Chapter 709: Obediently waiting

“According to the next plan, the Sea King sent messengers to send invitations to the leaders of the major forces in the nearby sea. ”

“Although the leaders of the major forces in the devouring Sea region who had received the invitation felt helpless, they still came to the main island of the devouring Sea region, the bone Island, at the appointed time. ”

“If they wanted to continue developing in this Sea area, they had to give the netherworld Chamber of Commerce some face. ”

“In the eyes of the leaders of the various factions, the calamity race’s unbridled act of plundering was a narrow path, and their future was bleak. ”

“And if they wanted to develop in the long run, they still had to look at the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s face. ”

“Although the yellow Springs devouring branch was in a miserable state, it still represented the yellow Springs headquarters. Thus, they had to give it some face. ”

Even though he knew that it was not safe to go to the ‘Bone Island’ at this stage.

“On this day, the leaders of the various sea forces landed on the bone Island with their personal guards and entered the barrier at the center of the island. ”

“At this moment, the internal Sea King had been waiting for a long time. ”

“In the face of the arrival of the leaders of the major forces, the Sea King immediately received them and brought them into the conference room of the central tower. ”

“After the leaders of the major forces took their seats, the Sea King did not beat around the bush. He looked at the crowd and immediately said,”” ”

“””Everyone, the Chamber of Commerce has encountered a major crisis this time. I need your help!”” ”

“Upon hearing this, the leaders of the various forces present did not speak. They just quietly waited for the Sea King to continue. ”

“In fact, they had already guessed the purpose of the Sea King’s invitation before they came. ”

“After all, they had sent spies to observe the calamity race’s repeated attacks on the bone Island. Thus, they had seen the predicament of the division. ”

“Furthermore, they did not resist joining forces against the calamity race. ”

“However, what they wanted to know now was how the Sea King would arrange this battle if they agreed. ”

Who would be the main force? This was a very realistic problem.

“After all, everyone knew that whoever put in more effort would be the fool. ”

“At this time, the Sea King spoke,”” ”

“””I believe everyone here has already guessed the reason why I invited you all here. In that case, I’ll get straight to the point. This time, I want to unite everyone to fight against the calamity race. What do you think?”” ”

“””My forbidden dragon clan is willing to join. The calamity race stole two of my spirit mines and took away one of my spirit fish. They deserve to be killed!”” At this time, a man with a fish face and a scar looked at the Sea King and spoke first. ”

“When he mentioned the calamity race, his eyes were filled with anger. It was clear that he had been exploited by the players recently. ”

“The Sea King nodded solemnly, then turned its gaze to the leaders of the other forces. ”

“””We, the green demon clan, agree with the Alliance to eliminate the player clans. But I want to know how you will arrange this battle and who will be the main force!”” The one who spoke was a green-skinned humanoid creature. The biggest difference from humans was that he had a third eye on his forehead. ”

His words could be considered to have spoken the thoughts in everyone’s heart. Everyone immediately looked at the Sea King and waited for his reply.

“When the Sea King heard this, it laughed in its heart, but its face showed a solemn expression and its brows furrowed slightly.”” ”

“””Do you have any good suggestions?”” ”

The crowd fell silent again.

“In fact, the suggestion in their hearts was very simple. As long as it wasn’t their own faction that acted as the main force, anyone could do it! ”

“Of course, these words were naturally not suitable to be said directly. ”

“In the face of the silent crowd, the Sea King said,”” ”

“””Actually, I’ve already considered this. So, I have a suggestion. What do you think?”” ”

“Hearing that the Sea King had a solution to this problem, everyone was curious and didn’t understand what the Sea King’s arrangement was. ”

“Under everyone’s curious eyes, the Sea King took out a drawing and said,”” ”

“””I obtained this array by chance. It’s called the heaven and earth killing array, and it’s one of the 32 killing arrays from ancient times. As long as it’s set up successfully, it can move according to the person who set it up. When it envelops the calamity race, they’ll definitely die!”” With that, the Sea King spread out the array map and handed it to hei sui, who was standing next to him. He asked hei sui to take it to the leaders of the major forces and show them one by one. ”

“Hearing this, the leaders of the forces were curious. As hei sui approached, they immediately observed the complicated formation on the formation map. ”

“After hei sui walked around in front of the forces and showed them the array map, the Sea King immediately said,”” ”

“””Have you all heard of this formation?”” ”

“””I’ve heard a little about it. It’s said that this formation is extremely powerful. There are even rumors that it can kill gods. I don’t know if it’s true or not!”” ”

“””I’ve heard of it before, but I’ve never seen it before. If this is real, it can definitely kill the calamity race!”” ”

“At this time, two leaders of the forces spoke with a serious expression. ”

“Upon hearing this, the Sea King knew that the plan had taken another step forward. ”

This heaven and earth sealing formation was naturally something he had prepared to trap the leaders of these forces.

“However, this formation wasn’t made up. It truly existed, and the creator of this formation was none other than the “”Shadow King.”” ”

“After obtaining his memory inheritance, the Sea King was naturally able to easily draw this formation diagram. ”

It was obviously unrealistic to use a fake formation to deceive the leaders of these forces.

“After all, the leaders of these forces were able to establish their own forces and stand up to this day. Other than being strong in martial arts, they must be very smart. ”

The fake formation would definitely be seen through.

“Therefore, the Sea King used a half-true, half-false method. ”

“It was really a formation, and the fake was the energy required to set up the formation! ”

“Thinking of this, the Sea King smiled.”” ”

“””In that case, I won’t hide it from you. This time, I hope you can all help me set up this formation. This method can also solve the problem of who will be the main force. As long as the formation is set up successfully, the calamity race will be annihilated, and there is no need for you all to contribute!”” ”

“Hearing this, everyone was shocked. ”

They had originally thought that the Sea King wanted to join forces to fight the calamity race. They didn’t expect it to use a formation to kill the players.

“However, when they heard that they were going to provide mystical materials, the leaders of the forces were very unwilling. At the same time, they cursed in their hearts. ”

“In their opinion, the richest one was the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. ”

“Even though the devouring branch had to hand over their supplies to the headquarters once every five years, the supplies in the warehouse were not something they could reach at the moment. What was the point of asking them for mystical materials now? ”

“However, at this moment, no one wanted to be the first to oppose the Sea King’s decision, so no one spoke again. ”

“””I know what you’re thinking. You think our Chamber of Commerce has a lot of materials, so why do you need to come here to collect materials?”” The Sea King looked at the crowd and said. ”

At least you have some idea!

This was the thought that emerged in the minds of all the forces present at the same time.

“The Sea King suddenly sighed and said with a worried expression,”” ”

“””To tell you the truth, I think you all know that my devouring branch has to hand over resources to the headquarters once every five years, and the date is approaching. The problem our Chamber of Commerce is facing now is that the materials have not reached the quota set by the headquarters, and we will be punished by the headquarters. If the expenditure is too high, I’ll have to face the headquarters “”reckoning. I’m forced to do this!”” As it spoke, the Sea King’s face revealed a trace of sadness. ”

“Upon hearing this, the leaders of the forces looked at each other. ”

“They were indeed aware of this, but they did not expect the devouring division to be in such a miserable state. ”

“However, they finally understood why the wealthy and overbearing devour branch needed them to donate materials to set up the formation. ”

“””How about this, my Chamber of Commerce will provide 30% of the formation’s consumption, and the remaining 70% will be shared equally with you!”” Seeing that the leaders of the various forces had already understood his meaning, the Sea King struck while the iron was hot. ”

“””I, the forbidden owl clan, agree. The calamity race has disrupted the order of the sea region we are devouring. Everyone has the responsibility to eliminate them!”” ”

The Sea King nodded in its heart as it looked at the leader of the faction who obviously hated the players to the core.

“He liked being so silly, taking the initiative to help after being sold! ”

“With someone taking the lead, the following matters would be easy to handle. ”

“As the Sea King’s gaze swept over them, the leaders of the various forces could only brace themselves and nod in agreement, even if they were dissatisfied. ”

“After all, offending the netherworld Chamber of Commerce would be extremely detrimental to their future development. ”

“When all the leaders of the forces agreed, the Sea King gave a look to hei sui. Hei sui took out a stack of lists and distributed them to the leaders of the forces. ”

“With a curious mood, the leaders of the various forces took the list and scanned the contents. ”

“When they saw the contents of the list, the expressions of the leaders of the forces changed. ”

This was a F * cking robbery!

“Looking at the dense contents of the list and the amount of materials noted at the back, the leaders of these forces exploded. ”

“Although he knew that it would consume a lot of mystical materials to set up the heaven and earth sealing formation, one of the thirty-two killing formations, he didn’t expect it to be so much. ”

“This wasn’t just asking for supplies, it was asking for their entire family’s assets! ”

“””Ahem, I know we need a lot of resources, but I hope everyone can understand that we should work together to get through this difficult time!”” ”

“When the leaders of the forces heard this, their faces turned even uglier. ”

“If it wasn’t for the special identity of the Sea King, he would have definitely taught it a lesson. ”

“””Don’t worry, everyone. The spiritual materials used to set up the formation won’t go through my hands. When the formation is completed, you can put them in the formation yourself. I won’t covet the spiritual materials in your hands!”” ”

“Hearing these words, everyone’s faces were still ashen, but they clearly felt better in their hearts. ”

“Because of the Sea King’s previous words, they couldn’t help but wonder if the Sea King wanted to take the opportunity to make money. After all, they were not present when setting up the array. Who knew how many mystical materials were consumed? ”

Especially the amount of spiritual materials consumed by this formation was obviously over the limit. It was too unrealistic.

“However, when the Sea King said that they would put the mystical materials into the formation by themselves, they at least felt a little comforted. ”

“Even though he still felt that he had spent a lot of mystical materials, at least he had used them to set up the array and not be exploited like a fool. ”

“The Sea King stood up and said to the crowd,”” ”

“””Then it’s decided. Everyone, please go back and prepare the mystical materials. I should also start to set up the formation!”” ”

“When the leaders of the forces heard this, they all stood up, and the meeting ended. ”

“However, the leaders of the forces were really helpless about this result. They cursed and swore on the way back, which was really unpleasant. ”

“However, they had no other choice but to accept it. ”


Five days later.

“Near the devouring Sea area, wondrous trace Island, a huge formation swept over from afar at high speed and soon enveloped the sea area near wondrous trace Island. ”

It was also the main base of the players in the devouring sea.

“After the formation had enveloped the island, the Sea King and the leaders of the major forces arrived one after another with a large number of mystical materials. ”

“This time, they were going to use the formation to kill the calamity race. ”

“After all the leaders had arrived, the Sea King floated into the air, looked down, and said,”” ”

“””Leaders, I’ve finished setting up the formation. Next, I need a lot of mystical materials to power it. You can send mystical materials into the formation now. I’ll turn them into the power source of the formation!”” ”

“When the leaders of the forces heard this, they couldn’t help but look back at the large amount of spiritual materials they had brought. ”

“Although their hearts ached, they had no choice but to put these mystical materials into the array. ”


“At this moment, the players on the island were waiting for their food to be served. ”