Chapter 711: Chapter 711-suspicious

“After the celebration, the happy trip to the devouring Sea area came to an end. ”

“After three hours of waiting, the players were all sent back to Northern divergent’s underworld city for free when they came online. ”

“In fact, as the players became more and more familiar with the game, the method of returning to the city after death had become a necessary “”means of transportation.”” ”

“After all, the netherworld was extremely large, and many places were too long to travel to and from. It was not as convenient as the post-death water three hours forum. ”

“And this time, the players ‘harvest could be considered unprecedented. ”

The shortage of resources caused by the increasing number of work occupation players had been resolved. The large number of resources in the auction house had attracted the attention of players from other servers.

“At this moment, the players from the other servers were also happily choosing their desired mystical materials in the auction house of the Chinese server. ”

“Although cross-server purchases required a handling fee, when they encountered items they needed, these players would not hesitate to buy them. ”

It could be said that the appearance of this batch of resources had made the entire player community prosper.

“In the end, the players did not forget about the Sea King’s profits. ”

“Even though this batch of resources was extremely rich, the players valued the sea leeks that could bring them continuous benefits. ”

Several collaborations with sea leek had also proved the value of the first place on the popular BOSS List for three consecutive years.

“Therefore, before the final celebration began after leaving the devouring Sea area, the players had already prepared the resources to be shared with the Sea King. ”

“This batch of supplies was checked by the major guilds and handed over to Yin Xiaoqi for safekeeping, waiting for the sea King to give it to him when he needed it. ”


“Yellow spring, devouring Sea area. ”

“In the blink of an eye, a month had passed, and the new emissary finally arrived at the bone Island after handing over his mission. ”

The officers of the devouring division finally heaved a sigh of relief. They trembled as they reported what had happened in the devouring Sea region to the emissary.

“This included the arrival of the calamity race, the loss of resources in the resource Warehouse, and so on. ”

“Although they knew that a large amount of resources had been consumed, and as management personnel, they would be severely punished by the headquarters, they did not dare to hide anything. ”

The new emissary was also shocked when he heard the news. He didn’t expect so many things to happen in a month.

He decisively chose to contact the headquarters and reported the situation at the devouring branch.

“On the same day, godly state experts came from the headquarters of the yellow spring in the central Sea area. ”

“As the person with the highest authority in the devouring branch at the moment, the Sea King immediately received the Oracle. ”


“At this time, in the main hall at the center of the bone Island, a one-armed man with pale silver eyes and golden armor was standing in the center of the hall, quietly listening to the sea King’s report. ”

“A moment later, the Sea King, who had finished reporting the recent events, looked at the Oracle in front of him and said,”” ”

“””Divine emissary su, this is a summary of the recent events in the branch!”” ”

“Su Yin nodded and frowned.”” ”

“””Have you heard of the calamity race?”” ”

“””I’ve never heard of them before. They’ve only appeared in the devouring Sea area recently. They’ve been plundering everywhere and made countless enemies. They’re really arrogant!”” Although it had done something wrong, the Sea King was very calm when it spoke. ”

“””It’s strange that an unknown force dares to be so rude in a new Sea area!”” ”

“””That’s right. I wonder where the calamity race got their confidence from. We’re also very confused!”” The Sea King immediately responded. ”

“””In my opinion, there are only two reasons for this. First, the calamity race is very powerful and thinks that they can resist the netherworld Chamber of Commerce’s revenge. However, this is clearly not true. According to what you said, the calamity race has already been destroyed. The second point is that someone instigated them, and there’s an even stronger force behind them acting as their umbrella, giving them the confidence to offend my netherworld Chamber of Commerce!”” ”

“Su Yin paused for a moment before she continued,”” ”

“””To be able to build such a large faction, the leader of the calamity race is definitely not an idiot. There must be a motive behind this!”” ”

“At this moment, Su Yin was continuously analyzing the Sea King’s words in his mind, trying to find the motive behind the calamity race’s actions. ”

“This time, he had received orders from the headquarters to come. He had thought that it was a simple plundering incident, but after listening to the sea King’s narrative, he found that there was something strange about this plundering incident. ”

“If there really was a force behind this pillage, then this matter was no longer simple. ”

“Thinking of this, Su Yin had the thought of thoroughly investigating the matter. ”

“After thinking for a moment, he looked up at the Sea King and said,”” ”

“””Tell me the location of the calamity race’s destruction!”” ”

“When the Sea King heard this, it immediately told Su Yin the coordinates of the island where the players had disappeared. ”

“Su Yin nodded slightly and reached out with her only left hand. The space immediately distorted, revealing a black crack. Su Yin stepped into it and disappeared from the hall. ”

“Looking at Su Yin’s departure, the Sea King pouted and gave the crack the middle finger. ”

“Now that all the players were dead, even if they felt that this matter was strange, so what? it would be impressive if they could find clues! ”


A figure slowly appeared in the sea near the island.

“After looking around, Su Yin sped toward the broken island in the distance. ”

Su Yin began to carefully observe the island below as they arrived above the island.

“At this time, Miracle Island had been in ruins because of the players ‘chaotic battle. There were no signs of life except for gravel. ”

“After observing for a while, Su Yin, who could not find any clues, arrived at the center of the island and began to wander around. ”

“Su Yin’s expression became more and more serious as he observed, and the doubts in his heart increased. ”

“After walking around the broken island, Su Yin had a guess. He immediately tore open the space again and returned to the bone Island. ”

“At this time, the Sea King and the middle and lower-level officers were still waiting for Su Yin’s return. ”

“As his figure appeared, everyone immediately stepped forward. ”

“””Divine envoy, did you find anything in this investigation?”” The Sea King was the first to ask. ”

“Su Yin shook her head, then looked at the Sea King in confusion and asked,”” ”

“””According to what you said, the calamity race was eliminated by an array? But the damage on wondrous trace Island seems to have been caused by a battle. So, what formation did you use?”” ”

“””One of the 32 ancient killing formations, heaven and earth sealing formation!”” Before the Sea King could speak, an officer answered first. ”

“””Who is the one who set up the formation?”” ”

“””It’s mu hai from the war Chamber of Commerce!”” ”

“Hearing this, Su Yin nodded and a smile appeared on her face. She then looked at the Sea King and said,”” ”

“””Are you sure you set up the heaven and earth sealing formation?”” ”

“Upon hearing this, the Sea King suddenly felt that something was wrong, but it still braced itself and said,”” ”

“””It’s indeed the heaven and earth killing array. I obtained this array by chance!”” ”

“””Hahaha, mu hai, right? you believe your own words!”” ”

“””Divine messenger su, what do you mean by this!”” The Sea King immediately asked with a serious expression. ”

“””If it was any other formation, I might not understand it, but I’m very familiar with this heaven and earth sealing formation.”” Su Yin pointed at his empty right sleeve.”” ”

“””Do you know why this right hand disappeared? it was the heaven and earth sealing formation!”” ”

“A trace of hatred appeared on Su Yin’s face as she spoke, and the scene of her being trapped in the array appeared in her mind. ”

The pain from back then had not faded even now.

“Although he could reforge his body after reaching godhood, he was unable to reforge his right arm no matter how hard he tried due to the effects of the heaven and earth sealing formation. ”

“This was because the energy from the heaven and earth sealing formation still remained in his body, completely suppressing his desire to reforge his right arm. ”

“Therefore, he had a deep memory of the heaven and earth sealing killing array. ”

“Upon hearing this, the Sea King’s heart trembled, and it knew that the situation was not good. ”

“However, thinking that there was no evidence, the Sea King still gritted its teeth and said,”” ”

“””Divine emissary su, I indeed set up the heaven and earth sealing killing array at that time. Perhaps my technique was not skilled enough when I set up the array, which led to a deviation in the effect of the array!”” ”

“Hearing this, Su Yin shook his head.”” ”

“””It’s not a deviation. It’s just that the effect has never shown itself. I never said that you didn’t set up a heaven and earth sealing formation. I can sense a familiar formation aura around the island, so I’m sure you set up a heaven and earth sealing formation. However, there’s no formation aura inside. In other words, this formation is only operating on the surface and not the inside. “” ”

“Su Yin paused, then continued,”” ”

“””And do you know the origin of the heaven and earth sealing killing array? Do you know why this formation was lost?”” ”

“””I … Don’t know!”” At this moment, the Sea King’s heart was beating wildly, and it had a premonition of danger. ”

“””Now I can be sure of one thing. I think you must know about the shadow race!”” Su Yin’s face showed a mocking smile. ”

“””Divine envoy, why do you say that? I’ve never heard of the shadow Clan!”” ”

“””No, you must know. You might even be a remnant of the shadow Clan!”” ”

“Looking at the sea King’s shocked face, Su Yin continued,”” ”

“””That’s right, I forgot to tell you that I personally participated in the operation to annihilate the shadow race and personally experienced the slaughter of the heaven and earth sealing killing array. All traces of this array were erased by us at that time, so I’m certain that there are no remnants of the heaven and earth sealing killing array in the outside world!”” ”

“Upon hearing this, the Sea King knew that it was over. ”

“At that time, in order to make this plan seem more realistic, he had used the heaven and earth sealing killing array, which had indeed easily deceived the leaders of the major forces in the nearby sea. ”

“It was understandable for the leaders of the forces to think that it was one of the thirty-two killing formations in the ancient times, so it would cost a lot of mystical materials. ”

“However, the Sea King had never expected that it would be in danger because of the heaven and earth sealing formation. ”

“””So I can be sure that there’s something wrong with your formation. From that, I can conclude that you’re also a ghost!”” ”

“Looking at the sea King, Su Yin continued,”” ”

“””I still have some doubts in my heart. I wonder if you can answer them for me?”” ”

“The Sea King didn’t answer, but it kept thinking of reasons to refute. ”

“””The first question is what relationship you have with the calamity race, and why did you suddenly disappear from wondrous trace Island? the second question is whether you’re a descendant of the shadow race or a spy planted in my Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce by another enemy force!”” ”

“””Of course you can choose not to answer, but I have ways to make you tell the truth!”” ”

“As soon as these words came out, the officers around them were in an uproar. They clearly did not believe that the Sea King who had risked his life to protect them was a mole. ”

“After all, they had seen with their own eyes the Sea King’s clansmen suffer heavy losses while fighting against the calamity race. They had also seen the corpses of the mutt soldiers. ”

“However, looking at the confident face of divine emissary su, they suddenly believed it. ”