Chapter 707: The road is narrow

“During the period of time when they had forcefully settled in the central Sea area, the players had secretly contacted the Sea King while bullying the forces in the nearby sea areas. ”

“This time, the players knew that the major forces in the devouring Sea area were discussing how to deal with them on Thorn Island because the sea King had sent a subordinate to inform them. ”

“After hearing the news, the players couldn’t stay calm and said that they were going to smash their heads. ”

“And so, the players arrived. ”

“This time, the players ‘illusionary forms included all the well-known characters in the current stage of animation, movies, novels, and games. ”

The strongest cosplay group in history was born.

The scenes of the battle were even more exciting.

“The clown and Batman, who used to be enemies, were now working together to fight against each other. ”


Pleasant Goat jumped up and hammered the five-meter tall giant of the sea tribe.


Captain Jack Sparrow brought his sailors to the Black Pearl’s shore.


Yin Xiaoqi transformed into a magical girl and cursed the enemies to turn into pigs.


“Crayon Shin-chan, who was in a negative state, had turned into a death god elementary school student. Wherever he went, people died. ”


“There was also the orphan player who had just learned sword intent and was arrogantly shouting ‘hasasai’ as he eked back and forth in the crowd. In the end, he was caught on the spot by the leader of a certain force and his head was smashed … ”


“The scene was so beautiful that even Lu Wu, who was watching the battle behind the scenes, was dumbfounded. ”

Why did the brutal war become so … Cute?!

“However, the players weren’t soft-hearted at all in the battle, and their methods were extremely cruel. ”

It could be said that the players ‘fighting power was terrifying.

“Moreover, because the leaders of the major forces were holding a meeting on Thorn Island, they did not bring all the combat power of their forces, only their personal guards. ”

“At this moment, they were on the defensive, and it was extremely difficult for them to defend against the crazy group of players. ”

“Moreover, although they had decided to form an alliance, they had not yet decided who would be the main force. In their hearts, they all hoped that others would contribute more and not form an unbreakable force. ”

“However, the players were different. ”

“Although there was constant internal strife, they were very United against the outside world. Coupled with the fact that they didn’t have to worry about death, their combat power was extremely strong. ”

“This was a one-sided battle. In terms of numbers and combat power, the Allied major factions were no match for the gamers. ”

“Soon, the leaders of the forces couldn’t hold on any longer and immediately wanted to lead the members of their forces to retreat first. ”

“This action was like a spark of fire, and immediately caused the other leaders of the other forces, who were already uneasy, to follow suit. ”

“Seeing the others retreat, they naturally didn’t want to stay and be scapegoats. They all wanted to retreat first while the other forces resisted to minimize the losses. ”

This led to a greater advantage for the players.

“The cosplayers ‘expressions became more and more arrogant as they pounced on the armies of the major forces in the devouring Sea area, who were running for their lives. ”

The happy chase began.

The scene was too beautiful to look at.

“Especially the group of players who cosplayed as cartoon characters. They looked harmless, but when they caught up with the enemy, their methods were extremely cruel … ”

The leaders of the various large factions were also cursing in their hearts. They had no idea how the calamity race knew about their meeting.

They had been beaten senseless in this battle.

“As far as they knew, all the forces in the netherworld world were basically made up of different races. ”

This was just like the sea King. His Kingdom of mutt sea was actually mostly made up of his own people or descendants related to him by blood.

It was the same for the major powers that the players came into contact with.

“For example, Rahu race, corpse race, netherworld race, and so on … ”

“Even the Super forces, such as the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, were made up of many races. ”

“If the Sea King joined the netherworld Chamber of Commerce in the future, the entire mutt race would become a part of it. Many other races and forces like the sea King would also join, forming a large force. ”

“However, when they saw the internal structure of the calamity race, they were completely dumbfounded. ”

“They were all individual creatures, and there were not many creatures of the same race at a glance. It was simply incredible. ”

“In their opinion, the formation of such a force completely violated the power structure of the netherworld world. ”

“If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would never have believed that this was real. ”

“In the past, before a battle broke out between forces, they would collect information about the enemy race in advance and study the weaknesses and flaws of the other race. ”

“After all, no matter how strong a race was, they would still have their own shortcomings. ”

“However, after seeing this so-called ‘calamity race’ faction, the leaders of the various factions no longer had such thoughts. ”

How the F * ck was he supposed to study this?!

“There are all kinds of them, and I’ve never seen many of them in my entire life. Research your ass! ”

The leaders of the major forces exploded in their minds and left the scene while cursing.

The players gave up after chasing for a while because their target wasn’t the organization leaders.

The main target was still the Sea King.

“In this battle, they wanted to first make the name of the calamity race known and send a message to the major powers in the devouring Sea area. ”

Our calamity race is a plundering force and we don’t talk much!

“In this way, it would be perfectly justifiable for him to plunder the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. After all, he was in this line of work! ”

“We’re not targeting the yellow Springs Branch, but all the forces in the devouring Sea area. We’ll attack them all without exception! ”

“By doing so, they could also minimize the risk they and the sea King would face. ”


“After a round of chasing and beating, the leaders of the major forces led the remaining troops to retreat successfully, and the players completely occupied Thorn Island. ”

“After the battle ended, the players began to rest, chat, or take pictures with each other. After all, the price of the illusion fruit was not low, so they took the time to take pictures as a memento. ”

The happy and silly atmosphere spread again.

What the players had to wait for next was the response from the sea King.


“In the next few days, the calamity race became famous in the devouring Sea region. ”

“In the rumors, the calamity race was described as a powerful but brutal force that came from the foreign sea. ”

“Many of the neutral and weak powers were also scared to the point of trembling, afraid that the calamity race would target them. ”

“After the battle at Thorn Island, the leaders of the various powers in the devouring Sea area hated the calamity race to the core and wanted to take revenge. ”

“However, none of them dared to attack the calamity race first. After all, they all understood the saying ‘the gun hits the bird that takes the lead’. The one who attacked first would always pay the greatest price. ”

“However, it was obviously impossible to make them submit just like that. Therefore, the leaders of the major forces found another island and prepared to continue discussing the ‘Alliance’. ”

“At the same time, to be on the safe side, they did not make this meeting as public as they did last time. They were afraid that the calamity race would find out. ”

“After the time and place were confirmed, the new ‘Alliance meeting’ began. ”

“However, to their surprise, the cosplayer Army came again and ruthlessly destroyed their negotiations. ”

“Faced with the calamity race, who always received information, the leaders of the various large factions cursed and cursed as they began to search for spies. ”

“During this period, the various major powers ‘leaders in the devouring sea realm conducted in-depth investigations on their members. They even mistakenly killed a few suspicious members before they stopped. ”

“However, just as they thought that everything was going to be fine and that they could discuss how to unite against the calamity race, the cosplay Army arrived once more … ”

“In fact, the players were very clear that they were not afraid of any forces in the devouring Sea area. ”

“However, when the forces of the entire devouring Sea area joined forces, it was still extremely difficult for them to resist. ”

“Therefore, he couldn’t let these forces have the opportunity to form an alliance. ”

“The leaders of the major forces did not expect that the news of every meeting would be leaked. It was not that there was a mole in the forces they were in, but that there was a mole in the yellow Springs Branch that they trusted the most. ”

“As the uncrowned king of the devouring Sea area, although the yellow spring devouring branch had never interfered in the conflicts between the major forces, its status was above all the other forces. ”

“Therefore, whenever the leaders of the major forces in the devouring Sea area held a meeting, they would symbolically invite the devouring branch of the netherworld to join them as a show of respect, regardless of whether they came or not. ”

“However, they did not expect that the yellow Springs devouring branch had already been occupied by the players ” own people ‘. ”

“Every time the Sea King received an invitation to a meeting, it would inform the players as soon as possible even though it had no intention of going. ”

“After the players knew the time and place, they would take the initiative to attack on time and disrupt their alliance plan. ”

“After this cycle repeated a few times, the leaders of the major forces had a mental breakdown. ”

“With regards to this, they could only continue to investigate who was the spy sent by the calamity race. ”

Many of the members with strange appearances also suffered because of this. They were interrogated to see if they were spies planted by the calamity race.

“At this moment, those strange-looking creatures also had a mental breakdown. ”

“It’s also wrong for him to look strange, it’s unreasonable! ”

“The truth was that being a weirdo was a sin at this moment, and one would be suspected of being a member of the calamity race! ”

“Just as the leaders of the various large factions were feeling vexed over this and were investigating the internal situation of their factions, the calamity race did something that truly shocked them. ”

“At this moment, they were completely dumbfounded. ”

“He had seen many ruthless people in his life, but this was the first time he had met someone who was so’ cruel ‘. ”

The calamity race had actually started a war against the yellow Springs Branch!

“When they found out about this, the leaders of the major forces couldn’t believe it and thought that the information was wrong. ”

“Although the calamity race was very strong in their eyes, they were nothing compared to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. ”

“If he dared to Rob the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, he would definitely have a long life! ”

“At this moment, the leaders of the various powers in the sea swallowing region only had one thought in their minds. The calamity race’s path was narrow! ”

“Now, there was no need for them to join forces. They could just watch the show. The calamity race would definitely be destroyed! ”

“Although they knew that the yellow Springs devouring branch was currently empty and that the war Chamber of Commerce was the only one left, it was empty internally, had weak defenses, and did not have much combat power. ”

“However, there would be no luck in the end. After all, the yellow Springs headquarters stood behind the yellow Springs Branch. ”

It was a super force that had a foothold in the central Sea area!

“If it wasn’t for the yellow Springs headquarters, the calamity race wouldn’t even need to make a move. They would have taken this opportunity to devour the yellow Springs Branch. ”

“The only thing that stopped them from having such thoughts was the insurmountable mountain, the headquarters of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. ”

“Thus, in their eyes, even if the calamity race succeeded in taking over the yellow Springs Branch, the end result would be the same! ”

“They would definitely be hunted down by the yellow Springs headquarters, and their entire force would be wiped out. ”

“There were many such examples in history, and many of the Overlord powers of the sea realm had used their miserable results to make them understand this point! ”

The calamity race would definitely not be an exception. The road ahead was narrow!