jian would always reject sui ye’s request to learn his ocean sword intent.

It was because learning these sword wills with additional attributes would only limit sui ye’s future development, which was not good for him.

He had already understood this, so he naturally did not want sui ye to experience the same hardships and repeat the same mistakes.

However, sui ye did not give up on this, and from time to time, he asked to learn the water sword intent.

In sui ye’s opinion, the water sword intent was ao Jian’s strongest unique skill, while the other sword intents were just some minor skills of his. They could not be compared to the main sword intent.

However, no matter how many times sui ye pleaded, ao Jian did not agree.

Since you’ve become my son, you should walk your own path. You can’t copy your own path!

Even the other adopted sons of ao Jian were the same. Although they were all taught by him, they all walked their own paths and never copied his.

Sui ye was the only exception, as he craved for power.

Time passed by as he cultivated and grew.

Ao Jian’s cultivation resources were also increasing day by day, and he was gradually adding in ‘divine materials’.

Divine mystical materials were extremely precious even in the central Sea area. Ordinary Chamber of Commerce members were not qualified to use them.

But ao Jian was different.

As a sword venerable, he would receive a batch of divine spiritual materials regularly to assist his cultivation.

At the same time, as the adopted children’s status in the headquarters Rose day by day, they also gradually had the qualifications to obtain divine mystical materials.

These precious ‘divine materials’ were not only used for their own cultivation, but they would also be sent to ao Jian when they visited him.

Ao Jian could be said to be the most envious existence in the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

Other people had to work hard for divine mystical materials and even lose their lives in battle.

Only ao Jian was different. His current task was to break through to the ancient God Realm.

In terms of divine mystical materials, they had the support of both the headquarters and the adopted children. This was the treatment that everyone desired.

However, ao Jian’s heart was not calm.

Although he didn’t fight for these “divine mystical materials,” his adopted children were in the most competitive areas of the central Sea area and often encountered life and death crises.

It could be said that these divine mystical materials were stained with the blood of the adopted children and were not easy to obtain.

At this moment, ao Jian was no longer as relaxed as he was when he adopted the children. Instead, he was filled with a heavy sense of guilt.

At this moment, he only hoped to complete the plot challenge as soon as possible and then leave this place …

The days of cultivation were boring, but fortunately, sui ye was with him this time.

Countless thoughts passed through his mind.

On this day, ao Jian felt that he had reached a bottleneck.

Ao Jian, who was already prepared, took out all the divine spiritual materials he had accumulated and began to work hard to break through to the ancient God Realm.

The news of ao Jian’s breakthrough shook the entire netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

The ancient God Realm was different from the God Realm. In the central sea, it was the core of the fighting power. The number of ancient God Realm experts was the key factor to determine the strength of a force.

Thus, on the day ao Jian broke through, many high-level members of netherworld Chamber of Commerce came to hold the fort for him.

The heavenly Sword formation rose, and tens of thousands of sword gleams pierced through the clouds, sprinkling down specks of Starlight.

As the array was activated, the divine spiritual materials inside were crushed into a dense spiritual mist. It floated in the array and wrapped around ao Jian.

It had been half a year since he had broken through.

In the past six months, the higher-ups of the yellow Springs headquarters had not left. They had been watching the array the entire time, hoping that another expert would be born in the headquarters.

Ao Jian did not disappoint them.

Although his cultivation speed was very slow and he had spent more cultivation resources than others, his Foundation was very solid. In the end, he still broke through the extremely difficult threshold and stepped into the ancient God Realm.

At that moment, the singing of the ocean rang out in the center of the ocean. The Phantom of the yellow spring sea god descended to give ao Jian the blessing of breaking through to the ancient God Realm.

His name on the yin God ranking list also shone with a colorful light and moved up.

That day, ao Jian had spent it with the congratulatory wishes of the members of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

However, the next day, ao Jian set foot on the path to the six paths of reincarnation.

Although he had reached the ancient God Realm, he didn’t have the powerful sword intent that matched the ancient God Realm, which was the law sword intent.

The area near the six paths of reincarnation was also the area with the densest nomological aura. He wanted to condense his strongest nomological sword intent there.

After bidding farewell to his adopted children, ao Jian stepped onto the end of his story.

At the edge of the six paths of reincarnation, the soul praying flower bloomed and the air was filled with an intoxicating aura that made one’s soul tremble and one could not help but want to fall asleep. The deeper they went, the more so it was.

In this environment, ao Jian lost track of time and immersed himself in cultivation.

All of the water sword intent that had been crushed during his cultivation regrouped and fused with the sword intent laws in his sword heart bit by bit, forming the strongest law sword intent that belonged to him.

The moment the sword was formed, an even stronger power of laws emerged from the six paths reincarnation and wrapped around ao Jian.

At that moment, ao Jian had comprehended the netherworld Swordmaster’s most powerful move, the sea god’s sword.

At this moment, the illusion became blurry.

The final battle that he had imagined did not come.

Ao Jian had thought that the illusionary realm was a battle between sword minds and that the ending of the story would be the final battle between him and the netherworld Swordmaster to decide who was the stronger one.

However, the truth was that when he comprehended the netherworld Swordmaster’s strongest move, he had already obtained the recognition of the sea god’s sword will.

The illusion became blurry at this moment.

Everything was like the reflection of the moon in a mirror. The moment they touched, they would turn into ripples and spread out.

At this moment, ao Jian’s figure flickered continuously as he controlled the sea god’s sword intent to bring himself back to the headquarters in Yellow Springs.

He wanted to see his adopted children one more time before he left.

The surrounding scene was getting blurrier and blurrier, and there was no time left.

The adopted sons were not in the headquarters. When ao Jian returned, he only saw sui ye who had broken through to the demigod realm.

Sui ye’s face was no longer young, and his eyes were sharp, familiar yet strange.

Before he left, ao Jian Shen took a look at the surprised sui ye and sighed. Everything around him turned into nothingness.


The illusion ended and ao Jian woke up from it.

At this moment, a mocking voice came from the side,”

“You’ve recovered? You should die again!”

According to sui ye’s view, ao Jian would be killed by the sea god’s sword will if things went according to plan.

Ao Jian immediately turned to sui ye.

The memories in his mind slowly faded away, but they had not completely disappeared.

Looking at the familiar face of sui ye, ao Jian frowned and said,”

“How can you talk to your father like that? I’ll punish you by making you kneel in the sword tomb for thirty days!”

Suiye: “???”

Suiye was dumbfounded.

“What did you just call me?” Sui ye widened his eyes and raised his giant sword.

Even though he was extremely angry, for some reason, he felt that ao Jian was very much like the yellow spring Swordmaster.

This was because when venerable the sword was angry, he would often use this posture, and the way to punish him was also to kneel in the sword tomb.

This made sui ye feel like he had seen a ghost, but he could not lose his momentum!

At this moment, ao Jian’s memories of the illusionary realm had already become extremely blurry. In the blink of an eye, he had completely disappeared.

At this moment, ao Jian was also dumbfounded.

Ao Jian didn’t know why he would say such arrogant words because he didn’t have his memories from the illusionary realm.

Who gave me the courage to call suiye, a swordsman,’father’?

However, no matter how hard ao Jian tried to recall, he could not think of the reason why he would say such words.

Although it was indeed very smooth, as if he often called her that …

Looking at sui ye, ao Jian felt very sad. He said with an embarrassed face,”

“It’s said that a fish’s memory is only seven seconds. I suspect that I’m in this state right now. Do you believe me?”

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