Chapter 712: Chapter 712-Deicide plan

“Looking at Su Yin’s confident look, the Sea King knew that it was useless no matter what it said. ”

This was because he was indeed using the shadow clan’s inherited array.

“What was more coincidental was that when the shadow Clan publicly opposed the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, this divine emissary su also participated in the operation to exterminate the shadow Clan. ”

“It could be said that he understood the shadow Clan very well, and the Prince of sea had already discovered this from a few words. ”

“So at this moment, no matter what reason he gave, he would not let the Oracle in front of him believe him! ”

The Sea King knew that it was doomed this time.

“””Tell me. If you tell me everything, I can let you and your people die without pain!”” Su Yin said again. ”

“Upon hearing this, the Sea King’s heart sank.”” ”

“””I can tell you everything I know, but I have one request. Let My People Go!”” ”

“””Do you think that’s possible? Since you have the courage to do it, I think you are already prepared to bear the consequences of failure. So don’t say such childish words, your clansmen must die!”” ”

“At this moment, the Sea King’s face turned ashen. He took a deep breath.”” ”

“””I can tell you a secret. This secret can definitely be exchanged for the lives of my clansmen!”” ”

“Su Yin smiled.”” ”

“””Are you going to say that you’ll only tell me this secret after I let your people go?”” ”

“The Sea King, who had already understood that there was no way to retreat, immediately shook his head. ”

“””I can tell you this secret right now, and you can decide if it’s worth it to release my people!”” ”

“Hearing this, Su Yin’s curiosity was piqued by the sea King, and he couldn’t help but ask,”” ”

“””Tell me, I’m curious about the value of your secret.”” ”

“The Sea King nodded. After a moment of silence, it said,”” ”

“””Didn’t you want to know my identity? I’m actually someone trained by the shadow Clan with the goal of subverting your netherworld Chamber of Commerce. Do you really think that you’ve subverted the shadow Clan?”” ”

“Hearing this, Su Yin was a little stunned.”” ”

“””You mean the shadow Clan still exists? It’s impossible!”” ”

“He had personally been present during the operation to exterminate the shadow Clan and had witnessed the destruction of the shadow nation. When he heard the Sea King’s words, his first thought was that the Sea King had lied. ”

“However, when he thought about the heaven and earth sealing formation in the Sea King’s hands, Su Yin suddenly became more convinced. ”

“””Nothing is impossible. Although the shadow Clan was exterminated by you, some of the clansmen still managed to escape and establish a new force outside. Although their current force is not huge, they have never forgotten the hatred they had in the past. I am one of the forces they have cultivated to subvert your Yellow Springs Chamber of Commerce!”” ”

“””Give me a reason to believe you!”” The smile on Su Yin’s face disappeared, and he asked the Sea King with an ice-cold expression. ”

“Su Yin had always regarded the shadow Clan, who had cut off his right arm, as an enemy. However, the shadow Clan had long been exterminated, so he had no place to vent his hatred for his broken arm. ”

Su Yin could no longer remain calm when she heard that a shadow Clansman was still alive.

“””I can tell you where the shadow clansmen are, and I can even personally take you to find them, but I only have one condition: release my clansmen!”” ”

“””You have no room for negotiation. Even if you don’t tell me, I can still get the information I want from your soul!”” Su Yin said coldly. ”

“When the Sea King heard this, it grinned.”” ”

“””You can try!”” ”

“Su Yin didn’t waste any more words this time. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the Sea King, pulling it in front of him and grabbing the top of its head. Then, a divine power gushed out of his body and rushed into the sea King’s body, beginning to explore the sea King’s soul. ”

“At this moment, the Sea King only felt that its soul was shaken, and its whole body was in severe pain, as if the force that poured into its body was going to split it in half. ”

Su Yin quickly found the Sea King’s soul and began to search it very roughly. He did not care if the Sea King’s soul would collapse because of such a violent method.

“The Sea King was unable to resist the vast divine power, and its soul was immediately entangled by the divine power. ”

“Su Yin, who saw this scene with her consciousness, smiled. ”

“However, the smile on his face soon froze, because the soul search had just begun, and a crack had appeared in the Sea King’s soul. The soul trembled violently as if it would explode at any time. ”

Su Yin did not dare to continue rashly.

“This was because if he were to search the sea King’s soul by force, he was sure that the Sea King’s soul would explode in an instant, and he would not be able to obtain any useful information. ”

“””Cough cough … In order to keep a secret, you have to have some tricks up your sleeve. My soul can’t withstand a search. If you try to search my soul by force, it will only make my soul dissipate. However, you won’t be able to get the secret you want!”” ”

“Looking at Su Yin’s ashen face, the Sea King’s pale face showed a smile. ”

“The Sea King had not implanted the soul shackles in its own soul. Soul searching would lead to the destruction of the soul, and this was not its own doing. ”

“After all, how could he possibly put such a seal on his own soul? ”

It was the soul taboo that the death Lord had placed on him when he had lent his power to him.

“Even though the Sea King had taken away the death Lord’s power, the soul shackles had not been removed. ”

“In order to break this shackle, the Sea King had tried countless methods, but all of them had failed. It just didn’t expect that it would become a life-saving straw at this moment. ”

“Su Yin took a deep breath.”” ”

“””Alright, I agree to let your clansmen live, but you have to first take me to find the descendants of the shadow Clan!”” ”

“””I need a guarantee. How can I believe your words alone? we’re all adults. Can you not be so childish?”” A sneer appeared on the Sea King’s pale face. ”

Su Yin’s face turned ashen when he heard this.

“If it wasn’t for the Sea King’s important value, he would definitely make the Sea King pay the price for his words. ”

“””What kind of guarantee do you want?”” ”

“””Let my clansmen leave first!”” ”

Su Yin was speechless.

“In the end, the topic went back to the starting point. ”

“At that time, Su Yin even said that the Sea King’s idea of letting his tribesmen leave first was naive, but at this moment, the Sea King firmly held the information he wanted and forced him to agree to this. ”

Su Yin’s heart was filled with anger.

“After taking a deep breath and calming the surging emotions in his heart, Su Yin looked at the Sea King with a cold expression and said,”” ”

“””Go and explain, I’ll be waiting for you here!”” ”

“When he said these words, Su Yin had already made up his mind. After exterminating the “”Shadow Clan descendant””, he would go and find the Sea King’s clansmen. He didn’t believe that the Sea King’s clansmen could escape! ”

“The Sea King nodded and immediately walked out of the hall. Su Yin’s consciousness followed closely, observing the Sea King’s every move. ”

“A moment later, the Sea King met with hei sui and the others. ”

“At this moment, the Sea King didn’t say much. It only said one sentence,”” ”

“””We’ve been exposed. You should know where you should go now!”” ”

“Hearing this, hei sui and the others ‘expressions suddenly changed. ”

“Looking at the sea King’s back as it turned and left, they knew that the situation was not good. Hei sui and the others quickly understood what the Sea King meant by leaving behind these words. ”

“Naturally, he was not returning to the kuilong Sea area. ”

“Since they had been exposed, they would only die if they went back. There was only one way left. ”

To find the player clans!

“In their opinion, the only people who could save the sea King were the players. ”

“Thinking of this, hei sui and the others quickly gathered their clansmen and began to prepare for an emergency evacuation. ”

“As for whether they would be able to ask for help from the player clans in time, they were not sure … ”


“After explaining to hei sui, the Sea King returned to the hall again. ”

“Seeing the return of the Sea King, Su Yin immediately said,”” ”

“””I’ve already agreed to your request. I won’t stop your clansmen from leaving. Now, can you take me to the descendants of the shadow seeking clan?”” ”

“The Sea King nodded.”” ”

“””Sure, but you’ll have to wait. I’ll Take You There after my people leave the devouring Sea area safely!”” ”

“””If I want to kill them, the result will be the same even if they leave the devouring Sea area. It’s useless to delay!”” Su Yin said coldly. ”

“The Sea King nodded in agreement.”” ”

“””At least I’m comforted. At least I gave them a chance!”” ”

“””Hmph, we’ll do as you say!”” ”


Half a day passed by quickly.

“During this time, hei sui and the rest led the mutt to quickly leave the bone Island and head towards the sea of vanity. ”

Su Yin also made a request to the sea King at this moment.

“This time, the Sea King did not insist and immediately reported the coordinates of the sea. ”

“Since his clansmen had already evacuated, he had no more worries. What he needed to do next was to deal with this divine emissary su. ”

“The reason why he had been using his life to fight for a chance for hei sui and the others to leave was not only for the safety of the mutt, but also to dispel the doubts in Su Yin’s heart. ”

“At this moment, Su Yin had already believed it. ”

“Then, the escape plan could be launched. ”


“After the Sea King told them the coordinates, Su Yin, who had been waiting for a long time, immediately brought the Sea King to her side. She then tore open space with one hand and stepped into the space Channel with the Sea King. ”

“After a moment of daze, the Sea King, who had passed through the space Channel, found himself in the quilong Sea area, which was the area he had provided the coordinates. ”

“””Take me to them!”” Su Yin said coldly. ”

“The Sea King nodded and looked around. Then, it headed in the direction of the sea of vanity. ”

“Seeing this, Su Yin followed closely. ”

“In fact, the Sea King had also thought of bringing Su Yin to Beiqi, where his family was located. ”

“However, Su Yin would not believe him. ”

“This was because the “”Northern divergent’s player family”” was currently an organization that even the headquarters of netherworld attached great importance to. If the coordinates provided were from Northern divergent, Su Yin would definitely be suspicious. ”

“Moreover, the Sea King already had a better way to break out of this situation. ”

“After sprinting forward with Su Yin for some distance, the Sea King suddenly plunged into the water. ”

“Seeing this, Su Yin immediately followed. ”

They passed through many underwater vortexes as they continued to dive.

“About ten minutes later, the two of them appeared in the area where mo Xiaoxin had found the soul praying wine treasure chest. ”

“After landing on the ground, Su Yin looked around and believed the Sea King’s words. ”

“””Where’s the shadow Clan?”” ”

“””There’s a space tunnel here. They’re hiding at the other end of the tunnel!”” With that, the Sea King walked to the two Dragon-headed pillars and patted them gently. Suddenly, a Space Channel appeared. ”

A cruel smile appeared on Su Yin’s face as she looked at the spatial tunnel.

“The shadow clan’s strongest Shadow Legion soldiers had all died. Although there might be danger on the other side of the spatial tunnel, Su Yin didn’t think it was a threat. ”

“””You first!”” Su Yin said. ”

“The Sea King nodded and walked in, Su Yin following closely behind. ”


“The moment Su Yin stepped into the space tunnel, the Shadow Warriors who had been sleeping in the underground palace for a long time suddenly opened their eyes. ”